Basketball Diaries Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Part II: The Save

“Well, I did it Coach,” Kevin announced proudly the next morning, poking his head into the coach’s office.

“Did what?” he asked grumpily. He slurped down the last of his cup of coffee and lit up a cigarette.

“I beat my neighbor…that girl,” he explained eagerly, trying to refresh the Coach’s memory.

“Oh, yeah, right,” Coach replied. “How’d it go?” he asked, realizing that Kevin wasn’t going anywhere until he told him his story. He poured himself another cup of black coffee from his oversized thermos.

“It was great!” he exclaimed. Then, he reflected on Joey’s final — and winning — basketball shot. “Actually,” he clarified, “we kinda tied.” He fudged the truth a little bit. “But it’s okay,” he followed up rapidly. “It turns out, she plays basketball for St. Augustine’s. She’s on their first string varsity.”

Coach looked up from his coffee cup, completely unimpressed.

“The point is,” Kevin implored, “I was fantastic!” Kevin’s hands were waving wildly. “You were right! All I needed was a little self-confidence. I made all of my shots, even from the outside, and it was like I couldn’t miss!”

“Then why did you lose?” Coach sneered.

“Well,” Kevin explained, “When she saw how good I really was, she tried to…distract me. And…since I already knew that I could beat her, I, uh, . . . we . . . uh, called it a tie.”

“Did you drive to her basket?” Coach asked, fully intending the question to be about sex, rather than basketball.

“Uh, yeah,” Kevin answered softly, but proudly.

A huge smile spread across Coach’s face. He understood completely. No longer upset at having one of his boys beaten by a girl at a sport which he coached, he stood up and offered his hand to Kevin. “Well done, son, well done,” he said, as they shook hands.

Then, Coach raised his left hand and smacked Kevin warmly on the shoulder. “But you still got beat by a girl. And I told you what would happen, if you let that happen.”

Kevin looked into Coach’s eyes. Surely this wasn’t happening, was it?

“Sorry, son,” Coach said. “You’re off the team.”

“But, wait!” Kevin implored. “That’s not fair! You weren’t there! You didn’t see how awesome this girl looks! I couldn’t keep playing basketball when she had my cock in her mouth!”

“Sorry, Kevin,” Coach said. “You knew what would happen.”

“Aww, c’mon Coach,” he begged. “Give me another chance. My dad’ll kill me!” Kevin’s mind raced desperately. “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll run laps, I’ll mow your lawn, I’ll wash your car…!”

“Okay, okay,” Coach said. He didn’t really want to kick him off the team. But his team had been playing so badly this year, that if word ever got out that one of his varsity players, even a second string player, had gotten beat by a girl, he knew his job was on the line. “I’ll think about it. But in the meantime, don’t tell anyone about what happened, okay?!”

“Okay!” Kevin agreed enthusiastically. “Not a word. Thanks, Coach!” He turned on his heel and ran out of Coach’s office before he could change his mind.

The bell rang as Kevin hurriedly made his way to his first class, running at a full clip down the long ceramic tiled halls. He was running so quickly that he nearly ran over his sister, who had just come out of the girl’s restroom, and who was also racing to her first class.

“Hey, Kev,” Kaci called out. “What’s wrong?! You look upset.”

“Sorry, Kaci,” Kevin answered, slowing down a few paces beyond her. “Coach said he might cut me.”

“What?! Why?!” she asked.

“Because of what happened last night,” Kevin explained. “Joey beat me at horse the other night, and Coach told me that if I didn’t beat her last night, then he’d kick me off the team. He doesn’t want anyone to find out that one of his players got beat by a girl.”

“Yeah, but . . .” she paused. She wasn’t sure if he knew that she had been watching he and Joey go at it last night in the backyard.

“It’s okay,” Kevin reassured her. “I know you saw us. Don’t tell Mom and Dad, okay?”

“Of course not,” Kaci replied. She was a little embarrassed at having been caught spying on her brother and their neighbor having sex out in the open, on the basketball court. “It sure looked like it was worth it, though,” she added, dreamily. She was envious of her older brother. She was also a little infatuated with him.

“Yeah, but it might have gotten me kicked off the team,” Kevin replied scornfully. He knew that his sister was curious about sex, and he wanted to steer her away from having casual encounters. It was a double-standard, he knew, but still, once word got out that a girl was “easy”, it was only a matter of time until she was scorned by her peers, or worse yet, knocked up.

“What’re you gonna do?” she asked, worried.

“I don’t know yet. Coach said he’ll let me know later on. “For now, I guess I just gotta keep my nose clean.” Kevin checked his watch. “Come on,” he said, “You’d better get to class.”

“Okay,” Kaci answered. “See you at home. By the way, don’t wait for me after bahis firmaları school. I gotta do something.”

“Okay,” Kevin replied. “Don’t be late.” The two ran off in different directions, moments before the principal came walking down the hall, checking for anyone trying to ditch class.

As the day progressed, both Kevin and his sister, Kaci, tried to figure out a way to keep the Coach from kicking Kevin off of the basketball team. By lunchtime, Kaci had an idea. She went to the computer lab and paid some geek twenty bucks for 10 minutes of computer time, interrupting his game play. Then, she surfed the ‘net until she found Joey’s e-mail address on the St. Augustine’s web site for the school’s basketball team.

Kaci sent a quick e-mail to Joey’s e-mail account, and hoped it would find her soon. She wrote:

Dear Joey:

My name is Kaci. I’m Kevin’s younger sister. We sort of met last night. Kevin’s coach is a real dick. He said he was going to kick Kevin off of the basketball team because you beat Kevin at hoops last night. Can you help?

Thanks, Kaci

Kaci wasn’t sure what Joey could do, but she knew that Joey wouldn’t want her brother to get hurt by last night.

Luckily, Joey had her e-mail forwarded to her cell phone. And even though the school didn’t allow students to carry their phones with them during school hours, she was careful to keep her miniature-sized phone on “buzz”. She sometimes wondered what it would be like to strap the phone to her clit, but it’s buzz was too infrequent and short-lasting to go to the trouble.

Joey slipped into the bathroom stall to retrieve her message. She became furious as she read the message. Not only was she upset that Kevin’s coach was going to drop him from the team, but it infuriated her that his coach thought so little of girls basketball.

“Shit!” Joey muttered. The bell rang and Joey stormed off to her next class, her mind focused on what to do next. Why did men have to be so chauvinistic?! Joey wanted to rush over to Kevin’s school and give his coach a piece of her mind, but she knew that if she got caught cutting class, or worse, if she missed practice after school, she wouldn’t get to play in the upcoming game. But she also knew that if she didn’t act quickly, Kevin’s coach would cut him from the team, just because she came on to him.

She couldn’t let that happen. Not if she could help it. She quickly scribbled a note to her friend Sandy, telling her that she had to skip the rest of the day’s classes, and asking her to cover for her at practice, if it came to that. She would try to make it back in time, though.

When the bell rang, signaling the next change of classes, Joey headed for the gym locker room, explaining to the security guard that she had forgotten a book in her gym locker. Because she was one of the school’s star players, the guards knew her, and gave her some slack.

“Bye, Joey, be good,” the security guard said, as he watched her walk away, not in the direction of the gym locker room, but instead, toward the student parking lot.

She looked over her shoulder at him, and winked. “Thanks,” she said, winking at him, “but I can’t promise anything!” She liked to tease him. He was moderately handsome, and she knew she might end up doing him some day, but for right now, she knew that the more she kept his hopes up, the greater latitude he would give her.

She rushed to her car, a red Ford Mustang, convertible. It was a gift from her father, when he had heard she made the basketball team. He had always wanted a son, but he was glad to see his daughter doing so well in sports.

She revved the engine, and pulled out of the parking lot. She waved at the school security guard at the entrance to the campus — ho also wanted to get inside her pants — and sped down the road, towards the highway, and Kevin’s school.

Luckily, there was no campus security at Kevin’s public high school. Joey drove straight onto the campus and parked in the student parking lot. She didn’t want to park in the visitor’s stalls which were located right in front of the administration building.

Killing her engine, Joey stopped to pull a purple velvet pouch out of her glove compartment, depositing it into her backpack, before stepping out of her car. She slipped around the perimeter of the track, knowing that it would probably lead her to the gym. She hoped Kevin’s coach would be in his office. It was nearing two o’clock. She had about an hour-and-a-half to find the Coach, convince him not to cut Kevin, and then leave the campus without being seen. If she were lucky, she could make it back to her own school by 3:30 p.m., when her own basketball practice began.

She entered the gym through a side door that had been left ajar, thankful that the gym was empty. She suspected that P.E. classes would be held before lunch, leaving the lower part of the campus empty until classes let out for the day.

Winding her way through the rows of the empty lockers, Joey came across the boys shower. Her mind raced at the thought of being surrounded kaçak iddaa by all of those tall, athletic, naked boys, with firm chests and tight ass cheeks. She imagined slipping into the shower room after the team had just won a big game. They would all be pumped up and celebrating. Oh, what it would be like to be ravaged by a roomful of horny teenage boys!

Joey quickly came to her senses when she heard the sound of a man, clearing his throat, off in the distance. She softly padded towards the sound, anticipating that it might be Kevin’s coach, but wanting to remain quiet, just in case it wasn’t. All she needed was to get caught in the boy’s locker room.

Finally, Joey came upon the open door of Coach Johnson’s office. She could hear him rustling papers, as he tirelessly worked his way through the stack of state forms that needed to be filled out in triplicate, in order to get the team some badly needed new equipment.

Joey took a deep breath and released it slowly, silently. Her courage bolstered, as she thought of herself as being a heroic character, the only person that could save Kevin from getting kicked off the team, she strolled into his office.

Coach Johnson took immediate notice of the beautiful young woman who had just walked into his office. She was wearing the uniform of a private girl’s school, a white collared shirt, tucked neatly into the slim waistband of a dark plaid skirt, which ended neatly just above her knees. She was wearing matching tennis shoes and long white socks. What little of her legs that remained uncovered, was completely captivating as he guessed at the rest.

“Coach Johnson?” she asked, crossing in front of his desk, so that she stood next to him, still seated in his chair, looking dumbfounded.

“Yes?” he asked, wondering what such a beautiful young creature could want with him.

“Good,” she smiled, extending her hand for him to take. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Are you expecting anyone?” she asked.

“No,” he replied, taking her hand and shaking it gently. He couldn’t help but notice how soft her skin was.

“Great,” she said, smiling mischievously. “I’m Joey, Kevin’s neighbor.”

“Oh,” Coach groaned, releasing her hand, and leaning back in his chair. He realized what this was about, the thought of one of his players getting pushed around the court racing across his mind. “How can I help you?”

“I heard that you were thinking about cutting Kevin from the team, just because I beat him at one-on-one last night.”

“Yeah, what of it?” he asked, gruffly, getting defensive, even though he found it hard to tear his eyes from her pert breasts, slender waist, and long legs.

“I feel totally bad about it,” she said, intentionally adopting the tone of a stereotypical California “valley” girl. “I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to change your mind.”

A dirty thought flashed across Coach’s dirty mind. “What could you do about it?” he asked gruffly.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said wistfully. “I can do lots of things that might surprise you.” She paused, and caught his eye, signaling that a new type of game had just begun.

“I know it must be kind of embarrassing for you to have one of your players get beaten by a girl,” she continued, “But like I said, I can do lots of things that might surprise you.” She put her left hand on his shoulder. Even though he was an older man, he still had a strong form.

“I know I surprised Kevin, last night,” she purred. “I mean, look at me,” she said, stepping backwards and holding out her arms to her side, allowing Coach a good look at her tight package. “Tell me, what do you see?”

Coach was tongue-tied. He didn’t know what game this girl was playing, but he knew it might probably end in his getting fired.

“Come on, what do you see?” she asked insistently, when he failed to answer. She turned around slowly, bringing her hands to her side, and slowly running them down over her firm ass as she faced away from him.

“I’ll tell you what most guys see,” she said, when she had completed her full circle. “They see firm breasts, a tight ass, and nice legs.” From the look on his face, she knew that she had succeeded in shocking him with her blunt approach.

“That’s all they see,” she said, walking over so that she stood close to him again. She raised her right leg and rested her foot on the near-side edge of the seat of Coach’s chair. She raised the hem of her skirt until it rested high on her upper thigh.

“But you’re an athlete,” she said, complimentarily. “When you see legs like these, you don’t think of sex, do you?” she asked, running her fingertips slowly over the soft skin on the inside of her thigh.

Coach didn’t answer. He couldn’t.

“I mean,” she continued, “You see the legs of an athlete, don’t you?” By the growing bulge in his pants, she knew what he was really thinking. She raised the hem of her skirt higher, putting the crotch of her panties subtly on display.

As soon as he was distracted, Joey maneuvered her body, so that she was standing kaçak bahis in between Coach and his desk. Her flat stomach was right in front of his face. If he looked up, he would be staring at her young, firm, breasts. If he looked down, he would be staring at her crotch, and her long legs, spread out to the side as she straddled his legs.

She held her position for a moment, and then leaned back, resting her ass on the edge of his desk. She gently raised the hem of her skirt, so that it barely covered her panties.

“But you can see how easy it would be for someone to under estimate the power in these gams, don’t you?” she asked, raising them up so that her feet were resting on either side of his thighs, supported by the seat.

“Most guys,” she said, pausing long enough for him to look up at her — and to notice that she was still holding up the hem of her skirt — so that he had a clear view of her white cotton panties up under her skirt.

“Most guys,” she repeated, breaking the spell he was under, so that he would look her in the eyes, “when they look at me, can only think about having these legs wrapped around them. They don’t see that legs like these weren’t built just for sex. They were also built for basketball.”

Upon hearing the word, “basketball”, Coach’s mind snapped back to Kevin, and the fact that he had been beaten by this leggy blonde.

“You can’t play basketball,” he quipped disdainfully.

“You don’t think so?” she asked, obviously inviting him to a challenge. She let the hem of her skirt drop. “I tell you what, why don’t we have a little contest. If I win, it proves that I can play ball as good as a guy, and Kevin stays on the team.”

“And if you lose?” Coach asked leadingly.

“Well, if I lose, it means that these legs…” she drawled, dropping her feet to the floor, and leaning over him with her hands grasping the back of his chair of either side of him, “…and these breasts….and this body…are only good for one thing, and I’ll let you prove it to me.”

There was a long silence. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” he asked deliberately.

“Yes,” she said softly, tilting her head, and giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Either way,” she whispered seductively, bringing her face to the front, so that they stared each other in the eyes. She closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him softly on the cheek. “Either way,” she repeated, giving him another kiss, that he joined in, “I win.”

Coach swallowed dryly. “When do you want to do it?”

“Right now,” she purred, “in the gym.”

Coach Johnson and Joey got up from the chair. Joey giggled at the tent pole poking out from under the lapel of Coach’s slacks. Coach joined her and laughed nervously as they made their way towards the door. Joey lead the way, walking in front of Coach. As she approached the doorway, she stopped and bent over from the waist, showing Coach her ass as she picked up her backpack from the floor of his office.

Coach groaned inwardly and instinctively reached out and slapped her on the ass. Joey squealed playfully and jumped upright again. She looked over her shoulder and gave Coach a playful smile as she bounded out of the room with Coach close behind.

When they entered the basketball gym, Joey put on her game face and dropped all pretense of sexual suggestion. She set her backpack down at the base of the basketball post, and started stretching the muscles in her arms, legs, and torso. Meanwhile, Coach fetched a stray ball from the corner of the gym. He was smiling wildly as he watched Joey limbering up, no doubt imagining what it was going to be like to have his way with her in just a few moments.

He began dribbling the ball, slowly at first, then with more vigor, as the possibility of actually getting beaten by this young filly flashed across his mind.

“Nervous?” Joey asked, taking notice of Coach’s own game face that had crept up onto his visage.

“Of course not,” he scoffed, pausing to put up a shot which clanged nosily against the backboard. “What’s the game?” he asked, as Joey retrieved the rebound.

She was glad he allowed her to pick the game. When Joey first saw Coach, she was surprised to see how fit he was. She knew that he could probably beat her in a game of one-on-one. He was larger than Kevin was, and she doubted that he would be as easy to distract when she tried to drive the ball to the basket. She thought quickly.

“Okay,” she said, curtly, “We each take 15 shots from anywhere outside the key. The one with the most baskets wins.” She mentally patted herself on the back. This way, the Coach couldn’t take advantage of his larger size.

Coach looked amused. “Are you sure that’s the game you want to play? I have a pretty sweet stroke, you know,” he mocked.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to find that out for myself, won’t I?” she replied.

“Be careful what you ask for…” he taunted. “Here, take the ball. You can go first.”

“Thanks, Coach,” she said, accepting his bounce pass. She would have preferred to go last. That way, she would know just how many baskets she would need to make. Of course, her backup plan in case she actually lost, was that she half-expected he would keep Kevin on the team, anyway. Men are stupid that way around young girls.

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