An Old Man and His Fantasy Girl

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My name is Sam. I have always been an irredeemable exhibitionist. The height of sexual eroticism for me is to place myself on display for women.

My exhibitionistic tendencies began in my adolescence, and have evolved over many years, for I am now a man in my late sixties. Despite my age, my lustful tendencies to display myself to females are as fervent as ever.

My fantasy recently was to display myself for the cute neighbor girl next door but only if in some miraculous way or circumstance, it was I that she wanted to see naked. I have always practiced restraint, and my exhibitionism has never been forced upon anyone. There are both moral and legal implications to consider in this regard of course. I therefore have always assumed a subtle, nuanced, approach in which women can choose (or not choose) to enjoy and encourage me in my erotic fantasies. If they so choose I am always only too happy to indulge them.

My recent fantasy involved Sara, an 18-year old sweetheart, the pure essence of the “girl next door.” Sara was in the midst of her high school senior year. I have been divorced for many years and live alone. My back yard faces her parents’ back yard, which features a swimming pool with an elevated sundeck, which allows one to easily view my back yard and patio.

Sara and two of her friends were on the deck late one morning chattering away, as teenage girls typically do, as I was sunning myself on my patio clad in only my navy blue cotton boxer briefs. As I often do in these circumstances I was rubbing my cock through the briefs while fantasizing about the girls across the way possibly looking at me.

I wasn’t directly conscious of it but apparently they were looking at me and my near-nakedness, while simultaneously observing my erotic self-ministrations even though fifty or more feet separated us.

A few minutes later, I opened my eyes, looked up and there the three of them were, standing on their side of the fence obviously to get a closer look at what I was doing. My hand was still inside my briefs, massaging my now fully engorged cock

“Hi, Mr. Sanders!” a smiling Sara chirped from the fence. “Hi Sara! Hi girls!” I replied smiling back, quickly removing my hand from my briefs, but knowing full well the three nubile teenagers had seen me pleasuring myself.

I was thoroughly aroused at the thought of that, and even at my old age I felt my cock surge with that familiar tingle of lust with the erotic thoughts I was having. We chatted for several minutes before, much to my great disappointment, Sara’s mom called the girls in for lunch, ending my hopes of the conversation taking a more erotic tone.

That encounter is apparently what precipitated the amazing sequence of events that occurred one afternoon a week or so later. After some exercise on the treadmill, I emerged from my shower, toweled off, and had just put on my boxer briefs and a tee shirt.

Then the front doorbell rang. I peeked around the corner to see who it was and to my great astonishment and pleasure, there through the glass of the open storm door I viewed the object of my exhibitionist dreams—none other than sweet adorable Sara. She stood on the doorstep, fortuitously alone.

She wore sandals, a white cotton tee shirt, and shorts that accentuated her shapely butt, and her pretty, slightly-tanned, legs that were moderately thick the way I like a girl’s legs, with nice thighs and curvy, toned calves. Sara looked perfectly gorgeous and exceedingly desirable. My cock experienced a rush and hardened slightly at the sight of her and those legs.

Sara cannot be considered beautiful in the classic All-American girl sense, yet she is very pretty with an appealing wholesomeness and innocence to her, very pleasing to look at, and definitely my idea of the perfect “girl next door.” She has medium length light brown hair, a perfect young body that suited my tastes and preferences—slightly chubby with nice hips, a firm, rounded butt and small, perky breasts.

Those breasts now presented me with what clearly were engorged nipples that pressed against the thin fabric of her tee shirt. I absolutely adore small breasts on a young woman and Sara’s were perfect. I could only envision my hands cupping those soft mounds of teenage girl flesh, my fingers brushing the hard pointed nipples. I wanted my mouth, lips and tongue painting those little breasts.

I had long wanted Sara to see my cock and perhaps here was the opportunity I had fantasized about. Never once had Sarah been inside my home even though we are neighbors. Could this be the day my dreams are actually fulfilled? Sara was obviously dressed in a manner to suggest that she wanted me to see as much of her as I wanted her to see me.

“Hi Sara! What’s up?” I said upon opening the door, smiling and asking her in.

“Hi, Mr. Sanders,” Sara replied. She seemed slightly nervous although at the time I had no idea why she would be. “I was just stopping by to tell you my parents are casino şirketleri having a cookout and a pool party this weekend and they are inviting all the neighbors in our cul-de-sac. So I am putting out flyers in the neighbors’ mailboxes and wanted to deliver yours to you personally.”

“That’s great, Sara. I’d love to stop by,” I said. “That sounds like fun and you can definitely count on me being there. Would you like to visit for a few minutes? I’d enjoy hearing about your college plans for next year and what you are doing when school is out this summer.”

“Sure, I’d love to come in and talk to you,” Sara responded, almost too quickly it seemed, and with her bright teenaged smile, with what I sensed was with a little more enthusiasm than what might be otherwise expected.

We sat together on the sofa in my roomy, well-lighted living room and engaged in some small talk about her future plans, looking each other in the eyes while talking. Each of us occasionally took glimpses of each other’s bodies. I didn’t attempt to conceal my admiration for Sara’s sculpted legs.

For an old man, I have pretty attractive and well-shaped legs myself and Sarah looked at them as we talked, while also noting that I was wearing snug boxer briefs which could not hide the bit of a bulge from my slightly erect phallus. I mentioned that I enjoyed seeing her and her two girlfriends a few days earlier and how great they all looked, especially her.

“You really think so?” she asked. “I think I weigh too much and my legs are too thick. Becky and Jennifer have much better looking legs than I do.”

“Your legs are beautiful; Sara,” I responded with a smile, and meaning it. “I think they are perfect. I actually have a thing for thicker legs on a young woman. There’s a lot of appeal in that for me, even though most men seem to go for the slender, slim look in women. Not me. You’re just right.”

“Thank you for saying that, and putting it the way you did, Mr. Sanders,” she replied, blushing slightly while glancing once again at my semi-erection now creating a more noticeable bulge against the fabric of my briefs. “That’s nice to hear from a guy because the boys at school never say anything nice about my legs or any other part of my body.”

I am thinking the boys at school have a lot to learn about the feminine mystique and the beauty of the female body. Then again, the horny teenage boys likely have much more on their minds regarding Sara than just her legs, thoughts that gave me a further flush of arousal.

Sara looked so enticing sitting beside me—fresh, clean, wholesome, pretty, and with those perfect legs and those small breasts with their pointed nipples pressing through her tee shirt. She removed her sandals and folded her legs under her on the couch, giving me a different view of her legs with those toned thighs and firm calves.

She knew I was giving her legs a lot of visual attention and she clearly liked it. My dick was pressing even more against my briefs, creating the obvious impression of an erection impossible to not notice.

I glanced down at myself and saw the wet spot on my briefs as my arousal was creating some leakage of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. Sara saw my wet spot as well, and this time with lingering looks, doing nothing to conceal her interest.

The sexual atmosphere between us in the room was palpable by now. I truly had lust in my heart and mind, even more lust in my loins, and here I was old enough to be this 18-year old girl’s grandfather. Caution was being thrown to the winds, but I felt I couldn’t stop myself if I tried at this point.

I wanted Sara to see me naked, to view my aroused cock, to even reach out and touch it, to caress its length gently with her fingertips. I wanted her to actually see and feel the pre-cum seeping from the tip of the thick, purple head of my average-sized cock.

“Mr. Sanders, I have to be honest,” she said, continuing to inspect the bulge in my shorts. “Seeing what I’m seeing right now makes me think it’s time for me to be up front with you. The only reason I came over here this afternoon was that I was hoping something like this might happen, and that you would let me see your penis.”

There was nothing I could say to as I sat there a little dumbfounded as to what I was hearing.

She went on, never moving her eyes from the bulge in my briefs, “After we saw you touching yourself outside the other day, and how sexy that looked, it’s all I have been thinking about, and I hope it’s okay for me to be saying this to you and that I haven’t mis-read the situation.”

This was too good to be true. It was every old man’s dream, that of having a young, pretty teenaged girl actually wanting to see his cock.

“Sara, please know that it’s okay and that you can say anything to me that you want to,” I said, smiling broadly. “Actually, I’m excited to hear you say that. And from now on you have to call me Sam. No more of this mister stuff. I’m already feeling casino firmaları ten times older than you as it is.”

I went on, saying, “And being just as honest with you, I have thought about you and your friends seeing me the other day. I was thinking, ‘What if her mom isn’t home and it’s just her and her two friends over there in the pool by themselves. Maybe they’ll ask me if I want to come over for a swim.’ You can imagine the possibilities going through my mind at that.”

Sara giggled like the teen-aged girl that she was, and said, “Yeah, later on, the three of us talked about that happening and we were thinking all sorts of things about you and the three of us—in and out of the pool. Our conversation got pretty hot at one point. We were even wondering what your penis looked like and if it was big.

“Plus, I just like older men and my friends do too,” she went on. “I like you especially because you are mature and considerate and nice to be around. And you’re a really nice-looking man for your age. Bottom line, you are just plain sexy to me.”

Sara was clearly getting into the flow of our situation and feeling increasingly confident, both in herself and the fact that she had my complete attention and interest.

“I think you know how to make a girl feel the way she needs to feel because you’re older,” she said matter-of-factly. “Those are the things I want to experience for the first time, and I want it to be with someone older like you, someone who knows what they are doing. I have never seen a guy’s penis for real before.

By now, all kinds of erotic thoughts were percolating through my mind. Sara went on, “I have imagined how yours would feel in my hand, what its hardness would feel like, what it would look like with my hand around it. I have seen lots of guys’ penises in online porn but I want the real thing. I definitely know I am ready to experience the feel and sight of a man’s penis for the first time.”

Listening to this incredible discourse, expressed with such candor by an obviously mature and informed teenager, I was becoming thoroughly aroused and increasingly wet. The dark spot through my navy blue briefs had spread as I continued to leak pre cum, a fact not lost on Sara who seemed to be getting as aroused as I was, both of us sensing, anticipating, what could potentially happen between us.

“Sara, I have thought about giving you sexual pleasure many times,” I admitted, hoping I wasn’t going too far. “Of course, it has always just been a fantasy, something to increase the sexual intensity of the times when I masturbate myself. I never for a minute have ever thought that a girl your age would ever want anything to do physically with a man as old as I am. It’s amazing to me that you feel the way you do about this sort of thing.”

Sara smiled at me, and with another lingering look at my wet bulge, she said, “We’ve had enough discussion about this Sam. I think we both know what we want, so can I see your penis now, which I can tell is really hard just by us talking like we have? I know you want to show it to me. I know you wanted me to see it the other day in your back yard when you were making yourself get hard. You were thinking about that weren’t you?”

I could only nod my head and moan a little in the midst of my arousal.

I rose to my feet and stood facing Sarah and removed my tee shirt and briefs. I thus stood there, completely nude before this lovely young woman. My erection was in full bloom, my merely average-sized, circumcised, cock standing straight out for her, proud, hard, thick, and red with my sexual arousal. The thick, purple mushroom-shaped head of my phallus was shiny with my arousal and dripping long strands of clear pre-cum.

The pre-cum was actually dripping from the tip of my cock and landing on one of Sara’s bare outstretched legs in front of me. If she noticed or felt it that she didn’t acknowledge it, because her eyes were riveted upon my erection.

Sara stared as if transfixed at my cock for a couple of minutes, not saying a word or commenting, thoroughly inspecting my manhood and perhaps mentally comparing it to the images she had seen online. Remaining seated as I stood before her, Sara craned her head to observe my erection from different angles as I watched her.

She looked at it from both sides, looked at the underside of it, and stared for several moments at my tight balls sac. She seemed fascinated by the thick veins that coursed the length of my engorged shaft. Obviously she was enjoying this immensely, as much as I was. Sara was getting a close-up look at a man’s erect cock in real time for the first time and I could tell that she was not disappointed.

A little more about me at this point: As I have said, I am an older man, in my late 60s, but have never lost my virility and need for intimate sexual attention. I think I have a nice body for my age. I stay reasonably fit, regularly exercise and I am often told that I am a very nice-looking man, güvenilir casino despite my advanced age. As for my cock, it is nothing to write home about being merely an average-sized cock, maybe six inches when fully erect, but nicely thick and with a thick, full head.

I am circumcised, and I keep my cock and balls shaved smooth and clean at all times. The lack of pubic hair makes me feel sexy, free and clean, and women, especially younger women (so I hear) prefer men with shaved cocks. Right now, the head of mine was thick and purple with my desire for Sara, the clear pre-cum continuing to seep from the slit in its tip.

Sara finally found verbal expression—”Oh my God, Sam, it’s huge!” she exclaimed, never taking her eyes off my cock.

“It’s actually not really very big Sara,” I managed to reply in the midst of my excitement. “It’s probably what you would call average-sized, I guess. Maybe five and a half to six inches. But I think I make up for lack of length by being pretty thick as you can tell.”

“Well, it looks awfully big to me and it definitely is thick,” Sara said. “I cannot imagine something that size being inside me. I’ve never seen one for real before, and now that I finally have I love it. I love your penis, your big cock. It looks so much nicer than the ones I’ve seen online, much nicer, and it is just as beautiful as I dreamed it would be. I don’t care what you say, I think yours is big! It’s big and thick and it’s so beautiful!

Sara continued her visual appraisal as my pre-cum continued its slow drip.

“I can’t take my eyes off it,” she went on. “I just knew you had a nice one when we saw you playing with yourself the other day. All I could think of after that was that I wanted to see it. Yours is so perfect. I love the way it is so smooth looking and the way it is shaped. The tip of it is so wet! I love the way it drips. I can feel your wet stuff getting on my leg.

“Some of the cocks I have seen online are really huge, too big to suit me. I like yours much better. It’s a perfect size,” Sara said. “It just looks so good. So sexy. It’s such a wonderful part of you, and so very like you—good looking and sexy.”

Sara continued to look at me as I stood there before her, in awe at what I was experiencing emotionally with this girl.

“I like it that you are shaved so smooth,” she said. “Your penis is so smooth and soft and so are your testicles. I’m glad you shave there too. Guess what? I shave between my legs too. I like the look and feel of being completely bare and smooth and I am so glad you are the same way.”

Sara is obviously a virgin, seeing as how she hasn’t seen a real cock before, I thought, my emotions running rampant as she continued to gaze upon my nakedness. Could I have possibly have this girl? Could she actually want me to be the one who deflowers her?

“Can I touch it Sam?” she asked suddenly, shaking me from my pleasant reverie. It was the thing I had wanted most to hear from her, the most erotic thing the object of my fantasies could have possibly said to me at that particular moment.

“Yes Sara,” I managed to say amidst my total arousal. “I have thought of you doing that to me. It would be wonderful to me if you touched it.”

She then tentatively reached out and placed her small hand around my shaft, gently squeezing it, acclimating herself to its thickness and weight. “I love it. It feels so good,” she said. “It’s so hard. I can’t get over how good it looks, and how hard and thick it is, and how smooth it feels in my hand.”

Sara stroked my legs, thighs and butt with both her hands then resumed her close examination of my cock, fondling it, caressing it and squeezing it.

“The head of it is so sexy,” she said. “I love the head. It’s so purple and thick and wet. Does that mean you are turned on by me? The head is so smooth and I can see how shiny it gets when you are hard and turned on. Shiny and wet. You really are leaking a lot, Sam. That’s a real turn-on to me. It tells me I’m pleasing you and making you happy.”

I was indeed happy, so incredibly happy as Sara spoke these words. I was completely lost in an erotic fog of need and desire for this girl, my sweet teenaged girl next door.

I proceeded to show her how to gently caress along the underside of my phallus with her fingertips, that being the area that was the most sensitive and the thing I enjoyed the most when stimulating myself. Basing her instincts on my moans of pleasure, Sara quickly discovered the most sensitive area of my cock on the underside of the shaft near the head.

She gently rubbed this area with her fingers, then took her index finger and rubbed the slit in the tip of my erection, spreading the clear pre-cum all over the tip and the purple head. When she put the wet finger to her mouth and tasted my pre-cum I almost fainted. My knees got wobbly, and at that point I had to sit down on the sofa next to her, the fires of my lust almost boiling over.

“That’s better. I like seeing you spread out like this,” Sara said, never taking her eyes off my cock. “You really have a nice body for someone your age. I love your legs. They’re so muscular and toned and they’re short like mine.”

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