Bait and Switch Retype – Ch 25-26

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Ch 25

Flying away from Leslie’s dorm, I turn to be confronted my six pairs of eyes.

“Do I have something on my face?” I ask, suddenly self conscious.

“Not yet,” my girlfriend states, and for the first time I notice that they’re all naked. I don’t mean light-suite naked, I mean birthday suite naked, and there is a hungry gleam in their eyes, even in the angel’s oversized orbs.

A hero’s work is never done, I think wryly, smiling as I strip out of my suite.

“The kids will be alright for a bit?” I ask, concerned for the little fellas.

“I think there are more than enough of us around to manage them, if it comes down to it,” Summer informs me, before grabbing my face and pulling me in for a kiss. Her tongue wastes no time before darting between my teeth, as I wrap one arm around her slender waist.

“The true question is: Is there enough of you to manage all of us?” Shanna asks right next to me, and I feel her hand grip my already hard cock, stroking it into a very delightful mouth. Without breaking the kiss, I look down to see Harana sucking on my pole.

‘My sister said that you will like this,’ Harana’s words appear to me, and I moan to let her know I do.

‘I had you a few hours ago,’ which could only have come from Gina. Summer gasps into our kiss, and I guess that Gina is taking care of her, ‘I can wait.’

Which leaves out Lela. I feel slender hands slip around my waist, and fondle my balls, and the hands feel as though they’re short one finger.

Harana’s two tongues feel fantastic, and if I hadn’t already blown my load three times into Gina a bit ago, I likely would have been in sensory overload right now.

Breaking off the kiss with my sister, I turn around within the circle of women, and lift Lela up. I bring her down slowly, and moan loudly as that first barrier is breached by my tool, and her fluids start my cock to tingling. Leaning my head down, I aim for her pink nipple, wanting to taste the milk my kids have been getting for the last while, only to be stopped by her.

‘That is for the kids,’ her words admonish me.

“You can make more,” I growl, and latch onto her nipple. Sweet milk flows into my mouth, and I swear my cock suddenly grows twice as hard. The life sustaining liquid is warm, and slips delightfully down my gullet. It has a slightly nutty taste, but is also sweet, and I can feel my stomach warm with it.

My legs are spread wide to support both our weight, though Lela’s is minimal, and I feel a pair of alien tongues start to swivel around my scrotum.

The angel I’m fucking grips the back of my head, as she starts to sing out her climax in two tones. Her inner vaginal muscles ripple along my length, and I know Harana is licking up her sister’s juices as they flow off my balls.

Lifting the ship’s owner from me, I set her carefully on the ground, and turn to see Gina and Summer locked in a sixty-nine, while Shanna has her face buried in Harana’s bald cunt. My girlfriend’s rump is up, and I decide it looks like a good place to go next.

Squatting behind the dyed-redhead, I slip into her with ease. She turns to smile at me, and I can see Harana’s fluids reflecting the slight light off her cheeks. Harana crawls over to her sister, and she resumes drinking from her sister’s pussy.

Shanna pulls off me, then shoves me back, so that she can be on top, and within three strokes, I’m firmly seated within her womb.

“Mmm, I love how well you fill me,” she purrs. I’m about to tell her I love her, but she presses her lips to mine, and my mouth tingles as I taste Harana’s juices on my girlfriends tongue. Moaning, I drive myself up into her, forcing her to break to kiss, so that she can cry out in pleasure. I feel her teeth lightly on my shoulder, as I pound her from beneath as hard and as fast as I can. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, fuck fuck, YES!” she screams into the room, and her vagina clamps down hard on me, trying to get me to cum, but somehow I hold back. I know I could just use the light again to recover, but I want to see how long I can last.

Shanna’s orgasm continues as I slip in and out of her sopping slit, and suddenly I’m smothered by a tasty pussy. By the taste and my immediately expanding awareness, I know it’s my older sister’s, and I lap up her juices, while Shanna finally comes down off her climax.

“No, more,” I hear my girlfriend moan, as she moves off me. My cock isn’t free for long, before Summer leaves a slimy trail down my chest, and I feel a set of hands positioning me for her hole.

A grunt/moan later, Summer is trying to get me fully seated in her, but she’s not built like Shanna or her twin. Leaning up, I pull my sister’s chest to my lips, and latch onto her left, switch-sensitized nipple, and she cums immediately. I can see Gina’s head behind my sister, and realize she must be licking Summer’s anus.

Then I feel Gina’s knuckles, and Summer gasps, as the blonde starts fingering my sister’s colon. A hand shoves me down hard, and Summer looks at me with a wild hunger in her eyes. Her hips thrust with a renewed intensity, but she never breaks her lust filled gaze with me.

‘Cum for me, little brother,’ I see her words superimposed across my vision. ‘I need to feel you shooting deep inside me. Cum and make me cum while one of your girlfriend’s fingers my ass.’ Her fingernails start to dig into my chest, while her cunny demand’s my seed, but I’m still worried about getting her pregnant. “I’m on the pill, now,” she says aloud, then, ‘Cum in my tight hole now! I’m cumming!’

This time, as her inner muscles grip and pull my rod, and my sister shakes and shudders above me, I loose my ejaculate deep into her womb. I’ve held off my own pleasure for so long, that when it finally hits, it’s like a mountain diving into an ocean of utter bliss. Wave after wave of ecstatic ecstasy flows from my head, down to my abdomen, and pure flame, jets from my loins into my perverted sister.

I don’t know how long I lay there, shooting, or even how much I leave in her, but as I reopen my eyes, I notice the yellow light is already on me, and my still hard member is firmly seated within Harana. When did that happen? The angel’s back is to me, but her hips are rocking back and forth, while Gina stands in front of her, hands on the back of Harana’s head. From the look of bliss on Gina’s face, Harana really knows how to use her two tongues. Glancing around, I see Summer off to the side, scooping my cum from within her, and sucking her fingers clean. Shanna and Lela are making out, rubbing their bodies against each other.

Harana’s alien canal grips my prick hard, and I moan as her tingling juices sluice out of her. Leaning up, I slip my hands under her arms, and lean back. I grip a breast in each hand, and move my hips against her, truly enjoying the sensations her juices make as the trickle down my member.

I see Gina glaring at me for taking away her source of pleasure, and just to be contrary, I stick my tongue out at her. Her glare deepens, and then turns to a smile.

I watch warily, still fucking the moaning alien, as Gina walks over to Summer, then Shanna and Lela. A moment later, Lela gets up, and walks over to the other women. All five of them start rubbing against each other, slipping fingers into holes, tongues into other locations, and basically becoming one mass of moaning female bodies.

Gina is on her hands and knees, sucking out what little is left of my sperm from Summer. She takes just a long enough break to turn to me, and stick out her tongue, before turning back to her moaning meal.

Laughing at a well played ploy, I notice her give a nice little shake to her behind, and know the invitation is there. I’ve already enjoyed her pussy numerous times today, and I’m not going to pass up a shot at her tight ass.

My penis is still tingling from Harana’s slick fluids, and I poke my head into her puckered anus. She grunts for a second, and then shoves back hard, taking my whole length into her colon. I can only imagine what Harana’s juices are doing for her.

Thus goes the night, for quite a few hours. At some point, I think it was Shanna, the gravity in our room is turned off, adding a whole new level to our enjoyment.

* * *

The sun is just rising, as Lela’s ship hovers on the edge of the atmosphere. I avail myself of the interesting, alien cleansing utilities. I step into a tube, and just like in some of the Jetson’s episodes, I suddenly find myself clean and feeling slightly refreshed.

“Oh, poo,” Shanna pouts. “What fun is that, if you can’t fool around in there?”

We both look at my limp and lifeless member, and burst out laughing. I’m going to need a week to recover from last night, much less the rest of yesterday!

While Shanna gets clean, I go in to spend some time with my kids. I realize how busy I’ve been, and regret the time I could have been learning about this new species. I’ve been so busy though, and I know nothing of being a father.

“They are strong,” Lela’s voice says behind me, and I turn to look at her. It’s rare when she chooses to speak my language.

“They’ll live?” I ask, suddenly not sure I want to hear the answer.

She looks to them for awhile, and I know she is formulating her response. “Whatever you did for them, made them very strong.” The way she says that seems odd, and I look to the six forms again. Have they already grown? I sense for their life, and just as had happened on the day they’d been born, I can sense it strong and vibrant. Their ‘life’ switch is full on, and I almost get the impression that it’s straining to move even more, but how can you be more alive, than. . . well, alive?

“Do they have any names, yet?” I ask, wondering why it never occurred to me to ask before.

‘We don’t give names to our young, until they mature,’ Lela tells me, this time using the nanites. I only nod, as though that makes perfect sense.

Shanna walks in, and sees me over the kids, and a soft smile spreads across her face. I think now is a good time to tell her how I feel, but an odd sound plays out, and it takes me a second to recognize the melody from the original Zelda game.

Shanna pulls out her cell, and answers it. “We have cell phone coverage up here?” I ask.

‘Leslie,’ is the only response I get, and it kind of makes sense. Somehow the genius has tied this vessel into Earth’s cellular network.

My girlfriend hangs up, and looks sheepishly at us.

“That was Shannon. She was wondering what I’ve been up to the last few days. Oh, and she was glad to hear that you were okay, Nick.” She looks at her feet, and I suspect what she is hesitant about.

“You want to go see her.” I state rather than question.

“What? No, there is too much to do up here,” she tells me, but I see through it.

“Well, I for one, think it’d be a good idea for us all to see our families before the demons arrive.” The look Shanna gives me could have melted the Antarctic with its loving warmth. She doesn’t want to be the one to abandon the work up here.

Summer and I are the last to be dropped off, and we’re surprised to see our father’s car in the driveway. We give each other a significant look, before I send out my awareness and find our father’s switches.

“Why do you think he’s here?” Summer asks me.

“To get his ass kicked again,” I reply a bit more confidently than I feel. I’m not worried about being able to handle my old man, but mom isn’t aware of what I’d done to him, and I don’t want that coming out.

Summer walks right in without knocking, and I follow on her heels, expecting to hear shouting, or fighting.

Instead, we find our parents sitting at the kitchen table, chatting amiably.

Dad sees us first, and I watch as his face drains of color. This doesn’t go unnoticed by our mother, and when she turns to face us, I gasp.

She looks twenty years younger, casino şirketleri and while she’d never been anything approaching a slouch, she could almost give Summer a run for her money. For that matter, mom now looks more like my older sister, almost a twin to Summer, than she does a mother.

“Nick, Summer,” she says excitedly as she spots us, “I wasn’t expecting you here! Nick, shouldn’t you be in school?”

She’s talking fast, and her cheeks are slightly flushed. I also notice that she’s studiously not looking at dad.

“I had a day off,” I lie easily, still trying to figure out what is going on.

“And why aren’t you at work, Summer?” Mom asks, almost stepping on the end of my sentence.

“Gee, mom,” Summer says solicitously, “if I didn’t know better, I’d almost think you didn’t want us here.”

Mom’s eyes grow large, and her mouth moves soundlessly for a moment. Oddly, it’s dad that comes to her rescue.

“Is that how you talk to your mother, young lady?” His mouth is set hard, as if he’s angry, but it’s spoiled by the look of fear in his eyes.

“The real question, dad,” I pipe up, “is why are you here?”

The older man flinches at me words and takes a step back, then hardens his shoulders and glares at me. “Perhaps I should mention our last meeting?” I can see he thinks he struck a point, but when I smile back, his look of triumph turns to one of uncertainty.

“You mean when we found you with your secretary and told you to never come back?” Summer replies, and this time it’s mom that gets angry.

“Now listen,” she starts toward us, “he came and apologized for his behavior. I’ve decided to give him another chance.”

“Oh, he did, did he?” I ask, raising my eyebrow, and looking back to the man in question. I remember the switch I’d made in Harley Quinn to make him/her tell only the truth. I take a step towards my dad, using that movement to allow my hand to brush against the backside of my sister’s hand, and simultaneously make the ‘honesty’ switch in my old man. “I’d like to hear him say it too all of us. I love you mom, but you’re not the only one he hurt.”

I remember all the days of living in fear under his roof, and doing what I could to stay out of his way. If he can truly say he’s sorry, then maybe I’ll be willing to listen.

Summer easily noticed what I’d done, and I see her smile maliciously. She has more reason to despise him, than I do. My father never molested me.

We both watch as he swallows a lump in his throat, then steps forward, and places his hand possessively on mom’s shoulder, before she can say anything else.

“I realize I’ve made mistakes,” he starts out, and with his ‘honesty’ switch flipped, I know he can’t lie, “and I came back here to see if I couldn’t swindle some of my money back.” He stops in horror, as the words he’d just spoken sink in. Mom turns to look daggers at him, and he takes a step back. “No, wait! That’s not what I meant to say. I wanted to get back on your good side. You meant something to me once, and. . .” He chokes for a moment before he’s able to continue, “And you look so good now, I figured I’d see if I could knock off a chunk of that, before I go back to my girlfriend.” With comic horror, he covers his mouth with both hands, as his eyes flit between each of us.

It’s not until I’m standing next to a very angry mom, that I realize that Summer and I have began advancing on our stumbling father.

His eyes lock on mine, and I see a bit of determination try to creep out. Pointing a finger at his two kids, he shouts, “She’s been trying to sleep with Nick for years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already been fucking!”

“They have been,” mom’s voice comes out as barely a whisper, but by the way dad’s jaw drops, he clearly hears her. “And what’s more, so have I.” As mom speaks, her voice grows firmer, and rises slightly in volume, until she is nearly yelling by the end. “And the best part is, your son is a better lover, and your daughter is tenderer than you ever were!”

The smile splitting my lips grows bigger in proportion to father’s incredulity.

“Did I ever tell you, mom, about when dad would slip into my room when I was a teenager, and do all sorts of things to me?” Summer says, and I see the anger in mom double.

“Is that true?” she asks him. She’s no longer yelling, but somehow her voice sounds infinitely more dangerous.

“Yes, of course it is! How could I pass up such a fine young piece of ass?” Again he covers his mouth in terror, realizing he’d just told the truth again.

“You’ll be hearing from my lawyers,” mom says, and this time she sounds almost sad.

Dad makes a run for the door, but I stiff arm him, and suddenly he is on his back. I squat down to look hard at him.

“Remember what I said I’d do if you ever came back?” He nods, and I grin maliciously at him. “I decided to make it worse.” Reaching out, I grab Summer’s hand, and make two more switches in him. The first one will make him horny as hell, and even with my sister’s help, it takes a bit of effort to move it. Once it locks into place, though, I know it will never lessen.

The second switch makes him impotent, and it moves with too much ease. Within an hour he’s going to have a terrible case of the blue-balls. A case that will never end.

“Go,” I tell the frightened shell of the man I once feared, and he flees the house with a speed I never thought he was capable of.

As we hear his tires screeching to get out of the driveway, mom turns to us, pulling us into a hug, and breaks down crying.

“I’m so sorry, Summer. I never knew. Can you ever forgive me?” She pleads with her daughter.

My sister’s arm goes around her back, and pulls her tighter into the group hug. “There is nothing to forgive, mom. He was the criminal, not you.”

“He had me so fooled,” mom continues. “He showed up a couple days ago. I see now that he did it while he thought you’d both be gone.” Her body continues to shudder, as she cries. “He was so smooth, and I thought he was sincere. I’d let my hope blind me to what he really wanted.”

Summer and I try to console her, but we’re both lost for the right words to use.

‘Use her ‘happy’ switch,’ Summer mentally tells me.

‘But—,’ I try to reply, but she cuts me off.

‘Can’t you see how much pain she’s in?’

Sighing, I buckle. Since I’m already in contact with Summer, moving the switch slightly is easy. Truth be told, when in contact with my sister, I’m so powerful, that it’s almost harder not to move it too much.

Mom draws in a deep breath and pulls away, wiping at her tears. I haven’t taken her grief away, but I’ve made it manageable.

“I don’t understand why he became so honest at the end?” Uh-oh. “It’s obvious he didn’t want to be.”

‘Tell her, or I will,’ Summer sends, and backs it up with a serious look.

So much for her being willing to back me up, instead of badgering me.

“Sit down, mom,” I tell the young looking mature woman. When she’s seated back at the table, I walk up to her, and take one of her hands. She looks up to me, a curious mix of apprehension and trust on her face. I take a deep breath, and start explaining what I can do. At first mom is incredulous, but when I start to point things out to her, like how she recovered from dad’s last betrayal, or why dad acted as he had before tearing out of here, she comes around.

“And you magnify his. . . his switches?” she asks Summer. My sister nods, and mom just shakes her head, before a devious gleam enters her eyes. “He’s going to regret ever messing with this family. The only good thing that ever came from him is you two.” I can’t help but feel warm at the statement, but her other comment about making him pay, has me a bit worried.

“He’s already suffering,” I tell her, and then explain what I’d done. Looking at it now that I’ve calmed down, I worry that I may have gone too far, but the look of happiness on mom’s face washes that away. Maybe I did go overboard on him, but then again, he deserves what he gets for all the pain he’s caused over the years.

“Well,” mom says, standing up, and giving her kids a hug, “I have my two wonderful children here out of the blue, and the future is really looking up.” She pulls back, and there is an angelic smile on her beautiful face. Summer and she truly could pass for twins, when she smiles that way. “I think we should celebrate.”

Summer leans forward, and whispers something in mom’s ear, and our mother’s smile turns hungry.

‘What did you tell her?’ I send to my sister.

‘I told her some of the things you did for me with your switches,’ her reply appears to me, and she gives me the same hungry smile.

Before mom can even ask, I make the switches to increase her sexual sensitivity, making sure I’m not touching my sister, and mom gives a low throaty moan as she feels her nipples harden, her pussy grow wetter, and her clit become more sensitized. I wonder what she’ll think when something touches her anus.

“You two have been very naughty,” mom tells us, squirming in her seat, “for keeping such a secret from me. You’re grounded. Now go to my room!”

We all laugh as we rush up the stairs, and turn right to enter her room.

“Wait,” mom says, as she spies herself in a mirror on her wall, “do I owe my current looks to you too?”

I nod sheepishly. “I wanted you to be happy,” I tell her.

“Oh, son!” She gushes as she rushes over to me. She grips me in a tight hug, and I know the tears that start to soak my shoulder are ones of joy. “You’ll never know how happy you’ve made me. Thank you!”

“I love you, mom,” I tell her as I hug her back.

“I think you deserve a reward,” she tells me, as she steps back, and wipes some more tears from her eyes. Without further preamble, she starts stripping, and so does Summer.

Grinning I do the same, and join the two lovely ladies on the bed.

‘You’d better make me stay young forever,’ Summer sends to me, at the same time mom pulls me in for a kiss that is equal parts passion and love.

I don’t even hesitate anymore. While Summer’s body slips down mine, and she takes my thick rod in her mouth, I make the switches in her, and reinforce the one’s making mom youthful.

Summer moans around my cock, as she can sense what I’m doing while we’re in contact. I slip my left hand down to mom’s snatch, and easily slip two fingers into her. Rubbing the front wall of her vagina, I soon have her juices gushing forth as she cries out in ecstasy.

Summer relinquishes my member from her warm sucking lips, and mom rolls me onto my back. I can feel my sister’s hands aiming me for mom’s holy hole, and then I’m moaning as her fiery walls grip me. My sister crawls up the bed, and plants her sopping coochy on my face, facing mom, and like a parched man, I drink her sweet nectar from the source.

Fully sunk into my parent’s hole, I can feel Summer playing with her clit, making mom’s moans reach a new crescendo as she clamps her pussy down tight, and I feel a new gush of fluids soak my crotch.

“Oh, son! You always feel so good in there,” she croons. “Thank you so much for everything you do. I don’t know another mother in the world that is lucky enough to have two such wonderful and caring kids. Oh, damn, I think you’re going to make your old woman cum again.”

Summer cums on my lips, and by the way mom’s cries of passion are muffled, I’m guessing that the two are kissing.

Mom plops onto her side on the large bed, and my sibling follows, never breaking the kiss. Summer stays on top of mom, and she wriggles her ass at me. She breaks off the kiss and kisses her way down to mom’s newly firmed breasts, while I get on my knees behind her.

I slip all the way until I hit bottom, and she grunts into mom’s nipples. She reaches down to where my sodden cock is connecting us, and moans in frustration. “When am I ever going to get all of you casino firmaları in me? Shanna and mom can, why can’t I?”

Feeling bad for her, I say, “You will today,” and start hammering into her cunt, making her grunt every time I strike her deepest parts. When she hits her third orgasm, I quickly make a switch to loosen her womb a little, and she cries out loudly, as I feel that strangling little ring slip around my cock’s head, and my balls slap her clit.

“Holy fucking GOD, that’s deep!” she cries, and then can’t get anything else out as a fourth and fifth orgasm crashes through and around her. I don’t let up, and love how that tiny ring feels as it slips back and forth around the sensitive rim of my member.

I know I’m getting close, but don’t want to cum just yet, and pull out. I let myself recover for a few seconds, while my sister’s pussy dribbles her juices down onto mom’s trimmed vagina. It almost looks lonely, lying there, and I decide that mom needs some more attention. I slip in to the hilt, as I pull mom’s legs up to my hips, forcing my sister a little more forward. The two women start kissing again, and I slip two fingers into Summer’s pussy to get them wet, then slip them into her ass.

“Mmm, do I get to feel my brother’s thick cock in my ass?” She purrs as she turns to look at me. There is so much wanton lust in her gaze that I almost drop my seed into mom’s velvety folds right there, but somehow I hold on. She starts to push back against my fingers, and I easily slip three, then a fourth into her. It’s tight, but I wonder if I can get my whole hand inside her sweet ass. . .

My older sibling yelps in surprise when I get my thumb in, and she turns to look at me wide eyed. Mom cums around my penetrating tool, as Summer nearly screams, “Yes, shove your whole hand into my ass, Nick! Oh, fuck, I can’t believe I have my brother’s fist back there, while my young mother’s sucking on my tits.” She grunts as her anus slips around my knuckles, and my entire hand is buried in her ass. “Holy. . . I’m . . . Ungh. . . CUMMING[/b!]”

This is finally too much, and I fire gob, after fiery gobbet into my lovely mother’s devouring womb. Mom’s moans join Summers, as we all explode in one large ball of orgasmic bliss.

We spend the next couple days setting up a great divorce lawyer, and making sure mom is taken care of in every way, before heading back to the ship.

Summer points out something I hadn’t considered. My dad’s career as a lawyer is finished. What good is a lawyer that can’t lie? It takes me quite some time before I can quit laughing.

Ch 26

The ship seam oddly quite, with only Summer, me, the two angels and the kids onboard. The others haven’t yet returned, and I don’t begrudge them the time with their families.

Summer gets right to work, trying to come up with various strategies with the two alien sisters, while I spend most of my time practicing my switches in the blue featureless room. I’m trying to come up with some way to defeat the demons, that won’t also kill me or Summer in the process.

After hours of making various switches in a number of objects that Lela supplies for me, and still unable to come up with any sort of attack that’ll surely work; I lie on the floor, sweating and depressed.

“You’re giving up.” The statement, coming out of the blue, and delivered in a very matter-of-fact tone, with only a slight Asian accent, startles me.

“I didn’t know you were back on board,” I say, trying to calm my heart rate.

“I just arrived.” I wait for her to say more, but she doesn’t, and I turn to look at her. Sure enough, she’s still there, and surprisingly she’s not turning away from my nearly nude body.

“I’m not giving up, just taking a breather,” I tell her, suddenly feeling self-conscious with her open scrutiny.

“I don’t understand you,” Leslie states after an uncomfortable pause. Speechless, I can only raise my eyebrow at her statement. Here is inarguably the smartest human being alive, and she can’t understand me? “You have a supreme power. You can do almost anything you want. You have women fawning over. You’re not shy about using your ability, but you’re afraid to use it in ways that could benefit all mankind.”

Stunned, I just look at her. Sitting up, I try to formulate an answer but all I come up with is the very witty and articulate, “Huh?”

She gives me a look that says ‘You’re an idiot,’ but I ignore it. Finally, when I don’t say anything else, she sighs exasperated, and says, “You’re obviously no fool—“ despite what her look says, “—and you could be out messing with senators, or even reach the president, and get this country back on track.” When I continue to look at her in shock, she shakes her head. Does she really expect me to manipulate people like that?

“I. . . I don’t like manipulating people,” I tell her.

“You mean to tell me that all of those women are with you, and you haven’t manipulated them?” The sarcasm nearly drips from her tone, and I feel my face flush with either anger or embarrassment. I’m not entirely sure which one.

“Well, I did manipulate Gina, but I really feel bad about that, and refuse to manipulate anyone else,” I try to defend myself.

“And your professor? Gina’s mother? The guy you turned into a woman, or even your father?” Each accusation feels like a knife digging into my gut, and I flinch as she throws those names at me. “I’ve been going over your files, while I was home.” She can do that? Her connection with the ship and the nanites are truly powerful. This woman could very easily become very dangerous. Is she can access the ships logs from home now. . .

“They were growing pains, as I learned about my ability, except for my father. He deserves what he got, and so did Harley Quinn.”

She looks at me curiously at that last name, and I can tell when she realizes I mean Derek. “But think of the good you can accomplish.”

“And take away someone’s free will? No, there are better ways,” I tell her firmly.

“You could stop wars, create peace, rebuild the economy, and even make yourself rich in the process.” I know I need to stay on her good side, she’s too dangerous to have as an enemy, but she’s really getting under my skin.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been tempted to do all of those things. There are more than a ton of good reasons to do so, but great power comes with great responsibility. Who would I become, if I let myself go down that path? Where would I draw the line? I could kill a terrorist in a heartbeat. Or get revenge on a rapist . . . again. . . But where do I stop? Murderers? Embezzlers? What about jay walkers, or somebody that just pisses me off? No, I stopped going down that road, because it’s too dangerous.

“No,” I state firmly, “I have no right to abuse my power like that.”

I expect her to glare, or grow angry or even storm off, but instead, she smiles. She just grins from ear to ear, and smiles at me. For the first time I notice how attractive she is. She’s nowhere on the level of Gina or Shanna, but when she smiles like that, her smooth skin, and almond shaped eyes seem to sparkle.

“Good,” she tells me, leaving me even more confused, until my tired brain finally catches on. Apparently I’ve been working too hard.

“You were testing me!” I accuse her, not feeling upset in the least. Her smile only gets bigger. “You want to ensure I didn’t go power crazy after the battle next week.”

“I have to be sure,” she tells me, without a hint of guilt. “I can see why the other women are with you,” she gives my groin an obvious stare before adding, “despite your other assets.”

Despite? What’s that supposed to mean? Standing up, I make no move to hide myself, and if I end up using my hips a bit more than necessary, and if my member swigs more than usual, I can’t be blamed. I’m worn out! Speaking of which. . . The yellow healing light covers me at my command, but something changes, and I see Leslie smiling.

I’m growing hard. I don’t mean just a bit harder, but rather, my cock is straining in its skin, trying to reach for the ceiling.

Cancelling the light, I look to the other woman accusingly.

She bursts out laughing, not even trying to hide her admiring stare.

“Since contact with your sister increases your ability, and since you’re not averse to copulating with your own kin, I figured I would help modify the light to help you in that regard.” The smile is still painted plainly in her eyes as she looks at me.

Looking down, I can’t believe how hard the light made me. I also feel completely rejuvenated. Looking back up to the other woman, I say, “Since this was your idea, why don’t you be the first to try it out?”

Fear enters her eyes, and she covers her crotch. “No, that monster will never fit!” She starts to back away from me, to where I know the portal to be. I command it to stay shut, as I advance towards her. I know that she can override my command, with her vast intellect, but when she reaches the wall, and it doesn’t open, she turns back to me. “You can’t be serious.” The fear is gone from her eyes, and I almost think there might be a bit of playfulness in them now. She slides along the wall, alternating glances from my face to my hard erection, and back. “You have plenty of other women to try that thing out on. Why go for me?”

I smile widely as I continue to advance. “Because this was your idea. Because you’re the one in here now.” Showing even more of my teeth, in what I hope is a hungry look, I finish, “And because you’re one helluva fine woman, and your intelligence really turns me on.”

She stops and stares as I finish talking, taking her eyes off me long enough to look down her body. Her clothing is modest, but even so, I know she’s not well endowed, and her ass is a little flat, but when she’s smiling, she really is beautiful, and she’s rather slim as well.

I use her distraction and lunge for her, but she’s quicker than she looks, and dodges away at the last moment. How did she move like that? I thought I had her.

“You’re no slouch when it comes to intelligence either,” she compliments me, “but even you should know that you can’t fit something the size of your wrist through something the size of my little finger.”

The thought of her with her little finger inside her tiny kootchy makes me even hornier, and she doesn’t miss the bit of precum that escapes my tip.

“Perhaps not, but anything can be stretched when it gets warmed up,” I throw physics back at her.

She ponders my words for a moment, and I’m able to get close enough to grab at her, but somehow she bends out of my way again. Is she some kind of martial artist? Growling, I continue with my advance, as she sidles around the room.

She remains silent for a bit, and the only sounds that can be heard are our footsteps as we move.

“Do you have the tools to warm it up, though?” She asks solicitously, and this time it’s me that stops, wondering if she’d just insulted me. Then I catch the gleam in her slim eyes, and see my chance.

“Then I propose an experiment,” I remain still, and she raises one slender eyebrow, inviting me to continue. She also stops moving away. “You allow me to try, and we’ll see whose hypothesis holds true.”

She pretends to take that under consideration, but I can already see the answer in the way her hands fiddle with the hem of her shirt. “Shall we set a time limit on that? There becomes a point when no amount of effort will give results.”

This time I consider. How long will it take to get her warmed up enough? “Shall we say, thirty minutes?” That should easily be more than enough time.

“Done!” she states, and lifts her sweater over her head. I’m right about her breast size. She’s lucky if she’s a full a-cup. After being with such busty women as Shanna and Gina, it surprises me that I’m turned on by the appearance of her slight chest. Her bra güvenilir casino hits the floor next, and I command my light-suite off. With her breasts now completely free, I can truly admire the way they sit on her chest, with no sagging. Their soft curves round out nicely with her thin frame, and are topped with the smallest nipples I’ve ever seen on an adult.

Stepping up to her, I pull her body to mine, just as her pants hit the floor. They tangle around her feet, and she has to catch herself against me. Not giving her any time to catch her balance, I bend over, and lift her into my arms, immediately latching onto one of her tiny nipples. From her gasp, you’d think I’d sensitized it with a switch, but with her, apparently I don’t have to.

The gravity in the room unexpectedly terminates, and I find us floating freely. Looking up her chest, I can see Leslie smiling dreamily back down at me. I have to wonder what’s changed since the last time I’d seen her. She’d been so calm and reserved, and conceited, but then when she is alone with me. . . Maybe that’s it. She has an image to maintain when in front of the other women. Conceited, conservative, and intelligent. I wonder which is the true her?

With gravity no longer a concern, I allow my right hand to slide down her back, through her butt-crack, and up to her slit. She’s already wet, and I play with her labia while I continue to enjoy her miniscule nipple.

I try to slip a finger into her, but she hadn’t been kidding when she’d said she was the size of her pinkie. I’m going to have to [b]seriously warm her up, if my enlarged manhood is going to make it into her.

“Ready to concede the experiment?” She asks, apparently figuring out what I’m thinking.

“After only two minutes in?” We’re in mid-room now, slowly wending our way to the ceiling, and I use the hand that’s been failing to enter her, to flip her up to my mouth. I like to think I have a skill in this area, and it’s sure to accomplish my goals. Of course, I could just use a switch to make her looser, but where’s the fun in that?

Her pussy has a sweet and tangy flavor to it, as my lips begin their work on her labia. Not even my tongue can gain entrance to her hole, but if I can get past Harana’s and Lela’s outer barrier, then I can get past Leslies.

My cock is engulfed in a warm wetness, and I moan into this Asian vagina, even though she isn’t very talented. I’m beginning to wonder how many blowjobs she’s given, when something else strikes me, and I blurt out without thinking, “You’re a virgin!”

Her mouth never leaves my rod, but I feel her nod. Holy fuck, this is going to be harder than I thought. Why is a virgin coming onto me like this?

‘Because in a week we may all be dead,’ Leslie’s words appear to me, and I realize I was broadcasting again. ‘You are apparently good at what you do, so I figured I would give you a shot.’ I nod, though that almost makes me feel like a piece of meat. ‘But I didn’t take into consideration the size of this thing. It barely fits in my mouth.’

I attack her cunny with renewed vigor. This genius isn’t dying a virgin, not because I’m going to fuck her as soon as I can cram my meat into her, but because I’m not going to lose next week!

She starts making squealing noises when I nibble on her clit, and after only a few seconds of this, she has her first orgasm. I try again to fit a finger into her, and slip my middle finger up to the second knuckle. My finger feels like it’s in a vise, but I use this leverage as I continue to play with her clitoris, and rub her inside walls.

It takes two more orgasms to get another finger into her, and on her fifth, she is no longer trying to give me head, but just moaning and enjoying the sensations I’m delivering to her body.

It’s been about twenty minutes, and there is still no way I’m getting my dill into her hole. I decide to change tactics, and pull my head from between her legs.

And hit my head on the ceiling. Damn, that hurts!

Leslie doesn’t miss this of course, and starts laughing at my misfortune. Growling, I pull her body down stopping her legs with my thighs, my cock nestled between us. This also sets us slowly spinning in the zero G’s.

I pull her back up just enough to start rubbing my cock along her slit, and slip her other nipple into my mouth. I use my free hand to hold her in place against me. I really enjoy the way her slit feels as it slips back and forth along my tool, and occasionally make pokes to see if she turned on enough.

“One minute left,” she murmurs, her voice husky and shaking. Dammit, I can’t lose! I try to enter her again, part of me wanting to just shove forward as hard as I can, but another knowing that you can’t treat a virgin that way.

“Time!” She crows triumphantly as yet another orgasm takes her. I expect her to pull away, but she surprises me, as her legs wrap around my waist, my cock poised at her too-tight entrance, and gravity returns.

My back hits the floor with an audible thump, and Leslie cries out as the force of the impact drives my sword into her sheath. I’m only in her about half-way, but it feels like the end of my penis is being squashed by a black hole. I’ve never felt anything so tight. There is a fire burning in this woman, and I think the pressure is going to destroy me, but after a couple seconds it lets up, and Leslie looks down at me, panting.

“Looks like you were right. Now fuck my tiny pussy. I understand the pain with go away shortly.” That’s Leslie for you. Even when screwing, she stays analytical.

I laugh. I can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, I use my hands on her hips to start her moving, but I laugh all the same. I think if I live to a million years, I’ll never fully understand this woman.

I continue the slow movements, waiting for her to get accustomed to having me inside her, and after a couple minutes she takes control. As soon as she does, I lift my head to her small chest, and suckle in her nipple again, feeling the sensation go straight to her cunt by the way it starts to milk me.

“I was. . . right to choose you,” she gasps at one point. “You’re determined, and strong. Ungh, you are great at what you do. Umm, ahh!” Gravity flips off again, and once more we’re floating free.

I decide to take control again, and judging by how much her pussy has loosened up, while still remaining almost unbearably tight, I pull all the way out except for my head, then drive it back into her slight form. It only takes three thrusts like this before she is having her first intercourse orgasm. I have to stop when she does, out of fear that her inner muscles will rib my rod off.

“Damn, that was good. Is it always like that with you, or are you using your ability on me?” Her tone is half breathless, half clinical.

I can’t figure her out! “I haven’t used a switch in you, I promise.”

Her eyes grow large as I tell her that. She looks down to where we’re connected, and I do too. I can see some slight blood from where we’d broken her hymen, and a fair bit of her natural lubricant. “Then how. . .?”

I know what she’s asking, and instead of answering, I kiss her. It’s our first kiss, and despite the fact that we’re already in the act of consummation, she’s hesitant. I don’t let up though, as I press my tongue against her lips, and after a second, she allows me passage, but only to the front of her teeth. I use my hips forcefully again, and when she moans, my tongue finally makes it into meet hers.

She cums again, and when she recovers, she’s fully engaged in the kiss, moaning and humping her body against mine for all it’s worth.

Her enthusiasm finally does it for me, and I begin firing my wad against the back of her womb, making us both cry out in unison.

Gravity slowly reasserts itself as we come down from our shared ecstasy.

I find that I’m still hard, but Leslie gingerly gets up, and grimaces. She notices my pointing rod, and weakly smiles.

“Looks like the light did its job. The true experiment is a success. Unfortunately you’re going to need to have someone else take care of that. I’m going to be sore for a week!” She shakes her head, slowly. “The things I do for science.”

She starts to head for her clothes, but thinking fast, I turn the yellow lot on her, and she freezes in mid step. Standing up, I wait until I’m certain she’s fully healed, and enter her from behind. She moans in pleasure, as her hand goes to the back of my head and pulls my lips down to hers.

“I’ve created a monster,” I hear her say, before we begin fucking in earnest. My hand on her clit easily notices how large it’s gotten.

* * *

“Where are Lela and Harana?” I ask my sister as I walk into the compartment the two angels are usually in.

“Lela is talking with the other ship captains, and Harana is taking care of your kids.” She pauses and looks at me for a bit, sucking in her bottom lip, and I know she wants to say something.

“Out with it, Summer. If we can’t be blunt and honest after everything we’ve done, then we’re more screwed up than I thought.”

“You never really spend any quality time with your kids.” The words are out of her in a rush, and now I understand her trepidation. I have been avoiding them. It’s not like I’ve left the room when they’re there, but I haven’t gone out of my way for them either. I have spent some time with them, but she’s right about it not being quality time. They are from my flesh and blood. Sure they’re not entirely human, but doesn’t that mean they need both parents all the same.

Ha! Both parents. As if I know anything about that. My dad had never been there, so what do I have as a role model? Hank Hill, Homer Simpson? What about Clark Kent’s dad? Oh, sure I know they’re all fictional, but those are all I have. I know nothing about taking care of babies. Maybe they’ll be better off if Lela takes care of them.

“No, Nick,” Summer says forcefully. Damn my broadcasting mind! I’ll bet the Green Lantern never has these problems. Well, maybe when he’s— “And don’t change the subject. Those are your kids in the other room. I’m not going to let you be a father like ours was. Now march your ass in there, and get to know them.”

To say I feel shame, would be to call the Atlantic a pond. She’s right of course (I’m making sure my thoughts are my own). Just because I had a bad example, doesn’t mean I can’t make a better one.

Harana is rocking one of the girls when I walk in. She only glances at me for a moment, then returns to her task. I remember how Lela had told me that her race doesn’t care for their kids the way humans do, and I can see that in the clinical way that Harana manages them. I think the only reason Lela takes such care with them, is because we made them together, rather than them being made on her.

“Can I have a moment with them?” I ask, and Harana lays the girl down on the soft blankets. She leaves the room, and I just stare down at the six half-human babies. I don’t know what to say. Can they even understand me? Of course not! Their too young.

I pick up one of the boys, this one with hands like his mother’s, but skin tone more like mine. He is small enough to fit comfortably in both of my hands. He opens his too large eyes, and looks at me intently for a few moment, then reaches his tiny hand out to me, and smiles.

My heart melts, and I feel hot tears stream down my cheeks. “I’m so sorry,” I murmur. “I should have come sooner. I should have spent more time with you. The demons are coming next week, and I don’t know what to do about them. I brought you all back to life, and for what? To witness your father’s failure?” I shake my head, and the tiny boy looks at me confused. “And here I am, talking to a baby not even a month old as if you can understand.”

The baby boy reaches out his hand again, and this time grips my thumb.

‘You will do fine, father.’

The words don’t appear like when the nanites are used, but seem to enter my mind with a chorus of voices, all speaking in unison.

Shocked, I look at my other five children. They’re all looking back to me, a serious look on their faces.

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