An Interview to Remember

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Chad awoke with a start, and after checking the clock on his nightstand, tried to make sense of the latest bizarre dream. Yesterday it was sitting at his desk in boxers; today he was on a game show. For the past week, each morning began the same, and he felt as if he was staring down another rigorous set of final examinations. And while the stress was real, the “test” was not.

Monica was interviewing. At his company. Today.

Monica. He let her name roll around in his mind as the first traces of dawn came through his bedroom window. To him, she was the very definition of passion. And although the relationship had morphed into something more akin to friendship, the desire remained. Well his desire, at least. His penis began to swell with the memories of her, and he thought about masturbating to ease the pressure that was sure to come from spending a good part of the day in her presence. Ultimately, he got out of bed, preferring to have the tension come off as genuine excitement, and mostly to have a new outfit to mentally take off her that evening.

He arrived at work earlier than usual, as was rewarded with a glimpse of her as she entered his boss’s office. She looked amazing in her black suit, accented with a red blouse. While all colors were Monica’s friend, the red worked exceptionally well with her complexion. He sat in his office impatiently waiting his turn, wondering how best to begin their conversation. It was easier than he had imagined, as she entered with his secretary making unnecessary introductions, and once the door closed, a friendly hug.

“So, what would you like to talk about? We’ve only discussed everything about the position for the last month.”

“I know, right? I’m really excited, and your boss seems great. Is she always that nice?”

“Well, I’ve never seen her completely lose her cool, and have always appreciated her support. Like I told you, it’s a great company, and I think you would fit in here perfectly.”

“Good, because I really want this. Now I just have to convince everyone else.”

“Well, you are off to a great start, in my humble, unbiased opinion. All you all set for your presentation?”

“Yeah, I know your opinion. I’m ready, but would you mind if we cut this a little short? I need to take a little break before I present.”

“Not a problem. Do you know your way around enough to get where you need to go?”

“Sure. Mind if I leave my bags here?”

“Of course. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Chad watched as she walked down the hall, admiring the view. She was definitely fit, and her walk reminded him how amazing she looked from behind wearing nothing but heels. Once the memory faded and he was able to stand up without causing someone to call HR, he made his way to the conference room.

Monica presented as well as Chad had expected, and casino şirketleri he took full advantage of staring at her throughout. As she answered questions at the end, Monica made her way to his side of the room, standing less than a foot from where he sat. Having her that close was mesmerizing, and Chad felt his skin tingle as if he had been mildly shocked. After he returned to his office, one of his co-workers stood in his office door and whispered, “Chad, she is amazing. We have got to have her!”

Chad smiled, and replied, “I couldn’t agree more.”

At the end of the day, Monica emerged from the wrap-up session, wearing a smile that told him all he needed to know. After thanking his boss for the opportunity to interview, she sat down in Chad’s office, looking relieved.

“That’s a good sign. What did she say about the timeline?”

“She said there is one more candidate next week, and then the committee would make its recommendation to her. I’m going to hate waiting that long.”

“Well, if it’s any comfort, I’ve seen your ‘competition’, and trust me, he’s not in your league.”

“Ugh! Why you can’t you just be the boss?”

Chad laughed, “Right! Wouldn’t that be something?”

Monica smiled mischievously. “It could be.”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m glad I won’t be your direct supervisor. Besides, negotiating with me would be… “



“Well speaking of memory, nice tie.”

Chad blushed . “I wondered if you would remember it. Let’s just say I had an easy time deciding what to wear today. Thank you for noticing.”

“I am pretty observant that way.”

“As am I.”

Monica scowled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well for starters, you aren’t wearing a bra. Pretty bold move there, Mon.”

“Ha! I knew you would be looking. Some things never change. And by the way, that is completely inappropriate!”

“Fine, sue me. But that’s not going to help with your more pressing need right now.”

Monica’s gaze narrowed, “And that would be?”

Chad moved over to the corner of his desk. “You are so turned on right now you can barely sit still.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“I thought I felt it during our interview, and again when you were standing close to me at your presentation. Now it’s undeniable, so why even bother trying?”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Possibly. But that’s only because my senses are overwhelming it. Are you familiar with the saying, ‘the nose knows’?”

Monica’s expression changed, “Don’t flatter yourself so much. That guy from accounting who asked all the questions is kinda hot.”

“Making me second guess my instincts is kinda rude. So let’s negotiate.”

“You aren’t going to hire me!”

“No, but I can put in a good word.”

“You already did that. Sorry my friend, casino firmaları but looks like you don’t have much to offer.”

Chad leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. “Sure about that?”

Monica looked up and whispered, “No.”

Chad returned to her mouth, this time more urgently. Lips and tongues made words unnecessary as the physical dialogue continued.

Chad helped her to her feet so he could remove her blazer, before returning to her neck. Her blouse was not enough to conceal her rock hard nipples, and the shudder he felt as he continued to kiss her told him she was ready for more. Monica stood breathlessly as he slowly unbuttoned her top, lost in the moment. He returned to her lips as he placed his hands at the base of her neck, slowly moving outward until her blouse landed quietly on his office floor. He retraced his path down her neck with his mouth, as he placed his hands over her breasts, rolling her nipples gently between his thumbs and forefingers. Monica began pushing his shoulders down, encouraging him to move closer to her aroused chest, as her labored breaths became moans.

Chad squeezed her nipples more firmly, and whispered, “You are going to need to be a little quieter. I can’t have you getting us both fired before your first day on the job.”

“You should have thought about that before you started in on me.”

“I’ll see what I can do in a few minutes. But for now, just do the best you can.”

He let go of her left nipple long enough to take it and half of her breast in his mouth. Monica inhaled sharply, and bit her lower lip, unprepared for the explosion of pleasure. She knew Chad was skilled, but what he was doing to her in his office was quickly becoming a fantasy come true.

As he continued his assault on her breasts, Chad moved his hands to her pants, unbuttoning them, and sliding them off her hips. Monica kicked off her heels as Chad’s hands found their way around to her toned ass.

He returned her to the chair, as he continued to kiss down her body. “Nice thong.” he uttered, as he lowered himself in between her legs. “I can’t wait to see what is underneath.”

Monica kicked off her pants and shifted her hips forward, moving closer to his face. “Please find out. I am so ready.”

Chad wasted little time in sliding Monica’s soaked panties to the side, exposing her shaved pussy. He gently moved her to the edge of the seat, and spread her legs slightly so he could enjoy the contrast of her brown outer lips with the bright pink flesh inside. Her clit was slightly protruding from its hood, and Chad began to massage it with his index finger. The direct stimulation was a temporary relief, but soon intensified her desire for a release.

Monica’s breathing became more ragged, and her moans more forceful. “Oh fuck Chad! That’s it. Don’t stop, don’t güvenilir casino stop, Ohhhhhhh don’t…”

Chad stood slightly, continuing to rub her clit, and kissed Monica deeply on the mouth. The combination of sensations briefly distracted her, but she realized what he was doing, and opened her mouth in his as she braced her feet on the edge of his desk. The orgasm hit her like sledgehammer, and her screams filled Chad’s mouth and throat with raw ecstasy. He held her tightly throughout her spams, removing his fingers when her body relaxed, and moving his mouth to her cheek when she opened her eyes.

When the tingling in her hands subsided, Monica undid Chad’s belt and trousers, and pushed everything below his knees. His angry red cock had never felt harder to her, and she licked the large drop of precum off of its tip before kissing the length of his shaft. Her eyes locked on his as she slowly took him in her mouth, feeling him exhale as her lips softly closed around him. It was magical watching her make love to him with her mouth, and part of him wanted to give in and let her finish, but a bigger fantasy had already taken hold of his imagination, and he had every intention of making that come to life.

Chad pulled her away, and kissed her. “Mmmm, that was amazing, but I want more. Time for you to get back in the chair.” As she started to sit down, Chad stopped her. “Not exactly. On your knees, please”

Monica turned round, with her elbows on the back of the chair, and her ass pointed squarely at Chad’s dick. He gently teased her slit, enjoying the warmth and the wetness of her vagina, before inserting himself into her with all that he had. Chad grabbed her thong to keep it to one side, and slowly began to fuck her. Monica moved her hips to accentuate his thrusts, and the chair began to sway to their movements. Monica discovered that the rough chair fabric felt incredible on her breasts, and each forceful plunge Chad made soon became twice as pleasurable.

“Chad! Chad!! Just like that. Fuck me Just liiikkkeeee thaaaaattt!!”

Chad did all he could to keep the same cadence with her as he pounded away, focusing on anything he could to avoid his own climax. Moments later he was relieved to feel her body tense. Monica knew what was coming, and bit down hard on the back of Chad’s chair hard to stifle the screams that came from her depths. Her orgasm pushed Chad past the point of no return, and he came soon after, filling Monica with every last ounce of semen he had. Their combined secretions made Chad feel like he was in a warm pool, and the mixture made quite a spot on the seat when Chad’s erection faded, and he slid out of Monica’s body.

Chad exhaled. “Woah. I gotta say it will be hard to top that interview.”

Monica slid her panties back into place and turned to him. “Best answer ever. Just don’t expect that once I start working five doors down.”

Chad smiled and replied, “Of course not. But I am certain we can come up with something that we find mutually satisfying.”

“More negotiating?”

“Let’s start with parking…”

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