Awakening Ch. 08: Haberdasher

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Emma slipped some Lynyrd Skynyrd into the CD player and put the car in gear. I slumped comfortably against the door letting the strains of southern rock soothe my sated soul as the gloriously memories of the last two hours bombarded me. The music was smooth and laid back, and just what I needed. Man, what a fucking trip Sappho’s had been. There were just so many unbelievable things about that wonderful place. I definitely wanted to go there again with Emma; hopefully very soon. Just being in that place was the bomb, and being her date was absolutely amazing. But, what was really amazing though, was learning what a player Emma is in her secret world. The way she was regarded by the staff and some of the patrons and by Lady Heather said volumes. My long time, best friend Emma was someone I didn’t recognize and she was blowing my lily white, vanilla mind. Emma had thoroughly enjoyed showing me off at Sappho’s. She was definitely in her element and the whole experience was wonderfully enlightening. Just being with her had been one hell of a thrill ride. I had learned a lot about myself and my body was still tingling.

We hadn’t even gotten out of the parking lot at Sappho’s when Emma snickered as she stopped the car. I was still caught up in the buzz from Sappho’s and just smiled at her wondering. She smiled coyly and blew me a kiss as she adjusted all the outlets at my titties. Then she triumphantly flipped the AC on high. The ice cold air bombarded my bare nipples. Damn, she loved her little games. She had that special knack for making things exciting and I loved it.

Emma giggled and pressed the accelerator. My nipples started to harden under the onslaught of the frigid air. Emma busied herself with driving and I was content to just to ride and let the music wash over me. I needed the time to re-energize after the barrage of shattering orgasms Emma had just brought me to. The little dildo in my panties was silent which was nice for now. I kept replaying the events of the last two hours in my brain. So much had happened and small vignettes of my glorious experiences kept appearing in full Technicolor. The thoughts and images made me quiver and I felt moist again. I wouldn’t soon forget my first trip to Sappho’s. It was one hell of an adventure.

The city disappeared behind us and we traveled through the scenic rolling hills of the country side. I didn’t have any idea where we were going and I didn’t care. My day had been wonderful so far and I looked forward to wherever we were going. I suppose I should have been more concerned where Emma was taking me, but there’s no excitement in that. So far Emma had proven to be quite creative regarding our travel agenda. I didn’t see any reason that any of that would change now. Wherever we were going I knew she would be in be in charge and I’d willingly do whatever I was told to do. That’s who I wanted to be and Emma knew it and I expected would take advantage of it. The thought made me warm and fuzzy.

As I watched the trees zip by I stopped thinking about the morning fun and began wondering what our next stop held in store for me. Emma hadn’t given me any hint other than to say we had a big day ahead of us. So far she hadn’t spoken at all during the ride and she was smiling like she was very happy. The cold air made my nipples hard and pointy. From time to time she would sneak a quick glance at my tits and reach over to tweak one of my very hard nipples poking through the open tipped bra. It was heavenly. I felt so naughty being her slutty little sex toy.

We drove what seemed like forever, and then Emma turned down a narrow one lane road that went on and on. Wherever east Jesus was, we were farther out than that. Finally she slowed and turned into a long tree lined driveway up to a circular turnaround in front of a huge, very impressive Colonial style mansion.

Emma stared at me for a minute like she was going to say something, but said nothing. She climbed out of the car and came around, opened my door and took my leash. I stood and she kissed me softly and whispered in my ear, “You don’t need the skirt or the bra, leave them in the car.” I didn’t hesitate. I unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall and quickly unfastened the bra and shrugged it off. I stood proudly in just my heels and the special rubber panties and smiled expectantly at her. She pointed down and I picked the skirt up, folded it and laid it and the bra on the seat. I felt good being naked, well mostly naked. I didn’t totally grasp why, but being so exposed was fucking exhilarating.

Emma headed toward the house walking slowly like a fashion model with me in tow. She was swaying her hips like a sex pot and she looked fucking hot. The weight of the leash tugging against my neck heightened my sexual consciousness. It was heady stuff. I savored the experience of following behind Emma on the leash. I marveled again at Emma’s grace and style as she climbed the stairs. Her dress flashed open, baring her legs all the way to her beautiful ass every time she took a step. Damn she was one sexy lady casino şirketleri and I realized just how very lucky I was.

She pressed her finger against the bell and immediately the ornate leaded glass door opened. I followed Emma through the doorway and stood slightly behind her like a good slut should. We were met by a petite lady with mysteriously dark, huge almond shaped eyes and closely cropped platinum hair with an unruly tuft in the front. Damn, she could easily have passed for Annie Lennox. Her looks were so unique and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

She was wearing a beautifully tailored black skirt, clunky black heels and a form fitting heavily starched white blouse. The blouse was custom made with darts sewn in so that the material molded perfectly against her gigantic breasts. The top three buttons were undone which created a deep vee of gorgeous tit flesh. Jesus, she was delicious. Her creamy white skin went perfectly with her hair and it appeared that she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Looking at her one way she was almost plain, yet she was absolutely alluring and mystifying as hell and I was thoroughly captivated by her. Damn, so far today had been a red letter day for me when it came to being infatuated with beautiful women.

They came together softly hugging affectionately the way lovers do, staring into each other’s eyes for a long minute before Emma leaned down and kissed her friend. Their arms entwined slowly around each other and their huge tits pressed softly together as they embraced. Their breathing became louder and erratic as I watched their tongues dart back and forth and their hands roamed over each other’s body. It was a one hell of a turn on watching them make out and mash their tits against one another. I was tingling and wet and warm. Their kissing and petting started to slow and after several light pecks on the lips, Emma whispered softly, “Lenore, this is Amy.”

Lenore looked at me for the first time since I walked in and smiled. She took the leash from Emma like she’d done this before and licked her lips as she looked up and down my nearly naked body. Even in heels Lenore was two or three inches shorter than me, but she had a very commanding presence that told me not to fuck with her. She handed me the leash and smiled coyly as she extended her finger and let it slowly trail down my shoulder as she circled me doing her examination. Her smile was friendly and I enjoyed the way her eyes poured over me. She made me feel sexy and it excited the shit out of me. It was the same feeling I had when I walked into Sappho’s. I was on display again, and I liked it. It was thrilling. Emma was smiling at me. She apparently enjoyed what was going on too and that made my heart flutter.

Finally Lenore was finished and gave the leash back to Emma and stood next to her, “So this is your Amy?” She had a bit of an English accent that fit her perfectly. It felt odd yet so pleasing the way she said “your”. Lenore moved closer and I could feel her warm breath on me. She ran her hand down my back and onto the rubber panties, “I agree with you Emma; she has quite a lovely body. Nice round tits and a very tight ass. ”

Lenore’s finger tips caused chill bumps to spring up all over my body. She snickered as if she thought of something funny, “Making her wear my special panty creation is a very kinky touch. There are just so many fun things you can do with them. I trust you gave them a good work out.”

Lenore circled me a few more times, stopping to look from different angles and then she announced, “I think she needs to take the panties off. They’re just going to get in the way for what we’re going to be doing.”

Lenore pushed her knee between my legs forcing them open. Her sudden action surprised me yet was a huge fucking turn on. The desire coming from between my thighs seemed uncontrollable all of a sudden. I looked to Emma and she smiled as she watched. She liked the little show that was going on. Lenore put her fingers inside the waist band and rolled the rubber panties down. When she got to my crotch Lenore forced my thighs even wider as she deftly slid her hand inside to remove the vibrator from my gapping drenched pussy. She took her time and letting her finger probe my drenched hole. Her intimate touches were thrilling. She had me shaking so much I thought my knees were going to buckle. Fuck, I was gasping for breath and my heart was pounding. My horny meter was red lining. She slowly pushed the panties down my thighs until they finally fell to the floor.

Lenore looked toward Emma and then back at the underwear, “Looks like they were put to very good use. It seems they’re very gooey, and quite wet.” She looked me up and down again as her delicate fingers danced at the top of my shiny slit, “She has a beautiful pussy and I love her big floppy lips.”

Her light touch was so electrifying. Lenore looked at Emma, “There’s one more thing I need to look at.” She turned back to me, “Spread your legs and bend over and pull your ass cheeks apart.”

Damn, casino firmaları the old me would have been embarrassed as hell, but the new Amy wasn’t at all. The whole idea of standing in front of this gorgeous stranger and bending over to spread my ass was thrilling. As I reached back to spread my cheeks I could feel my pulse start to pound and my heart hammered even harder. Fuck, this was so decadent so I pulled my cheeks open as wide as I could. I was so glad that Emma had shaved my butt hole. Lenore slid behind me and touched my anus softly, “My, my, she has a cute little rosebud too.”

Emma smiled proudly as Lenore snapped, “Victor is waiting for us in the shop. Let’s run along.” Apparently my inspection was done and it was time to get on to other things.

I felt a tug on my leash and we followed Lenore through the beautifully appointed house. It was decadent being naked while they were still fully clothed. The cool air drifting between my thighs felt sexy and naughty. We passed beautiful antiques and expensive period pieces that were scattered throughout the house. Lenore led us down a short set of steps and walked to the end of the hallway. Then Lenore slid a heavy wooden door to the side and we walked into a large dimly lit room that was not your normal basement. This place was built for a definite purpose. All kinds of hardware lined the walls and chains and ropes hung from hooks on the walls. There was a pulley and chains hanging from a giant metal frame mounted on the ceiling. The shelves on the other wall had an unbelievable assortment of leather restraints, blindfolds, ball gags and other stuff that I had no idea what it was for. Down in the far corner, there were all kinds of benches and chairs that were made for things I couldn’t even imagine. Lenore announced, “Victor, we’re here.”

I heard footsteps coming from the corner and a huge bald man stepped out of the shadows. He was huge man and imposing as hell. Fuck, he had to be at least six, six, and hugely muscular with a massive chest. As he stepped further into the light, all that took a total back seat to the gigantic cock that so conspicuously ran along his right thigh under his white stretch pants. Jesus, it was just plain huge. My immediate thought was that it couldn’t be real. Maybe it was some kind of gag they were pulling to scare me, but If it was real, oh my god! I mean it was way bigger than Derek no matter how you measured it. I don’t know what was in store, but if his cock was real, the thought of seeing it in the flesh was exciting as hell.

Victor’s face was soft and kind, yet serious and stern. I gazed up and down his beautiful body. He was one hell of a man who had clearly spent many hours in the gym. His white stretch tee shirt showcased the bulging muscles of his upper body but I just couldn’t get over the bulge that went way to his leg. I couldn’t take me eyes off of the thick outline as I tried to picture what it would look like. After staring at for a minute, I noticed there was something ring-like at the end of his cock outlined by the stretchy material. Shit, it hit me. His cock had to be pierced. Fuck, now I definitely couldn’t wait to do some personal inspecting but for now I was very happy just to stare at the man’s monster trouser snake. I mean holy fucking shit.

Lenore broke the silence, “Our dear friend Emma has brought her gorgeous little slut to us for a very special visit. They’re here to do some shopping and then continue the little slut’s training.” Victor smiled knowingly and Emma nodded. What do they have in mind?

Victor walked slowly to where the three of us were standing and hugged Emma the same way Lenore had earlier. He was well taller than Emma even in her heels. Emma handed the leash to Lenore freeing both hands to caress Victor. Lenore tugged the leash pulling me so we were standing off to their side. They were definitely lovers too. We watched Emma slide her tongue into Victor’s mouth and the two kissed passionately. Emma shifted her legs so she could straddle Victor’s right thigh and his gigantic appendage. He pushed his hips forward and smiled as Emma ground her pussy slowly against his dong. Damn, watching the two of them was unbelievable. The two of them were really getting it on.

They took their time and were in no rush to be through. Their hands wandered over each other’s bodies as they kissed and played with each other. When he and Emma had finally finished saying hello, he turned and sized me up. Emma was still enjoying humping his cock as he spoke, “You have very nice taste Emma. We’re very pleased that you would bring her to us today. We will do our best to meet your requirements.” His deep, baritone voice went perfectly with his beautiful behemoth body.

Emma looked up and smiled at him, “Victor, you know I have the highest regard for you and Lenore. There’s no where other than you that I would come for such things. You both have such special talents.”

Emma nuzzled victor’s neck and rubbed her pussy in circles against his penis. A large smile spread güvenilir casino across his face and his hands dropped to her ass and he pulled her tightly against him. Her eyes fluttered closed and her face twisted slightly as his cock sawed up and down her nearly bare slit. Emma was ready to fuck him standing right there. He arched his upper body away from her and whispered, “We should probably get to the business at hand. First, what would you like Lenore to show you today?”

Emma eyes were slightly closed like she was deep in thought but she was clearly in a cock coma. Her reply was so low I almost didn’t make it out, “Definitely some of Lenore’s special lingerie and she definitely needs a leather hood of her own.” Her voice got louder, “She was wearing one of mine last night when Derek fucked her virgin ass.” Emma was gaining steam, “You should have seen the little slut squirm when I blindfolded her. And, when he started pushing his big fat cock up her ass, she really tried to resist, but once he had her ass lubed and the head of his coat inside, she turned into an anal whore. I mean she really got into it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen somebody go so over the edge. Derek rewarded her with a nice slow fuck and finished by creaming her tight ass with cum.” Lenore and Victor smiled and shook their heads knowingly.

At first, listening to Emma tell them about Derek fucking my ass was shocking. I mean it was private and my first time having my ass fucked, but as the wonderful memories flooded back, I could almost feel Derek forcing my asshole open and leaving it a gaping mess with his cum oozing out. I could feel my nipples get hard thinking about it. It had been an unbelievable sexy experience.

Lenore tugged on the leash, “Let’s get things going dearie.” She led me to the middle of the room where a chain hung down from the ceiling. Lenore softly brushed the hair off my neck as she removed the leash and attached the heavy chain to the D-ring on my collar. Once she was satisfied, she moved the chain so it was behind my head and then she removed all of the slack.

I couldn’t believe the incredible sensation that rushed through my body. I was so amped up that I thought I might explode. I slowly scanned the room again, but this time I really took everything in; un-fucking-believable! Here I was naked, and I had just been chained to the ceiling in a real life dungeon. Fuck me! My heart was beating like a jackhammer and my breathing was short and irregular. Damn I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. This place was the real deal, not role playing like last night in Emma’s bed. I was so fucking turned on and I loved it. I could hardly believe what was happening to me. I needed to get myself under control so I could enjoy this. I didn’t want to screw things up and pass out again. Damn, what a fucking rush! I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

Lenore stood silently behind me rubbing my shoulders and back sensuously. She put her hands on my hips and then slid them slowly around me, leisurely rubbing my tummy just above my pussy. Her hands were soft as feathers. She definitely was in no hurry. Neither was I. She kissed my shoulders delicately and took her time fondling me. Her hands slowly roamed all over my body; my ears, my face, my arms, my ass, and my thighs. She took a lot of time rubbing my ass and tits and spent a lot of time running her fingers up and down the crack of my ass all the way to my pussy. Damn, her fingers were like magic and I was in heaven.

I glanced toward Emma through half closed eyes. She was still locked in Victor’s huge arms leisurely humping his horse cock. They were both watching what Lenore was doing and Emma was beaming with pride. Lenore went back to my tits and kneaded them softly and pinching my nipples. It felt wonderful and I rubbed my ass against her softly. She hefted my tits in her tiny palms as if she was weighing them. Then she grabbed each nipple and pinched hard, increasing the pressure slowly sending bolts of electricity from my nipples to my pussy. The feeling that enveloped me was hard to describe. There was some pain, but I was so turned on that I could barely breathe. The sexual vibe was overpowering. I was so turned on that it felt like ants were crawling all over my body. My pussy started to throb that wonderful familiar feeling that told me to enjoy the feelings; wonderful things were going to happen.

Lenore stopped playing with my tits and kissed my neck and ears softly which made me tingle with little shivers. Then she moved away and went to the shelves. She returned with two sets of black leather restraints. My eyes got big and heart beat hard. I watched intently as she cradled each of my arms and secured the soft leather tightly around my wrists and then bent down and did the same with my ankles. I delighted in the wonderful light touches as she delicately fastened the buckles on each restraint. The wide leather bracelets were soft and in a weird kinky way, very comforting. Being securely chained to the ceiling and now having leather restraints fastened in place was such a crazy fucking turn on. My nipples were as hard as diamonds. I snuck a peek at Emma and Victor. They were still wrapped in each other’s arms and she was still working his cock. This was crazy sexy.

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