Are We Really Going To Do This?

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I would like you all to know that I had my hands in my pussy while writing this. All characters are over 18


I was lying down in my room watching the ceiling fan turn in it’s circular movement. ‘Why don’t the guys like my body?’ I thought in my mind. All throughout my time at school all of the guys look at me weirdly. Also they stay as far away as they can. Oh well, that why they made porn. So then the people who can’t get some can watch people get some.

I went over to my computer desk. Sitting down in the chair I opened my laptop to my favorite sight, watching people take cock anally. Anal sex has always excited me. Putting something in my ass and having it make me cum even without touching my pussy seems like a good way to say that I still have my v-card.

‘Ugh, if only I could get someone to fuck me in my ass.’ Looking over to my window, I saw my next door neighbor sitting by his window. He is a hunk of a man. 6′ 4”, with an eight pack. One night he got up to use the restroom and he doesn’t wear anything to bed. Let’s just say horses couldn’t compete with what he’s packing. ‘Now if only I could seduce him.’ I thought.

I walked over to my dresser and found this bra and panties combo that my aunt got me to try bahis firmaları to feel better about my self. It’s a light pink bra and panties that couldn’t be skimpier. They also have a see through night gown over it.

Moving so I could be in his view, I started to take off my clothes. I peered through my lashes and saw him looking at my body. I took off my bra and panties leaving me in my birthday suit.

I played with my pussy a bit to get him to know I want to fuck before putting on the light pink bra and underwear set. About a few seconds after that I hear a knock on my front door, looking over at my neighbor I see that he was no longer there. ‘Oh my gosh my plan is working.’

I hurried out of my room and to the door. I peeked through the peep hole and I saw the hunk from next door. I opened the door and he came into my house. “What’s your name sweet cheeks?” He asked, his voice is so sexy.

Realizing that I’ve been staring at him I stumble over my words to answer him,” m-my n-name is c-ce-Celine. W-what’s y-yours?” I asked while looking at his body. He smirked saying that his name is Daren.

He leans down and whispers into my ear, “Do you want to take this to your room?” ‘Oh my gosh are we really going to do this? Well there’s no turning back now’ “yes, follow kaçak iddaa me,” I said hoping to sound seductive. I walked to my room and before he came in I blocked the door, “Only clothing aloud on in here is underwear,” I said looking him straight in the eyes.

His smirk only got bigger. I started to take his clothes off, he left his boxers on and walked into my room. I went over to my bed and sat down. Walking over to me he leaned down and kissed me. His kiss was like fire. He consumed my lips knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist. He undid my see through nightgown and bra while he still kissed me. Moving his kisses down to my neck, he started twisting my nipples.

Moaning I grabbed his boxers with my hands but before I could pull them down he moved away leaving me confused. “Only your mouth can pull down my boxers sweetheart,” he said with a smirk.

I got down on my knees, and while looking up at him, I took his boxers down with my teeth, as his cock was released. It was bigger now than before. Daren pulled me up and said,” which hole do you want this in?” Before he could finish his sentence I said,” I want it in my ass and I want it in my ass now.” He smirked.

He laid me down on my bed, with my laying on my back. He went down between my legs and pulled off my panties kaçak bahis before shoving his face in my cunt, licking up a storm.

I couldn’t control my moans or my pussy gushing out it’s juices. He licked my clit, swirling his tongue around it, and sucking my clit hard. I felt my orgasm start to build up. “Please don’t stop,” I said on the brink.

“He shoved his tongue into my pussy, sending me over the edge. “Your ready,” he said. He took my cunt juices and put them all over his cock. “Turn over,” he ordered.

I turned over and felt him put his cock on my asshole. He shoved his cock all the way into my ass, I felt his balls hit my pussy. I didn’t have time to register the pain before he started thrusting.

After a bit the pain faded and pleasure remained, “Fuck me harder!!” I said loving the feel of his cock in my ass. His thrust became harder and faster as my orgasm build. I was on the edge when I felt his cock start throbbing.

“I’m cumming!!!” I screamed out as my pussy gushed. I felt his cum start to shoot into my ass. Shot after shot went into my ass. About five minutes later the shots starts to lose pressure as his cock stops ejaculating. He pulled his cock out and a waterfall of cum left my ass.

“Lick my cum off my cock bitch,” he said and I obeyed. I turned around and started licking his cock. Loving the taste of his cock jism in my mouth along with his cock.

I learned that I will always love being fucked in my ass. And couldn’t go without it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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