Beach House Sleepover 2

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Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to write a sequel to my story ‘Beach House Sleepover’. It’s a bit of a long story so take your time reading it. Thanks for all the positive feedback so far. If you’re offended by, or not into boy-on-boy sex, then please don’t rate negatively because you’re against the idea. For everyone else, enjoy!

Just to refresh memories, my name is Chris. I’m a bi-curious seventeen year old with short, blonde hair. I’m about six feet tall with a nicely sculpted body. Skinny by nature, frisky by choice. My friend, Alex, is slightly shorter and skinnier than I am; again with blonde hair and a few muscles here and there.

A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend at Alex’s beach house. One thing led to another and we ended up spending the night having steamy hot sex in the shower. It felt amazing and I keep going back to it in my mind over and over again. I’m not really attracted to guys in general, but Alex is a different story. He turns me on more than any girl ever has, and now I masturbate more over him than anyone else. I can’t help but regret having sex with Alex; it was gay sex after all, and I had always pictured myself to grow up to be straight as an arrow. I had decided to let things cool off with Alex before we saw each other again, but it proved to be more difficult than I originally thought.
It’s been a long time since I had seen Alex. We talk online occasionally; telling each other dirty stories over skype until late and then wanking myself to sleep. I’m sure it’s just a phase, but what the hell, may as well make the most of it right?

So the summer holidays were coming to an end and I hadn’t done much in the way of fun. We had spent half the season moving into a new house out in the country and unpacking boxes full of stuff I didn’t know I owned. Seeing as there wasn’t much summertime left and I was short on ideas, I decided to give in to the will of my penis and invited Alex around for a night out on our lifestyle block. We had a little cottage over in the next paddock which could comfortably house three to four people for short periods of time which seemed ideal for having a certain friend over to stay. The house was close enough to retrieve something in the night if need be, yet far enough away to make as much noise as Satan would let me.

It was Saturday afternoon and Alex was sure to arrive at any time now. I sat near the window, half concentrating on a Su-do-ku in the weekend herald while glancing outside occasionally, hoping to see a car coming up the driveway.
“Is Alex still coming?” my Mum asked me, noticing my absent-minded window stare.
“Should be” I replied, not bothering to turn my head as if for some reason I would miss a car arriving should I not be looking for a split second.
“Did you tell him the right address?” She persisted.
“Yes, Mum.” I replied bluntly, becoming mildly disgruntled by her pointless motherly concerns.
“Well text him to make sure…”
“Mum.” I turned to her. “He knows where to go, ok?”
“Alright” She said, giving up and walking away. “just checking.”

Sure enough, a white Toyota rolled into view from behind our driveway privets and around the corner of the house.
“He’s here, Mum!” I half shouted, getting up from my seat. I started making my way to the garage where the Toyota would be parked nearby. I walked outside, feeling a wave of warmth hit my face as I tried to squint through the bright sunlight. As my eyes adjusted, I made out Alex’s mum passing a sleeping bag to him from out of the car. Alex didn’t have his driver’s licence yet so his parents had to drive him everywhere.
“Hi, Chris!” shouted Alex’s mum from across the gravel as she continued to load Alex up with unnecessary supplies. I gave a friendly wave at the pair as my own Mum appeared from the garage behind me.
“Hi, Jennifer!” Shouted my Mum, going into guest-greeting-mum-mode.
“Hi there, Liz!” She shouted back, passing an overburdened Alex a small weekend bag, probably full of clothes. Mum and I started making our way over to the new arrivals. The gravel was hot so I paid more attention to my feet rather than listening to the mothers making cliché conversation about finding the house alright and all that rubbish mothers always talk about.

When I finally managed to get to Alex, I was confronted with a pile of bags with a pair of bare legs sticking out the bottom.
“Haha hey man, you can put the bags over there if you like” I laughed, indicating a shaded spot just inside the garage. He laughed and started making his way over to the garage.
“And how are you, Alex?” My Mum asked a hobbling Alex in a feeble attempt to make him feel welcome.
“Fine thanks” He replied, concentrating more on not dropping the mountain in front of him. As Alex put down his stuff, we became isolated from the mums’ intriguing conversation about nice weather and moving houses. Alex turned and faced me, giving me a big friendly smile and a small chuckle. I returned the smile and went in for a hug.
“How are ya, man?” I thoughtlessly asked as we grabbed each other in a casual hug.
I breathed deeply as I felt my hands slide around his t-shirt and over his back. One arm over, one arm under. The hug was about three full seconds, reasonably long for a ‘straight’ guy-to-guy hug. It felt much longer though. My hands lingered as my fingertips lightly slid over his right shoulderblade while my left hand rested on his lower back, subtly pulling his hips closer to mine. Seeing Alex and touching his body again made me want to do anything and everything. But Alex didn’t respond. No sensual rubbing, no deep look of desire, nothing. As the hug broke, my mind emptied. We stood there for a second just looking at each other before my awkwardness instinct kicked in and my brain fired out one of Mum’s small-talk lines.
“So you find the place alright?”
“Yeah, wasn’t too hard to find” He replied.
“Sweet.” I acknowledged his reply. “So you’ll be in the cottage with me, cool?”
“All good, is that the little building we passed near the driveway?”
“Yeah, that’s the one.” My mind began to function again as I led Alex into the house to show him around. All thoughts of sex disappeared. For now.

The afternoon went quickly. Alex’s mum stayed for a cup of tea before heading off, and Alex and I spent the afternoon exploring our large, new property in the sun. At about 4 o’clock, we were getting hot and so decided to go for a swim. Alex went into the bathroom to get changed and I went to my bedroom. As I began to undress, my mind wandered back to Alex. Swimming with Alex in nothing but a pair of togs. I pictured Alex in a pair of speedos as I pulled down my own pants. His smooth, hairless body, glistening with water, only a small bit of fabric covered a large bulge between his legs. My mind kept wandering as I pulled my togs up past my hip bones, my dick started to grow longer as I pictured myself rubbing my hands slowly up his slippery legs and over the wet bulge in his pants, then sliding around the back, gripping his tight little ass while he rubbed my dick through my togs.
I suddenly casino şirketleri snapped out of it as I realised my dick had become hard in my shorts and was creating a conspicuous tent which could only be missed by a blind man.
‘Ah shit’ I thought. I started quickly brainstorming for a way to get into the pool without my massive erection being discovered, now regretting letting myself get into this state. ‘Should I wait for it to go floppy again?’ I thought. ‘No, it’ll take too long. Maybe I’ll just cover it with my towel and go for a quick running dive into the water. Yes, what other options do I have?’

I grabbed the towel on my desk chair and held it in front of my crotch, trying to make it look like a natural towel-carrying position while I opened my bedroom door. I walked quickly down the hallway towards the pool, hoping nobody would appear from an angle which would give them visibility of my boner situation. As I reached the pool, Alex was standing outside with his back facing me. I took advantage of this and quickly dropped my towel as I ran past him, my boner bouncing up and down as I jumped high into the pool. There was a big splash as my body was engulfed by the cool water. My feet hit the bottom of the pool and I sprang back to the surface, wiping the water off my face. As the water cleared from my eyes I saw the unimpressed face of a wet Alex.
“Aw thanks for splashing me” he said sarcastically.
“Ah, you were going to get wet anyway” I smiled, flicking some more water at him. He jumped out of range of the water and immediately I saw the flicker of mischief in his eyes that I longed to see. He took a couple of running steps towards the pool and jumped over my head into the pool. I flinched as my face was consumed by the splash. Soon afterwards, Alex popped back up bearing a victorious smile from ear to ear. I took no time in retaliating, curving my hand and firing water at him.

In no time at all we were in a fully fledged, pool water fight. Both of us locked in hydrocombat, firing as much water as we possibly could at the other. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. Just holding my ground and hoping I was doing the same to Alex. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I turned my head for a large breath and plunged myself into the water, launching myself at Alex’s now-visible yet submerged waist. As I reached him, my arms locked around his waist in a slow motion rugby tackle. He grabbed my shoulders in an attempt to wrestle me away starting a play fight in the water. I came up for air, wrestling Alex’s arms for no reason except dominance. We kept slipping and changing grip, laughing and making noises of effort. In one second he had my arms in a lock, then we slipped and I had him around the back, then we would slip again and one of us would be underwater. It was mayhem, and I was loving every second of it.

I started making stereotypical kung-fu noises and went for a slow-motion underwater karate kick, only for my leg to be grabbed by Alex again. He held on firmly to my slippery leg and I bucked and grabbed him again in an attempt to overpower him. In the struggle, as I was moving about, I felt Alex’s leg-grabbing hand start sliding up my leg. I thought nothing of it; I was preoccupied with winning the wrestle. But as the wrestle went on, Alex’s hand slid further up my leg, up my naked thigh, pushing my togs further up. My heart skipped, my penis twitched, and my mind was now absent from our wrestling match. My grip loosened on Alex’s arm as his hand was high up my thigh, coming to a rest near my crotch. All of a sudden, Alex gripped me, picking me up and dunking me back into the cool water. My head was engulfed all I could see was the sunlight shining down into the water, lighting Alex as his hair swayed with the waters slow movements.

Suddenly I came to grips with Alex’s recent move. I grabbed him again and we resumed our wrestle underwater. Our hands sped around; grabbing and pulling and pushing each other. Alex was still smiling, occasionally releasing bubbles from his mouth with every burst of underwater laughter as I poked his stomach jestingly. He turned and began to swim away but I was faster. I grabbed him around the waist from behind and felt his warm back against my slippery stomach. He couldn’t move, I had him locked. I was running out of air, but I was happy staying underwater as long as I was wrapped around Alex. He wriggled in my arms, trying to break free, his ass brushing my penis from time to time. He stopped wriggling and I felt his warm hand touch my thigh again. Seconds seemed like minutes as his hand slid over my skin and up my leg. It passed over onto the fabric of my togs and moved ever closer to my cock. I felt my loins swelling. Ever so slowly, Alex’s hand slid over my togs and onto my penis. He slid it from my balls, up my shaft, rubbing gently as my dick hardened. My eyes closed as a wave of pleasure washed over me. Alex broke free.

I was out of air. I gasped loudly as my face broke the surface, taking in a deep lungful of air. I looked over at Alex, he had his back to me as he made his way to the pool steps. I couldn’t help but feel slightly confused about the abrupt end to our little incident. He walked up the steps and out of the water, turning his head to the side. He winked at me and then went and grabbed his towel. I smiled and followed, getting out of the pool and grabbing my towel. I was about to say something when my mum appeared from out of the house carrying a small white tray with two cups of juice and a couple of sandwiches on it. I shut my mouth, then opened it again.
“Hey, Mum.” I said.
“Thought I’d bring you boys a bite to eat.” She said cheerfully.
“Aw thanks Liz” Alex said gratefully. He put his towel over his shoulder and grabbed a sandwich and a glass of juice. I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked over to get myself some.
“Thanks, Mum.” My mother teacher-ed.
“Thanks, Mum” I copied, smiling at her persistent motherliness.
She disappeared inside, leaving the tray on the seat on the deck. Alex and I stood, eating and drinking in silence, each to our own thoughts whilst shivering off the cold water.

After the food we went back inside and changed, acting like nothing had happened in the pool. The rest of the evening was fairly quiet, just talking about people and stuff that used to happen at school until my Dad came home. We all had dinner around seven o’clock, lamb chops and potato wedges. I couldn’t help but laugh at Alex’s reaction to my Mum’s orgasmic cooking. After dinner, Alex and I grabbed a few things and said goodnight to my parents. As I stepped outside, the darkness consumed me. I couldn’t see a damn thing. We used our phones as torches until we got out to the moonlit driveway. It was pretty warm for night-time and it was almost a full moon. It was a short walk down to the cottage and the time passed pretty quickly. Alex and I were talking about mutual enemies from school; nothing brings two people together better than the mutual hatred of someone else.

I stepped onto the small porch of the cottage and the automatic lights came casino firmaları on. I squinted as I put the key into the door and opened it. I flicked the lights on and squinted again as the bright light infiltrated my eyes. Alex stepped through the doorway after me and closed the door behind him. He slowly walked down the hallway, taking in his new surroundings. I locked the door behind him. He turned on more lights in the next room and I turned off the entrance lights. We went into the main room and I closed the door. This place was great for privacy.
“Nice place” Alex admired, “where do I sleep?”
“You’re in there with me” I replied as I indicated the small room near the couch with two single beds in it. He threw his stuff into the room and sat down on the couch, I grabbed two beers from the fridge and sat down next to him. We sat and drank for a while, me half expecting something to happen. Alex started resuming our conversation about the school guys again. I pretended to listen, thinking more about his cock in my mouth. I felt my dick growing again, rubbing down the fabric of my underwear as it grew, giving me a pleasure that was hard to ignore.
“Something wrong?” Alex interrupted my thoughts.
“Me? Um no, why?” I guess my eyes must have given it away while he was talking to me.
“Never mind” He said before he resumed his one way conversation.

I thought about his hand drifting up my thigh in the pool, about how he massaged my big soft dick. I wanted to grab him around the waist from behind again, feel his naked body against mine as my hands wandered over his soft skin. My dick was hard now and was conspicuously pushing upwards in my pants. I began to grow wary of my problem and crossed my legs, looking rather feminine. Alex noticed this unusual leg motion and a look of slight confusion settled briefly upon his face. I was sure he knew what was going on in my pants but I chose to ignore it hoping he would follow. He did, not dropping his tedious school conversation.
‘This is going nowhere’ I thought. ‘There’s no way in hell anything’s happening tonight, I may as well go to bed. Even dreaming about Alex would be better than this crappy conversation.’
“I’m gonna hit the hay now I think, I’m pretty tired from today” I lied.
“Oh, okay.” Alex replied with a hint of more confusion. I skulled the dregs in my beer bottle and got up from the couch. I placed it on the table and turned to walk to the bedroom. As I walked away I heard the small bang sound of another beer bottle hitting the wooden table. I entered the dark bedroom and turned to say goodnight, Alex was coming into the bedroom too. As he entered the bedroom he flicked the light off in the main room. I could see nothing but black now, but I soon felt the warm breath of Alex on my neck. I wanted to say something but I had no idea what.

“So which bed is mine?” He whispered, only inches from my face.
“Um, which… ever one you want” I managed to reply, trying not to lose myself in the moment. As my eyes adjusted, I managed to make out Alex’s silhouette standing ever so close to me. Barely breathing, my penis began to twitch again. Alex spoke.
“It’s pretty hot tonight, I might have to sleep naked”. My penis gave an almighty twitch in my underwear.
“Uh huh” was all I could say. His dark silhouette inched closer to me, his lips almost touching mine. My back was pressed against the wall, Alex’s hands landed softly on my abs. They glided up my torso and came to a stop on my chest, pinning me against the wall. My dick was standing straight up now, a big hard invitation into my pants. Alex’s hips pressed softly into mine, grinding upwards as our big dicks pressed against each other. I let out a soft gasp. Alex’s body pressed against me as his lips brushed mine. Our heads simultaneously gyrated and our lips locked. His hips kept grinding against mine as his hands rubbed all over me in our raunchy kiss. His moist lips seemed to ravage mine as I felt his wet tongue enter my mouth. My tongue met his and they rubbed and glided over each other as our lips pressed together in the sexiest kiss I could ever imagine.

Alex broke our kiss, leaving me wanting more. He spun around and let his ass grind against my hard on. I grabbed his hips, pulling them into my crotch while my face nuzzled into his neck as I struggled to control myself.
“Chris” He whispered
“I get scared of the dark, I don’t think I want to sleep in a big bed all by myself”
“You can share mine”
“I’d love to.”
Alex pulled away from me, I watched his silhouette as he pulled his top off, then pulled his pants off and crawled into bed. I did the same, pulling my top off on the way over to the bed. My pants came off, and then my underwear, letting my big meat stick point freely at the ceiling. I pulled the covers back and climbed in after Alex. My warm dick quickly found Alex’s ass and settled nicely into his crack as I wrapped myself around him, spooning his naked body, feeling his bare back press against my smooth chest.
For a few minutes, we just lay there, two naked bodies pressed against each other, rubbing my hard dick into his ass crack. Boy, did I want to fuck him hard just then. His hand glided around his waist and grabbed my big cock, gently pumping my shaft up and down making me moan softly. He turned around, pushing me flat onto my back. He threw the sheets off and with his hands moved slowly down, caressing every inch of my naked body.

His hands found my dick again and all of a sudden a warm, wet feeling engulfed my penis. Alex’s soft, wet lips surrounded my hard cock, pushing my dick deep into his wet mouth. His tongue wrapped itself around my shaft and he began to pump my wet cock in and out of my mouth. I let out a groan as his lips tightened around my dick, squeezing my slippery member and pushing it deep into the back of his throat. I squirmed on the bed, knowing nothing but pleasure as his cute little hands rubbed against my balls. Waves of pleasure washed over me with every pump of his mouth. Slowly, Alex pulled my big dick out of his mouth and slid back up my body. His face came close to mine again.

“How about we make this interesting” he purred at me. Before I could reply, he swung his leg over me so that he was lying on top of me, but facing the other way. I knew what his plan was, and I was as happy as a dog with two cocks about it. He slid his hips back towards my face and took a firm grasp on my dick. As I was flat on my back, Alex’s hard dick slid slowly up my chest, up my neck and over my chin, resting softly pressed against my mouth. I felt Alex’s warm mouth once again engulf my cock and I took Alex’s dick with my right hand and slowly slid it into my mouth. His dick was so big and so warm, I could barely fit it all into my mouth. In it went, my tongue licking up and down and round his tip, sucking and pumping his cock into my mouth, while at the other end of our 69, Alex was pumping my big cock into his mouth. With my spare hand I began fondling his balls, still shoving his big meaty cock down my throat. I felt Alex’s hands begin to spread güvenilir casino my ass cheeks, and as he continued to slurp away at my dick, a small finger began rubbing my arsehole. My dick throbbed at this new sensation, letting my hips thrust forward every time Alex took a slurp of my dick. His finger started to push into me, I let out a short gasp as Alex’s moist finger started to squeeze into my tight little arsehole, pushing deeper and deeper as he sucked on my dick.

Soon his finger was deep inside me. He began sliding it in and out, finger fucking my tight little ass as he viciously pumped my cock into his mouth. I started moaning louder as his finger thrusted repeatedly into me, trying to suck on his big dick at the same time. I pulled his cock out of my mouth for just long enough to lick my finger. I shoved his dick back into my mouth and let my finger search his ass for his tight little hole. My wet finger found what it was looking for and slowly pressed into it, letting it sink deeper and deeper into his warm, tight ass. He moaned and went back to work.
It felt amazing, our sweaty naked bodies rubbing against each other while we were sucking each other’s dicks and fingering each others’ asses.

Fuck I was horny, my ass felt good and I wanted something big inside it. Alex pulled his finger out and turned around, kneeling on the bed at my feet. He grabbed my legs, looking me in the eyes the whole time, and lifted them onto his shoulders. He moved closer and let my legs bend back so my feet were up in the air, leaving my tight ass open and ready, just waiting to be fucked. Alex slid closer on the bed and I felt his warm sticky tip press against my ass. He leaned over and started sucking on my nipple, waves of pleasure ran through my body as his big meaty cock started pushing into my ass. I let out a loud moan as his big dick began to stretch my ass, sliding deeper and deeper into me until he was balls deep inside me. He paused, his dick deep inside me, his face now an inch away from mine.
“Fuck me.” I commanded. Alex pulled his hips back, letting his big meat slide half way out of my ass, then with all his weight shoved it right back up inside me, making me moan loudly.
“Oh fuck me, Alex! Fuck my ass hard” He responded by sliding his cock out once more and shoving it back in, pulling out and shoving it back in again, fucking my tight ass so hard that I was moaning with every thrust as his hips smacked against my ass cheeks.
Smack, smack, smack, smack.
“Ungh. Aaaaaaah fuck yeeeeessss” I moaned as his big dick pumped into my little hole. In, out, in, out like a piston savagely fucking my ass. He began jacking off my dick as he continued to fuck my ass, making me lose control. I never wanted this to end, all I knew was something hot and wet was fucking my ass like never before and I loved every minute of it. He pulled his big dick out with a soft pop sound.
“Turn over” he commanded. I smiled and flipped over onto my stomach, resting my head on the mattress and raising my ass high into the air so he could bang me as hard as he wanted, doggy style.

His hands pulled my hips back towards his cock, letting his big member slide back into me, making everything feel good again. I moaned softly as it got deep inside me again. He pushed further inside me from this new position, penetrating my ass so deeply I could do nothing but groan in ecstasy. Once again he started sliding in and out of me, letting his hips slap against my cheeks as his rock hard dick fucked me. I gasped and moaned with every pound of his hips, my dick being so hard knowing I was being fucked in the ass by a big meaty dick. His big cock slid in and out of my tight ass, letting my slippery hole stretch around it. His hands grabbed tightly onto my hips as he savagely pulled them into his, roughly pounding my ass like a machine.

Soon, he started going faster, deeper, and moaned louder.
“Oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum. Fuck yes. FUCK YES.” He moaned, pounding my big ass like a crazy man. All of sudden, he moaned. He thrusted his dick deep inside me in a final effort, pulling me towards him with all his strength. I moaned loudly as I felt his hot cum shoot up inside my ass.
“Unngghh. Aaaaaaaaahhh.” He moaned. Slowly pushing his dick deep inside my ass as he continued to cum. I felt his big dick pulsing inside me, throbbing with every hot squirt.
We stayed there for a minute, both panting and sweaty in a doggy position. I pulled his dick out of my ass and sexily pushed him backwards on the bed. His mouth was open, panting, with a glint in his eye. I smiled at him.
“My turn.”

I flipped him over onto his stomach. He propped himself up on his arms, letting his big soft ass face me. I grabbed his smooth, soft cheeks with my big hands and rubbed them softly, caressing them as my head went downwards. I pulled his cheeks apart and found his hole. I let my tongue reach out and lap it. He tensed and moaned softly as my tongue rubbed it. Once. Twice. Three times I licked his hole, letting my saliva get it all wet, licking it gently as he moaned softly. An urge came over me. I grabbed his arse firmly with my hands and pushed my tongue against his ass, letting it slowly slide into him. He moaned loudly and grabbed the bed sheets tightly. I licked him, fast, fucking his tight ass with my tongue.
“Oh fuck me. Fuck me now, Chris.” He moaned sexily. I was happy to oblige. So was my penis.

I spat onto my hand and rubbed my saliva onto my dick, making the tip glisten and shine. I put a hand on his lower back and with the other I guided my rock hard dick to his hole. When it found the entrance, I pushed forwards with my hips, letting my tip slide slowly inside him. There was a faint pop as my big tip went inside him. He groaned through his teeth as my shaft squeezed up inside him, pushing deep inside his ass. Soon enough my dick was deep inside him.
“Fuck me. Now.” He ordered.
I slid my dick outwards and then rammed it back in, causing him to moan. Without hesitation I pulled my hips back again and rammed him a second time, then a third. My hips began slamming his ass, my cock brutally fucking his tight little hole, sending wave after wave of pleasure as my dick pumped in and out.
“Oh fuck, don’t stop.” He moaned, gripping the sheets with his eyes closed as I violently pounded his little ass. Each pump of my big dick into his ass was bringing me ever closer to orgasm, filling my body with tension, making me thrust harder and deeper into his ass. Alex was moaning even louder now, almost screaming.
*slap slap slap slap*
Soon I felt a tension. I was gonna cum, and I was gonna cum soon. I thrust deep into his ass, pushing as deep into him as I could.
“Oh FUCK” I groaned as spurt after spurt of thick goo shot deep into his ass as I collapsed on top of Alex. My dick throbbed inside him as we both lay there in a sweaty, naked heap.

I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to lie there forever with my dick buried inside him. Lying underneath me, Alex turned his head towards me, resting his head against mine as we panted softly at each other, breathless and speechless. He looked into my eyes and we smiled.
“We should do this again sometime” he whispered.

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