Alyss’s Odyssey Ch. 01

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A World of Womencraft Story

Alyss stopped outside her mother’s bedroom door on her way to the hunting yard. The tall, gilded door was open only a crack, allowing Alyss to peer inside without alerting her mother to her presence. The interior of the palace was dark, even during midday, making it difficult to see inside the bedroom. On the opulently appointed bed, her tall, powerful mother was sprawled naked. All orc women were tall and powerful, but as the heads of a long and ancient oristocrat family, Alyss and her mother came from a revered line of powerful women who had once shed blood to preserve their holdings.

Alyss watched as her mother touched the glistening, minty lips hidden in the mound of soft hair between her legs. Their slits were so similar, but her mother had a proud bush, while Alyss only had a modest mound shielding her privilege from the eyes of men and lowborn orcs. Her mother pulled and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fingers as she writhed on the bed. Alyss touched her own mound, warm and wet with need to have her face buried between her mother’s thighs. Alyss’s mother was arguably the strongest matriarch in Fatasuma: the continent wide jungle where they ruled over horizons of land. Though their family’s strength as a whole could be called into question, compared to the matriarchs of the other oristocrat families, Alyss’s mother was a Kodar, while the others were simply Devs. But the men in their family were weak and masculine even by male orc standards.

Alyss admired her mother to the point of infatuation. She constantly thought about their naked bodies pressed together in sexual conquest, wrestling and penetrating until Alyss eventually gave up. Though Alyss’s family forsook many orcish traditions, casual sexual conquest was too profane, even for them. Still, Alyss could vividly imagine her mother pinning her down and forcing her fingers in Alyss’s needy privilege until she came for her mother, effectively submitting in combat.

“Are you going to stand in the doorway all day, or are you going to come in?” said her mother, making Alyss jump. Shamefully, she entered the bedroom with her eyes on the gilded floor tiles. Everything was polished to a high sheen, creating as much light as possible while not admitting the blistering, direct sunlight into the jungle palace. The shame she experienced only made her more aroused.

“I assume you’re leaving the palace on another one of your hunts.” Her mother sat up in bed, still naked and still proud. Alyss was one of the few orcs who was allowed to see her mother’s privilege besides their father.

“Yes…” Alyss wanted nothing more than for her mother to pin her and take sex from her like she did the men.

“You know we’re supposed to convene with the Animists at midday.” Her mother beckoned to her. Alyss stripped off her armor and hunting clothes and stood naked for her mother. Alyss’s mother examined her hard, womanly body before Alyss curled up in bed next to her.

“Those conjurers should be stabbed to death for daring to speak out against the oristocracy. Why do you allow them to live when they casino şirketleri speak so poorly of our family?” Alyss flustered as her mom took her hand and pulled her into a naked embrace. Her rough fingers pet the soft fur between Alyss’s legs and slipped inside her needy privilege. Alyss whimpered as her mother fucked her. Her mother sucked and bit her breasts as she fucked her daughter. When Alyss had sex with anyone besides her mother, she always took control, always made the demands like a proud orc woman should. But her mother was so wise and powerful, she found perverse pleasure in behaving like a man during their sexual union.

“We could kill the Animist Temple and every ash-spewing heretic within. Hells, we could cut them down in the receiving hall and mount their heads on the stairs for the lowborn to see before our communion even begins today.” Alyss’s mother fingered her aggressively, with anger and bile, overwhelming Alyss as she spoke. Her mother was many things, but she was not gentle, especially in sexual union. She came to union like a band of raiders tearing apart a village, except the village was Alyss’s body. Her thick, rough fingers penetrated Alyss’s wet slit in violent rhythm, filling the bedroom with the scent of Alyss. She dripped down her mother’s knuckles and into the bed sheets, gasping but not daring to beg for a reprieve. She knew she would find none. Alyss cried out her climax as she dripped into her mother’s hand. Her whole body was hot, shamed. She was behaving like a man behaved during sex.

The sexual relationship between Alyss and her mother could hardly be considered a secret. It was one of the many, many reasons the Animist Temple despised them so. Incest was strictly forbidden in the teachings of the Temple, even though Alyss’s family had been created by generations of incest. It was how they kept their blood fiery and mighty. No one would question her mother’s strength or even Alyss’s for that matter. Alyss’s mother had united with her own father to give birth to Alyss. In reality, her mother was also her half sister. And just like the generation before them, they shared a powerful and intimate sexual relationship.

Alyss nor her mother considered this shameful. They were proud, female lovers who indulged in each others’ bodies. What Alyss did find shameful was behaving like a male during sex. Women were supposed to be proud and dominant lovers during sex. This was easy enough when controlling a male as the men were always smaller and weaker than the women. But in same gender unions, the sex could turn combative. Maybe Alyss was supposed to battle her mother for control, but it felt too good to have her mother’s will inflicted upon her like a man might experience. She hated to think she craved to be a man and controlled during sex like a pathetic male.

“The reason we don’t kill them,” her mother continued, wiping a slippery hand down Alyss’s face, “is because their deaths would rile up the lowborn villagers. It is best we have a few enemies we can monitor and counter instead of countless enemies who could threaten to overwhelm us. Today we make concessions casino firmaları to buy ourselves some good will.”

“Concessions? All resources belong to the oristocracy! They should be grateful we even allow them to draw breath after the things they have said about our family.”

“The manticore does not concern herself with the thoughts of archons. Do not mind the things they say or think. It is the mewling of livestock with no power. Now service my privilege.”

Alyss slunk in bed and spread her mother’s legs revealing her proud, wet privilege. The way their lips hung out of their slits and the way their pearls swelled with excitement were so similar. It was like serving herself. Alyss dragged her tongue up her mother’s privilege, tasting and inhaling her, experiencing the same slit that had given birth to her. The taste and smell was maddening, driving Alyss to lust. Orc women, especially the oristocracy, were well known for the power of their scent, especially in driving weak males to service. Alyss’s mother was no exception. Her secretions were a powerful poultice which could melt the will of even feminine males. Alyss inhaled her mother and became lost in her shameful, masculine thoughts. Her taste was so strong, like biting into a freshly tanned animal hide. The tight fist in her hair guided her mouth, lapping and drinking from her mother. Shamefully she tongued out her mother’s privilege, suckling her pearl like a babe. Whenever they were apart, she often craved to be in this exact position, servicing the matriarch of the family.

They had never spoken about Alyss’s masculine tendencies to submit to her mother. Maybe her mother assumed all should submit to her, and rightly so. Alyss dominated other women who lived or worked in the palace, and some of the men including Alyss’s exceptionally masculine younger brother. But when her mother demanded service, Alyss could not resist. Her mother pulled her head up for an erotic kiss, spilling the secretions into her mouth. Their tongues fought, and Alyss’s mother bit her lip and drew blood. She pushed three fingers up her daughter’s proud slit and fingered her violently. Alyss clung to her mother, whimpering. She might as well remain naked and wear a lacy shift around the palace like her younger brother. They could both live as sexual subjects in the palace, tending to their mother.

Alyss whined and clung to her mother, their sweaty, naked bodies pressed together as her mother punished her privilege. Her mother fucked her with her fingers like she intended to hurt her, like she intended to see what mewling she could draw from Alyss’s lips. Alyss came again, trembling, her hips spasming. She suckled her mother’s large breast as her mother pinched her pearl.

“Open you mouth,” her mother commanded. Alyss opened her mouth. Her mother pushed her head down and relieved herself in her daughter’s mouth. Instead of feeling the proud, feminine emotion of rage, she felt the shameful, masculine emotions of humiliation and submission. Her mouth was filled with her mother’s warm piss. Alyss often craved to be a latrine but only for her mother. She güvenilir casino swallowed then clung to her mother, feeling so weak and masculine. The feelings were shameful, but they made her wet with need. Alyss relished their warm, naked bodies pressed together in passion.

Alyss intended for them to rule the palace and surrounding horizons together as sister-wives, and if they were to co-rule, they needed to be perfectly united. And no one could accuse them of not being united inside the bed chamber. After uniting, they kissed lovingly as Alyss’s mother pet her privilege.

“You’re supposed to appear in the receiving hall for our guests shortly,” said her mother as they cuddled naked in bed. Alyss opened her mouth to argue, but her mother silenced her with a single finger placed on her lips.

“You are too willful to go, I know. I know my daughter’s love for the hunt. You belong in the wild inflicting your will on predators as dangerous as yourself. The oristocracy has become too used to trade and negotiation solving their problems. When my mother was matriarch, we solved our differences through conquest. It will be good for you to hone your deadly arts.”

Alyss smiled and kissed her mother on the mouth. Her mother knew her so well. Alyss was a deadly hunter who only killed other predators for sport. She had neither the time nor the patience to listen to useless Animists make demands of their family. If they spoke or acted out of line, Alyss was liable to run her stinger through their throat.

“You are free to hunt while I tend to the Animists. But I want you to take Kris with you.”

Alyss flustered but remained calm the way her mother would when faced with opposition. “Why, may I ask, should Kris accompany me on a hunt? I could be gone for days, if not weeks. He is too weak, too masculine to survive such a range.”

“I know Kris is weak, even by male-standards. I want you to strengthen him. The women of our family are proud and deadly, but the men are only good for laying on their backs as we envelope them. If we have enemies, Kris should be able to defend himself. I want you to teach him how on your range.”

Alyss could have argued, but there was simply no changing her mother’s mind once she decided something. Even questioning her motives could land you a punch in the mouth or sternum. Kris wasn’t an insufferable companion, but he was weak and prone to male tendencies. Maybe she could make a woman out of him yet. Alyss’s mother was rarely wrong.

Alyss made to get out of bed, but her mother pulled her right back in. She pressed Alyss on her back and sat up, straddling her daughter. Pulling one of Alyss’s legs against her body, their privileges met in the middle. Alyss’s mother rutted into her, powerful hips grinding and clashing like when the artisans in the temple made peppermeal. Alyss lay back and allowed her mother to dominate her. Her mother’s hard clit rubbed against her own, sending waves of male-like weakness through her body like ripples in a boiling pot. Their wet mounds collided, ground, and sheered against each other. Her mother forced her to cum again and continued to mount Alyss like a male until she also came. Alyss was covered in her mother’s pungent juices and was proud to wear her scent. They were two Warrior lovers and did not need to concern themselves with the thoughts of archons.

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