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You started to slowly emerge from the cobwebs of a deep, restful sleep. You were only vaguely aware of my tongue sliding up your legs. You must have first been awakened as I sucked your toes slowly into my mouth, sliding my lips around them… slipping my tongue between them as I sucked on one then the other. Nevertheless, you were still slightly lost in slumber, as my tongue slid over your ankles, slipping slowly up your calves, over your knees… toward the skin of your inner thighs. You started to awaken more as you felt my tongue work its way up your inner thighs, as I nibbled at your skin.

As my tongue began to trace its way over the lips of your pussy, you realized that what was happening was not a dream. You remembered last night… the shower… the bed… the orgasms… the pleasure. You remembered that you were here with me. As your memory traced the events of the previous night, your lips began to moisten to my tongue. Your eyes opened as my tongue slid between your lips, under your hood, and touched upon your already hard clit. As you gasped, you moved your hand to place it on the back of my head, pulling it tighter on you. And then you realized – you couldn’t move your hands – they were tied to the bedpost above your head. Your ankles were tied to the lower bedposts. You moaned, in a mixture of frustration, consent, and pleasure. Your hot, awakened body was spread before me.

I continued pressing my tongue into your clit…then flicking it back and forth. Your hips bucked… a bit casino şirketleri … at the pleasure. As I slipped my lips around your clit, sucking it into my mouth, I slid my hands underneath you, pressing my palms onto the cheeks of your ass. With my hands, I pulled your mound closer to my face, as I continued sucking your hard clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it as I sucked. I pulled my hands apart, spreading the cheeks of your ass. One finger traced a circle around your tight anus, as my tongue slid off your clit, down between your lips. I sucked on your swollen lips, as the finger of my other hand reached to your clit.

I slid the thumb of my right hand around your anal opening, at the moment that my tongue thrust inside you. You gasped. My tongue probed inside you, twisting. My left hand moved away from your clit, and slid up your body. It pinched your nipples. One, then the other. Pinched them hard. As my tongue began fucking you more vigorously. The tip of my thumb poked into your ass. Your hips bucked, and your legs went limp. You yelped, “Oh God, John, fuck me!”

Having brought you to the brink of orgasm, I pulled away. I climbed up over you, kneeling above your torso. As I moved up your body, I drug the head of my cock over your belly, to your breasts. Rubbed the head of my cock over your rock hard nipples. Paused a moment to press your heaving breasts together, and drive my thick shaft between them. You shut your eyes, submitting to my desire. I continued moving up your body, casino firmaları until the head of my cock reached your chin. You opened your eyes to watch me slap your face with the throbbing head of my cock. I leaned forward, pressing the head of my cock to your lips, and then thrust it into your mouth. For a moment, you gagged; tears came to your eyes. But then you opened your eyes again, and looked into mine – we were both feeling extreme pleasure. The lust in our eyes was undeniable. You eagerly began sliding your tongue around my thick shaft as my hips moved back and forth, fucking your mouth.

I pulled my cock out of your mouth and turned around, crouching down over your face. I dropped my balls into your mouth, and you eagerly lapped at them. Sucked them into your mouth. I moved back down toward your torso a bit, and drove my finger into your pussy. Your tongue slid back behind my balls. You could smell them… and taste them… bringing you to a higher level of arousal. Your tongue passed over my anus, and pushed at it. Again, I pulled away.

I traveled back around, between your legs, my cock swollen, my balls hanging. I jammed it inside you. So big. It hurt. But felt so good. Your juices coated my shaft and dripped down it, slipping down my balls. I thrust. Once, twice, fifty times….my balls slapping against your ass as my cock drove deep inside you. And again, I looked into your eyes. I read them. Saw your desire. Knew what you wanted.

I untied your legs, and lifted them up güvenilir casino over your chest. Pressed them over my shoulders, your ankles resting next to my ears. Your ass now pointed straight up in the air, I pressed the head of my cock inside. Your tight asshole squeezed around my cock, and yet I drove it in until my balls rested along the rim. I pumped you. Hard. Driving my cock into the walls of your ass. Pressing along your g-spot with each thrust. You moaned. Screamed. Whimpered. Begged. Your body began to rock.

Your whole body shivered, shook, tremored. All at once, you felt tingling in your nipples and your clit; your tight ass clamped around my cock as you reached a tantalizing orgasm. Body continued to shake. Continued to throb. And as you began to get limp, I pulled my glistening shaft from your ass and knelt over your face. One stroke with my hand. Another. My hot cum shot out, drenching your face. Dripping down your forehead, down your cheeks. I pressed my cock into your mouth, and the second shot coated your throat. You swallowed it, as my cock pulled out of your mouth. The remaining drops trickled down your chin. You slid your tongue down my cock as it went soft. Licked my balls clean of your juices and my cum.

I lay down beside you. “Thank you, John,” you whisper, “I am in Heaven.” I press my lips to yours, and kiss you, slipping my tongue across yours, tasting our juices together, sharing them. “You are welcome, Samantha Roberts,” I said. “And thank you. You are a delicious, delicious woman.”

I untied your arms, and walked over to pull apart the blinds. You walked over to me and we embraced.

“We have apartments to inspect, and women to interview,” I said. “We have a busy day ahead of us. Let’s get to it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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