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My girlfriend Barbette is a very beautiful, very hot and sexy business woman,. She has long legs, large breasts and blonde hair she wear cut short. As a business woman she always wears stylish clothes and business suits.

Barbette is 12 years younger than me and is much more sexually adventurous than I am. How-ever of late that adventurous spirit seems to have waned a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great, just not as adventurous as I remember it. The last time we discussed it Barbette told me not to worry, “I’ve got my mojo back and we’re going to have some fun very soon.” This cheered me up but maybe if I had known what she meant by fun I might have been concerned, then again maybe not. I didn’t give it too much thought, things continued as they were, good sex, a bit vanilla but good.

One afternoon the phone rang and it was Barbette, “Baby could you pick me from Antoine’s when you leave the office” – Antoine is her hairdresser – “I’m the last appointment and its going to run late”. I told her that was not a problem “What time?” I asked, “About 6.30” she said and hung up.

When I finished work I drove to Antoine’s, parked and walked around to the front door. It was locked with a “Closed” sign up so I rang the bell and waited. The door was opened by Monsieur Antoine (as he liked to call himself) – now this was unusual – the boss doesn’t normally open the door of the salon. Looking at me with an arched eyebrow he said “Ms Barbette is expecting you in the salon. He led the way, his hips swaying slightly as he walked in front of me. “you’ll have to excuse me, I have another engagement, but Chantelle is looking after your girlfriend.”

As we entered the salon, Barbette was leaning back in a chair with a beautiful young girl fussing over her.

“Chantelle, make sure to look after Ms Barbette’s every need and lock up after you” instructed Monsieur Antoine and then turning to me he canlı bahis şirketleri said “Enjoy, you don’t know how lucky you are”. Wondering what he meant by that statement I heard Chantelle answered in a breathy voice “Oui Monsieur, enjoy your evening, everything will be taken care of” and for some reason there seem to be an emphasis on the word everything.

“Hi baby, come and meet Chantelle” I went over and shook hands and said hello to this beautiful girl. “Does she remind you of anybody?” asked Barbette and when I looked closer it struck me – “She’s like a younger version of you” I replied.
“What did I tell you Chantelle?” – “It is as you said Ms. Barbette – you knew he would say that” answered Chantelle. And she did look like a younger Barbette, blonde hair and long legs, the only difference was her breasts weren’t as large.

“Chantelle was just about to give me a head massage, Antoine gone off to dinner with his boyfriend and we have the salon to ourselves” Barbette explained. “Sit in the chair beside me and you can one also”. As I’ve never had a head massage so I sat down in the next chair. “Chantelle, why not do my lover first” suggested Barbette and I felt Chantelle’s long fingers begin to massage my head – God it felt good – kneading, rubbing and almost stroking my head. I lay back fully relaxed and as the massage continued I could feel my cock getting hard in my trousers.

“Oh look Chantelle, you’re giving my boyfriend a hard-on” I heard Barbette remarked, “We’ll have to do something about that”. I opened my eyes in shock and looking up caught Chantelle smiling and licking her lips. Then I felt Barbette’s hand on my thigh, moving up outside my trousers to stroke my cock – I started to protest by but Barbette simply said “Relax, don’t be a prude, there’s just you and us two girls here”.

While saying this she unzipped my fly and took out my cock which was hot and hard. süperbahis Lying back in her chair Barbette took Chatelle’s hand and pulled her over beside her, and then pulling her head down they she started to kiss her. Watching them engage in a deep french kiss I could tell this wasn’t their first time. Barbette moved her slightly so I could see both tongues entwined, fighting with each other, swapping saliva – it was so fucking erotic – and all the time she stroked and teased my cock. Breaking off the kiss she said “Don’t dare cum lover – if you cum in my hand you’ll have to lick it clean with your tongue” and then went back to kissing Chantelle.

Eventually they stopped kissing and Barbette pushed Chantelle towards me. “Your turn lover, kiss her, you know you want to” and it was true – I did want to – this beautiful girl who looked like my girlfriend, so fresh smelling with the taste of Barbette’s lipstick on her breath and lips – I pulled her to me and we kissed deeply while Barbette continued stroking my cock and then took it in her mouth.

I jerked in my chair in surprise, remembering her warning about cumming. It took all my restraint not to shoot off in her warm wet mouth. She wasn’t playing fair, sucking on the head of my cock, toying with my balls and all with Chatelle continuing to kiss me and play tag with my tongue. I had to pull away before I sot off and she allowed me pull back.

Chantelle moved away from me and opening Barbette’s blouse began caressing and kissing her large breasts, sucking first one nipple and then the other. Barbette lay back and enjoyed the sensations, knowing that she has very sensitive nipples I began stroking her legs working my hand up towards her pussy. Moaning she opened her legs and as I caressed her I surprised to find her wearing stockings. I dropped to my knees and pushed up her skirt to find her wearing new red, see through süperbahis güvenilir mi panties that were already getting damp – that’s when I wondered had she planned this evening.

I slid her panties down her legs, pulled them off, bunched them up in my first, brought them to my nose and inhaled her scent. Oh yes my girlfriend was turned on – I started to lick from the top of her stocking to her clean fragrant, shaved, wet pussy. Knowing how Barbette likes to be pleased I ran my tongue all around the lips of her pussy gently nibbling and sucking and as she got wetter I plunged my tongue into her hot centre. After tongue fucking her for a few minutes I latched on to her clit and with a combination of nibbling and swabbing with my tongue brought her to orgasm. While I ate her out Chantelle had continue to play with her breasts. Barbette announced her orgasm with a loud cry and deep moaning.

Using her long legs Barbette pushed me away, pulled Chantelle onto her knee and nibbling her neck and earlobes she undid her blouse. As I knew Chantelle didn’t have breast as large as Barbette, they were smallish & firm and displayed in a sexy bra.

Barbette unhooked the bra and played with Chantelle’s breasts, teasing the nipples into erect points, all the time undoing her skirt. “Stand up” she commanded and as she did so Barbette pulled of her skirt leaving Chantelle displaying a fantastic plump ass also in see through panties.

“Do you like it lover?” asked Barbette, continuing to fondle Chantelle’s breasts. “Why don’t you give that ass a kiss?”
I started with little butterfly kisses on both cheeks, these became longer and suddenly I was licking her ass all over. When I went to pull her panties down Barbette called out sharply “Not yet lover”. I hesitated and stopped. “Turn around slowly Chantelle” instructed Barbette and as she did I understood, I had been set up by Barette – staring me in the face was a large, erect clean shaven cock in panties. Standing in transparent black panties, displaying her cock, stocking, garter belt and high heels was one of the most beautiful , gorgeous, shemale femboys I had ever seen.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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