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Moving from Cincinnati to San Clemente, CA in the mid 80’s I was lucky enough to find a condo for rent right near the beach where the surfers park. Better yet, my condo was just across the sidewalk from one of the hot tubs for the complex. Big one that would easily hold 20 or more people. It was surrounded by shrubs so most couldn’t see in but through my kitchen window I could see under the shrubs and see quite a bit.

Not only could I occasionally see some from our complex go in later at night and skinny dip and then have sex on the concrete surrounding the water, if it wasn’t too late, I would just walk across the sidewalk and help myself to a great show as I walked in quietly and ‘accidently’ catch them in the act. Couldn’t care less about seeing her, but very curious about what he might be packing and was usually pretty pleased with the ones I decided to visit.

San Clemente is just outside the gates of Camp Pendleton Marine Base where hundreds and hundreds of 18-21 yr old young male marines that are sent from all over the US for boot camp. On Friday nights, they would parade past my house right on PCH going into town to let off some steam. Most would wave as they passed and a few would stop to pet the two Dalmatians and strike up a conversation. Especially the ones from smaller farm towns who were not used to all this. Over time I sorta got to know several of them and they would come to my place just to visit. Even bring some friends. They were always open to a case of beer and a dip in the hot tub. Of course that meant they either had to change into a suit I gave them or simply went skinny dipping once we got there. Either way I got to check out these hot young well built 18-20 yr old marines.

Also, I could be out walking my two Damatians in the surfer parking lot as well and run into a lone surfer coming up from the ocean and preparing to change out of his wetsuit. They were almost always very friendly – particularly at night and especially with two friendly Dalmatians. So, standing right next to them as they remove their wet suits and towel dry was not an issue. They were used to changing in front of other guys.

On the evenings that was maybe even chilly, I would offer them a nice warm dip in the hot tub just 25 yrds from where we stood and they would almost always accept. This means I would get to see them as well get totally naked two more times before we would go our own ways.

Sometimes canlı bahis I would even see their trucks and vans still there late at night and would go down to the beach a quiet lesser traveled path only to catch them at water’s edge totally naked in the moonlight as they wiggled out of their wetsuits and took a quick naked dip in the ocean. I was back along the wall and under the trees unseen – watching and enjoying. Once in a while I’d make myself known from a distance and two times even joined them in a late night swim.

One surfer was just so hot I could hardly contain myself. 6’1″, olive skin, black hair, former football player for UCLA, well built with those thick legs and incredible smile and now living with his parents a couple miles inland. His name was Trevor and he was a regular at the beach for his surfing fix. We’d spoken several times in the parking lot as well as down at the beach with the dogs.

He was in the marines and would even bring some of his marine buddies over to my house once in a while. They had no problem confronting me with my homosexuality but almost always in private. They would stop in without him or I’d see them at the beach with others. When they’d stop into my place alone, they would be the ones to make the first move. Afterall, they hadn’t had any sex for quite some time and they knew they could probably get something from me if they were playing their cards right. And some of them did.

He jumped at the chance to do a hot tub with me, so we had to stop in to my place to get my suit and drop off the dogs and walk across to the hot tub and change in the men’s room. Oh, it felt good and many times would be able to easily get them out of their suits with no effort at all and we’d just both swim around the large hot tub totally naked. Couldn’t really do anything with them but gawk and soak it all in AND I DID FOR SURE!! This guy was no different. Even when we got back across the sidewalk to my condo, we’d just stay naked while he was there and nobody seemed to mind at all. He readily made it known that nudity was not an issue with him at all.

One night about a month later, after we had gone back to the hot tub on several occasions, he asked if he could go get his girlfriend and bring her over. I told him sure. I mean it was a Saturday night, I would expect him to be with his girl. He hadn’t seen her at all this week and was really needing her company badly. I decided bahis siteleri to meet them at the gate when he returned and let them go in alone to have their ‘privacy’. Or so they thought.

At first I watched out my kitchen window and he never even put on his suit. He just went naked from the start. She had her suit on but not for long. After getting in and out of the hot water several times, it was clear they were ready for ‘bigger and better’ things. So, they pulled one of the large lounge chairs over by the fence and behind the changing rooms, thinking they had all but hidden themselves from any one who might try to enter – even though it was after hours and that was not allowed. What they didn’t realize was, this was even closer to my kitchen window and gave me a much better view.

There was a natural break in the shrubs right there and I was able to see her lay down and begin sucking on his dick before he finally just mounted her and began fucking her like a race horse.

I could hardly stand it. So, I went outside to get a closer look. I could get within 5 feet of them while they were doing it and they could not see me at all. I was in the quiet and darkened grass, they were on the other side of the wrought iron fence and shrubs in the light of the public hot tub. They were going at it with all the passion and grunts you would expect from a couple 22 yr olds who haven’t seen each other in over a week. God, it was so hot!!

Finally, they were done, got back into the hot tub to clean up, got dressed and decided to stop in to my place to visit before heading out. I had to rush back inside. They literally had no idea that I knew everything they were talking about because I had seen it from just feet away. She had her bikini on and he only had a towel wrapped around him, allowing his dick to remain very visible underneath while I sat on the floor to visit while they were there and pet my dogs. Nobody was the wiser that I was eating up the view.

Now this was the mid 1980’s and I was 31, and Trevor was 24. I pretty much lived off my occasional modelling gigs as I looked alot like Tom Selleck the TV Star. So, without a 9-5 job, I was around the condo a lot and could see the guys getting dressed and undressed in the parking lot not far away. Drugs were the ‘in thing’ at that time. They always made ya wanna strip down and do what ever you could sexually. Trevor thought it was fun to sit around bahis şirketleri doing them. We went skinny dipping at the beach a couple times. Once after doing some lines, we hopped in my pick up and drove to an adult book store and bought some videos and a female blow up doll for him and came back to my place. Didn’t take him long before he was naked, showing off his gorgeous erection and blowing up that inflatable female that would be his date for the evening with me as his audience.

By this time in our friendship, he had his suspicions of my being gay and made comments a couple times but never pushed it, so I never confirmed it until this given night. It was impossible for me to hide my excitement now that he is buzzed, holding onto his hard dick in my living room and ready to fuck this doll right in front of me.

He even brought the doll over closer to where I was sitting so I could see better. We’d only begun the evening with a pair of short running shorts on and now his are totally off. I then took mine off as well and scooted over closer to him. He just smiled as if to say it was fine if I wanted a better look. He was enjoying the performance aspect of all this. I asked if I could touch his back or his legs while this was all going on and he said yes. The heat coming off this straight stud’s body was intense.

Then he asked me to get some lube so I jumped up and ran to bring it to him. Since I paid for the party supplies and offered the lube as well, I thought it was only fair that I was the one to apply it and then put his dick inside her. He agreed. That was 35 yrs ago and I’m still hyper ventilating thinking about that very moment right now. WOW!! After I got it in, he quickly pushed my hand away, but I held on to his thick muscular legs and felt the muscles contract and relax with such intensity it drove me nuts.

Now, with his other friends and also the majority of the young marines who stopped in on Friday nights, they usually just enjoyed stripping down, doing a hot tub, being worshipped by a gay man and teasing me. A lot of them allowed me to give them a hand job and some even a blow job, but a good amound just wanted to be watched and adored while they would parade around in the nude and I was happy to do that naturally. Oh, I’d have to steal a grab here and then once in a while but as long as I didn’t over do it, everything was ok.

The marines were always changing due to their short 8 week boot camp and Trevor was re assigned from that base to one in Germany about 18 months later and I only heard from him two times after that. I moved away about 6 months later due to company promotion and enormous raise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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