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“Hey Mike, at lunch can you take a ride with me?” I say across the conference table. “My car has been making a weird sound at about 50 miles per hour.”

“Sure” he says, “but I need to stop by my house and pick up a file I left there.”

“Ok, we can stop there afterwards, I’ll be ready about 12:30, catch you here.” I say.

Lunch time comes around and I go looking for Mike. “You ready?” I say. He puts on his jacket and we walk out to my car. I get behind the wheel and crank it up. “Damn, I didn’t know it was going to be this hot today.” He says this as he takes his jacket off.

I head out down the street aiming towards the highway. “I’ve always loved your car Jackie, what year is it 70-71?”

“No, it’s a 72, and thanks, it’s my dream car.” I say as I glance at him. Damn, always did want Mike to ride in my car, just wish it wasn’t giving me grief right now. We get up onto I-10 and I pick up speed. “This is where it starts sounding funny” I say as I strain to hear over the wind whipping through my hair. “Should have put the top up so we could hear the sound better.”

“I can hear it baby, let’s go over to my house, we’ll pick up my file and I’ll look under the hood.” Sounds like a plan to me I’m thinking.

We take the next exit, he lives closer to work than I thought he did. “Turn right here baby” he says and points. He has definitely got to stop calling me baby cause his voice is getting to me. We turn down a street and he says “turn here between these trees.” Damn this is a very hidden house. No sooner did I think that then he drawls ” I like my privacy casino oyna Jackie.” I can see that my car is blocked from view from all sides other than the front door of the house. “Yes, baby I can see that” I laugh.

I pull my car up to the garage. He steps out, and I glance his way, catching a glimpse of his tight ass in his suit. Wow what an ass. Shit, better get out and stop drooling. “Keep it running babe” he says as he’s walking to the front. I step out and around to the front of the car, I release the locks and lift the hood up. “I see what the problem is, give me a minute and I can fix it” he says this as he’s unbuttoning his white shirt. “Don’t need any grease on this” he says as he pulls the tail out of his slacks. Wow, my mouth almost fell open looking at the sight. My nipples are hard and my cunt is wet and he……oh shit quit looking.

“I need to get a tool out of the garage baby, be right back” he says. Oh yes, come right back I’m thinking cause I need to see you bend over. Never knew Mike could look that good, he’s always wearing a suit jacket. He comes back out with some tools. “Do you need some help Mike?” I say breathlessly. “I could hold your tools.” He looks at me and glances down, I know he can see my erect nipples. “Let me fix this and I’ll see what other tools need holding” he says this with a big grin on his face.

I watch as he bends over and adjusts something under the hood. I can see his taut ass just teasing me. I reach over and place my hand on it. Oh my god, what did I do. He glances up eyes twinkling “your cars better baby, but I have a tool that needs canlı casino working with.” After saying this he puts down his tools, closes the hood and goes around the car to turn the key off. He turns back around to face me and I can see the bulge in his slacks just waiting for me to touch.

I walk over to him, glance around and say “You know, tools always did need to be used in my back seat” smiling as I said it. He reaches out to me, slips his right hand down into my slacks rubbing my clit. “Damn baby that needs licking” he says as his left hand starts undoing my blouse. I reach out to his slacks, unhook them and watch them drop straight to the ground. His cock barely stays in his underwear. I pull on them and watch as they follow his slacks to the ground. He steps out of them, removing his loafers as he goes.

“Baby, you have too many clothes on” he drawls as he moves the front seat out of the way and steps into the rear. He lays back on the seat, his hard cock straining to the heavens. I can’t stand it, I take off the rest of my clothes and join him in the back seat. “Baby I need to suck on that pussy” he begs. “Yea, and I need to suck on that cock” I laugh. “Let’s do each other and then go from there.”

I turn so we’re doing 69. Damn how I enjoy that. He opens my cunt and I feel his nose burying in, oh damn I’m wet and ready. I can feel him sucking and licking as I bend down to take him into my mouth. Wow, I can’t get enough of him, I lick him down one side of his cock to his balls taking one into my mouth, I let go only to do the same on the other side, all the while my cunt kaçak casino is getting a real good licking.

“Oh baby suck it, suck it” he says. I lick the tip, teasing then drive down my mouth, completely engulfing him. My hips are grinding into his mouth. “God baby, yes, yes” I moan, nearly fainting with need. I can feel him throbbing, no dammit not yet. “Mike” I scream as I release my juices into his sucking mouth. “Oh baby, yes” he moans, “I need you now, turn around.” I turn around, barely able to move, my cunt is pouring juices and wanting more. He holds me up by the hips and I impale myself on his shaft. “OH GOD BABY” I scream. “Fuck me, Fuck me.” I raise up, impale myself again while he lifts his hips driving ever deeper. He pulls me down and lifts up, over and over again.

“Oh baby, here it comes” he groans. I grind my hips farther down knowing my release is only a second away. “Yes Mike, yes fuck me” I scream. I feel his juices pumping into me as I cum down my legs. “Ugh…………..Yes” he screams, as he pumps one last time into me and then lays back onto the seat. I drop down onto his chest and we both take deep breathes.

“Thanks for fixing my car Mike” I smile and say. “Thanks for holding my tool Jackie” he grins back up at me. I get up and step out of the car, he follows and we both put our clothes back on. We start to get back into the car and go back to work when I notice a flat package on the hood of the car.

I step to it, it’s a UPS package to Mike with a small sticky note attached. The note said “Thanks for the show, I’ll never be able to accept your mail at my house again without thinking of you two” your very thankful neighbor Randy. I show the note to Mike and we both break out laughing. Best lunch break I ever had. We never did get that file.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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