April Rain, May Blossoms

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To the gentle reader: The tale of these characters is told in a series of stories, which you can find in my Literotica profile—(a) We’re All Friends Here Right?, (b) April Rain, May Blossoms, (c) The Seduction of Sara, and (d) Bonfire Fairytales. Each installment can stand alone, but dedicated readers should find prior acquaintance with the characters to be rewarding.

* * * PART I * * *

Doors closing.

The Washington, DC Metro train chimed as I took my seat.

It was the last day of April, and it had been nearly a month since I quit my job in Boston and moved down here to DC to be with my girlfriend, Julie. While a long-distance relationship hadn’t been easy, we had been making it work. But when, last month, our relationship took an unexpected turn, I knew I couldn’t stand the distance any longer.

People say that relationships thrive on spontaneity. But nothing lasting was ever built on a whim. And a month ago, Julie and I had set out together on a whimsical journey: we started fucking our two closest friends.

This was something that none of us could have anticipated. After all, that’s what spontaneity is all about: one thing always tends to lead to another. At first, it was just innocent flirtation: a flash of skin, a piece of clothing removed. But before we knew it, the four of us were naked on the living room floor, writhing in each other’s sweat, saliva and come. It was the most erotic, most mind-blowing, most spontaneous thing ever to enter into our relationships. But as I was saying, people forget that each spark of spontaneity is kindled on the oak of every relationship—the ordinary.

Nothing teaches you this hard truth better than a relationship over long-distance. At a distance, routine is all you have: nightly phone calls, monthly visits—the reassurance that at the end of each day, both of your separate worlds were still in sync. Nothing could destroy this assurance like the unpredictable inferno that Julie and I had ignited. Only vigilance tames a mighty fire—so I moved permanently here to DC.

And all this because we had fucked our friends. It was a dangerous game, and none of us knew where it would lead. Whatever came of it, what really mattered was that Julie and I were together. Julie is my perfect companion. Wise and loving, she understands me better than anyone ever has and never ceases making me laugh. It doesn’t hurt either that she’s gorgeous.

Tall and slender with thick, brunette hair to her shoulders, my first reaction to Julie in college was a hard-on. The sculpted curves of her figure always pressed out from under her clothes, as if not even the highest fashion could do justice to the majestic contours of her body or the soft, warm feel of her skin. We were more than a year out of college now, but so much as a glimpse of Julie continues to cause a twinge in my pants. She is everything to me, and even a mind-blowing tryst with our closest friends would be nothing if it meant losing Julie.

Of course, our friendships were being tried as well. Lily had been Julie’s best friend since high school and her roommate since the end of college. A short, hard-bodied Hawaiian girl, Lily had always caught my eye. Of course, Lily and I were too different to have sparked a romantic interest, but Julie knew that Lily’s tight, athletic physique could get me a little hot under the collar. In fact, my eye for Lily really turned Julie on, and that fact is what got us into this situation in the first place.

It all really started when we introduced Lily to my best friend, Steve. He and Lily were very similar—both athletic, earnest, and a little reserved. Well, that is, until Julie and I made our appeal to their wild sides. Lily had been sex-starved for months when she met up with Steve, and there he was: tall, muscular, chiseled, with short, brown hair and a boyish, dimpled face. Merely seeing their two beautiful, sculpted physiques next to one another just screamed sex. Add Julie’s penchant for sexual mischief, and it’s perhaps not so surprising that when the two of them found themselves caught in the middle of my sex-craven weekend visit to Julie’s apartment, the four of us ended up fucking!

Now, I should be clear: I’ve never exactly fucked Lily, and Steve has never fucked Julie. It has become one of the unspoken rules of our arrangement that when it comes to actual fucking—that is, intercourse—we don’t mix partners. The rule may be arbitrary, but I rather like to have one thing that is just for Julie and me. But beyond that, amongst the four of us, everything else is fair game.

Yet despite the liberties we had taken with one another’s partner’s, our first weekend with Lily and Steve seemed to transcend all jealousy. I think we simply took pleasure in watching each other have fun. Strangely enough, Julie actually got off on watching me go down on Lily, and it turned me on to watch her give head to Steve! It was surreal. It still is. But at the end of the day, it’s getting Julie off that really turns me on, whether it’s with me or someone casino şirketleri else.

We never talked much about what happened that weekend, but we didn’t ignore it either. Our friendships went on as they had before, but there was a new understanding between the four of us—an understanding that we didn’t have to be ashamed to enjoy each other. It was a lot like the change that happens the morning after you sleep with a new girlfriend for the first time. It’s the same person lying next to you, but something has changed—your bodies are no longer uncharted territory, but rather friendly havens that you are welcome to visit time and time again.

That is just what Lily and Steve had become to Julie and I: a friendly, sexual haven. For the most part, our sex lives remained separate, but they had a way of melting together. Now that we had carnal knowledge of Lily and Steve, there was hardly any inhibition anymore about, say, starting to make out in front of them; and well, one thing has a way of leading to another.

I had spent many a train ride home from work pondering the new relationship that we had with Lily and Steve. Today, memories of last weekend danced in my mind.

The four of us had rented a movie to watch together. The movie was a pretty steamy foreign film, full of eros and graphic sex. It was no accident that such a film had appealed to the four of us, and our enjoyment was heightened by feeling everyone’s blood race as we squeezed together on the couch.

During one lengthy love scene, however, I began to feel a more deliberate rhythm coming from Lily. She and Steve had cuddled up under a blanket, and I glanced subtly over at them to investigate. When I realized what was going on, my pulse quickened, and I nudged Julie to draw it to her attention.

Julie leaned forward and peered across the couch. She tried to stop herself from giggling when she noticed the motion under the blanket. Were they really doing what I thought?! If they were, they were too absorbed in the movie to notice that they had been found out!

Julie and I gripped each other and simply sat watching them. But when Julie gets turned on, she becomes very playful. Suddenly, she reached out and yanked the blanket off of them! Like deer stuck in headlights, their eyes snapped onto to Julie and I. Steve was sitting there with a huge hard-on sticking out of his fly, and Lily had been caught in the midst of giving him a hand job!

Julie and I started laughing. Shocked at first, Lily and Steve began to laugh along with us, and a palpable excitement was filling the air. Lily turned a coy smile. It was if she had been secretly hoping that they would be caught. She took a slow, deep breath, and fixed her eyes on Julie and I. Instead of backing down, she started jacking him off again!

Steve’s head instantly fell back in pleasure. Not about to ask his girlfriend to stop, he simply sat there and let us watch her stroke his cock. Julie and I were completely engrossed. Lily smiled at our wide-eyed stares, winked, and then turned her attention back to Steve.

So there we were: curled up together on the couch, Julie and I were watching Lily give Steve a hand job right in front of us! The moans from the TV made for a sultry soundtrack, but Lily and Steve provided the real show. Julie and I did nothing more than watch, but our blood seethed as we vicariously felt Lily wring ounce after ounce of pleasure from Steve’s erection.

The sweat dripped down my neck as I watched Lily jerk faster and faster. Steve’s cock was saturated, and Lily’s fingers just barely fit around it as she rubbed it from tip to base. Julie’s body was tense with excitement, and she pressed back against my aroused crotch. She glanced back at me with a blissful smile, and for the next several minutes, we simply marveled at beautiful sight of our friend getting a hand job!

As for him, Steve’s excitement was clear, but even Lily was getting off on letting us watch. She kept going for minutes on end, and I began to wonder if she intended to let us see this all the way through! When Steve began to reach the point of no return, I got my answer. Lily bit her lip, shored up the strength in her arm, and then quickened her pace to a rapid jerk.

Steve’s voice began to falter. His balls bounced between the sides of his open fly, dancing to the rhythm of Lily’s hand. They literally looked as if they were about to erupt. And just then, Steve choked on his breath, signaling the impending eruption.

His eyes snapped shut, and Lily relentlessly jerked and jerked as the come rocketed out of his cock. Lily grinned excitedly as she watched a stream of come shoot into the air. She promptly slipped her hand over his tip to catch most of the load, and then glided her lubricated hand down the rest of his shaft. Julie and I watched Lily repeat this motion with each spurt of come, and Steve’s cock was slowly coated in warm fluid. Until his climax subsided, Lily continued to stroke him off. Steve groaned helplessly. I felt like I could casino firmaları have blown my own load just from watching Lily milk one from Steve!

Steve kissed Lily gratefully as she massaged the come along his expired erection. Lily marveled at the sight of her own hand as it toyed playfully with his come-drenched cock, and she began to giggle! Still in shock, Julie and I began to laugh along with her. The four of us were positively soaring from the experience!

Not many words were exchanged before we each decided to turn in for the night. Lily and Steve made for the shower. But Julie and I made straight for our room and had some of the best sex we’ve ever had!…

We are now approaching Woodley Park.

I snapped out of it as I heard my stop announced on the overhead speakers. I had been lost in my thoughts, and it was all I could do to hide the erection in my pants as I hurried off the train!

* * * PART II * * *

I sauntered home from the train station. Even though it was raining, I decided to take the scenic route through Rock Creek Park. I put up my umbrella, and again, my thoughts wandered.

The past month had brought many chance encounters with Lily and Steve. There had been nights, like last weekend, when we would somehow end up watching each other fuck, suck, or fool around. But there had also been times when we’d all join in together.

Another one of our unspoken rules is that we don’t mess around with each other unless every one of us is there. Perhaps it war from fear of jealousies arising, or just because it was hotter that way! But as long as we were all around, there had been hardly any limit to what we would let ourselves do!

And we all loved to take liberties with one another. Steve, for one, is a huge flirt with Julie. One of his favorite games is to catch her after a shower and yank off her towel while she’s walking down the hall! Julie, of course, plays right along. Knowing that Steve expects her to be embarrassed, she discovered that she could turn the tables. Steve hardly knew what to do when, instead of running off to hide herself, Julie started to strut around and let him have a good long look at her naked body!

Lily and I just laugh it off. It’s almost flattering to see our boyfriend and girlfriend envy each other—and it’s all harmless fun in the end. But Julie really likes to torture Steve. After letting his eyes soak up her wet, naked body, she’ll press up against him and give him just a little tease without letting him go any further. If he’s lucky, Steve might get a chance to grope her for a few brief moments before she cuts off the tease. It’s almost become a game for Lily and I too see how far Julie will let it go!

Of course, you had better believe that Lily and I take liberties with one another, too! Sometimes a brief grope in the hallway or a playful flash of skin turns into something much more…


It was starting to thunder, and the rain was really picking up. Fortunately, I was almost at the doorstep of our apartment. I slipped the key in the door to find that someone was already home.

I shook off my umbrella and walked down the hall to the bedrooms to see who was around. In Lily’s room, I found both her and Julie chatting on the bed. I poked in my head to say, “Hi!”

“Hey! How was work?” asked Julie as I leaned against the doorway.

“Not bad,” I replied. “But I’m definitely ready for the weekend!”

“Amen!” added Lily, and we all chuckled. “Come join us,” said Lily with a welcoming smile.

Julie was sprawled out along the foot of the bed, and Lily’s body was similarly flung over the pillows. There was plenty of room between them, so I took a seat in the middle of the mattress.

“Glad you’re home,” said Julie as she leaned in to give me a quick kiss. I noticed that she was wearing her white tennis skirt and a matching, athletic tank-top. She had kicked off her tennis shoes and socks onto the floor, and her long, bare legs lay comfortably on the bed. But her hair was still slightly wet from the rain.

“Did you really play tennis in the rain?” I asked.

Julie chuckled, running her fingers through her damp, brown hair. “Well, I had just gotten to the courts when the rain started, but it was coming down too hard. Lily had played one game before I got there, so we both just packed up and came back home.”

I looked over at Lily while Julie was talking. She had already taken a shower. She was wearing only a light-yellow, terrycloth bathrobe, and her hair was still visibly drenched. Lily smiled as she watched my eyes travel over her scantily covered body, and she rubbed her bare legs together alluringly.

“Is Steve coming by after work?” I asked.

“Yep,” Lily replied. “I actually thought he’d be here before you.”

“Well, he’ll probably be here any minute,” I said. “Do you mind if I put on some music?”

“Not at all,” Lily said, gesturing toward her CD player.

I shuffled through some of her CDs and found an acoustic album güvenilir casino that I liked. I held it up to the girls, and they approved. Starting the music, I came back to the bed.

I kicked off my shoes and stretched out with them. Paralleling each other across the width of the bed, the three of us talked for a while about our plans for the weekend. Soon enough we heard Steve enter the front door.

“Hey everyone!” Steve exclaimed, as he found us all stretched out on Lily’s bed. We all greeted him. He leaned against the doorjamb as we talked.

“Oh!” Lily interjected suddenly. “Steve, I picked up that package from your apartment like you asked.”

“Oh, thank you!” he said. “I didn’t want to have to wait until Monday for that. It’s a new DVD that I thought we could watch this weekend…” Steve started to explain as Lily sat up to get the package.

Sitting up on her knees, Lily reached for the package on the shelf above my head. Quite unconsciously, she held the bottom of her robe demurely shut as she stretched up to grab the package. But she couldn’t quite reach it. Quite deliberately, she reached up with both hands and raised a knee to get another couple inches of height. Seeing that her leg had parted the robe, I now had an entirely clear view of her pussy!

I gawked shamelessly as she exposed herself just inches from my face. My dick began to stiffen immediately, and I glanced over at Julie to see if she knew what was going on.

Julie had a wry grin on her face, clearly having the same view of Lily’s pussy as I did. She was quite amused, so I glanced back into Lily’s neatly trimmed crotch to steal another brief glimpse. Meanwhile, Lily had successfully reached the shelf above, and she lowered herself back onto the bed. As she pulled her robe shut again, I swore I saw her smirk at me!

Lily handed the package to Steve, who was clearly too excited about his new DVD to have noticed what had just transpired. He tore open the box while Lily reclined again on the bed. This time, she laid in the opposite direction, with her feet resting near my head.

“Come sit with us,” she said to Steve as he examined his new movie.

Steve noticed that there wasn’t much room for him on the bed. “Oh sorry,” I said. “We can make room.”

I turned lengthwise on the bed, and Lily patted her legs, gesturing that I could rest my head on them if I liked. I took Lily’s invitation and propped up my knees so that there would be room for everyone on the bed. Julie leaned up against my knees so that there was space for Steve to lay down next to me, with his head resting on Lily’s stomach.

Lily leaned over his shoulder, and the two of them examined the DVD. Julie and I kept ourselves entertained, singing to the music and cuddling together. A few moments had passed when I felt Lily’s legs squirm beneath my head. Julie and I glanced over to see what she and Steve were up to. Steve was laughing, and we noticed that Lily had started tickling and nibbling at his ear. Seeing that they were just goofing around, Julie and I laughed it off.

After a couple minutes of their horseplay, however, Julie gestured with her eyes toward Steve’s pants. He had an obvious hard-on! Julie bit her lip to keep herself from laughing out loud. But the damage was done—Julie was already turned on!

In a playful voice, Julie called to Lily, “Careful with the teasing, Lily… I think he’s starting to like it too much!”

As Julie spoke, she reached out and casually grabbed Steve’s boner through his pants! Steve was startled, but Lily giggled immediately at his reaction. Yet again, Julie managed to catch me off-guard: how nonchalantly she had grabbed another man’s cock! But Julie knew it turned me on when she played these kinds of games. I just smirked at her, curious to see where this game would go.

“Oh really?” Lily mused. “You like my teasing, Steve? Just how much did you like it?” she taunted in a playful voice.

Steve grinned uncomfortably, still arrested by Julie’s grip on his boner. Lily smiled mischievously and reached her arm around him, sliding it down his chest. Without any hesitation, she pushed her hand right down into his pants! Julie removed her own hand to let Lily have a feel for herself. I watched breathlessly as Lily fumbled around in Steve’s crotch, her arm muscles contracting as her fist closed around him.

“Oh, wow!” she blurted. “That much, huh?”

Steve gulped hard. No matter how comfortable we were with each other, these inspired moments always took us by surprise. He chuckled feebly and replied, “Um, yeah… definitely that much!”

Lily laughed and slowly withdrew her hand from his pants. Julie and I smiled at each other, amused and aroused by what Julie had started. Seeing Julie and Lily grab at Steve’s erection had made my own pants a little uncomfortable, so I shifted at little to make room in my pants for the growing erection. Julie noticed. As she bit her lip, I could see her gears turning again.

“Uh oh, Lily,” Julie started. “Steve’s not the only person you just turned on!” Julie slid her hand between my legs and gently pressed so that the shape of my erection became visible. My heart leapt as I felt her hand touch me, and I raised my eyebrows at her. Smugly, Julie raised her eyebrows back.

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