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Her day started like any other, with the annoying screech of her alarm going off. From under the pile of blankets an arm reached blindly for the phone that was disrupting her last few minutes of blissful sleep. After hitting the dismiss button, she gave one full body stretch that ended on a low moan of appreciation. With one more sigh she leaves her warm cocoon of a bed to start her day. Heading towards the shower she checks her phone going to an often-visited bookmarked site. To her delight she sees that her favorite author had posted something new.

After adjusting the shower to the correct temperature, she lathers up with her favorite shower gel. The hand that was at first washing, turned more sexual as her mind flashed to his previous audio works. As she replayed his words in her head her hand travels between her thighs to rub and circle her clit. Her other hand grabs and squeezes her breast before settling on her nipple. Twisting it first one way, then the other way before pinching as hard as she can and pulling it away from her body. That delicious mix of pain and pleasure while her hand was pressing on her clit was enough for her to feel that familiar rush of pleasure cascade throughout her entire body as she first let out a gasp then a low moan as the endorphins rush through her. The afterglow of her release stayed with her as she finished up her shower.

Throughout her day, she just had this anticipation growing within her. Even her friends wondered what was going on. They said she had a pep in her step, a smile constantly playing on her lips, and a twinkle in her eyes. She casino şirketleri would just nod and laugh it off, but inside she was feeling all of that and more. Whenever her mind goes back to that new audio, she would get butterflies in her stomach, her nipples would harden, and wetness would start to leak between her legs. She even contemplated just listening to the first two minutes of the new audio. But she managed to control herself. She wanted to save it all for when she was more comfortable, and she could fully let go.

Finally, her day was over, and she was back within the comfort of her home. She ate a quick dinner and even had a quicker shower. She headed towards her bedroom with a quickness. She was feeling like she was about to burst with all the sexual tension that had encompassed her the entire day. She did take her time with one thing, and that was to lotion and moisturize her skin. There was just something so sensual and sexy about it. Sometimes using oil or her favorite scented lotion she would just slowly glide her hands up and down her flesh. Making sure she massages firmly all the tense spots on her body. Again, her mind went to her audio lover, thinking of another submission that described such an intimate experience. It was almost an hour of blissful, sexual, relaxing, and orgasmic sensations for her. Her thighs spread a little bit wider as she remembers how he described how his oil slicked hands were between her legs, massaging the oil in her thighs, rubbing and playing with the lips of her pussy and ass. Her fingers are circling her entrance and circling her clit casino firmaları at the same time now, moaning at that sensations it produced. But unlike that morning instead of letting herself release, she stops. It’s time to finally give in to what she has been anticipating since she woke up.

She goes to a new tab on her phone and pulls up the site and selects the new audio. She presses the ear buds in and proceeds to play the audio. Taking a deep breath as she hears the first of his words and the timber of his voice, she is hit with the same reaction that never gets old. Her bones seem to melt and turn to jelly, and she is filled with warmth, desire, and comfort all at the same time as she snuggles deeper into the bed. Wishing instead it was he she was snuggling into. Wanting to feel her face pressed against his warm chest with his comforting arms wrapped around her body. Wishing it was his scent, strength, and protection enveloping her as she slides deeper into the fantasy world it seems he created for her alone.

She is brought back to her senses as his voice commands her attention, telling her that she will do everything that he tells her to do. To be his submissive good girl like she desires to be. Her hands are gliding softly over her body at first, brushing across hard nipples, soft tummy, spread thighs, then back up grasping her flesh in a more firm hand. Trying to mimic what she was hearing through her ears, wishing it was his hands instead of hers.

As his words penetrated her mind, her toy penetrated her dripping wet pussy. Slowly at first as to not rush it, she wanted güvenilir casino to pace herself. She wanted to make sure she was following his ever-whispered word and command. Sometimes her eyes would close as the feelings would get too intense, others she would look down and see what her hands was doing. Sometimes even glancing in the mirror as her toy slid in and out of her. She loved how her pussy sounded, so wet and juicy. She wonders how it would be if he was behind her…her audio lover. Watching her every move with his hot wanting gaze. Would he approve of how well she was listening and obeying his every word? Would there also be a reaction within his own body? Would his nipples be hard? Would his breathing pick up? Would he be taking deep breaths just to take in the scent of her? Would he be wanting to stroke his hard dick in time to how she is fucking herself with her toy?

Her brain stops focusing on those questions and instead refocuses on what is being sent through her ears. Her eyes are fully closed now, concentrating on his words. Her breathing which at first seem to be measured, is now deep and coming in short gasps. The sheets have fallen to the floor and she is completely sprawled naked on the bed. Moans are spilling from her hungry mouth, her hands that were caressing, are almost frantic now. She can smell the scent of her sex, which now hangs hang heavy in the air. His deep smooth voice is vibrating throughout her body, and her hips start jerking and lifting helplessly as she is pushed over the edge. She could feel the juices of her orgasm on her fingers, dripping between her thighs, going towards the crack of her ass, and onto the sheets. Her eyes popped open and the only sound that can be heard is her ragged breathing as her audio lover came to an end with a click and she was left feeling alone once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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