Amy’s Last Night of Freedom

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The girls were getting ready for their monthly night out on the town together. They planned on going to one of the bars in the city for some cocktails and then to a club for some dancing. Emma was applying a bright red lipstick to her full lips to match her top.

“I hope there are some cute guys out tonight. I haven’t had sex for way too long and I plan on picking up tonight.” She looked at Jane in the mirror who was staring back at her.

“Emma! “

“Oh don’t act so innocent. I’ve heard about some of your antics!” Jane turned a bright shade of red herself. “Anyway, why is it ok for guys to take a girl home for a one night stand but it’s not ok for a girl to ask a guy home?”

“It’s not wrong.” Amy said. “I’ve had my fair share.” She grinned.

“You sure have!” Emma laughed. “I’m so glad you’re getting married! It’s about time you gave someone else a turn for a change.” Everyone giggled.

“Yeah, well I’m not married yet! So game on!” Amy joked.

“Where’s Megan?” Jane asked.

“She had to work back late again. She’s meeting us out at about 10 o’clock.”

They all finished getting ready and headed out the door.


“This place is awesome!” Amy shouted to be heard over the music.

“Yeah, one of the girls at work suggested we come here. She said it gets really busy after about 11.” Emma stirred her cocktail with her straw. “There’s Megan!” she waved her friend over. “Hey! Glad you could make it.”

“Sorry I’m late. The boss wanted me to stay back and finish a presentation for a meeting first thing on Monday morning. What are we drinking?”

“Cock sucking Cowboys!” Amy leaned over the bar and ordered Megan a drink.

“Uh, Amy? Is that that you ex over there?” Jane pointed to a corner of the bar where a group of guys were sitting. Amy squinted her eyes and tried to focus on the faces in the group.

“Which one?”

“The guy with the white shirt on. Isn’t that Darren?” Amy scanned the group and saw the familiar looking mop of hair on the head that she had come to love about 10 years ago.

“Yeah, I think it is.” She felt her heart skip a beat. “Should I go over and say hello?”

“No Amy. Don’t. You know how much he hurt you when he broke up with you. You’re happy now. Don’t ruin that.” Emma advised.

“It’s not like I’m going to go out with him again. I’m sure it can’t hurt to just say hello.” She finished the rest of her drink and started walking over to him. “Hey Darren.” She touched him on the arm and felt that he was still very muscley underneath his shirt. She had always loved a guy who looked after his body.

“Amy! How are you?” he turned and gave her a hug.

“Good. And you?”

“Yeah good.” He looked her up and down. “Wow. You look great!” he noticed that she had lost at least 15 kilos since the last time he saw her. She was wearing a tight black skirt with a button up top that showed her cleavage off nicely. Her dark brown hair was down around her shoulders, she wore long dangly earrings and she smelled devine. He loved it when a woman dressed up nicely to go out. Too many women wore jeans everywhere nowadays. He liked his women to look feminine.

“Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself.” Amy ran her eyes over Darren’s tight shirt. Damn he looked good. He still had his long hair that hung in tight curls around his broad shoulders and strong jawbone. “What have you been doing with yourself?”

“I moved down here a few years ago and I’ve been working for a transport company and studying part time as well. How about you?”

“I’m working in an office for a property research company. Oh, and I got my dive certificate!” her eyes lit up at the memory.

“Oh, wow. I’ve got mine too. We should go out for a dive one day!”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” She smiled. She couldn’t believe she was standing here talking to Darren like they were old friends. She remembered when they were together like it was yesterday. She met him through a friend and he came to her work one day and offered her a lift home. He ended up coming back for dinner that night, bringing a bottle of wine with him. He totally swept her off her feet and she fell for him after about 3 months. He was her dream man. He loved the outdoors, he loved animals, he was smart, kind, passionate and sexy as hell! But, best of all, he wasn’t shy! She remembered the time they video taped themselves having sex one night and she blushed at the memory.

“What’s that smile for?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just reminiscing. That’s all.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure. I’m actually here with the girls, but I’m sure they can do without me for a few minutes.” They both headed over to the bar and ordered another drink. They sat down at the bar and looked at each other.

“Talking about reminiscing, do you know my favourite memory about you?”

“No. Tell me.” Amy was intrigued.

“I remember that time that I saw you at the local nightclub and you were wearing a wig and I didn’t realize it was you until you turned around.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that.”

“That başakşehir escort was hot!”

“Oh yeah? Want to know what my favourite memory of you is?”


“When you came around for dinner and I cooked a stir-fry with noodles in it and you ate it off my body. Now that was hot!” Darren smiled and looked away.

“Are you seeing anyone at the moment Amy?” she hesitated. She didn’t want this moment of familiarity to end.

“Actually, I’m getting married soon.”

“Ah right.” He raised his eyebrows. “Congratulations. I wish you all the best. You deserve it.”

“Thanks Darren.” Amy felt embarrassed for some reason. She couldn’t put her finger on why though. It was like she had just admitted to a lie or something.

“I mean it. You really do deserve to be happy. I heard that you had a lot of trouble getting over me when we broke up and I hope that I didn’t hurt you too much.”

“Thanks.” She hesitated, but decided to tell him the truth. “I did spend a lot of time comparing everyone I met to you and no-one ever measured up. But I think that’s a good thing though. At least I wasn’t dating losers.” She laughed.

“Do you think we could start afresh? A whole new friendship?” Amy thought about it. It took her about 5 years to finally get over Darren. Could she handle a friendship with him now, 10 years down the track? Or would it bring up old feelings again and harm her marriage in the long run? She was happy now. She loved her fiance and she doubted that being friends with one of her ex’s would ever come between them.

“Yeah, I think that would be nice. Here’s to new friendships.” She held her glass up and Darren touched the edge of it with his.

“New friendships.” He looked down at her cleavage and felt himself grow hard. He was going to enjoy this new friendship. He was sure of it.


Amy was still sitting at the bar with Darren talking about old times when Emma, Jane and Megan came over and announced that they were leaving.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t even spent any time with you guys.” Amy looked at her watch. It was 12.10am and the place was full of people. She hadn’t even noticed.

“We’re going dancing. Do you want to come?”

“Ummm.” She looked at Darren. She wanted to stay where she was and keep talking to him while she had the chance.

“It’s up to you.” He looked around the room and couldn’t see his friends anywhere. “I think my friends have all left, so I might go for a walk down by the river if you want to come?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Sorry guys.” She hugged each of her friends. As she was in Emma’s arms she heard her friend ask her a question.

“Do you think this is such a good idea?”

“I’ll be fine. He’s a good guy. Nothing will happen. Have fun dancing.” She pulled away and stood up to leave. She followed Darren out the door and they both noticed that it was starting to rain outside.

“I love the rain.”

“I remember.” She remembered the time they went out camping together and it starting raining while they were having sex in the tent. “Do you still want to go for a walk?”

“We could go back to my place? It’s just around the corner.” Amy hesitated. She wasn’t sure about where this was leading. “Not to have sex. Just to keep talking. I’m really enjoying catching up with you.”

“Yeah, ok. Just to talk though.” They started walking along the river and it wasn’t long before the sky opened up and drenched them both.


They arrived at Darren’s doorstep both saturated. He put the key in the lock and turned it. The door swung open and they stepped inside.

“I’ll go and get some towels so we can dry off a bit.” Amy took her high heels off and placed them next to the front door while she was waiting. Darren came back with two towels and handed her one. He slipped his shirt off over his head and draped it over a chair. His hair was dripping wet, which made it look even longer than it was back at the club. Amy thought back to the time when they were both in the shower together and he washed her hair for her. She remembered him being so gentle and realized that that was the point in which she knew that he was her dream man. She came back to the present and watched him put the towel over his head to dry off his hair and she looked down at his chest. He still had the small tuft of hair there that she wanted to run her fingers through. She could see the toned muscles of his abs moving up and down as he dried his hair and she was proud of his efforts to keep his body toned even after all these years. She had to look away to stop herself from reaching out to stroke his dark skin.

“Do you want a dry shirt to put on?”

“Umm, I guess so. Yes please.”

“Ok, I’ll get you one in a second.” Darren draped the towel over one of his shoulders and started unzipping his jeans. He let them drop to the floor and stood in front of her naked while he continued to dry himself. “I don’t want to drip water all over the house.”

“Ah huh.” She nodded, looking at his dick. bayrampaşa escort Yep, it was still huge. As if it would change size over the years, she thought stupidly. She wanted to bend down and take it in her mouth and suck on it. Instead she started unbuttoning her shirt. “At least you’re still not shy.” She smiled at him.

“I’ve got no reason to be.” He smiled back as he ran the towel over his legs.

“That’s true.” She followed his lead and placed her shirt over the back of another chair and slid her skirt down over her legs and onto the floor. She stood there in her underwear and started drying herself off. The next thing she knew she was squealing as Darren picked her up and bent her over his shoulder, carrying her towards the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching his bare arse cheeks move from side to side as he walked.

“I’m kidnapping you.” He joked.

“Very funny.” He removed the covers from the bed and placed her gently in the middle and laid down next to her, pulling the covers up over them both. “Uh, Darren, I’m not sure if this is appropriate.” She went to get up, but he put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, spooning her from behind.

“Relax. We’re not doing anything. Just laying here waiting for our clothes to dry.” She felt him run his fingertips over the top of her arm and enjoyed the sensation of feeling the heat radiating off his warm body and onto hers. She couldn’t believe that she could feel so comfortable laying in his arms after all of these years. After a short time, they both drifted off to sleep.


Amy woke to the smell of freshly made coffee. She looked around her and noticed that she wasn’t in her own bedroom. She stepped out from underneath the covers and walked into the kitchen where she saw Darren preparing some breakfast. He had his back to her. She ran her eyes over his body and saw that his jeans were hanging low over his hips, barely covering his arse and she could see that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. As she stood watching him she could see his broad shoulder muscles flexing as he put some bread in the toaster. He turned and looked up, finally seeing her standing there.

“Good morning. Are you hungry?”

“Um, yeah a little.” She felt a draft coming in from the sliding door that was open next to the living room and remembered that she was only wearing her underwear. She walked over to where she left her clothes and noticed that they weren’t there any more. “Where are my clothes Darren?” she spun around and caught him looking at her legs. “What are you looking at?”

“Just admiring how good you look now.” Amy blushed and tried to cover her breasts with her arm. “What are you covering yourself up for? I’ve seen more than that before, remember?”

“Yeah I know.” She let her arm drop. What was she doing? She wasn’t shy. Especially around Darren. And besides she did look good now. Actually, she looked great. She’d been going to the gym almost every night for the last few months now and her body was much more toned than the last time he saw her. So why not give him a bit of a look, just to show him what he was missing out on.

“I put your clothes on the lounge over there.” He pointed to a one-seater chair and she saw her skirt and top neatly folded on the arm of it. “But you don’t have to put them on just yet if you don’t want to.” He winked at her. She grinned and pick up her skirt and put it on, followed by her shirt. “I’m making you bacon and eggs. Still like them runny in the middle?” She was surprised that he remembered.

“Yes. Thanks.”

“Take a seat.” He pulled a chair out for her. “Would you like tea or coffee?”

“Tea please. Milk and two sugars.”

“Coming right up.”

“I really enjoyed last night.”

“Yeah, it was fun. I especially liked the part where you were in my bed again.”

“Ha! Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming.” Amy wondered what she would tell her fiance when she got home. She couldn’t tell him the truth. She’d have to come up with something. She felt guilty all of a sudden. She knew that she probably shouldn’t have come home with Darren. But it felt so right at the time. Plus, she hadn’t really done anything wrong. She didn’t have sex with him or anything.

“Why are you frowning?” Amy looked up.

“I shouldn’t have stayed the night. I should have gone home.”

“What? What’s wrong with staying at a friend’s house?”

“I don’t know.”

“Here, eat your breakfast.” He handed her a plate filled to the edges with eggs, bacon and toast.

“I can’t eat all this.”

“Well, just eat whatever you can and I’ll finish the rest off.” She picked up a knife and fork and started shovelling food into her mouth.

“Oh, this is good. Got any tomato sauce?”

“Sure.” He walked over to the fridge, pulling his jeans up along the way. “You’re the only person I know who likes tomato sauce on bacon and eggs. You’re weird. You know that?”

“Yeah I know.” He handed her the bottle and she squeezed beşiktaş escort some onto her breakfast. “Thanks Darren.”

“For what?”

“For just being you.” He walked over and stood behind her, moved her hair away from her face and started massaging her shoulders. Amy relaxed underneath the gentle touch of his hands. She wished that she didn’t have to go home. She wanted to stay here with Darren. She missed him. She felt his warm breath on her neck as he bent his head and kissed the side of her neck, working his way up towards her jaw, planting soft little kisses on her face.

“Darren, stop.”

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” He pulled himself away.

“I have to go.” She stood up to leave.

“Please don’t.”

“I can’t do this Darren.”

“Wait. Please. I’m sorry. I just…” he stopped to take a breath. “I just remembered what it was like when we were together and I couldn’t help myself. It won’t happen again.”

“Ok.” Amy looked into his eyes. “I still have to go though.”

“Ok. Please take this with you though.” He walked over to a side table near the front door and picked up his wallet. He took out a card and handed it to her. “Please give me a call.” He held up his hands. “Just as friends. Nothing more.”

“Alright. Just as friends.”

“Yes.” He leaned over and gave her a hug. “It was good to see you again Amy.”

“You too. I’ll talk to you soon.”


“Bye Darren.” She walked over to the door, picked up her shoes and turned the door handle. She turned around to see him watching her leave. She waved and stepped over the threshold and shut the door behind her.


Darren fished his mobile phone out of his pocket.




“It’s Amy.”

“Hey. How are you?” he felt a stirring in his pants as soon as she said her name.

“I’m good. Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to catch up for lunch today?”

“Sure. Where were you thinking?

“How about the Sushi Train down the road from your house?”

“Good choice. What time?”

“Is midday ok?”

“Could we make it 1 o’clock instead?”

“Sure. I’ll meet you there.”




He put the phone back in his pocket and smiled. He wasn’t sure if she would call him or not because of what happened between them at his house, but he was glad she did.


“So, what’s been happening?” Darren asked as he sat down next to Amy at the table.

“Well, I wanted to have a talk with you about something that I think you’ll be interested in. My fiance and I both decided to have one last fling before we get married and I was hoping that you’d want to be included in that.” He turned and looked at her.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. We had a talk and we both agreed to have a night to ourselves to do whatever we liked before we formally committed to each other forever and the first person that I thought about spending my night with, was you.” Darren had the biggest grin on his face.

“I would love to be included in that. Definitely count me in.”

“Great. There’s just one other thing though.” Amy bit her bottom lip.

“What’s that?”

“There was someone else that I also thought about and I’ve already asked her if she’d like to join us and she said yes. Are you ok with that?” Darren raised his eyebrows at her.

“Since when are have you been interested in women?”

“Since we broke up and I decided to give it a try.”

“I did not know that about you.”

“Well, how could you? You weren’t around then. So are you still interested?”

“A threesome with two women? I’m sure I can manage that.” His grin just got a lot bigger. He couldn’t believe his luck. His ex-girlfriend was asking him for non-committal sex, with another woman. His mind was racing with all the different scenarios that could happen on the night and his dick got hard just thinking about it. “So, when were you thinking of doing this?”

“Well, the girls and I are going down the coast for my hens night next weekend and we’ve all decided to stay in separate rooms. So I was thinking, if you wanted to check in beforehand, we could meet you there after we’ve been clubbing?”

“That works for me.”

“Great. I’ll let Natalie know that you’ll be joining us.” She chose a plate off the train that was slowly cruising around in front of her and reached across the table for the soy sauce. She saw Darren’s erection in the crotch of his pants. “I’m glad to see that you’re excited about it already.” He placed his hand on her knee.

“How could I not be?”


The weekend came around quickly and the girls were all getting ready to go out clubbing for Amy’s hens night.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Amy.” Emma said walking over to a box that was sitting on the bed in the middle of her room. She opened it and pulled out 4 wigs. Two were brown, one was blonde and the other one was bright red. She handed the red one to Amy. “For the bride-to-be.” Everyone burst out laughing as she tried it on over her brown hair and struck a pose.

“I think you have to put your hair up underneath it.” Jane said.

“Where did you get these from?” Amy asked taking it off to pull her hair up underneath it properly. She loved the cut of it as it hung around her shoulders and framed her face beautifully. It actually looked like real hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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