Army Exploits Series: Barracks Rat

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Prologue to series

Even those who never served in the military are probably mindful of how unique the life of an enlisted person must be. As a veteran of seven years, I can certainly bear witness. Most could not imagine, though, that finding romance or even occasion for casual sex can, itself, be an exceptional challenge.

Without fail, every time I share any of my sordid tales of intimate congress while in the Army, people are overwhelmingly shocked and enthralled. Hopefully, with this series of short stories that I’m calling “Army Exploits,” I can stir up a little amusement, curiosity and lust or possibly encourage others to write about their time in service.

My goal is to share authentic experiences, warts and all, as best as I can remember them. I’m not wanting to over embellish or try to make myself out to be a hero or gigolo. This won’t be in chronological order, either. My expectation is to submit stories as inspiration dictates. I always welcome comments, criticism, feedback of any kind. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.


Growing up in the ‘burbs didn’t really prepare me for life in the Army. Enlisting right out of high school in the mid 1990’s, I went out on my own without much knowledge of our fallen world. Honestly, I thought I’d seen a thing or two. It wouldn’t be long before I realized what a coddled upbringing I had.

Early in my Army career, I began to realize that getting laid was quite an undertaking. The local bar and club scene were active enough, but the male to female ratio was unacceptable. Female soldiers were an option, but most of my choices were, let’s say, less than comely. Many were actively competing for pussy too.

One time I was at a local country bar and started chatting up this shapely cougar-type chick. I was so excited to not have to fight off ten other GI’s to get a word in, that I didn’t even notice the indention where her wedding ring had been. When I asked about it, she explained, “It’s ok, he’s on deployment.”

This would be ideal for a fantasy scenario. I mean, upside: she was making it clear that I wouldn’t have to work for it, no strings attached. She was out of my league hot and basically had runway lights going up her legs.

Unfortunately, it was reality, with real consequences. There’s no way in hell I was going to be party to that shit storm. With my luck, her husband would come home on leave and massacre both of us. Politely as I could, I declined.

My roommate and I were tossing the football around late one Sunday afternoon outside the chow hall. We were just killing time; waiting on it to open so we could pick up something to go and get back to the room and watch the game. We hated being tied to their stringent schedule, but for a broke ass soldier this close to pay-day, we had little choice.

As Brad zipped a pass right into the breadbasket, I noticed two figures crossing the street. Immediately, my caveman brain kicked into gear. “Females, two, childbearing age and not total trolls, as best I could tell.” I thought. I whipped the ball back with a little more mustard on it, seeing if I could get their attention. Didn’t work. When they were across, they turned at the sidewalk and continued strolling in the opposite direction. The ball returned to me and, distracted, I bobbled and dropped it.

“Nice hands,” Brad bellowed.

Thinking fast, I scooped it up and heaved it as hard as I could. The ball sailed way over Brad’s fingertips, bounced off the grass and came to rest just behind my two egressing targets. Somehow, they still didn’t notice.

“What the hell,” said Brad. “Trying to put it into orbit?”

I jogged past him and said under my breath, “follow my lead.”

“Little help!” I shouted to the girls. Finally, they turned to face us. Catching up with them, a thin brunette bent down and with both hands picked up the ball and tossed it underhanded to me.

“Thanks,” I said smiling, “Where you ladies headed?”

“N-n-n-nowhere,” the other girl said nervously.

We exchanged introductions and then I began chatting up my roomie and myself. Meanwhile, I took the time to examine each of them ensuring I got the one I wanted. Besides, I was doing all the heavy lifting, so why shouldn’t I get first choice?

The first had straight, brown hair bobbed near the jawline. It didn’t take me long to figure out she wasn’t the one for me. She was rail thin and talked way too much, I observed. I’ll let my buddy fall on that hand grenade.

A stark contrast was the second one. Five foot two or three, I guessed, with strawberry blonde hair. She had a nice, athletic frame with healthy thighs sprouting from her high cut running shorts. Mostly, I was drawn to her ample bosom, which had no earthly business on such a petite figure. It was too obvious; it was her I wanted.

I threw as much personality as I could muster at them in hopes they wouldn’t lose interest. My pitch was a little cocky, a little funny, all the while I tried not to seem eryaman escort bayan as desperate as I was. Somehow, I had to make an impression. At the very least, I hoped to get a phone number, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to showing them to our room.

For that, I could use some back up. I looked over at my roommate and he was just standing there waiting on chow, as if he couldn’t read the room. “Wake the fuck up,” I thought. Obviously, we had stumbled onto pay-dir. When he looked our way, I nodded, gesturing for him to join us. When he made his way over, I introduced the girls.

“Brad,” I proclaimed cheerfully. “This is Becky and the quiet one over there is Ingrid.” Not waiting for him to open his mouth, I continued, “We were just talking and since they didn’t have any plans, I thought they could come up and we could order pizza.”

Confused, he interjected, “but we……I mean.”

I grabbed him around the shoulders and turned him away from the girls, trying to keep him from saying something stupid. Though, I felt I had a sheltered upbringing, Brad’s was in a different stratosphere. He had little, if any, experience with the fairer sex and was naïve to the ways of the world. It was no surprise he wasn’t catching on.

“Don’t fuck this up, man, I think I’ve got em hooked.” I whispered. “I’ll spring for the pizza.” Before we broke huddle, I injected knavishly, “By the way, dibs on red.” Rejoining with the ladies, I suggested we move this party someplace more private.

I kept up the witty banter during the walk over with little to no help from my roommate. Mostly, every time he opened his trap, he undermined the progress, I felt I was making. Luckily, it was a short walk.

When we got to the barracks, we walked right past Johnson, the private manning the duty desk. He was on twenty-four-hour guard duty and part of his job was to keep unauthorized personnel out of the building. We were allowed visitors, but not after hours, and certainly no sleep overs. I knew we could count on Johnson not to say anything, but just in case, I looked back and nodded as the group entered the stairwell. He gave a thumbs up and mouthed fervently, “NICE.”

Brad led the way up to the second floor, followed by Becky, Ingrid and then me. Her firm, succulent ass was right at eye level, and I soaked up every second as we plodded up to our room. The courting process, I thought, would be agonizing, but I was up for whatever it took. I was determined to have those ginger thighs wrapped around my head like a feed bag……and soon.

Our barracks room had a simple layout. About a twenty square foot box with a nook at the far end for a sink, mirror and cabinet. We were joined to another room by a jack-and-jill style room with a toilet and shower. Standard issue was two wall lockers, two chairs, a simple shelving unit and two beds. We opted for the bunk bed configuration to save on space and used our two chairs sat in the middle of the room facing the tv, which sat on the shelving unit.

This encounter would later inspire us to acquire a sofa, as we suddenly realized that the layout was not exactly fit for company. The girls, however, seemed eerily right at home. I sat on the bottom bunk, where I slept, and Ingrid joined me. Brad sat in his usual chair and Becky brazenly plopped down right in his lap.

Brad looked back at me wide eyed. We were both taken aback by her forward behavior, but I brushed it of as cheekiness. I decided to seize on the momentum and see if I could heat things up.

“Well, just make yourself at home there, Becky.” I japed.

She turned to Brad and responded with, “I’m sure he doesn’t mind.”

“Yeah, I bet he was hoping you’d sit on his face, but I’m sure that will do for now.” I snapped back.

An injection of innuendo would surely move things along, I thought. Brad was clearly turning red, but Becky was unfazed. She wrapped an arm around his neck, clearly inviting him to kiss her, but the rube didn’t quite catch it. I looked to see how Ingrid reacted, and she did not seem put off.

Reaching over her to the nightstand for the phone, I asked her what kind of pizza she liked. My chest brushed up against hers, subtly testing my boundaries for physical contact. She maintained her bashful demeanor, not giving me any reaction that I could use to gauge her mind set.

“A-anything,” she responded docilely. “I d-d-don’t care.”

It was cute that she was still so befuddled, but I was disappointed that she wasn’t coming out of her shell like her thoroughly unrefined girlfriend. A little social lubricant was in order. After ordering pizza, I got out four beers and doled them out.

Brad soon felt the need for a smoke, as he was inclined to do when drinking, and excused himself to the balcony/breezeway. Becky chased after hoping to bum one for herself. With an impromptu moment alone, I knew I had to take advantage.

Turning toward her, I huffed, “so, why are you so shy?”

“I’m n-not,” she whined. “Why would you s-say that?”

“Well, I don’t see you sitting on my lap.” I sassed back at her ankara escort with an impish grin.

Without debate she climbed eagerly atop me. Before she had a chance to recline, I swept her hair back behind her ear and caressed her face gently turning it toward me. My eyes met hers and then listed thirstily to her lips. Encircling her delicate torso with my other arm, I made sure to flex my muscles hoping she would notice. Eyes closed now; our lips met gently. We only broke contact for a moment before we merged again, this time pressing firmly together. Holding her tightly, I could feel her breathing quicken while we passionately engaged each other. Tongues soon began probing, wrestling together, blurring the boundary between she and I.

By the time we heard the door handle turn we had devolved into an all-out make out session. Quickly, we composed ourselves. I put on a flawless poker face, but her now cherry complexion and shit eating grin completely gave us away.

If Brad picked up on it, he was cool enough not to mention it. Becky on the other hand, gave it to us with both barrels. Immediately when she saw Ingrid, she knew.

“Aww, somebody getting their groove on…” she teased making kissing noises. “Good thing we came in when we did, or he was going to be balls deep in her.” She kept piling on. “He got a big dick? I bet it’s like a foot long. What you going to do with all that dick?” Carrying on, she mimicked giving a blow job, gurgling and choking on an imaginary phallus.

“Goddamn, kiss your mother with that mouth?” I retorted. I didn’t mind the teasing, but this was a bit much. Plus, if she’s accustomed to that amount of dong, she was in the wrong place.

It was a good thing Ingrid stayed perched on my lap, though, else there be no question the dimensions of my junk. All that action had me pretty worked up and I could not contain myself. If not for her, my khaki shorts couldn’t hide how horny I was.

Pizza arrived and we ate, had a few more beers and pretended to pay attention to what ever nonsense was on tv. Shortly after, the ladies each ended up in our laps again and we eased back into things. Ingrid and I picked up right where we left off.

Before long, my hands began exploring her body, groping her thighs and caressing her back. I tread carefully, sure that she would soon let me know how far I could go. She seemed to reciprocate pace, though, as I ratcheted up the fervor. Her hands stroked my arms and chest and she combed her fingers through my bristly hair.

Seeing nothing but green lights, I was eager for what caught my eye in the first place. Moving a hand off her thigh, it soon landed on her tit. Still no push back, I lifted and squeezed. I found she was wearing this overly substantial bra. Heavy material and underwire was gave me no clue as to what lie beneath. This would not scratch my itch at all.

Between the alcohol and this chick sitting on my bladder, it wasn’t long before nature came a yodeling. I held out as long as I could savoring the moment until I could take no more. I gave her two pats on the hip and said, “You gotta get up.”

“Wa-wa-what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Oh, no, it’s not you!” I said soothingly. “It’s just, you don’t buy beer; you only pay rent.” She giggled and I scurried off to the to the pisser. Before I closed the door, I couldn’t help looking back and ogling her curvy body.

I was pleased to see the other two finally hitting it off. With any luck, they can keep each other occupied long enough for me to seal the deal. Hard for him to say anything stupid with her tongue in his mouth.

In the restroom I wrestled my mostly hard member to aim for the bowl. The time it took for things to realign so I could empty my bladder allowed me to ponder the evenings’ events. Things were happening fast, that was for sure, but I was way too horned up to be disheartened. That wasn’t what was bothering me.

There was something about Ingrid. Why was she still so sheepish? “No way she’s still nervous,” I thought. All the heavy petting we were doing; hell, we would be considered married in most cultures. I just didn’t get it.

We hadn’t really had much back and forth conversation. Between gasbag Becky sucking all the air out of the room and me jockeying to get at those tits, it had not occurred to me. She hadn’t said much, but every time she spoke, she stuttered. When it hit me, my forehead was met promptly by the heel of my hand. “My God, I’m such an idiot” I thought, “she has a real speech problem.”

Returning to the room, I found Ingrid alone, the lovebirds having taken another smoke break. She rose from the bed to meet me and we embraced again. Without a word we recommenced with our feverish foreplay.

She took a handful of my ass with one hand and I repaid the favor with both of my hands. Feeling my cock harden again, I pressed it against her abdomen while her unyielding brazier pressed against mine.

That horrid undergarment stood between me and those treasures only reminding me of my earlier disappointment trying to cop a feel. Letting my left sincan escort bayan hand remain on ass duty, my right stealthily crept up the back of her shirt and found the clasp holding that monstrosity together. With a snap of my fingers, they were free.

I felt them spread apart and drop about three inches. “They have to be enormous,” I thought. The bra hung useless from around her shoulders as her bosom gave way under our tight hold on each other.

Surprised, she stepped back. “V-v-very sneaky.” She said with a wink. Pulling her arms into her t-shirt one at a time she liberated herself of the dreadful garb and buried it among her affects. We made our way back to the bed, but now with unfettered access to those glorious knockers.

She lied supine and I sidled up to her with an arm under her neck. I had just thrown a quilt over us when hayseed and blabber mouth reentered. Becky laid into us again, but I was not bothered. Nothing between me and those tits now but a thin cotton shirt. I was moments from heaven.

Becky took a cue from us and clambered up to Brad’s bunk. It wasn’t clear if he was having second thoughts, but he took a painfully long time before he decided to join her. When he did, I was relieved. Not exactly privacy but having a mattress between us could give me a chance to get off first base.

Wasting no time, I went in for a kiss and some over the shirt boob squeezing. So soft and pliable, it melted into my grasp, spilling out between my fingers. Urgent to push the envelope, I lifted her shirt and beheld them at last.

I was stunned that they stood up to gravity so well, as squishy as they were. Her ivory flesh held a perfect conical shape and sloped artfully toward her neck. Ovoid and imposing, her pale rusty areolas provided almost impeccable camouflage for her pea sized nipples. Craning my neck, I stooped down to take in a mouthful.

I felt her body stiffen. She cleared her throat and nervously muttered, “Um, w-w-what are y-you doing?” Tossing a corner of the blanket over the morsel I was enjoying, I looked up at her to see what was wrong. She was not addressing me, it turned out. Instead she was talking to the two figures peering over the top bunk at us.

“The fuck?” I blurted, “Can we get a little privacy?”

They just giggled and ducked back onto their bed leaving us to continue. I could hear them chatting back and forth but couldn’t make it out. Who cares anyway? I had a beautiful woman in my bed, and wasn’t looking like she was going to tell me no. At least if she did, it’d take a while for her to rattle out the words. If I was quick enough, I could be all done by then.

She turned her back to me, inviting me to spoon. I slipped my hand under her neck and clutched onto her breast. My unyielding member pressed ambitiously against her ass cheek while I kissed and sucked at her earlobe. I was reassured that we were in harmony when she took my hip and pulled me in closer, only further compressing my cock into her firm young flesh.

Things were moving fast, but for me, they could go faster. Pulling back just enough to reach my fly, I unfastened my shorts and pulled them down enough to get my junk out. I guided her hand, inviting her to examine the goods.

Her hand remained limp, at first, then gently gripping me midshaft. Just to feel the soft touch of a woman after such a drought was electrifying. She cupped her hand and with her fingertips traced down from the tip until my head ran into her palm. Continuing, she slowly stroked up and down as kneaded her tits and kissed her neck and ear.

By far, not the best handy I’d ever gotten, but it was enough to push me over the edge. My resolve to penetrate her was as rigid as my cock and who ever could pull me out of that snatch would be king of fucking England. First, I needed to check and see if that honeypot was as ready as she was willing.

We remained covered by the blanket, lest our peeping friends came back. My fingers threaded under the waist band of her shorts and snuck their way to the notch between her legs. Her hungry slit was more than ripe. Molten fluid erupted from her as I slid my fingers inside.

Her thighs clinched around my hand and she whispered a squeal. Without much room to maneuver, I worked my wrist and fingers, almost like revving a motorcycle. She squirmed and panted against my efforts. Her intensity ramped up and suddenly plateaued with a gasp. Turning to kiss me she stammered, “I’m going to ju-jump your bones.”

Dumbfounded at hearing pillow talk that my grandparents probably used, I chose to overlook it and soldier on. That is until I noticed Brad and Becky getting an eyeful. “Fuck off!” I yelled, irate from being interrupted again. Ducking back down, again, I could hear them whispering and snickering.

“This is it,” I thought. “It’s time.” I figured we’d had more than enough foreplay. We’d done the dance, now time to claim my prize. Positioning myself a little lower than her, I pulled at her shorts and panties until they were down around her knees. She did not resist at all. In fact, she flexed her hips and arched her back anticipating encroachment. From behind I found her driveling wet pussy and inserted two fingers to mark my objective. I angled my cock for insertion easing my hips forward when a sobering blast from the fire alarm bellowed through the room.

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