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“See you in three months.” Mark leant over to give her a quick kiss before walking down the path to where the taxi sat waiting. He lifted his hand to her before stashing his bag in the back and getting in the car. Amy waived until the car was no longer in sight before closing the door and leaning against it.

She wiped the stray tear away, mentally berating herself for getting upset over something she knew was coming. Mark had told her from the outset of their relationship about his job on the oil rig that meant he was away from home for three months at a time. She had told him it was okay, she’d be fine and she had been fine when they were just dating but now they were married and she could feel the emptiness of his leaving more than ever now.

Giving a herself a mental shake, Amy ran up the stairs to the top floor of the house where Mark had converted the top floor into their own little suite with a large double bedroom, luxury bathroom and a second bedroom converted into a comfortable sitting room where they could relax in private if they wished rather than mingling with his mother and sister who lived in the house with them.

When they had married she had wondered about moving in with his mother and sister but he had said that it would be good for her. She would have company when he was away and it would save them money so that they could save up for their own place. The money his mother asked for their board was less than half the cost of renting their own place. Seeing the logic in his argument she had agreed and looking back it had been a good idea. She rarely saw the other two women, Julie was away at university and his mother, Layla, was busy with her entertainment business but it was nice knowing that at least one of them would be in the house with her whilst Mark was away.

She looked down at the rumpled bed, thinking it would be three months before she and Mark would be intimate again. Would he miss her? she wondered as she straightened the covers. She wished that they’d had wild, passionate sex before he left so that she would have something to tide her over until his return but it had been his normal, regular shag. Under the covers, a little bit of foreplay to arouse her before a few quick thrusts in the missionary position until they both came. Routine and boring, lacking the searing passion she wanted to experience with him. Despite the hints she had dropped, her attempts at seducing him into something wilder sex was still the same routine when they went to bed and when they woke up.

“Amy? casino şirketleri Amy, are you home?” Layla’s voice floated up the stairs as she entered the house.

“I’m up here,” Amy replied, going out onto the landing.

“Good, I need you to help me a moment. Can you come down to my room?”

Curious, Amy descended the stairs and entered the master bedroom where Layla was putting a bag on the bed. The room was similar to the one she and Mark shared, only this had an ensuite bathroom attached to it. The wall facing the foot of the bed was taken up with floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes rather than their plain wooden ones whilst a large kingsize bed dominate the room.

Amy felt strange being in her mother in law’s room. She didn’t know whether it was the sight of the huge bed with the red and black silk bedding or the wall of mirrors that unsettled her. She felt tingly, like she sometimes did when she persuaded Mark to rent a soft porn movie for the weekend.

“I bought a dress for my friend, Claire. The girls I work with set us all a challenge to buy a dress for one of them for the next party night we’re attending. Claire’s the same size as you so I just want to check that it fits right before I wrap it up. Would you be a dear and try it on for me?”

“Sure.” Amy slipped out of her white t-shirt and cotton trousers and stood in her bra and panties waiting for the dress. She wondered at the strange look in Layla’s eyes as she looked over her slender frame but it was gone before she could consider it more. The tingly feeling increased and she could feel her nipples slowly starting to pucker up. She wished Layla would hurry with the dress so that she could try it on and then escape before she did something embarrassing.

“You’ll need to remove your bra,” Layla said as she rummaged in the bag.

“My bra?” Amy looked down at her c cup breasts. Whilst they were quite pert, she rarely went bra less as she didn’t want them to sag or bounce around too much when she was out.

“Yes, it’s design doesn’t suit a bra but it will support you so you don’t need to worry.”

Amy removed the white lace bra, conscious of her hardening nipples. She had always had large nipples, thrusting out when she was aroused. Mark loved to tease them, calling them her own little hard on. God, she wasn’t finding this arousing, was she?

“Here you are.” Layla thrust a scrap of red and gold shimmery fabric at her. There seemed to be too little to belong to a dress of any decent length.

She casino firmaları turned towards the mirror and slipped the dress over her head and down her body. The shimmery material scraped against her nipples causing tiny frissons to spark down towards her pussy. She could feel her cheeks flaming and prayed Layla would think it was the colour of the dress reflecting against her pale skin.

She pulled the dress down over her bottom before tugging up the loose fabric over her breasts and tying the halter straps behind her neck. Her eyes widened at her reflection in the mirror. The dress was totally backless, starting just above the curve of her backside and hugging it like a second skin before ending just below her bottom.

The front was another matter. Starting up from the short skirt in two long triangles of soft, shimmering fabric it covered her breasts, just, before narrowing to the halter straps. A deep vee ensured the inner curve of her breasts could be seen along with her stomach all the way down past her belly button where loose folds of fabric gathered over the tight skirt. She had never worn such a revealing dress before.

“You’ll need to take your panties off,” Layla said studying the reflection. “You can see them under the dress.”

Amy looked and silently agreed with her. The line of her panties could be clearly seen under the tight material. She carefully slipped them down her legs, trying not to let the dress reveal too much as she moved. She bit her lip as the material moved over her sensitive nipples, the fabric slightly rough yet not unpleasant.

Layla came to stand behind her and pulled her sable coloured hair back over her shoulders so that her breasts were not hidden from view. Her hands came around to the front and started to adjust the fabric over her breasts. Amy could not stop the low moan slipping out of her mouth as Layla’s fingers brushed over her nipples.

“Like that, do you,” she whispered as she let her hands caress Amy’s aching breasts, rubbing them through the material. Amy whimpered at the sensations flooding her body as Layla smiled. Her hand slipped inside the dress to tease the hard nipple, squeezing and tugging on it sending lightning bolts down to Amy’s pussy.

Amy could not look away from the image that stared back at her. She could see Layla’s tanned fingers slipping inside the dress, caressing her breasts making the nipples even harder. Each tug on them pulled on her pussy and she could feel a dampness between her legs. The musky güvenilir casino scent of her arousal floated around her as she leant slightly back allowing the other woman better access to her body.

“Do you like this, slut?” Layla breathed against her ear as she rubbed both breasts. “Does it turn you on, make your pussy wet and aching for my touch?”

Amy could only moan as Layla trailed one hand down her front and slipped beneath the tight skirt to brush against her pussy. Liquid leaked from her as the other woman stroked a finger lightly over her folds causing wave upon wave of sensation to crash over her body.

“I can see that you do.” Two fingers found her sensitive clit, rubbing and kneading the swollen bud of nerve endings. “Does Mark make you feel like this?”

Her husband’s name was a splash of reality in her lust filled mind. “Layla? What…? Stop, we mustn’t. This is wrong. I’m married to your son.” She tried to push aside the feelings coursing through her body with each stroke of Layla’s expert fingers.

“He’s not here, is he? Not here when you need him to ease this ache inside you. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, my dear child.” She thrust her fingers into Amy’s sodden pussy, pumping them hard and fast until Amy came with a sharp cry. Her hips jerking against the fingers in her pussy as she clamped the hand tighter to her. Pussy juices flooded Layla’s fingers and she couldn’t wait to taste them.

“Did you enjoy that, sweet Amy?” She continued to play with Amy’s pussy, her fingers expertly strumming her throbbing clit to prolong the sensations flooding the younger girl.

Amy could only nod, unable to resist the sensual pleasure Layla wrought upon her body. This was what she had wanted to feel with Mark and it totally blew her away with its intensity. She wondered for a moment if she could ever have sex with Mark again after what she had just experienced.

Layla watched the girl’s chest rise and fall with each rapid breath, her breasts thrusting against the dress, nipples hard beneath the fabric. She couldn’t wait to suck on those succulent tips, to nibble and lick them until Amy was delirious with lust and totally under her control. “Want to do it again?” Amy nodded. “Well, get naked and lie on the bed, ready for me.”

A smile teased her lips as she watched the girl swiftly remove the dress before lying back in the middle of the bed, legs open revealing her wet, swollen pussy. Those hard nipples stood proudly to attention on top of a pair of breasts that made Layla’s mouth water. She removed her own clothes, checking that the red light was showing on the small electrical unit by the bed confirming that her cameras were recording everything. This was going to be a hot session and she could not wait.

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