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From: Johnny Sheppard
Subject: are you ok

i was 14 years old when my parents left me at home while they went on
vacation. I planed on having a wild time. Then I found out my next-door
neighbor was to drop in on me and kinda keep an eye on me every other day
or so.

He was an old bald guy that I always thought was kinda weird. When
my parents weren’t around he liked to pee in front of me or allow his
massive cock and balls to hang out of his shorts or walk infront of the
open windows naked when I was outside. I considered telling my parents,
until one day I came home early from school, and walked into the house. I
witnessed my mother swallowing Jim’s (my neighbor) cock. He had his hand
on top of her head, and was just sort of resting it there while my mom was
bobbing her head on his cock. I was shocked! I have seen my parent fucking
and sucking countless times, but this was not my father that my mom was
pleasuring with her mouth. He was completely nude with his legs spread wide
and his head thrown back over the top of the couch saying ohhh yeah~ suck
that cock. I could see my mothers saliva glistening on his cock and her
lips stretched wide to accommodate his massive cock. His balls were hanging
down, and I could not see what my mother was doing with her hand behind his
balls. Then she pulled out her hand and had about a 8 inch dildo in the
perfect formation of a cock complete with cock head. She turned a nob at
the bottom of it, lifted his balls and pushed it all the way into his
ass. It went completely in with just one smooth push .
I looked at his
face; he was in heaven. He was biting his lower lip saying oh fuck yeah!
suck that cock! fuck my ass!! I could not believe this guy was being fucked
with my mothers dildo, and loving it. he reached down and moved his balls
to one side almost as if he knew someone was trying to see the action going
on in his ass. When he did this I could see perfectly how his hole was
stretched out but it was contracting and squeezing the invader in his
ass. He never looked my way but it almost seemed as if he knew he had an
audience. I could see he was fingering my moms pussy. He had his hand
between her legs from behind her. I ducked behind the doorway to conceal
myself. I did not want to be seen, but I wanted to see. In this era of time
women didn’t keep there pussies clean shaven like they do now. My moms
pussy was hairy. dark hair made the pink of her pussy stand out even
more. Her pink folds of her pussy were glistening as if someone had poured
cooking oil on them or something. He had two fingers in her pussy and was
working them in her while she was bobbing her mouth up and down his huge
cock and fucking his ass with her very own dildo. He grabbed a hand full of
her hair on her head, and was kinda being a little rough with her head
while he was fucking her mouth and fingering her pussy and moving his ass
on the dildo. His balls were on one side and I could see his asshole
stretched around the dildo, and I watched as he would squeeze down on it
while she was sucking his cock into her mouth. He removed his fingers from
her pussy and put them straight in his mouth and said damn women you pussy
taste good. I didn’t know what to think of all this except for the fact I
had a huge hard on I think it was supposed to make me mad or sick or some
kind of uncomfortable but all it did was make me hard as fuck!! He said
yeah suck my cock, and he started to push her head and he started to fuck
up into her mouth. He said yeah im going to cum in your hot little mouth.
And she started to moan and work her pussy on his leg hard he said ohh yeah
here it is swallow it!! that instant I saw my mother jump kinda a little
bit but his cock never left her mouth. I could see her throat, and she was
swallowing fast and hard.

He pulled his huge cock from her mouth and
started to stroke his cock, he pulled her mouth about two inches from his
huge cock head, and said he wanted to see his cum shoot into her mouth. I
watched as my mom eagerly and with great enthusiasm took volley after
volley of thick shots of cum into her mouth from a man other then my dad.
He finished and she sucked his cock back into her mouth and moaned. She
slid the dildo out of him and in one motion buried it in her wet pussy.

was playing with the TV remote control while my mom was fucking herself. He
looked down at her legs spread wide apart and spit on his fingertips and
put his hand on the top of her pussy and did fast circles, she was fucking
herself hard and fast with her dildo while he continued to spit on his
fingers and work fast circles on the top of her pussy ( I would later find
out that’s the clit). She was moaning and bucking her hips. He continued
his task but watched TV while he was playing with her pussy. She started
to convulse and shake and scream he didn’t break stride at all, he
continued his fingering of her clit while he watched TV. She came and came
and it didn’t seem as if she would ever stop. When she did she sat back
with her eyes closed and removed the dildo. Jim put his hand on her head
and gently this time pushed her head down to his limp cock.

Even limp his
cock was massively, thick, long and uncircumcised. I was in awe as I saw my
mother take it back into her mouth. I remember thinking I would love to
have that in my mouth. I watched as his cock grew and before I realized it
I had my cock out and was stroking it for all I was worth. I don’t know if
I was fantasizing more of being sucked or doing the sucking. I have always
gotten hard when I watched my parents fuck or suck but I never wanted to be
the one sucking the cock. I have never even thought a man could derive
pleasure from having his asshole fucked. I was all caught up trying to
decide what I was feeling when he said something to my mom and she got up
bent over the couch and he got behind her and lined up his massive cock
with her ass and pushed into her. I thought NO WAY is that thing going to
fit in my little moms ass! But it did and she seemed to like it too. He
just kept it push in her for a few minutes while she worked her ass on his
massive cock. She would slide herself almost off his cock, and it seemed as
if his cock would never stop coming out of her and she would slide back
down his massive cock and moan saying he had a huge cock and it felt so
good inside her. after a few minutes of this she said FUCK ME. And did he
ever. He started to fuck her hard and fast I could see his balls slapping
up against her ass she grabbed them at one point and kinda tugged them when
he would thrust outward. She was screaming in passion or pain I don’t know
but she seemed to like what was happening to her. I shot my cum all over
the kitchen casino şirketleri wall as I watched him fuck her ass.

He looked over his shoulder I guess he heard me in there and saw me
stroking my cock. He just smiled and pounded my moms ass even harder. I
kept my distance and didn’t dare look back in there. I could hear his balls
slapping her ass, and he started to talk about how tight her ass was and
how awesome it felt he said he was going to cum. He told her to turn around
and suck the cum out of his cock. I actually heard his cock come out of her
ass. It kinda made a popping sound. Against my better judgment I had to
look. my mother hurriedly turned herself around, and sucked my neighbors
cock down her throat. She cuped his balls and Jim Called her a nasty dirty
cock sucker. She got into it even more. I watched Jim make little jerks
with his ass as he pumped cum into my mothers mouth. He looked back at me
over his shoulder and pushed his cock deep in my mothers throat put his
hand on her head and pulled he face into his pubes, and said swallow my
cock. I was scared that he was looking right at me but I could not tear my
eyes away from what I was seeing. I wanted to be swallowing his cum even
more then I wanted to be the one shooting cum into a begging mouth. I
looked at myself quickly and saw my cock was sticking out hard as a rock.
Jim looked at my cock and smiled he then turned his attention back to my
mother and finished fucking her mouth.

I was scared shitless I didn’t know what to do, so in front of my mom I
acted normal. Jim must not have told her I was there or saw them, because
she was completely normal to me. I was scared what would happen if my dad
found out. That night when he came home we had our usual family supper.
after supper he sent me to my room. That means he wants to fuck mom or that
he wants her to suck his cock.

I watched from the top of the stairs as my mom did her wifely duty and laid
on the couch slid her panties off kinda twirled them on her finger laid
back spread her legs wide apart while my dad went down on her. He went
straight for her clit and was licking in and up and down motion she was
thrusting her hip into his face she started making the same noises she was
making for Jim and shaking like all get out. He too told my mom her pussy
tasted good. she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him to her and
kissed him. I could see there tongues massaging each other. She looked into
his eyes and I could see all this perfectly, she looked right at him, and
told him she loved him! He said he loved her too. They kissed passionately
while my mom grabbed his cock and aligned it with her pussy and he pushed
forward as she lifted he pussy up to meet his cock. In one push he was
balls deep inside her. She threw her head back opened her mouth in kinda a
oh shape and kept it like that while my dad thrust inside her. He leaned up
to kiss her and she reacted immediately and kissed him back whispering
something in his ear. I don’t know what it was but my dad started to really
fuck her. She started to cum again. she grabbed his ass pulled him deep in
her and held him there while she worked her pussy on my dads cock and went
nuts!!! She was cumming hard and telling my dad she loved him and she was
coming. Dad leaned in and kissed her while she was making all this noise
and kissed her mouth. I thought mom was going to hyperventilate or
something, but I guess she was just having a powerful orgasm. Dad was
smiling leaned in to her and sucked here breast and continued to fuck
her. My mom is so small that when dad was on her like this I could barely
see her. Then I recognized the look and tempo of dad and new he was
close. She was saying cum into me. Baby please cum into me I want to feel
you. And he did. They hugged and cuddled each other and complimented each
other for a while. I slammed a door upstairs. This always got them dressed
or they would cover up with a blanket and act as if nothing ever happened.
I would not even have to see the act and I could still tell what has just
happened. The smell of sex was and always was in the air after they would
do it. I will never ever forget that smell. It always made me horny.

There was a huge difference in the way my mom acted with my dad during sex
then when she was fucking/sucking Jim the Neighbor. I truly believe she was
making love to my dad and just fucking Jims brains out. Or allowing him to
fuck her brains out.

So having said all that, my parents left me home for a week while they went
on vacation with Jim to look in on me every day or so. I was 14 years old.
I have had some kinda quick sex with a girl down the road. I pictured
myself doing her like Jim did my mom but it just didn’t work out that way.
When I pushed myself inside her I was not prepared for the wonderful tight,
warm, wet feeling I found in there. I lasted about 3 pumps and I was not
supposed to cum inside her. I did cum inside her big time, and she knew
it. she got mad and told me she was going to be pregnant and that her dad
was going to kill her, and me.

She told me some time later she wasn’t pregnant. We were friends but she
was dating a guy.

I planned on convincing her to come over while my parents were gone. I
thought I could convince her to fuck me again. she came over and we kissed
and she informed me she was experiencing her time of month I suggested her
sucking my cock and she said noway was she ever going to suck a cock. I
asked for a hand job and she said maybe but she wanted to invite some
friends over first. The friends showed up and the music got loud.

There was a knock at the door. I went and opened the door and Jim was
standing there asking me what the hell I thought I was doing having a

I told him I wasn’t I just had some friends over. He came in and said
everyone get out go home this is not a party house. One of the guys had
gotten into my dads liquor and I really didn’t know he had. Jim was pissed
he sent everyone home and told me to get ready for bed and to go to sleep.
He said he would be back over later after his wife went to bed to make sure
there was no funny business going on, and that he was going to decide if he
needed to tell my parents I had a party while they were gone. I was kinda
pissed that he showed up like that. I was expecting a hand job from Amy
later now I would have to give myself a hand job. Plus I have seen him do
something a lot worse then I did and I never told a sole until, now 20
years later. And I know I said this already but I was 14 years old and I
was looking forward to getting a hand job from Amy. I figured I could talk
her into putting it in her mouth for a second or so. I was mad but I didn’t
want casino firmaları to get in trouble.

He came back over at about 11:00 pm he didn’t even knock he came right in
walked up to me. Smiled and opened his bath robe. He was completely naked
his huge cock just hanging there his cock was longer and fatter then mine
was completely hard when he was limp. He said he needed to talk to me
about drinking. He sat down next to me and said that drinking could lead to
drug use and all kinds of bad things. He was completely exposed while he
was talking to me. I could not take my eyes off his cock. He asked me if I
understood him and I mumbled yeah I understand. He looked at my crotch and
saw I had and obvious erection. He said I could take my clothes off two if
I wanted it wouldn’t bother him. He then picked up his cock. And held it
for a second. He had his whole hand holding it and still it was sticking
out the end of his hand, and he was limp. He dropped it and I hear it plop
down on his balls. He asked if I have ever had sex I answered real quick
and said yeah. He said good. He said he could tell I had a hard on, and he
said if I took my clothes off he would have one too. I think I got
undressed in less then a second. He smiled and said wow nice cock. I just
kept staring at his massive cock. He asked if I have ever had a blowjob. I
just shook my head. He leaned down and took my 14 year old cock into the
warmest wettest feeling thing I have ever experienced. He sucked for a
second and then he bobbed his head like my mom did to him, and to my dad. I
could not believe how good it felt when he started to suck. I told him he
better stop he just sucked harder. I shot cum into his mouth. That was the
best blowjob I have ever gotten and it only lasted about 2 minutes. I was
in heaven!!! I just looked at his cock he took my hand and placed it on his
cock that was now hard and twice as long as mine when mine is hard. He
moaned when I touched it. he told me I could suck it. I was scared I guess,
and just held it in my hand. He said go ahead its ok he will never tell
anyone. I still just started at his cock, and felt it pulse every time his
heart beat. Then he put his hand on the back of my head, and gently pushed
my head towards his cock. My mouth was touching his cock and he kinda kept
pressure on my head and said just suck it. I wanted to sooooooooo bad but
didn’t know how, and I was scared. He grabbed his massive cock and held it
up and started to jerk it off. He told me to lick his balls. I thought I
could do this, and I started to lick his balls. I looked up to see his cock
head disappear and reappear when he would stroke his cock. He then bent it
down and put the head of his cock on my lips, and pulled his foreskin back,
and said just do it! I opened my mouth to taste it, and he pushed it in. I
felt it hit the back of my throat. He moaned and told me to suck! I did
just that, he said that’s it! suck it! put your lips over your teeth. I did
and sucked . I could taste precum and it was awesome. I really got into
sucking his cock. I looked up at him while he had his huge cock in my
mouth. He told me I looked good with a fat cock in my mouth. I moaned, and
he liked that so I kept moaning, and started to move my tongue a lot on the
down suck. I was next to him on the couch. He said to brace myself because
he was going to cum, and to try and take it all if I could. This made me
hornier then ever. He said ewwww yeah here it comes swallow. He shot the
first volley in my mouth, and felt so nasty, like I was doing something for
the shear pleasure of it, and I liked it!! His thick cum tasted like my cum
but there was way more of it. then the next volley came and he was pushing
on the back of my head telling me to suck and swallow so I did. There was
cum running down both sides of my mouth. He pulled my head up about 6
inches until just the fat cock head was in my mouth he told me to hold the
foreskin back with my lips and told me to suck just his head and move my
tongue, I did as he instructed and was rewarded with two more long volleys
of cum. He jerked and said I gave awesome head. He said he didn’t believe I
have never sucked cock before but it was true I never have. I kept sucking
his cock and jerking the shaft trying to get more cum and he told me I was
a natural.

We sat there for what seemed like forever. then he put his arm around me
pulled me to him, and kissed me on top of the head. He said he can remember
the first time he sucked a mans cock, and he knew I was in heaven right
now, and that I was thinking about sucking his cock again. he was right on
both accounts.

He told me. It was my turn, and told me to lay down on my back on the
floor. I did with enthusiasm. He came down to me and placed his hand on my
cock, and looked at my face and smiled, and then at my cock and smiled. he
asked me what I wanted him to do. He said he would do anything I wanted. I
said do it again. he said say it, and I will. I said Mr. Jim will you suck
my cock. Before I had the k in cock out of my mouth he had me in his
mouth. It felt so fucking good. I could see his mustache blend in with my
pubes. He stopped long enough to tell me I was giving him more pleasure
then he was giving me. I didn’t understand that, I was the one having my
cock serviced by a warm wet sucking mouth, but if he says so. Ok. Then he
sucked my balls one by one into his mouth and I thought I was going to die!
I have never experienced such a feeling. Then he touched my asshole with
his finger. He asked me if I was ok? I just nodded. He went lower then my
balls with his tongue. I felt him flick my asshole with his tongue. I
froze! I did not ever know something like that was possible. I thought it
was an accident or something then he did it again. It felt so good when he
just flicked it with his tongue. He looked up at me again and smiled at me
and asked if I was ok? I said yeah. Then he pushed my legs up giving him
better access to my asshole and put his tongue on my hole and kept it there
but moved it around. I moaned loud, and said that feels so good, and it
did. Then he started to push his tongue into me. I looked down, and could
see the top of his head but could fill the rest of him working my hole with
his mouth. I don’t know how to explain how it feels to have someone spend
30 to 45 minutes eating out my ass, pushing his tongue inside me, and
curling his tongue when it was inside me. I could feel the tip of his
tongue licking the walls inside me. Then he slid a finger inside me and it
went so easy. He was still eating me and fucking me with his finger he slid
another one in me two I guess the ass eating he did loosened me up. It hurt
a little, but nothing like I thought güvenilir casino it would then he had three in me. He
started a fucking motion. he touched my prostate, and asked me if I was
ok. I just nodded. He swallowed my cock. He continued to fuck my ass with
his fingers while he sucked my cock. I was about to cum in his mouth
again. I looked down at him and looked right in his eyes as I shot cum in
his mouth. It was so fucking hot!! Keeping eye contact while having an
orgasm in his mouth! He sucked all the cum out of me and said that was the
most awesome thing he has ever done. He said he could feel my ass contract
on his fingers while I was cumming. He asked if I was ok? I said hell yeah!
He said he had to fuck me, he said he had to feel my tight ass contract on
his cock. He told me this was better then sex with a girl or even a
woman. I wanted to please him so bad I would have done anything he asked or
demanded. He then came up to me and kissed my neck. He gently pulled his
fingers from my ass and put his cock at my ass hole, and told me to
relax. I tried to relax. I could not believe I was about to be fucked by
the same cock my mother fucks. Then I felt his cock head start to enter
me. It hurt like hell. He said relax. I again tried to relax, but it wasn’t
working. He pushed my legs up even further I could feel the outline of his
cock perfectly inside my ass. He told me to hold my legs and I did. He
pushed, and I thought I was going to die. He said its going to hurt until I
relax. He leaned into my chest, and sucked one of my nipples while he
pushed even further into me. I did not think I could take him, and was
about to tell him to stop when I felt his balls on my ass. He sucked the
other nipple. I could feel every detail of his massive cock inside me. I
could feel the bulging vain in his cock and felt his heart beat while he
was inside me. I told him I could feel every detail of his cock, and he
said he has never been inside anyone who made him feel more like a man. He
asked me again if I was ok? I told him I just want him to use my asshole
for pleasure. And yes im ok! He kissed the bottom of my neck, then under
my chin, then his lips touched mine. He kissed me and lightly licked my
lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth while he withdrew his massive,
long, fat cock a few inches, and thrust back into me. He could tell it hurt
me and he just whispered Take It!. Then he pushed his tongue into my mouth
again. I kissed him back, and he started to really fuck me. Tears came to
my eyes. he licked my tears from me, and again said to Take it!. it did
hurt but I did not want him to stop. He was fucking me like a guy fucks a
girl, and I was in pain but in a good way. He thrust into me hard, and I
felt his balls hit my ass. I started to concentrate on his balls hitting my
ass and the pain got easier. He was thrusting hard, and telling me he has
never felt anything this good or tight. He slowed his fucking telling me to
kiss him so I kissed him just like I kiss Amy. He told me he was all the
way in me. I said I know, I could feel his balls on my ass, and they were
heavy. He smiled and said in a few minutes they are going to be a lot
lighter. I kinda smiled when he said that. Then he pulled out further then
ever, and thrust into me hard. I couldn’t help it, I whimpered. He said
take my big cock! With that I told him to give me you’re his big cock and
he really started to fuck me. He pushed my legs closer to my head and said
I was so fucking tight! I told him to fuck my ass! He was stabbing me with
his huge cock. His balls were slapping my ass fast, slap slap slap. I could
feel his cock head swell and he thrust deep inside me and held his cock
there. I don’t know why but I reached for his balls and massaged them
lightly while he was shooting cum inside me. I could feel his cumm shooting
inside me. It felt awesome and I never wanted him to stop.

His sweat was dripping down on me I looked up at him and could see the
veins in his neck sticking out. He pushed hard into me again and let out a
huge sigh. He said this is better then any pussy he has ever had. He gave
one final thrust. I was real slippery now. Almost as if someone put some
kind of lotion or oil in me. It didn’t hurt near as bad as before. I felt
like I was meant for this. I knew I was hooked!

He stayed on top of me and inside me. I tried to squeeze him with my
asshole and it worked he moaned and said I was a cock slut, kinda joking
with me. His cock was staying hard. He pulled out about half way and I
thought he was going to pull all the way out of me and I did not want him
to I grabbed his ass he said he wasn’t going anywhere and thrust deep and
hard into me. He said Johnny im 45 years old but I think I can get off
again. I pulled him to my mouth kissed him and said fuck me, please fuck
me. He pushed my legs beside my head and told me to hold my legs and I
did. He started to fuck me long hard and fast. I looked down and watched
his huge fat cock going in and out of me and thought to myself this is
where I always want to be. The way his balls were swinging and how hard
they were slapping my ass it seemed to me that it would have to hurt. He
started to shake real hard and was sweating real bad. He started to scream
that he couldn’t believe it he was cumming again!!! I just let him take his
pleasure from me. He thrust deep into me and held his huge cock deep in me
but was moving his lower body from side to side I could feel his cock pulse
and shoot cum inside me again. he thrust 5 quick times then a deep thrust
and hold I felt the cum start to pump again. his balls were sweaty and
heavy and sitting on my ass cheeks. I loved the feeling of being completely
filled up the way his cock stretched me out the way my asshole contoured
itself to the dimensions of his huge cock. Jim was shaking all over and
breathing real hard, yet he kept his cock deep inside me and slid his body
from side to side while he pinned my ankles to the floor beside my head. He
pulled his massive cock out of me and I thought I was going to die. I
wanted the feeling back now I felt so empty I felt a huge void. He laid
down next to me and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again. he said he
hasn’t done that ~cum twice without loosening his hard on since he was a
teenager. His huge cock was going down he was laying there on his back with
his eyes closed his cock looked so good, as it was deflating I saw some cum
on the tip of it and I could not help it. I went down and took his cock
into my mouth and sucked the last of his cum from his cock. He said he
didn’t know what looked better, his cock in my ass or his cock in my
mouth. I was flattered and also hooked. He said his balls were empty. I
picked them up and I jokingly said they still seem a little heavy to me. He
laughed and pulled me up to him and kinda hugged me.

I said are you ok?

If you like this story please let me know……J0hn

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