Aunt Lilith Ch. 04

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Maurice Koenig felt as if Lilith tried to kill him at several points during the act of fucking, or was that making love, in that cottage for much of that week. Then again, he was well aware that wasn’t her intention, and furthermore that he was an angel now without a mortal’s limits. Even so, he was used to having human weaknesses and it was tough to remind himself that he wouldn’t run out of energy, for instance, no matter what took place. Lilith kept going back for more, draining his balls with each round, with all three holes. She also enjoyed his oral favors, but it was clear that her favorite thing was to take his seed.

“Mon Dieu! You, my dear aunt, certainly know how to drain a man completely and if I were a mere mortal, I would probably be a ragdoll by now!” Maurice exclaimed, even as Lilith lit up a joint and took a puff before handing it to him.

“Oui, monsieur! I can tell you one thing! I would never have tried to keep you all to myself, but I would have had to give you some time on your own so that you could actually enjoy other women, if you were a mortal man, that is. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been anything left for mortal girls, and that would be a shame, because you really ought to have more children,” Lilith observed as they smoked pot and kissed hungrily.

“Think so?” Maurice asked her, adding, “Well, with better mothers than my ex, perhaps so. You ever plan to have children?”

“I have all of eternity, just about, to decide that, but yes, once the war is over in the Heavens, I will locate you and have you breed me. Who else, except perhaps Father? Most of the men are just good for fucking, but you are worthy to sire sons and daughters on me, and I will have them by you, if I have my way. That doesn’t preclude you having other children, before and after that point, assuming that we win, which isn’t guaranteed,” Lilith assured him with yet more kisses to his face.

“True, far from certain, sad to say. So, with this week winding down, how often will we get to meet after it, albeit more secretively?” Maurice probed while she kissed his neck and shoulders…..and he kissed hers as well.

“That’s not guaranteed. Could be a lot some months, very little or none at all the following ones. It all depends on my missions and such. Just know that I will visit you and your bed again, and that I will ravish you as much as I can. I might have to conceal my true form, but you’ll know it’s me, trust me. I will always have green eyes and give you a special wink with them while I invade your mouth with my tongue!” Lilith told him with yet another French kiss while she fondled his balls, “Don’t be surprised if I ambush you and drag you into a lavatory for wild and kinky public sex, too!”

“Well, that would certainly get my attention!” Maurice chuckled as he enjoyed her manipulation of his family jewels.

“And would this?” Lilith asked as she lengthened her tongue and let it snake its way around his body, licking everything that she could reach on him.

Maurice felt chills all over his body as Lilith tongued his flesh, her licking action very intense as it covered his skin. When she retracted her tongue and bent over for him, suddenly changing into an Asian girl, he was very impressed. That wasn’t half as impressive as when she trapped his cock between her buns and actually expanded her asshole just enough to pull his dick inside it. The next thing that he knew, he was engaged in some very aggressive sodomy as she pushed back at him eagerly with her booty. They fucked casino şirketleri for a good hour after that, his prick plundering her bottom as she moved her hips enthusiastically to welcome him deep within her body.

“I’m going to milk your balls for every drop that I can get until I have to leave, my love! Every single, fucking drop! In all three holes, period! I’m starting to think that anal sex is almost my favorite, though ultimately, it’s oral……like this,” Lilith told him.

At this moment, she caused them both to disappear and then reappear in the shower, where she washed his dick before taking it in her mouth. Lilith’s technique with giving head, as always, brought Maurice more satisfaction than any other woman that he had known. She was now that same blonde that he met before, much to his delight and her own, as she sucked him with a fierce desire for his jizz. She also played with his balls as she drained him dry yet again, even slipping a finger into his asshole to enhance the pleasure of the experience.

“Let’s finish washing each other, which will give you just enough time to recover your erection and plunder me from behind under the jets. It really is hard to pick a favorite sex act, especially with you, as I enjoy any way that I can please you, my dear Maurice, my sweet nephew. Even so, in the end, it’s still oral sex that I enjoy most, because I get to kneel before you and taste you as well. Don’t be shocked if I drop in out of the blue and start sucking you wherever you are. Imagine being at your desk and suddenly I’m under it, sucking your dick to drain every last taste of you out of your cock and balls. I would love to do that, when you least expect, so that you look down and suddenly my mouth is full of your dick!” Lilith teased him as they rinsed each other off and she bent over for him, “Then again, I’ll surprise you this way as well.”

Maurice was stunned, as Lilith now changed into a black woman, yet another reminder that she could change form, as he slid into her from behind and started fucking her roughly in the shower. She then shifted into an Indian woman for a while, further shocking him with this sudden business of rapid transformation. They kept fucking for a bit longer, as she continued to alter her form into practically every race and ethnic type under the Sun while still bent over for him and taking his cock balls deep inside her twat. It was like fucking a hundred girls in one session or something, much to his delight. It was too much for him to resist cumming, which he did just as Lilith gushed on his dick, her fluids washing his prick even as his hot spunk flooded her cunt.

“You know, I can change into elves, faeries, mermaids, anything that you like, monsieur! Vampires, even, if you wish! I love felt the intensity of your reaction as you experience all of my forms, my love! I suppose that we should eat now, shouldn’t we? Technically, as an angel, eating is optional, but you still halfway think of yourself as mortal, so it’s still comforting for you to go through with your human routines, at least for now. Besides, you have to maintain the facade for others, don’t you? If you were unfamiliar with daily rituals that they take for granted, that would make them suspicious, wouldn’t it?” Lilith observed as she dragged him to the kitchen and started cooking.

“What are you making, my dear aunt?” Maurice asked her, truly curious.

“Polska kielbasa, peppers, onions, potatoes, and mushrooms together. I think that you’ll enjoy it, don’t you?” Lilith casino firmaları asked him, even as he poured some wine for the both of them.

“Certainly, as I will enjoy this, too. Don’t tell anyone that it’s from California. I’d probably be a pariah for life in my social circle for even looking at American wine. It’s a Shiraz. I do have French wines, too, being a good Frenchman, but it doesn’t hurt to expand one’s tastes beyond one’s borders, you know. That tribal mentality only goes so far,” Maurice observed as they both sipped the wine and Lilith even poured a little into the skillet to add flavor to the dish.

“Another example of why you’re the perfect man to lead the 21st century world into a better future. It probably helps in a way, being from Alsace-Lorraine, thus not ethnically French,” Lilith noted as they kissed softly in the kitchen, her lips caressing his while the dinner was fried.

“Why, thank you, my dear! You do me great honor by saying that! And, yes, being Alsatian rather than of French stock helps considerably in some ways. My region used to be part of Germany a few times, so we have one foot in the rest of Europe, unlike some of the snobs in Paris, which only fancies itself somewhat international, but can be downright provincial in its own myopic way. Trust me, I have seen it! At any rate, I think that I will go actively into politics very soon. I will stand for Mayor of Paris, see how they handle the idea of a non-Parisian in such an office! That should really shake things up, an Alsatian dentist standing for the highest municipal office in the capital!” Maurice laughed heartily as Lilith finished and plated the meal.

“More wine, please, my dear nephew?” Lilith requested, something that Maurice eagerly gave her as well as himself.

“Yes, more wine indeed. We should definitely drink plenty of wine tonight, as you have but one full day left here and I hate to think that. The wine should help put it out of my mind for a while, as should this excellent supper, one of many meals that you have made since you visited me. I believe that tomorrow, I shall cook for you!” Maurice proposed with a wink.

“And what would my handsome nephew cook for his favorite aunt, anyway? This I have to discover! Please do! Not that I mind pampering you, but I love that you would actually want to spoil me rotten, too. It shows no more small amount of love, doesn’t it? I know that we’re lovers, dear. This isn’t just a fling, not for either of us. This is love. I adore you and I believe that you feel the same for me. We’re in love, are we not? We really are lovers, in every sense of the word,” Lilith commented as they ate and drank, even as Maurice gently touched her hands with affection.

“That I believe that we are, and it is very flattering that, out of all of the men that you’ve bedded over the centuries, you fell in love with me, you, who tend to keep it strictly about the sex,” Maurice admitted to being very flattered indeed.

“It’s nothing undeserved, if you ask me. You’re the most intense man that I’ve met out of all of them, and I love that about you. The potency, the primal sexuality, the brooding ways, the powerful intellect, the wit, the sense of humor, the defiant attitude, the brazen nonconformity, all of which I adore about you! I love your unique perspective, even how jaded you are at times. I love it all. Hell, I love and admire your vindictive streak, in fact. I love the whole package! I’m madly in love with you and don’t be too shocked about that! You’re very much güvenilir casino deserving of my love, as I hope to be of yours!” Lilith told him before planting a soul kiss on him.

“Let me see. A charming, intelligent, but tough, drop-dead gorgeous, funny, sexy, and fiercely loyal angel who goes out of her way to pleasure men who happen to be descended from her late brother and husband……Of course, I love you! It’s hard not to love you, in fact! Virtually impossible to avoid, in fact. You being so sexually uninhibited is a nice bonus, too,” Maurice commented between bites of his food.

“I was born long before such taboos took root, but I will take such compliments for sure. It’s amazing how much I long for your affection and adoration, isn’t it, but I do. Your opinion and feelings about me matter…..a lot! I look forward to an eternal love affair, one that continues through the ages, where I get to join you in bed whenever it suits me and surprise you and pleasure you whenever I wish……I look forward to seeing the look on your face, too. By the way, you really should marry, as I would love to fuck you right in front of your wife! She would just have to learn that while she gets you most often, I get you whenever I can get away from the war and drop in! I’m your secret lover and she’ll just have to accept that fact,” Lilith said as they finished eating and she knelt to suck his cock yet again.

“Tabernac! I look forward to when we can get it on whenever we both want it, no worries about wars and such. I would love to be able to surprise you some time,” Maurice told Lilith as she eagerly sucked and licked his dick.

“I would love that, too, my dear. I really would! I don’t wish this to be so one-sided when it comes to picking the place and times, but until the war is over, well, you get the picture. I’m a soldier of my father’s first. Once that changes, I can and will be your love slave. For eternity. I swear it! I will quit the ranks and devote myself entirely to your pleasure, whatever you wish. Orgies, bondage, watersports, you name it! I will pop out baby after baby for you and raise them to be our lovers once they come of age, too! Oh, and long before that, when I have time for anything kinky, such as threesomes with you and your wife or girlfriends or whatever, count on me gladly doing it. The ladies will be such putty in our hands that it won’t be hard to persuade them, either. I will have them licking my cunt clean of your cum while you fuck them in the ass!” Lilith promised Maurice, making it plain that their sexual future was far from over and that she would never become a dull or vanilla lover.

“Do you think that we’re soulmates, Aunt Lilith?” Maurice inquired suddenly.

“Certainly, but someone can have more than one soulmate, and any woman proves to be yours will also be mine, I believe,” Lilith told him as she kept sucking him, making him draw shallow breaths while she rolled her tongue with his dick inside her mouth.

“Well said. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I intend to drag you to my bed, so we can do a lot more of this…..and other things,” Maurice urged as he took the wine with him, too.

“Just wait until I seduce your ex-wife into bed so that you can grudge-fuck her! She will not know what hit her until it is too late. For now, though, let’s fuck, suck, and lick each other into exhaustion!” Lilith encouraged him.

“Talk more like that and I’ll have no trouble going for a dozen rounds just like that!” Maurice warned her.

“Promise?” Lilith winked as she pushed him onto the bed and began riding him for all he was worth, this time in the “reverse cowgirl” position…..she had plans for this stud and they involved draining him repeatedly, all night long……sleep…..who needed that?

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