Bad Night

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That’s odd, she thought as she heard the door open. There was only one person who would just let himself in, and he almost always gave her fair warning, if only to make sure she was alone. He had a key, not because they were exclusive, but because she allowed him to use her shower, his apartment being too far from his job for convenience, and they had had an easy on again off again friends with benefits relationship.

They both saw, read had sex, with other people, but seemed to always come back to each other. It was comfortable yet still exciting. They each knew just the right places to touch, hands and mouths. In a strange kind of way they were connected, but not tied. Her friends knew him as Mr. Wednesday because that was when he would usually show up, so she usually kept her Wednesday nights open for him. He hadn’t called or come over in weeks.

She put her book aside, thinking to change out of her flannel jammies, but went out to meet him in them, curious what prompted this unannounced visit on a Monday. She could tell the minute casino şirketleri he had had a bad night. He was a paramedic, trained during his days as a Navy corpsman, three tours of duty in Afghanistan was all she really knew. He didn’t talk about the details, just told her because she noticed a tattoo on his chest.

She started to ask, he just shook his head as he put his bag down. His face pale under his tanned face, eyes dark with some emotion she couldn’t read, his mouth tight. He took her hand in his and led her to the couch pulling her onto his lap as he sat. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck breathing in her clean scent. He held her there for what seemed a long time, her hand stroking his short hair, her head leaned back.

Without warning she felt the change in him. His erection started to grow, pressing into her ass. His hands moved over her, one of them cupping her breast as his mouth began to ravish her neck. The situation went in the space of a heart beat from simply comforting to overwhelming need. casino firmaları His hands started to work the buttons of her top, wanting to get at the soft skin underneath.

Get them off if you want to keep them in one piece, he told her. She stood between his legs and whipped the top off, shimmied out of the bottoms and kicked them away. She stood there wearing just her thong. He pulled her by the hips into his face, his mouth open, his tongue working through her scrap of silk, unerringly hitting her clit.

She held onto his shoulders for dear life as the first wave hit her. Oh, how she loved his hands and mouth on her, any way he wanted it. He yanked the thong off, she heard the rip, she lost more underwear this way, but could not care right now. The heat of his mouth on her bare pussy sent her into a screaming orgasm, and she would have fallen down if he had not had such a solid grip on her as his tongue worked her clit, his fingers dipping into her wetness.

He picked her up and turned them both around until she was on the güvenilir casino couch, and he was standing, straddling her legs. She reached for his belt, undoing his pants with nimble fingers. Within seconds he stood there, pants and boxers around his knees. She took him in her mouth, her eyes still shining with the rock my world orgasm he had just given her. He stood there for a while, letting her work her magic mouth on his tool.

She was into it, loving the feel of him in her mouth, her hand cupping his balls, her thumb working that spot where they connected. She felt him lean sideways, he was fumbling for his wallet, and the condom he always carried there. She heard the foil rip, and his hard thrust into her mouth told her she was about to get Fucked.

She leaned back as he sheathed his cock in the latex. He pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, positioning his cock at the opening of her pussy. He pulled her leg up over his shoulder, holding her right where he wanted her he thrust once, held as she gasped. He waited for a second for her to get used to him, then began to pump in a steady rocking rythm

He wanted it to last longer, this was exactly what he needed. Bad night, good fuck was the last thought he had when he felt her orgasm start, and let his go to join her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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