Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 09

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Warning: This is the ninth chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a “Quick Read”, but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


I watched as Angie walked to the door and opened it. Then, turning her head back to me, she smiled and left. I was left in the silence of the big room, standing there in my bra and panties, my cock and balls exposed, chained and locked to the floor.

As I waited for Angie to return with Patty, I thought about what I was going to say to my A-Cup angel when she came in. Then, I realized there was nothing I was expected to say. Angie was going to bring her to me and I was going to give her the present and the sack that held the key to my cock and ball chains. It was the longest few minutes of my life, believe me, and every time I heard a sound, I readied myself for the door to open. Finally, I heard Angie and Patty’s voices at the door, and then a second later, the door opened and I saw Patty.

To say she was surprised to see me almost naked and my cock and balls chained to the floor was a serious understatement. She stopped cold and her hands flew to her cheeks in shock. She turned to Angie with a scowl on her face, building with anger. Angie, in her wisdom, reached out to grasp Patty’s hands and told her to relax, saying, “Everything is fine, Patricia. Go to him. He has something for you.”

As Patty approached me, all the color in her face seem to drain and I could tell she was in shock and speechless. When she got right next to me, Patty bent down to see the way my cock and balls were tightly chained to the floor and then she turned to look at Angie. Turning back to me, she threw her arms around me and told me she had no idea this was going to happen and she was so sorry for bringing me here. As she fiddled with the strap around my cock to try to get it loose, I put my hands on her shoulders and straightened her so I could look her in the eyes.

“No, Patty,” I said, “please don’t be sorry and don’t be mad at what you see. It’s not what you think, I assure you.”

As Patty’s questioning eyes searched mine for answers, I continued speaking to her, saying, “I needed this. I mean that, Patty, please believe me. Listen to me….. Angie did it, Baby, she resolved all my issues and I can put all my guilt and shame behind me.”

I handed her the silk bag containing the keys to my bonds. “The keys to my chains are in here, Patty. When you feel its right, you can release me. And any time you wish to put me back in them, you have my permission.”

Patty took the bag and looked inside. Reaching in, she found four golden keys she could use to open the padlocks that held my genitals to the floor. When she looked up into my eyes again, I handed her the present and told her I loved her.

“Go ahead,” I said, “open it.”

By now, Patty seemed a bit calmer and the color had returned to her face. Like any woman would, she carefully pulled the tape from the wrapping paper around the box and unfolded it. Once the paper was removed, she opened the box and pulled out the double folded frame. Then, as I stood anxiously waiting, she opened up the frame. As soon as she saw the picture of me with my panties down and my cock sticking out, her jaw dropped. Then, I saw her eyes look on the facing side of the frame and she started reading my handwritten words.

It seemed like it took an eternity for her to read what I’d written, and once she was done, she went back and read it again. As she read it a second time, I saw a tear come to her eye. When she finished reading it the second time, she looked up into my eyes and smiled as a lone tear rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh, Paul,” she sighed as she reached up and hung her hands around my neck, “of course, baby…. of course I’ll accept you as my Man and my Sissy.”

More tears had started to stream down her face as she handed me the frame and asked me to read the words to her. As I read it, her eyes were locked on mine and it seemed she hung on every word. When I finished reading, I handed her the frame back and said, “Will you be my Mommy?”

With a mixture of a giggle and a sniffle, Patty reached up on her tiptoes and kissed me on the lips. “I’m already your Mommy, Sweetheart. You know that – there’s no need to ask me.”

Patty and I hugged for a few seconds until Angie walked up next to us and put her hands on both our shoulders. “Tell her about the chain, Sissy.”

Patty wiped the wetness from her eyes as she looked at me. Looking back at casino şirketleri her, I said, “The cock strap, gold chain, gold locks, and the gold keys in that bag are for us to take when we leave, and for you to use in any manner you see fit in the future. As you can see, I’m locked down now, but, when you unlock me, it will release me from all my fears and shame. I’ll be a new man, Patty….. and a new Sissy.”

“Nicely said.” Angie remarked, complimenting me. Then putting her arm around Patty, she said, “Patricia, this man loves you more that you can imagine – I’m convinced of that. He pledged his love, adoration and submission to you in front of me. He realizes now that he’s a Sissy and he’s been told exactly what that means and he’s fully accepted it. I’ve offered to see him for training without charge, and I’ll make the same offer to you as his primary female. If either of you ever feel the need to return for training or counseling, I’m at your disposal.”

“You pledged your submission, Paul?” Patty questioned me. “And you know what that means? I mean you really know what that means?”

I nodded my head and told her I did.

Turning to Angie, Patty asked if she explained to me what pledging my submission meant and what it entailed. “Oh yes,” Angie replied, “I did. I explained everything and he accepted it. I think he’s hoping to be the one to take your virginity, but, he said he would comply with all the Sissy expectations. You’re going to have to help him understand everything in explicit detail, Patricia – don’t get me wrong on that. He’s going to have a lot of questions and he’ll probably make a lot of mistakes. Talk to him patiently and I can help you along the way.”

“Oh, and before I forget,” Angie added, “he wasn’t any trouble to me at all. If all my clients were like him, I’d be out of business. He’s welcome back anytime.”

“Paul,” Patty said, getting my attention back, “no kidding now – you pledged your submission to me? Tell me the truth. I want to see it in your eyes.”

“Yes, I did. I said it willingly, and I meant it with all my heart.” I answered.

Patty melted into my arms and we kissed like horny teenagers in the back of a Chevy van. Angie stood next to us, smiling as she watched us kiss. After a minute, Angie politely cleared her throat a couple of times to interrupt us.

“Patricia, could I speak with you alone for just a moment?” Angie asked, gesturing towards the door. “Oh, yeah, sure.” Patty answered.

Patty reached up on her toes and kissed me again and then she turned to walk toward the door with Angie. As she got a few steps away, Patty turned toward me and smiled. “Don’t you move, you Naughty Boy!”

I smiled back and pointed down to the chain holding my cock to the floor. “You’ve got the key, so, I’m not going anywhere until you unlock me, remember?”

Angie and Patty giggled together as they turned and walked to the door and then walked out. I stood there patiently for several minutes until they returned, and when they did, Patty had a huge grin on her face. Now, if I had to describe her grin, I would call it a mischievous grin and I knew the two of them were up to something.

They were both smiling as they sauntered up to me. Patty stood on one side and Angie stood on the other side. Patty reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it gently, making me moan with pleasure. Angie was the first to speak, saying, “Sissy, as a reward for being such a cooperative student, I’ve suggested to Patricia that you be allowed to experience some of the pleasures of being a Sissy before you leave here today. After careful consideration, she’s consented. So right now, preparations are being made to give you some pleasure and a reward.”

I looked at Patty and she had a smile on her face as big as Texas. Her hand was jacking me perfectly, just the way I like it and as I looked down, a bead of precum was about to drip from the tip of my cock. As Angie taught me, I wiped it up with my fingers and then brought them to my mouth and sucked them clean. “Now, that’s impressive!” Patty exclaimed.

“There’s only one thing, Sissy, and you better listen closely.” Angie warned. “If you fail to follow your Mommy’s instructions, or fail to obey us in any way while you’re here, Patricia has agreed to let me punish you, and I promise you, I’m no stranger to using a strap on a man’s backside. So, think carefully before you answer my next question.”

She paused a moment to let her words sink in. Then she asked, “Sissy, do you agree to receive your pleasure and your reward, and do you accept the risk of being punished if you fail to obey in every way?”

I looked at Patty and she was silently nodding her head up and down as she smiled. Taking the cue from my Angel, I nodded my head and answered “Yes.”

“Now be sure,” Angie warned again, “you must do exactly as she and I say or you’ll be immediately punished the same way I punish other men that misbehave. There will be no second casino firmaları chances and no warnings. Do you agree?”

“Yes.” I repeated my answer.

“Okay then, it’s settled.” Angie replied. “Patricia, it’s up to you to release your Sissy. If you’ll remove the locks and the chains, I think everything should be just about ready.”

Patty kissed me and reached into the silk bag to pull out one of the keys. As she knelt to unlock the padlock holding the chain to the floor, she looked up to me and said, “Sissy, when I unlock this lock, you’ll be freed from all the guilt and shame from your past. You’ll be a new Man and a new Sissy.”

Patty turned the key and removed the lock from the golden eyehook in the floor. Letting the chain hang free, she reached up to the lock that attached the top of the chain to the thick strap that circled my cock and balls. Angie reached down to pull my cock up so Patty could clearly see what she was doing, and as Angie grasped me, another bubble of precum percolated up to the top of my cock. As soon as it happened, Angie wiped it up with her finger and then to my amazement, put her finger into her own mouth.

“Umm,” Angie moaned, “He’s delicious, Patricia. I envy you having a nice penis with such a wonderful taste at your disposal. Better watch this one closely, my dear.”

“Oh, I do.” Patty said as she rose from her kneeling position. “But, I keep him pretty well satisfied. Don’t I, Sissy?”

“That you do, my Angel.” I answered.

“Sissy,” Angie said, “now that you’ve been released and your Mommy has accepted you, there’s no turning back. You’re her Sissy. When you’re in your Sissy role, you are never to disrespect her and you are never to disobey. This might be hard to do at times, but, she has a reason for everything she asks you to do. Remember that.”

Then looking at Patty, Angie said, “The Sissy is all yours, Patricia. Room 4 should be prepared and ready by now. Have him remove his panties and give them to you. We’ll take him there exposed. This will be his first lesson in who controls what he wears.”

Patty told me to slip my panties off and hand them to her. When I’d done that, she took me by the hand and together, we left Angie’s office with Angie walking a few steps behind us. Patty’s hand felt warm in mine and as we walked, I unconsciously raised her hand and kissed the back of it, telling her over and over again I loved her. I didn’t see anyone in the hallway, but it wouldn’t have mattered if we did. I felt so content at the moment, nothing would have bothered me.

I soon found myself standing in front of a door with a large number “4” on it. “Ready?” Patty asked.

“Yes.” I answered. “But, can you tell me what’s in there?” I asked.

“You’ll get your pleasure inside this room.” Patty said. “The reward will come after this, provided you don’t have to be punished, Sissy.”

Angie opened the door and held it for us as Patty and I walked in. I couldn’t believe what was waiting for me in there, and I stopped and looked at Patty in surprise. “Come on.” She said, tugging at my hand. “Stay up with me and put your eyes back in your head.”

It was a small room, but in the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling was some type of suspended swinging contraption. In that contraption, the older woman I met earlier, Rosy, was completely naked, and her legs were splayed unbelievably wide and her hairless pussy was on perfect display to me.

Patty led me right up to Rosy, and I mean right up between her legs. There was probably no more than a six inches between the tip of my cock and her suspended, naked body.

“When was the last time your cock was in a pussy, Sissy?” Angie asked.

“Uh, well….. I’m not quite sure, maybe two years ago – something like that.” I answered.

“Rosy has kindly agreed to break your dry spell,” Patty explained to me, “but you better pay attention, or you know what will happen.”

Angie stepped toward some buttons on the wall and as she did, Patty edged me up closer and closer to Rosy’s pussy. When I was only an inch or so away, Patty held my cock down, positioning it horizontal to the floor and then spoke to Angie.

“She’s a little high. Bring her down some.” Patty said to Angie. Then, to my complete amazement, Angie pushed a button and I heard a motor whine – and the swinging contraption holding Rosy’s naked body lowered, very slowly.

“Stop.” Patty said, once Rosy’s pussy was exactly even with my cock. “That’s perfect.”

When Angie walked back over to us and stood next to me, Patty told me to reach out and put my hands on Rosy’s thighs. When I did, Patty grasped my cock tightly and Angie moved behind me and put her hands on my hips.

“When we scoot you forward,” Patty said, “you push her gently out in front of you and hold her away from your cock – so the two of you aren’t touching. Understand?”

“Absolutely.” I replied.

Immediately, I felt Angie nudging my hips toward Rosy, and I inched güvenilir casino my feet forward to keep up with her. As she moved me, I pushed Rosy’s naked and suspended body out in front of me. It took a few moments to move me into the correct position, and while they adjusted me, I held Rosy’s body out away from me.

“That’s good,” Angie said, “although I’m disappointed he didn’t blow it already. Most men can’t get this right on their third or forth try. Hardly any of them get this far the first time without feeling the bite of my strap.”

“Told ya,” Patty answered, “I know my man.”

“Sissy,” Patty said, turning her attention back to me, “when I tell you, I want you to relax your pressure on Rosy’s thighs and let her body swing back toward yours. And don’t move – you stay exactly where you are and don’t move a muscle.”

“Oh!” Angie gasped. “Hold on a second. We forgot something.”

Angie let go of my hips and walked to a small table against one of the walls. She reached into the drawer, pulled something out and walked back and handed whatever it was to Patty. My curiosity was quickly satisfied when Patty produced a bottle of personal lubricant and squeezed a large amount out on my cock and then slathered it all over my hard pole.

Then, holding my slippery cock straight out again, Patty told me to relax my pressure and let Rosy slowly swing back toward me. As I relaxed my pressure on Rosy’s thighs, her shaved pussy moved right toward my hardened cock. “Slowly now, Sissy.” Patty said.

As the distance between Rosy’s pussy and my cock got smaller and smaller, Patty was moving my rod back and forth and up and down as if she was going to align my cock up with Rosy’s hairless pussy. I started to worry as the distance between us got to be almost nothing, but since she didn’t tell me to stop, I kept going.

Finally, it became clear to me that their intention couldn’t be anything other than impaling Rosy’s pussy on my cock. Then it hit me, that’s why they adjusted the height of the swing and lubricated my cock. “Holy crap!” My mind yelled out. Is Patty actually going to let me fuck this woman’s pussy right in front of her and Angie?

I needn’t have worried, and as much as I was ready to experience the feel of thrusting my rod once again into a hot, wet pussy, it wasn’t going to turn out like I thought. When Rosy’s pussy lips were barely rubbing against my cock head, Patty held my cock still and I felt Angie give my butt a slight push. As she did, Patty guided my cock in between Rosy’s labia and before I knew it, my cock head was gently cradled at the mouth of the older woman’s bald vagina.

“Okay, that’s it.” Patty said to Angie. “He’s in her.” Then looking up at me, Patty reminded me not to move one iota.

Patty pulled her hand back from my cock and told me to let Rosy’s weight go and let her move all the way onto me. “Fuck!” my mind screamed.

Slowly releasing my hold back pressure from Rosy’s thighs, I watched as her perfectly bare pussy swallowed my cock, inch by inch until her hairless mound was pushed up against my pubic hair. Both Angie and Patty bent down to inspect our genital union, feeling around and asking Rosy if she was comfortable. When they were satisfied that the fit was right, both girls nodded and Angie spoke.

“Sissy,” Angie began, “this is a technique I use with men and their mothers or their sisters. It’s used to teach respect, restraint and humility. If you move your body even a fraction of an inch, or thrust your cock up into Rosy’s body just once, you’ll get my strap. The only thing you are to do is stand there just like you are now, and enjoy the feel of this kind woman’s vagina around your cock. If you obey, I promise you will experience a new kind of pleasure you have probably never felt before. Do you understand?”

As I did before, I nodded my head and answered “Yes.”

“Good.” Angie replied. “Then we can begin.” Angie turned and nodded her head to Rosy and a moment later, I felt Rosy’s pussy grip my cock and then release. She did it again, and this time she squeezed me harder. Then, rhythmically, Rosy began squeezing my cock and releasing. Time after time she did it, and after thirty seconds or so, I moaned out uncontrollably. “Oooohhhh fuck.”

As Rosy continued to squeeze and release my cock, Angie asked Patty to spread my butt cheeks. Trying to see what the two were up to, I wrenched my head around as much as I could to see Patty bending over and then I felt her hands spread my cheeks open. Then, Angie crouched down behind me, poured a generous amount of lube on her fingers and not more than a second later, in one fluid motion, Angie slipped her finger up inside my butt without stopping.

“Ugh!” I groaned.

As Angie stood up next to me with her finger firmly stuck up my ass, Patty reached up under her skirt and whisked down her panties and stepped out of them. The next thing I new, Patty was holding her panties up to my face and Angie was massaging my prostate. “Holy Fucking Shit!” I thought. Between Rosy squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles, Angie’s finger implanted in my butt rubbing my pleasure point and Patty’s wet panties against my nose, I was in sensory overload mode.

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