Beltane Pt. 05

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Hello! If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the pretext on parts 1-4 to get an idea of what you’re in for before continuing.

As a disclaimer, this story contains ~consensual~, but harsh cuckquean content – humiliation, degradation, emotional abuse, and body shaming. Take this as a potential trigger warning. And if you’ve been sticking around since part 1 waiting for the cuckquean through-line to come back, well…




Ann and I made eye contact as she walked through the door, a bag of kitty litter in her arms. She startled. I paused.

The head of my cock rested in Gemma’s ass. She was facedown in the carpet, pushing her hips up into me pleadingly with her hands bound behind her back in a collar that read ‘WHORE’. Dressed like a whore. Being fucked like a whore on a leash. Like property. There’s no way she didn’t hear Gemma from outside. It was just too perfect. I smiled, not breaking eye contact, and slammed my entire cock back into Gemma, who gasped and moaned greedily.

Ann looked down and turned down the hallway, walking into the kitchen. I leaned over Gemma and grabbed her by the hair, turning her head so she could see her and spoke into her ear. “Look who it is.”

“Ohhh my GOD FUCK yesss,” she moaned. “Fucking please give it to me, Daddy, oh my god.”

I smiled. She had obviously preferred “Sir” until now. It was more servile, more slavelike. But “Daddy” was dirtier. More taboo, to someone like Ann. She was putting on a show now. I tightened the slack of the leash and laid into her, plowing her eager, gaping asshole. She howled like a bitch in heat.

Ann walked down the hallway, rifling through a pile of mail. I could tell she was trying very hard not to be phased by me. There were no crocodile tears now. She just didn’t want me to win.

“Hey, did you see anything from my bank in the mail yesterday?” She asked.

“Fuuuuck, Daddy, fuck my ass, unhhhh-” Gemma was really playing it up, making it good and clear that she was enjoying herself.

“I’m a little busy at the moment, Ann.” I said, maintaining a rhythm of hard, deep, slapping thrusts.

“Well I don’t care if you’re busy fucking this dumb whore, I need to find my mail.”

“Ohhh fuck I’m such a little whore. Daddy, I’m a little whore for you. Fuck, take my fucking ass.” Gemma moaned and gasped through the collar.

Her asshole gripped my cock again. She may have been turning it up a few notches for appearances, but she was genuinely getting off on this. I reached down and turned the hitachi up to high. Gemma’s cries grew louder and more guttural. Her asshole spasmed around my cock in that irregular way she had when she was on the brink.

“You know what I think of helping you, Ann? With anything?”

She looked at me dumbly. I took Gemma by the hair and pulled her upright, turning her head until she was looking at Ann. I watched as Ann’s eyes flicked from mine to Gemma’s and back. Once. Twice. Longer each time. As if on some level, she couldn’t help but watch her. I tightened the leash on her neck. Her moans came between gasps for air.

I kept my eyes locked on Ann’s face and said simply, “Come, slut.”

I gave slack to the leash, letting a flush of blood rush to Gemma’s head right as she came. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She groaned deeply, her body convulsing in the throes of orgasm. Her asshole gripped me as I pounded into her without relenting, making her take it as she writhed against my body. A dribble of ejaculate poured from Gemma’s quivering cunt, wetting her legs and the carpet under us. Ann’s mouth was agape, still watching Gemma’s face. She was in the thrall of an orgasm more powerful than Ann even knew was possible. Her hand floated from her side to her crotch.

“This is how a real woman comes.” I said, still staring at her. She seemed to remember herself and she looked back to me. She blushed deeply again, her entire face turning red. She closed her mouth and looked back at Gemma. She was the powerful, liberated female Ann pretended to be. Ann’s face became a scowl.

“You’re fucking disgusting,” she stated simply.

“Ohhh, Daddy, that was so good,” Gemma said, snapping out of the daze. “Thank you for giving me your cock.”

I looked down at her. She was giving me puppy eyes. I reached down and turned the hitachi off. “You’re welcome, slut,” I said. I patted her cheek gently and then slapped her across the face, shoving my cock up her ass to the hilt as I did. She gasped and hummed satisfiedly.

She suddenly whipped her head around and faced Ann. “This is what your man likes, you dumb stuck-up bitch. You think it’s disgusting because you’re a boring, sexless cow.”

“I- you- he doesn’t even like that-” Ann stammered, trying to find a defensible position.

“How would you know what he likes? And now, he’s not even your man. Look at him. He’s already completely over you. Did you really think for even a second that he might come anadolu yakası escort back to you?”

“He loves-“

“You think he loves you?” She laughed aloud. “He loves giving me his cum. He loves how my pussy tastes. He loves stretching out my holes with his cock.”

There was a pause.

“Look at you. You couldn’t do better than him if you tried. And now that he’s had a taste of me, the best you’re ever going to get again is listening to us through the door, hoping to catch a glimpse.”

“No! You guys are literally so gross, I’m just standing here like-“

Gemma cut her off. “Yeah, that’s a really good point actually. Why are you standing there?”

Ann was silent. Her hands were covering her crotch. Gemma, in a position of total vulnerability, had flipped it on her. Ann was completely exposed.

“You’re standing there watching us, acting like you’re not soaking through your panties. ‘Oh, did you see any mail for me?’ Pretending like you’re not taking mental photos to rub your dusty cunt to later. You’re just not ready to accept how pathetic you are.”

Ann’s eyes shot down. A quiet whisper rose up from out of her. “I’m not-“

“Yes, you are.” Gemma cut her off again. “You’re an unattractive, sour bitch with a loose, nasty gash. And I’m everything you’re not. You wish you had ever earned this much of his attention. And you’re just so, so jealous of how much more he already likes me, aren’t you? So why don’t you just accept it, sit down, and watch me fuck your man. You might learn something.”

“I- but-” Ann was trying desperately to justify it, but it was clear. She had already sat and watched. What other explanation was there?

“Sit. Down.” Gemma ordered. Her voice was powerful. I wished for a second that she was the one fucking me until I remembered that this might be my only chance to be on top.

Ann did as she was told, kneeling down. She bit her lip and looked away from us, visibly ashamed, admitting to her secret arousal. She was wearing her classic ill-fitting brown pants, sandals, and a t-shirt. Her hand gravitated back to her crotch and rested there, either to touch it or to block the wet spot underneath from our view. I felt Gemma’s asshole grip the base of my cock. She had been spasming during this entire exchange, holding herself from orgasm while she humiliated Ann.

“Good. Now if you’re lucky I might let you see how much he comes in me.” She looked up at me. “Daddy, can I have some more, please?” Her tone had changed completely into something demure and submissive. I throbbed.

“Yes, Princess,” I said. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, pumping my cock in and out of her. Loving how she felt. Everything she had said to Ann was brutal and remorseless. But it was true. I already liked Gemma better, even as a completely noncommittal fuck buddy who I barely knew. And watching Ann understand that all her fear of inadequacy that she had beaten me down with was finally coming true was making me harder by the second. She had had every chance to walk away. But now we all knew that she was getting off on the humiliation of being totally inferior to Gemma. How could I possibly stop now? It was the kind of perfect breakup revenge you only dream of. Denying your ex while fucking a hotter, sluttier piece of ass right in front of her.

I looked into Ann’s eyes and smiled wickedly, reaching around and rubbing Gemma’s clit softly as I kissed her. I grazed it lightly, in the exact way I had rubbed Ann’s clit a thousand times before. Making sure she saw, and knew that she was never going to get it again. Ann bit her lip more deeply and returned my stare as a tear welled up in her eye and rolled over her cheek. She was obviously processing quite a bit all at once.

I shifted my gaze to Gemma. She was ecstatic, on the brink of another orgasm. I put both hands around her neck and gripped her, pulling her down onto my cock and back off. “You like when I jack myself off with your body like a little fucktoy?”

“Yehhhsssss Daddyyy” she slurred, her eyes rolling back.

“Come for me.” I commanded.

Her eyes immediately rolled back in her head as it passed through her. “Fuck, your ass is so tight,” I said. I sped up, choking her as I used her.

Her asshole clenched in waves, almost sending me over the edge. But I held it together and kept plowing her. I looked back up at Ann. She seemed as conflicted as before. One of her hands ventured to her tits, and then bolted back down to her side, and then slid to her crotch, her fingers flicking at her clit under her pants, and then stopped moving. Likewise, her face changed from second to second. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, her makeup smearing, and yet her mouth would open in a gaping, aroused sigh. After a moment she would remember herself and her eyes would shoot to a blank spot on the wall, her face looking dejected. She was too turned on to leave and too humiliated to enjoy it.

“Oooooh,” Gemma mewled, looking into my eyes and biting avrupa yakası escort her lip. “Thank you, Daaaddy.” She smiled widely up at me. I let go of her neck and kissed her again.

“Of course, Princess.”

I pulled my cock out of her ass and it popped into the air, standing at attention and throbbing. Her hole gaped and winked but didn’t shut, completely broken in now. I stood up and she spun around, her head level with my dick.

“Daddy, can I please suck your cock?” She asked, really leaning into the demure submissive voice she had adopted.

“You may,” I responded. I reached behind her and undid the tape around her wrists.

She looked over her shoulder at Ann. “Watch and learn, bitch,” she sneered.

Ann scooted closer and leaned in for a better view, actually obeying Gemma. Gemma took my balls in her hand, making a ring with her thumb and forefinger and encircling them where they hung, then wrapping the rest of her hand around my sack. It felt warm and supportive. She pulled down slightly, the tension tugging my cock down until it was at the height of her mouth, and sucked the tip into her lips. I felt the very tip of her tongue lavishing my head and flicking at my glans. Her eyes locked with mine. She squeezed my balls tightly for a second, a detail Ann probably missed, and winked at me. Just reminding me who the boss really was. I almost let a moan escape. I loved being under her control, knowing she could destroy me if she wanted. If it had just been the two of us, I would have been completely toast as a dom. She would have had me in the palm of her hand. But I couldn’t let Ann know what our real roles were. Not yet, at least.

Gemma, never breaking eye contact, bobbed her head forward, her lips parting to accept my girth as my entire cock disappeared into her throat in one smooth motion. I felt my head pass through the barrier in her throat and I groaned. When she got to the base, she sat there, not moving, not choking. I felt her tongue flick out of her mouth and lick my balls. My vision got hazy. I was about to cum for absolutely one hundred and ten percent sure. Gemma knew exactly what she was doing. She had walked me up to the very edge, and right as I was about to shoot ropes down her open throat, she pulled back, running her tongue up the base of my cock as it slid from her mouth. I couldn’t help but feel like she was really the one running the show, even though she was in the position of servitude.

“Fuck, Daddy, I love your cock.” She said, stroking my shaft with her spit as she fondled my balls. “Did she ever suck you off?”

I was still reeling, clenching my pelvic floor and trying not to cum. I had to stay dominant. Gemma of course knew the answer to this. But the new game we were playing was humiliation. “She did, sometimes,” I answered.

“Was she as good as me?” Gemma asked, and began swirling the tip of her tongue around my head.”

“No, it was awful. Nobody sucks cock like you, Princess.” Every word of that was true. Ann had horrible technique and Gemma was far and away the best cocksucker I had ever met.

Gemma whipped around to face Ann. She didn’t say anything, just smiled broadly. It was all on the table. Ann was still a mess. She had stopped crying, but her makeup was running in long streaks. She looked down and away and whispered something.

“What was that, sweetie?” Gemma asked. Her tone was almost caring. I could see what she was doing from a mile away. She was training Ann.

“You are better at it than I am.” Ann said, barely above a whisper. Her eyes flicked up to meet Gemma’s.

Gemma paused for a moment. She reached out and stroked Ann’s face. “I know, doll.” Her voice was soothing. “That’s why he’s fucking me now.”

Gemma looked back at me. I ran my fingers through her hair on either side and gripped her tightly by the hair. She had just enough time to open her mouth before shoved her onto my cock, watching it disappear again as it plunged down her waiting throat. I could hear burbling moans as I viciously facefucked her. Gemma’s hand, which had been resting on Ann’s cheek, grabbed her roughly by the chin, forcing her to watch.

“Fuck, what a good girl. God, that little mouth is so perfect. Fuck, you’re so much better than her.” I chanted on, praising her as I fucked her mouth like a pussy, using her to please myself. I looked over at Ann for a second and she made eye contact with me. Her eyes were moistening again. Without breaking eye contact I slowed down, making Gemma take my entire cock from the tip to the base, forcing it down deeper as I pushed through the wall in her throat. I held her against me, making her take every inch. I could feel her tongue lapping at my balls again. I smiled at Ann.

“Fuck, you’re so good, I just want to come on your face.” I spoke to Gemma but looked deep into Ann’s eyes, which were moistening with tears. Her mouth was puckered as Gemma held her face tightly, but she didn’t fight it.

I pulled Gemma off of eryaman escort my cock and held her by the hair, switching my gaze back to her. She gasped and coughed. “Please Daddy, please please come on my face, please, I need to feel your cum on me, please,” she begged. Her hand dropped from Ann’s face and met the other in a praying gesture.

“That’s very tempting,” I said. “But I’m not done with you yet. I’m gonna fuck you in Ann’s bed.”

I heard Ann gasp. It was true that the bed was hers. In the time I had been staying at the apartment I had been sleeping either on the couch or the futon in the guest room. It hadn’t been slept in in weeks, except for by the cat.

“Mmm, fuck, Daddy. What if we get cum on the sheets?” She bit her lip and smiled.

“You’re gonna have to lick it up so she can’t,” I responded. My cock bobbed.

Gemma giggled. “You’re so right! She would try and sneak a taste after we’re asleep and then she’d act all haughty and bitchy when we woke up and caught her.”

I smiled at her. Gemma was already picturing us sleeping in her bed. That settles that, I thought. I grabbed the chain of her nipple clamps and tugged it up, watching her tits bounce. It was especially pleasing watching the grid of the fishnets stretch as they jiggled. She gasped and hummed delightedly. “What do you think we should do about her?” She asked, looking toward Ann.

I looked around the room until my eyes landed on the ball gag Gemma had brought. I bent down and picked it up. “I don’t mind her watching. But I’m sick of listening to her, personally.”

Gemma’s eyes widened excitedly. “Daddy, may I?” She asked.

“Of course, Princess.” I said, kissing her. She stood up and turned around, and I gave her ass a sound smack, watching it ripple under the fishnets.

Gemma lorded over Ann. She was smaller in frame than Ann and might have lost in a fight. But she was far, far more powerful. “If you want to keep watching us, there are going to be some new rules. Understand?”

Ann nodded. I couldn’t believe how much she was letting Gemma dominate her. I had never expected that she would get off on being degraded and humiliated like this. Maybe it was the denial. I had always suspected that she had some kind of denial kink. When I would get her off, it always seemed like the lighter I touched her, the more turned on she got. On one occasion I had taken my hand off her completely right as she was on the edge, and the lack of contact had brought her to a trembling, lurid climax. I remembered being confused, wondering how it was possible to come from the removal of stimulation.

Gemma seemed to have picked up on this immediately, as she had with everything. With her witchy magic she had looked into Ann’s soul and judged her; known her. In fairness, with all my complaining about how Ann had never understood my needs, I was beginning to realize that I hadn’t tried hard enough to understand hers. But that didn’t matter now. In her way, Gemma was filling the void each of us had felt at the end of our relationship. Ann had her insecurities, which I had tried to sate and never could. But Gemma seemed to understand that what Ann really needed wasn’t to be reassured. It was to face all of the feelings of inadequacy, to reel in them, unafraid. And of course she had understood immediately what I needed. And she seemed eager to fill the voids she saw in both of us.

Gemma leaned over Ann, the chain of the nipple clamps dangling in her face. “Take your clothes off.” She told her.

“What!?” Ann blurted out, shocked.

“If you want to keep watching us, you’re going to take your clothes off. And then you’re going to put this gag in your mouth. And you’re going to sit there, and watch us fuck like rabbits in your bed. And you’re going to show some respect and gratitude to us for letting you.”

Ann frowned and looked down. It was clear she didn’t want Gemma to see her body. “Okay,” she said quietly.

Ann took off her shirt, then stood up and took off her pants. She shifted her gaze down and away, avoiding eye contact with us. Her underwear were unflattering and did little to help her already mediocre body. Her pubic hair was unkempt and stuck out around her panties. Gemma smiled evilly at her. “Now your underwear.”

She undid her bra, her tits swinging as it dropped away, and took off her panties. She stood there with her arms by her sides. Ann wasn’t unattractive, but it was clear she hadn’t been to the gym in a while.

Gemma laughed. She laughed and laughed, pointing at Ann’s body. “God, you’re pathetic,” she chided, “How can you take such bad care of yourself and expect to keep a man like that?” She pointed a thumb at me. “Let me see something.”

Without warning Gemma stepped toward her and shoved her hand between her legs. Ann gasped and let out a little moan. “Oh my god you are so WET right now! I can’t believe you.” Gemma’s hand was grinding away at Ann’s pussy. It looked like she had shoved her middle finger into her and was curling it into her G-spot. Ann was gasping breathily, her head rolling back. “You’re so fucking pathetic, I literally just sucked your ex boyfriend’s cock in front of you and laughed at your body and you’re soaking wet. I can’t believe you were trying to highroad us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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