Aunt Anjali Ch. 04

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Author’s note:

For the sake of continuity, please read Aunt Anjali – Chapters 1, 2 and 3.

My apologies for not completing this story earlier. Thank you for all the feedback, comments, requests, story ideas, encouragement and exhortations to complete the story. They have motivated me to continue. Keep ’em coming.

I really do appreciate the time you take to give me your opinion. I love hearing from my readers. The more mischievous the better. Who knows where that might take us! Please send comments to the address in my profile.

This is a true story with the names changed.

Enjoy this continuation!


She wiped us both clean and dried our bodies from top to toe and we went to the bedroom. We lay down on the bed and I looked at her waiting for events to unfold.

She looked at me and then putting her lips on mine, started kissing me passionately. I kissed her right back, rubbing my lips on hers. Her tongue pushed at my lips and after a few moments she asked me to open my mouth and let her tongue enter my mouth and put my tongue in her mouth. I complied and new thrills started coursing down my body as our tongues wrestled with each other.

We hugged each other, rubbing our skins together, her nipples grazing my chest, my knee touching her plump mons and getting coated with the wet slime of her cunt juices. Our hands were all over each other’s backs and our gentle caresses soon turned into the bunching of each other’s flesh in our fists. I reached for her prize butt, pressing and shaping it and leaving my finger marks on its fair surface. I held each fat cheek in a hand. casino şirketleri Then I parted them and let them fall in place together, looking over her shoulder at what I was doing. She kissed my nipples, then licked and sucked them. She took my penis into her palm and started frigging it. The feeling was wonderful. All these mutual explorations and ministrations soon had me erect again and my penis started poking her belly.

There was lust but there was also affection. I could see it in her eyes and feel it in my heart. Of course there was also virgin curiosity on my part. I wanted to see and touch and experience this woman. Her feet patted mine. Her thighs rubbed mine. We relished the sensual contact of our skins. She smelled good to me and I was lost in the moment, oblivious to the world. In those moments, we belonged to each other.

She put her hands on my head and started directing it downwards. I found myself looking at her breasts. She lifted the left one up with her hand and gripping it in her fist, she offered the nipple to me, pushing my head down. ‘Suck’, she said. I took the proffered nipple into my mouth and started sucking avidly. I coated it with my saliva and started pulling at it with my mouth. I periodically licked it with my tongue. I looked up and saw her staring at me with glassy eyes. Her eyes were clouded with lust and she pressed her boob into my mouth and said, ‘Eat it. Bite it lightly’. I did. She pulled that boob away and moved my head to the other boob, scissoring the large, erect nipple between her fingers and spearing it aggressively into my mouth. She pulled my hand to the teat casino firmaları that my mouth had vacated and pressed my palm to it with her own. I must have sucked and pressed those large boobs one after the other for 20 minutes. Her nipples lengthened and darkened and became engorged. She cried out a couple of times and must have been hit by several small orgasms.

She once again took my very erect penis into her hand and gripping it hard in her palm, started frigging it slowly. Taking my hand into hers, she led it to her abdominal area. I started moving it around in widening circles till I encountered her very prominent mound. Her hand covered mine and she helped my fingers part her thick vaginal outer lips. They were wet with her juices. My aunt was in heat! She took one of my fingers and showed me how to make an up and down movement in her vaginal furrow. On the top, she would use its point to stimulate her protruding clit. At the bottom, she would sink it into her hole. I continued my chewing on the nipples while frigging her cunt. A few more minutes and her grip on my virgin cock tightened and she cried out a few times. More small orgasms racked her body,

‘I can not take all this play any longer. I need you in me. Fuck me. Fuck your Aunt Anjali.’ She commanded me. And she moved her big, soft thighs apart and pulled me on top of her. As I lay on top, the hand gripping my cock, guided it into her furrow and she said, ‘Push it in. Fill my cunt.’

With several thrusts of my buttocks, I started entering her body, She was incredibly hot and wet. Her lips parted and my cock started entering her inch after güvenilir casino inch. I was pushing and so was she. Her cunt was soft and her juice oily. Finally I was embedded in her all the way. She groaned and locked her meaty thighs around me. She started pressing my body into hers by gripping and loosening the grip of the thighs. Her cunt muscles seemed to tighten and loosen around my engorged shaft. I started pulling in and pushing out my cock and we were soon moving together in unison. Her large body heaved upwards in powerful thrusts and I repeatedly pulled my cock out all the way and sank my cock in all the way.

I soon noticed her heaving boobs and could not resist taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking it.

I was fucking for the first time ever! And that too, my own aunt Anjali whom I had lusted after for so many days now. I could never have dreamt that this would ever happen.

Soon, the tempo of our fucking increased and after one last powerful heave, I thrust into her and emptied my boiling seed as deep as I could into her foaming cunt. My orgasm triggered hers and with loud cries, she lunged upwards and locked her thighs around me, drawing me even deeper into her. She was hit by spasms.

We lay there naked, my body on hers, for several minutes. My cock slipped unwillingly out of her vagina leaking fluids on her outer lips. I lay by her side and we fell into a blissful slumber, both completely naked.

I shall never forget this first fuck and Aunt Anjali will always remain alive in my memory as the woman at whose altar, I willingly sacrificed my virginity.


Send me your feedback if you want more stories. May be this true story could continue…

All ideas, constructive criticism and comments welcomed.

Correspondence from willing females in Western India (Gujarat and Maharashtra) is welcome!

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