Any Chance We Could Ch. 25

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This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, your positive comments are welcome.

Friday, October 19

Katrina and Ashley were the first ones up, showered, dressed and were downstairs by 7:30. Cindy wandered into our bedroom in a pair of scrub pants, barefoot and topless. “Good morning, sweetheart,” greeted Veronica.

“Thanks for the rescue last night Veronica, can you run me back to my apartment sometime today to get some clean clothes? I don’t work again until the four to midnight shift on Sunday.”

“I’m just getting ready to shower. Would you like to join me?” I grinned.

“Of course, that’s kinda why I came in here.” said Cindy.

After a very pleasant shower full of touching, fingering and kissing with Cindy having a finger fuck induced orgasm, we dried off and got dressed.

I came downstairs with Cindy still clad only in the scrub pants and topless. Katrina went upstairs and came back with a t-shirt and a pair of low heeled slides saying, “I hope these fit.”

Over breakfast I reminded the girls that we were going to the club for dinner tonight and asked Cindy to join us. She said she would love to go. Katrina told her it was fun and they always wore dressy clothes. Cindy said she didn’t have any dressy clothes. Veronica announced that she and Cindy would go shopping after the meeting with the contractor. When Cindy said she didn’t have money to spend on clothes, Veronica smiled, saying that it would be her treat.

“Ashley take my car, Cindy can drive the one you’re driving, if she needs one. We’re probably going to lose the Lexus soon, so Mom’ll rent a couple of cars today.” I said.

“Wow, can I put the top down?” asked Minx.

“As long as you put it up when you’re parked in the lot, sure.” I replied.

“Did you girls sleep well?” asked Veronica.

“Very well, didn’t even get to make love. Katrina and I were exhausted from the time with Carol and Erin. Cindy said she was wiped out too, so we cuddled and feel asleep until the alarm woke us.”

“Katrina, why are you wearing hose to school today?” I asked out of curiosity more than anything else.

“I have a presentation to make to a class with a particularly irascible male professor. I thought the hose, three inch pumps and this short skirt couldn’t hurt.”

Veronica smiled, “That’s my girl. Sex on campus, can’t beat it. Unless he’s gay it’ll certainly enhance your presentation.”

“Girls I bought a supply of stockings yesterday at Sak’s, so come and get what you need from my closet. If you take the last pair of any kind, let me know. Do either of you need anything for tonight?”

They both said no, except Ashley asked if she had bought any seamed taupe garter stockings.

“Why, do you have a grumpy professor too,” I asked.

“No, just want to get your cock up when I get home this afternoon. Good reason?” she grinned.

“You could just flip your skirt up and accomplish that, or even give me one of your prolonged kisses, but I’ll look forward to your hose clad legs this afternoon,” I laughed.

The girls left and Cindy went into the den to watch the morning news. Dave arrived a few minutes before nine and we settled around the dining room table to review his documents and discuss the bid. “Based on what we’ve already discussed, I can do what you ask for $785,000,” he began. “But I suspect it’s higher than you expected.”

“Actually it’s not. I know quality materials and workmanship come at a price. I don’t want corners cut. As I said in the email, I want the best quality and workmanship. How about adding fifty thousand to that for contingencies such as some basement finish, additional water heaters for the bathrooms, that sort of thing,” I replied.

“Well, for budget purposes I could do that, but I’d rather do it via change orders that you approve. I don’t believe in using change orders to charge more and to pad profit. I’ll give you more than fair prices and rates on every change order, and I’ll show you the invoices for materials. Going with written change orders’ll protect both of us from any misunderstanding and I’ll not add anything that hasn’t been approved. Do you agree?” he asked.

“Sure, you’re in the business, and I trust your judgment. So do a lot of your former clients, I’ve found out. Your reputation is sterling. One guy said that you pulled out several items on a project that were unnecessarily put in by the designer and saved him over ten grand. He says he’s using you to advise his firm on several historic buildings they’re renovating. I’m glad you were the contractor to respond to my busted house. So I agree, let’s do it that way.” I replied.

For the next hour and a half we agonized over the details of the contract and the preliminary drawings. I noticed several times that Veronica was glancing at him with more than passing interest. Once when he stood to stretch his back, her eyes were drawn to his crotch. I silently casino şirketleri laughed and thought now there’s a topic for further discussion.

At some point Cindy walked through on the way to the kitchen and I introduced them. “Goodness, you have the loveliest young ladies around here. You’re mighty attractive young lady,” he told her.

Cindy lowered her eyes momentarily then raised her head and looking him straight in the eye said, “Thank you. You’re a nice looking man yourself. I appreciate the compliment.”

As she continued into the kitchen I watched Dave try to check out her slim ass and hips but the pants were too loose. He dropped his head back to the work at hand and we initialed all the changes and additions. “I think these changes might add another $15,000, so can you set up an account at a title company for $800,000 that I can draw on as materials are brought on site and for weekly labor billings?” he asked before adding, “The last twelve percent’ll be withheld until you return and sign-off on the work.”

“That reminds me of a businessman who was having trouble calculating the net amount due on an invoice after deducting twelve and three quarters percent. He called is secretary in and said, ‘You’re a college graduate and I need some help. If I gave you $21,765 minus 12.75 percent, how much would you take off?’ The secretary thought for a moment and replied ‘everything but my earrings.'” Veronica was looking Dave right in the eye as she told the story. We all laughed, two of us a bit more heartily than the other.

We agreed on which title company and I assured him I could fund it by the middle of next week. He agreed, and asked if Wednesday’d be a good time for him to bring a decorator over to begin going over finishes and for us to sign the title disbursement documents. Both of us assured him the sooner the better and because of the size of the escrow I’m sure that a title company rep’d be at our disposal to witness signatures.

“I’ll have my architect start today, I’m going directly over there from here.” he said as he stood and again I noticed a momentary glance at his crotch and chest from Veronica. As he walked over to put his coffee cup in the sink her eyes focused for as long as his back was turned on his ass.

“Tell you what Dave, I know you’re going to be working on a tight schedule to finish by the time we get back from our honeymoon. Feel free to start any exterior work or demolition whenever you feel it’s necessary. You’ve agreed to completion five weeks from tomorrow. Just be sure that until we leave a couple of days before our wedding on the 16th that we don’t lose access, water, heat, or power until then, and that we’re not disturbed by workmen before eight in the morning and after seven at night. I’ll put a little sweetener on the table. If we can walk in to a completed interior and 98% complete exterior on November 24th, I’ll deed the Oak Haven lot to you.”

“Scott, that’s a $400,000 lot. You’re sure?” he asked.

“I have every confidence in you sir, and I know you’ll use only subs who have the same work ethic you have. I expect to meet you at the title company on the morning of November 26th and execute the deed to you. The value of the lot is not to be used to fund change orders, those’ll be separately agree on. This is merely a completion incentive,” I firmly said.

“I expect to be there as well and expect that we’ll be on time and at or below budget. Thank you for your confidence,” and he extended his hand to each of us. As he shook Veronica’s hand I noticed he swept his eyes down over her breasts. She noticed it as well and I noticed a very tiny catch in her breath as she looked him in the eyes.

After he left, I chided her, “Think he’s hot don’t you?”

“Scott, what a thing to say,” she blushed.

“Oh, come on, you looked at his crotch more than once, it kind of took your breath away when he fondled your tits with his eyes, and you intimated you’d like him to see you in just your earrings,” I said laughing.

“Yes, there’s that. But enough for now, I’ve got to get that sexy waif in the other room some clothes. I’ll get the eviction notice when we go over to her apartment. I’ll also buy her a cell phone at the mall and put her on my plan. Anything in particular you’d like to see her in and take off of her? Huh, super stud,” she asked laughing.

“Something subtly sexy for tonight, heels of course, V-string panties, I’m sure she could go braless, and a garter belt, you seem to have the stocking angle covered. Don’t forget to get her items you’d like to see her in and taking off too. If she needs more casual clothes, buy a bunch of those as well. You have the debit card, don’t you?” I asked.

“You sexy, sexy man, I love you so much. You are so kind and generous,” as she threw her arms around me and passionately kissed me.

“I’m going into the office for awhile. Do you mind if I take Grace to lunch.” I asked.

‘Heavens no, but thanks for asking, are you going to a motel or hotel to eat?” she casino firmaları laughed.

“Come on, lover. This’ll be the first time in probably 20 years that I’ve bought her a meal, or at least a meal for just the two of us. She deserves to know what’s going on with Citi deal and I intend to explain it to her,” I replied.

“Well as long as all you do is fondle her tits and ass with your eyes, it’ll be okay. She’s an attractive woman, what is she 52, 53?”

“I think so, yeah, that sounds about right. I’m going to call her and see if she’s already made plans with Bea down in trading. Have a nice shop and I’ll see you sometime this afternoon. I love you” I said as I turned to walk upstairs to put on dress slacks and cotton shirt.

Veronica walked into the den, sat with Cindy and discussed what she intended to do today.

While I was upstairs I called Grace on my cell and invited her to a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant in walking distance of the office. She giggled and accepted but said she had to do something first and wouldn’t be ready to go until 12:30. A later lunch was fine with me.

I left after kissing both of the ladies and managed to grope Veronica’s ass a bit. When I got to the office, Grace wasn’t at her desk. Stan’s secretary was in her place. Grace had asked her to mind the phones and that she’d be back by 12:30. Emerson had left earlier, ‘goin’ caving again’ she said she thought she heard him say. I smiled and went into my office and shuffled a few papers around. I had my head down before I realized that Grace had returned. I smelled some wonderful perfume that made me raise my head to see that the source was Grace.

For almost as long as Grace has worked for both Emerson and me she had been the practical office dresser. Her common attire was a crisp blouse, usually fully buttoned with a broach or something at her neck along with nicely fitted pants and flats or low heeled shoes. But right now, she had on a silver satin blouse, rather snug fitting with a deep neckline and wide lapels that showed a generous amount of her chest. A dark A-line skirt that stopped just above her knees, hose and 3/12 or 4 inch high heeled strappy sandals.

“Hi, good lookin’, goin’ my way,” she said as she leaned against the door frame holding a jacket the color of her skirt over her shoulder.

“Oh, my God,” I said. “Someone’s taken Grace and left this beautiful woman in her place.”

She walked around to my side of the desk with the kind of ass swing that comes from high heels, sat with one cheek on the edge of the desk and spread her legs enough that I saw her stocking tops. “Ready?” she asked.

It took everything I had not to reach up and caress her inner thighs. Just the sight of her firm, toned stocking clad thighs caused an immediate erection. “Happy to see me? I’ll bet those aren’t batteries in your crotch are they.” She said in a low voice that couldn’t be heard outside the office door. I was surprised by what I was seeing and hearing from Grace.

“Grace,” I gasped, “No that sure as hell isn’t a battery. You look beautiful and sexy. For me? Or are you trolling for a mate?”

“It’s all for you Scott. I’d include Emerson, but he went home to get laid. He told me how Veronica ‘enlightened’ Hazel. I’m so glad you called. I had to run home and get out of my ‘office uniform’ hoping you’d have this reaction. You want to put your hands under my skirt don’t you? Yes, I have garter hose on. You’d like to caress these tits too, wouldn’t you? Yes, the bra is sheer. Can’t you see my nipples tenting the blouse?” Grace stood, spreading her legs a bit wider as she slid off the desk, brushed down her skirt and handed me her jacket. I held it up as she put her arms into the sleeves which caused the fabric to tighten across her erect nipples. As she adjusted the lapels, she bent slightly and pushed her ass lightly against my crotch. Saying, “Oops, and oh my!” in that same low voice.

“Grace,” I asked as we entered a vacant elevator car, “I don’t understand.”

“Do you understand that as of the next week or so, I won’t work for you anymore? That it means if you’ll have me, I’d like to play with you and Veronica in your new giant bed.”

“How’d you know about the bed?” I asked.

“Think. Who does all your banking?”

“Oh.” Was all I could gasp. Her subtle perfume was intoxicating me.

“Besides, last week when I called you at home I had an interesting conversation with Veronica before she called you to the phone. Since then we’ve chatted and emailed each other. She’s a most interesting woman,” she smiled as we walked toward the building door.

We walked the block and a half to the restaurant with her arm through mine. I knew those swinging hips had to be attracting a lot of attention. “I made a reservation, I hope you don’t mind,” she said as she bumped a breast against my arm.

As we walked in, the hostess greeted us, and Grace said, “Grace Powers, I have a reservation.”

The hostess checked her book and said, “Oh yes, güvenilir casino the small private dining room. Please follow me.”

We followed her into a small room with a single table set for six. “Just press this when you want service,” she smiled as she laid a small pager on the table next to the menus and closed the door as she left.

“How hungry are you? Can we talk for a bit before we order?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied still confused.

Grace took off her jacket, undid a button on her blouse and hopped up on the table to sit facing me. “Sit here in front of me, and drag those other two chairs to either side you.” As I sat, she put a foot on the seat of each chair next to me spreading her legs in front of me. She bounced up a bit and hiked her skirt to the tops of her stockings. “See, they’re garter stockings, can you see my bush kind of escaping the V-string?” she laughed.

I was enjoying this new side of Grace. Though she was past fifty, she was aging very, very gracefully. As she smiled I noticed a just few winkles at her eyes. I found this new Grace to be erotic and sensuous. Her pussy hair was dark which answered one question, her hair was bleached blond.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to fuck me, not here and now at least, and for your information Veronica knows what’s going on. I’ve talked to her several times since the Citi thing came up. I have an open invitation from her to play on Bryce Field once the deal closes. Working for both you studs for the last however many years you’ve had this company has been a delight and a challenge. I remember when it was just the three of us. You’ve always paid me well, supported me in decisions I’ve made, but made me go home almost every night and masturbate just thinking about the two of you,” she smiled and undid another button.

“Grace, I apologize, I never knew.”

“I know you didn’t, so don’t apologize. You both did the right thing and kept focused on the business. If I had successfully seduced either one or both of you it wouldn’t have been good for you, Emerson, or the three hundred or so employees who now work for you. I suffered in silence, enjoyed seeing you both every day and took my fantasies home with me. Your advice has helped me make some very good investments and accumulate substantial wealth. I won’t work for anyone else, and the day the deal closes I’ll announce my retirement. I’ve talked to Veronica about an alternative and here’s what we’ve come up with. I want to be your part-time personal assistant with benefits. I want to be able to make love to any of the four of you whenever you want me. I want to help both of you maintain a semblance of order when you’re received the vast sums of money you richly deserve. I’d like an office where I can see any of the four of you on a regular basis. I don’t want to be paid in money, I can live comfortably on my investments. For decades I’ve desired to be someone’s fuck toy and you and Emerson have often been in my fantasies. Learning about Bryce Field and Veronica willing to share has emboldened me to tell you this. By fringe benefits, say at least a fuck every week, or maybe more often if any of you desire. Now take your eyes off my pussy and look at me,” she concluded.

I did look up, but also ran my fingers up the inside of her thighs all the way to her wet pussy.

“Careful, I promised Veronica that I wouldn’t let you go beyond there without her. You can look, but not touch,” she gasped.

I pushed her thighs slightly further apart and moved my face closer to her steaming pussy and deeply inhaled her musk and perfume. “You expect me maybe to say no?” I was able to choke out.

“Move back, let me stand,” as she slid forward and put her feet on the floor. “Well,” she asked with her lips about an inch from mine.

“Yes, of course, Grace,” said as our open mouths met and a very long and passionate kiss ensued. We finally broke the kiss, and she said, “I love you Scott, and I love Emerson. You’ve both spoiled me for any other men. I’ve told Veronica this and I know that you two don’t have secrets from each other. I’ll happily be your fuck toy who’ll do whatever you desire. So be as upfront with your decision with Veronica as I hope Emerson will be with Hazel. Veronica says that it may be awhile before I can safely fuck Emerson, but Veronica has invited me over next week for dinner, hot tub, and a good fucking. Let me unbutton, go ahead caress them for a minute. Hmmm, that’s so nice. They’re as firm now as they were when I was thirty. Having no other men in my life in any significant way for over fifteen years has given me plenty of time to keep my body toned,” she laughed. “And I’ve collected and used an obscene number of sex toys,” she smiled.

With her blouse open I grasped her firm breasts through her bra. Each breast was certainly a handful, and I enjoyed them for a few minutes. She then buttoned her blouse, handed me her jacket which as I helped her put on she again backed into my cock and I kissed the side of her neck right at the source of her fantastic perfume fragrance.

As I moved the chairs back into their original position, Grace repaired her lipstick, and pushed the pager button. When the waiter came into the room, she brightly asked, “Have the other four gentlemen shown up?”

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