Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 06

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Continuing this one-third true and two-thirds fictional story about the sexual awakenings of a scaredy cat sexually afraid Singapore virgin’s transformation into a playful sex kitten. This series is based on real events in the life of a 20 year-old Singapore resident Asian girl over a three- year period. It is condensed and embellished to allow it to be told in a limited story form with her approval and with fictional names of all characters.

Raised in an orphanage she’s never touched a man’s body but now finds herself having to give a full body massage to the masterful seducer, erotic photographer Jacques Pardie, 50, who’s hired her as a live-in ‘Oo-La-La’ au pair maid in company with his ex-Parisian bisexual glamour model lover Josette, aged 30.

Selena, not quite 20, beautiful and graceful with her 36-18-34 shapely figure, wakes to a new dawning in her private quarters of the French couple’s bungalow in the upmarket area of Bukit Timah in central Singapore. It’s a part of the city she could never afford to rent but since being recently employed by wealthy and well travelled French business couple as their au pair, she’s found herself living in luxury compared to her cramped quarters across town with the opportunist Indian landlord.

She’s beginning to discover that everything comes at a price. The trappings of a fine lifestyle with a caring couple in Jacques and Josette in their luxurious French decor bungalow, the excellent wages and bonuses she can earn, the importance of finding herself in life in a good situation after so many years of orphanage uncertainty has her thankful for this change of direction yet the strict virgin that she is makes her fear she will be seen by the worldly Frenchman as a comparative child after his 30 years of work surrounded by sexy models.

His imposing accent and commanding physique, his gentle ways, confidence and way with words somehow haunts the young Asian girl’s senses. Inwardly he excites her but she’s not sure why. Perhaps it’s because she never knew a father, abandoned as a week-old baby.

She’s hardly slept all night overhearing them in their bedroom talking about her. She thinks the intercom connecting their bedrooms was accidentally left open and their conversation was meant to be private between lovers in their bed, but it was a deliberate ploy of the masterful artist of seduction to condition her puritan mind that sex is good. She can’t get their words out of her mind… “but she is still a girl waiting to become a woman. I will take her there when she is ready” and then hearing Josette say “you want to fuck her don’t you?”…

What were quivers running through her body until then suddenly became tremors of trepidation, the knowledge of what must somehow lie ahead. It strikes mild panic in her mind that “unless she performs in her duties as their au pair” all she has gained is lost and it’s back to a life of drudgery and uncertainty, yet the poor girl is in no position to give them what it appears they want: her body, her innocence, the only thing she can say is her own. As she gets ready she realises with horrifying reality the real meaning of a French ménage a trios. She is caught between a rock and a hard place — the rock in this instance is her rock solid desire to remain a virgin at all costs and the hard place is where his penis resides.

He knows that for a man 30 years her senior, he will require every skill in the book to win her mind before he can win the body of this stunningly beautiful young woman who is totally inexperienced and scared of sex after being indecently fondled over years of outsourced company with a female staff member on weekend stopovers.

Even that it happened between the ages of nine and 16 the latter realisation that it was wrong is embedded in her mind, a feeling of confusion and fear at being touched sexually yet the latent natural desire of a girl who’s now a young woman with physical needs based on affection cloud her thoughts. She’s instructed by Josette to body massage her employer wearing just her black negligee and to approach him offering to do it as a surprise to please him.

This is something thrust on her; she’d never volunteer to do this but it’s Josette’s way of forcing her to move on in her life and bury the past events that have stilted her confidence about herself. Physically she is stunning to look at with a near perfect figure but mentally she is naive, gullible, lacking confidence with low self esteem, an academic flop at school even believing that being gullible is something to be proud of. Her poor understanding of the meaning of some words and expressions show up her weaknesses. Her real strength is her absolute innocence, and her natural beauty.

It will dwell within the Frenchman’s mind like a drug driving him crazy and unsatisfied until the day he can get her to surrender herself to him. For a man so many years her senior it’s a tall order but one he pursues with unrelenting zest, for he must win her mind piece by piece like winning a game of chess. There is casino şirketleri no simple single move, but a series of carefully constructed tactics that move by move can move her closer towards him.

The Frenchman wants to meet this self-imposed challenge to test his ability as a renowned seducer. Has he lost it with advancing age? Can a man of 50 sexually attract a young woman just leaving her teens by his presence, not his wealth? He needs to know, and this is why he’s employed her. His lover Josette being bisexual is keen to help; knowing that if he succeeds there will be self gratifying rewards for her with Selena, too.

His slow hand approach is chipping away at the fortress-like mindset blocking her willingness to open up to them. Slowly but surely it’s working; his many platonic touches and the way he mesmerises her with his sexy soft French accent sends tingles through her body. But Selena is a tiger for protecting her pussy: she’s determined to remain a virgin until she finds real love so she can give to her man her only life’s possession — her purity — knowing how much it means to a man.

Her quandary now is how to cope with what appears to be happening after hearing their bedroom conversation they wanted her to overhear ‘accidentally’ through the connecting intercom. They’ve hired her and put her on the path to financial freedom, security and a luxury style living experience in return for something she doesn’t want to give up, her only real possession. She can’t go back to the old address — her old job is gone and so too the cheap rent she got from the Indian landlord who’s since taken in two saucy school students recently expelled from high school.

Selena has no choice but to continue in her au pair role, never realising at the outset it would amount to wearing see-through body hugging clothes around the house and now, instructions to massage her employer on Saturday mornings. She’s never touched a man in her life and despite freaking out at the thought of it, the Frenchman’s partner, Josette, insists Selena must do this as a means of helping her mature more in the mind if ever she’s going to make a suitable wife for a future husband.

It’s 7.00am and she’s on her way to his room wearing the black silk negligee she thinks best covers her as it’s the only one that’s not see-through, even though it’s a baby doll length falling to the tops of her shapely smooth thighs. The matching thong-type silk panty is alluring to say the least and barely covers her vulva but she figures it hides her better than the one-piece skin coloured silk body suit she wears without anything under it in the daytime as her so-called uniform. Josette has provided Selena with the massage oils she needs and makes sure she’s not in the master bedroom when Selena arrives there for what is surely her most daunting experience about to happen.

He’s lying in bed, his face turned away from the door as she enters, just as she hoped. He only knows that Josette has gone to the kitchen and is coming back to massage him as she does every Saturday morning. Her first words seem as though they could be part of a dream.

“Sir, Mr Pardie sir, please wake up, I’m here to give you your massage.”

Her voice electrifies him. This is a real surprise, something Josette has not ventured to tell him. He rolls over at the sound of her words. “Selena! What are you doing here?”

“Sir I am here to give you your massage, I asked Josette if she’d let me,” she lies.

“Am I hearing things?” he looks at her quizzically, his nudity covered by the satin sheet from the waist down. “No sir, I would wish I could learn from you by doing this. Josette thinks it will help me understand why she loves you so much and how I can appreciate you more,” she replies. He’s instantly suspicious that Josette has made her do this but he doesn’t mind; it can only help him lure her closer to him. Selena is hoping he’s wearing something no matter how brief it is.

“Sir I must confess I have never done this before, I’ve never massaged anyone but I’m willing to learn. You said when you hired me that you would forgive me if I make mistakes until I learn my job better as I go so how would you like me to start?”

His eyes are now wide open and he realises she’s wearing just a black negligee, her well formed 36-inch breasts pushing the top of the garment outwards and making the bottom of it barely reach the tops of her youthful thighs. The way she’s dressed, standing at the side of the bed with the negligee promoting her sensuality makes her worthy of a young woman ready to make love on her wedding night. He wishes he could lustfully pull her onto the bed alongside of him and have his way with her, her body so seductively appealing to a man who’s had many women but is trying to recapture his long lost youth, wanting one more of the age when he started enjoying sex 30 years earlier.

She looks forlornly lost in his huge bedroom waiting his instructions, unable to make a decision what to do first in case she goes about casino firmaları it the wrong way. He asks her to sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes and he sits up, still covered just above his thighs, and puts his arm around her shoulder in a calming gesture.

“This is new to you isn’t it Selena? You’ve never been in a man’s bedroom on your own before have you?” he asks, looking at the way she tries to put on a brave face but cannot hide the truth that she’s nervy.

“No sir, I feel out of place here. I’ve never done anything and no one’s ever showed me. I think you should have your privacy from me; it’s not fair to you that I should see you without clothes.”

He puts his hand under her slightly dipping chin, the sign she’s trapped and feeling helpless. His other hand strokes the side of her face gently with a reassuring calmness in his action she appreciates.”Do not be afraid of the dark, do not be afraid of the light,” he says softly in his fatherly-to-her tone. “Do not be afraid of me, what you see of me or what I may think of you. Do not be afraid of showing me how beautiful you look. If I were a much younger man I would pursue you to be my partner in life, such is your beauty and your immaculate character.”

She looks at him, and he can see she’s close to showing tears. In her mind the way he speaks to her gives her confidence she desperately needs to go on. She wipes a tear falling from her eyes in gratitude for the way he seems to understand how she feels. “Thank you sir, I do want to please you but I’ve never been alone with a man before like this and massaging you is a new experience. I have never done this sort of thing; I’m afraid I’ll look silly in front of you. You will think of me as a girl, not a woman.”

Jacques chuckles and makes her smile slightly. “Madam Selena has it ever occurred to you, one being so beautiful and in the prime of her youthful life, that this old man you are about to massage is three times your age and to you, I might look silly?”

“No sir, I never thought of that, I think you are very fit for your age. I ‘d never guess you are that old.”

He laughs. “Let’s drop the word old for a start for we are only as young as we want to be. Age does not weary some people, and that’s why when you massage me you will see the dedication I make in staying young shows in the firmness of my body. I have the heart rate of a man half my age and the strength and endurance of a man not more than 40 so I say to you don’t be afraid to touch me with your hands because as you rub those soothing oils into my skin you are helping me stay young and vital. Do you think that is a worthy thing to do?”

Cornered, as usual, by his chess-like tactics, Selena half smiles and answers the only way she can.”Yes sir. What I do to you will be good for you.”

“That’s what I like to hear so let’s get started by grabbing that big towel on the chair over there and lay it on the bed so me to lie on. Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes sir,” she answers, doing as she’s told. “And don’t keep calling me sir, you can call me Jacques if you wish,” he adds.

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” she says automatically as she looks away so he can get settled on the massage towel.

When she turns around the sight of his face down naked body mesmerises her for several moments and she just stands there looking. For the first time she is alone in a room with a man naked and the sight of his masculinity is having a strange affect on her. Timid as she is – and she is – she admires his muscular build, his strong legs and powerful thighs. All her years without a father figure in her life seem to speed home to this single occasion.

She’s influenced by this man, she respects him, she finds an unusual and rather unnerving attraction towards him and feels safe in his presence. And now he’s lying naked face down before her waiting for her to run her hands over his whole body back and front. It’s a daunting moment in her youthful life, something she’s not prepared for and a mixture of curious excitement, embarrassment and shyness floods her mind.

Jacques turns his head to the side facing her as she moves in close and starts spreading the oil around his shoulders, rubbing it into the skin and squeezing although there is little strength in her grip on his muscled toned body. Her arm movements, leaning across his body make her negligee rise high enough for him to see up close her black silk thong hugging her vulva, making a pronounced dint as it clings across her clitoris and vagina lips, the shape of her pussy is undeniably so close yet so far. His face is a mere foot away from it as she does his shoulders and moves down his back.

He can smell the sensual delicate scent of the top of the range body perfumes they gave her to wear but her own natural body scent would be enough for him. He’s pleased she’s using the French products anyway. The view between her legs makes her even more ravenous but for his natural urges it’s not the time to scare the horses by personal indulgence güvenilir casino when there is such a shy pony in the room trusting him not to ride her.

Selena knows she’s doing the easy part — his back but his soft groans indicate to her he’s appreciating her efforts. Jacques can tell the difference between Josette doing it and Selena as the young virgin is more or less stroking and caressing his skin rather than manipulating muscle for tone or using strength where it’s needed. He doesn’t mind the difference one bit. The longer she goes the more her confidence increases. This is easier than she thought — but only because she’s just rubbing the palms of her hands flat to push the oil into his skin rather than a remedial massage.

Reaching his buttocks she pauses a moment and takes a deep breath just staring at how well rounded, tight and youthful the cheeks look. This is the father figure she always wanted, a strong man but a gentle man, a handsome man she can look up to and respect — and love. Selena loves this man, but she is not in love with him. But she’s certainly falling under his exotic spell of possessing some kind of hypnotic charm she can’t quite fathom only that she enjoys being around him and happy in his presence. Secretly she wants to imagine he’s the father she never had but deserves.

Seeing the shape of his large penis underneath his tight satin boxers outside the downstairs gym the previous day was a shock surprise, never having before seen a man like that. It resembled a thick iron bar inside his underwear and her first thoughts were to wonder what it must look like in the flesh. She was not to know then that Josette would spring this job on her but she did when she saw the young Asian keep glancing down at the way the swollen shape stood out beneath the tight satin material. In a matter of minutes she will see it uncovered and bolt upright.

From the back even, he looks a commanding sight of raw energy and physical appeal. Masculine powerful — and she admits to herself — sexy. The sight of his well developed backside and tight cheeks make her linger longer there and without realising it, she’s going over the same place both sides time and time again, admiring his manliness and how solid his bum feels. Like most women, the sight of a tight butt on a man is a turn-on and despite her innocence nature plays a role in the Singapore girl’s mind and she can’t help but realise she’s turned on his raw presence and her sweet spot is getting wet.

As she moves from his butt to his broad muscular thighs she compliments him on how strong he looks. He smiles, his head resting on folded arms enjoying her touch but anxious for the best part to come, and teases her with his engaging accent. “Selena I may look strong in the legs but your presence and your beautiful scent makes me weak in the knees.”

This makes her giggle softly to herself feeling she must be doing something right for a change. She squeezes her small hands down between his thighs and he adjusts himself suddenly to give her massaging access. Her eyes widen as she sees his scrotum nestled between the tops of his legs and can’t take her eyes off it because he can’t see her looking. She knows it’s his testes that produce the kind of sperm she saw on the faces of the models he showed her in the portraits on his studio wall. She’s never seen a man’s genitals before, but only art images of them such as the Statue of David, and she’s fascinated seeing the egg-like bulge of one of his testicles squeezed upwards slightly the way he is lying there. Josette cautioned her only to fondle them, not to squeeze them or he’d be in excruciating pain.

She feels like a mere child beside the size of his six feet two inch tall body but behind the lacy silk of her black negligee beats a heart of increasing tempo, the erect nipples of her magnificently shaped firm breasts caressing the silk backwards and forwards as she moves her arms about on his body and unintentionally making her feel sexy.

“Am I pleasing you sir,” she asks as she reaches down to his ankles and squeezes his feet and rubs back up to the point behind his knees again. “Yes” he whispers in a tone that’s husky and strangely endearing to her ears. Jacques lets out a low groan at the very thought of what it could be like just to leap up and pin her to the bed, rip her negligee from her luscious body and give her a long and riveting fuck. He won’t do this of course, that would spoil the sense of the chase. He will be patient beyond belief until somehow in some way on some day she will come to him. That’s what he wants to show he hasn’t lost his seductive mastery.

She continues to rub gently with her fingertips around the back of his knees and inner thighs where Josette says he likes it. She didn’t describe them as erogenous zones in case Selena thinks she’d be deliberately trying to make him feel sexy and he may want to touch her. The sound of his soft groans pleases Selena who’s not endeared with much confidence at any time but it suggests to her he’s enjoying her hands on his body. Now comes the hard part and from what Josette tells her it will be hard. “Sir, I’ve done all your back, is that enough for today?” she asks with hesitation in her voice, hoping against hope he will say yes.

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