An Unexpected Passion

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I got the phone call I had been dreading for days on a Wednesday night. I had just come home from church, and was getting ready to make a quick run to the grocery store. Even though I knew he was going to call me sometime, I was still shocked to hear James on the other end of the line. I was still too filled with hatred for him to worry about anything but trying to be at least cordial. I talked with him for a little while, and he asked me to let him take me out to dinner sometime. I told him I’d meet him in 30 minutes.

I drove to the store not worried at all about seeing the boy who broke my heart five years earlier. He was my first lover, my first love, and my first shattering heartbreak.

When I saw him walk towards me I felt my heart drop to the sidewalk. He was so different from when I last saw him. He was clean cut and had filled out in all the right places. I tried to hide my emotional upheaval and keep up my aloof façade. I dragged him through the store with me for a little bit, then we went to a nearby burger joint to sit and talk.

We talked about everything sitting there from our previous loves to what we listened to in our spare time on the radio. We just kind of clicked and fell into a groove of understanding. The old flame started to be rekindled and I was not casino şirketleri doing anything to fight it.

That night as I lay in bed I thought about my meeting with James. I had the school-girl excitement, but I still harbored in the back of mine a sort of fear of becoming too deeply involved and allowing heartbreak back in. I had been hurt to a point I thought was beyond repair just months earlier, and did not think I could handle such pain again. I pushed these fears out of my mind and just went to sleep.

The next day we met again, but this time we went to his house. He was living with his parents again after a rental nightmare and had just his bedroom that was safe for us to hang out in. We sat on his bed and talked about anything we didn’t cover the previous, including what we thought of each other after being apart for so long. Before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine. He seemed kind of unsure, but his kisses were soft and sweet and I felt myself melt into him as though we were really one substance.

He slowly pulled my shirt off over my head and kissed my down my neck and chest, all the while marveling at how he missed doing this. I felt so beautiful and sexy in his arms at that moment, which I something I hadn’t felt in a long time. His hands ran along casino firmaları my sides and finally cupped my breasts, gently squeezing them. He reached back behind me, and with that knack he always possessed, undid the latch of my bra with one quick flick of his fingers.

Down, down, down my bra went, and his lips closed on my nipples. I moaned with pleasure as slid my hand to the back of his neck, pulling him gently closer to me. My inner fire was completely ignited now, and I was hotter than I had ever been.

Within a matter of moments our clothes were all off, and he was kissing my deeply as he guided me down to the bed. I looked into James’ eyes as he laid me down and saw something in them I had never seen in anyone’s eyes before. I saw a kindred spirit, a friend, a soul mate. I saw in him what I had been searching for so desperately but had given up on.

I gave myself in to passion and hungrily pored over his perfect body, taking in everything I could. His build was now much more muscular but still lean and even soft in some places. His skin was like silk, and his eyes were as blue as a clear spring’s sky.

He kissed his way down my chest and past my breasts until he reached my very moist and ready clit. He ran his tongue over it lightly at first, and then with a force güvenilir casino and vigor that excited me to my very core. I felt the pleasure wash over me like great waves as he worked my most sensitive spots expertly. It took all my willpower to keep from crying out loud, and just before I did he stopped and slid back up my lips again. He kissed me gently as he slid his throbbing cock deep into me in one long stroke. The feeling of melting together came over me again as I gripped his shoulders and kissed him, as he drove into me with a strong and sensual force.

The next hour was a melting pot of passion, desire, and release. There was no thought of what would come of this night or of any indecency of sex on the second date. All I cared about was the incredible feeling of how right it felt to be back in James’ arms again. His touch and his kisses had become a thousand times more thrilling and skilled than when we first met, and he made love to me as though it were a fantasy. His skin and hair and hands all smelled of sweetness and love and warmth. His muscles rippled beneath his shoulders and chest as he drove into me again and again, his mouth and tongue and hands all over my lips and neck and breasts. I came in a violent rush, and seconds later he had his release.

We lay in each other’s arms for a long time afterwards, cuddling and talking and kissing. I had never had a night like this with anyone before. Never had I been loved like I was not just an attractive girl, but a beautiful and sensuous woman.

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