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I was working in a car manufacturing company, as a quality control specialist. All this meant was, I had to make sure everything was where is was supposed to be and it worked right. I had an easy job. I even had time to read books and do puzzles, while I was working.

I had two supervisors to report to. Brian, was the supervisor for my department, and Jeff was my main supervisor. Jeff was whom I talked to about the problems that I saw on the cars. I also had to do reports on the main items of concern. I worked in that department for about three months when Jeff and I started to become friends. Jeff was labeled as an asshole at work. Nobody liked him, at all. He had the ‘ I’m better than you’ attitude. His attitude didn’t bother me. Yeah he was a hard ass or tried to be, but I was used to working with people like that.

Jeff and I started to eat lunch together, and hang out after work sometimes. He tried to hide the fact that he liked to hang out with me, by acting like a total asshole to me in front of other people. Everyone knows how rumors start at work, if you are seen talking to men or other women right? Well there were all kinds of rumors about us.

Since he would drive his mini cart around to do his job, he would come get me to go eat lunch. He would even come over and visit me to talk when he had free time, in between having to fix problems. Jeff would always come over about an hour before lunch to see what I wanted to order to eat. Then Jeff would call that restaurant and have them deliver it to the plant. He would even go outside to pick it up for me. We would usually go eat lunch in his office. His office was away from the main floor. The odd thing was, that the room was sound proof. I think that room was used as a Tool and Die room at one time, before the plant grew to the two buildings that it is now.

One day while we were eating lunch in his office, Jeff asked me, “Amber, have you heard the one about how, we were caught fucking in here?”

I said, “No, We were? Wow, where was I? I wish you had told me about it, then I might have enjoyed it a little more.”

“Yeah me to. It sounds like it would be kinda fun to do.”

“You must be crazy. Having sex at work? What are you smoking, and why aren’t you sharing?”

“Oh come on. Think about it. The only way in here, is with a key. The door locks automatically, when you shut the door. This would be the perfect place to fuck. I don’t know how many times, I have thought about bringing some girl in here and bending over my desk.”

“You are a sick bastard. You know that. What happens when you get caught? You would be so, fired.”

“Oh well, at least I could say I fucked a bitch at work.”

Jeff and I were used to hearing shit like that about us. It didn’t bother me at all, but it might have bothered Jeff. The weeks went on about the same way they always have. Things all changed when we had a company audit going on.

I was pulled off my job to help Jeff with all the paper work that needed to be done. Most of the other women in my department, were pissed off that Jeff chose me to help him. I knew all of his paper work in and out, since I was always in his office. I am the type of person that asks questions about everything, and that’s how I know about his paper work. So I had my own little desk set up for two weeks in his office. The only job he had to do was, go around to the different departments and gather all the needed papers for me to file in the right places. It made his job easier, and it got me off the line for two weeks. Jeff and I ate lunch together as usual. Since he was the only one on the floor, he had the ears to listen to what was being said about the two of us. Jeff always reported the latest ones to me at lunch. It was like who had the best rumors about us. At this point I think Jeff was getting a little pissed off, about all of the shit he was hearing. I knew he was getting mad, since the normal joking tone was gone from his voice when he told me about the rumors.

It was on a Friday when Jeff and I went out to the bar after work for a few drinks. We did our usual thing of playing pool and bull shitting around. We got to the bar at about six and it was going on one o’clock. I told Jeff I was ready to go home and go to sleep.

He said, “why? We still have an hour before the bar closes.”

I said, “yeah I know, but I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. I’m sorry to ruin your fun.”

“That’s ok. We can always go out another time.”

Jeff bahis firmaları walked me to my car. I unlocked my door and was about to get in, when Jeff grabbed my arm. I was half drunk, and if he didn’t grab me as hard as he did I would have fell into my car. When he grabbed my arm, he said, “I am getting so sick of the rumors going on about us at work. It is really starting to piss me off. They think we are fucking and we aren’t. Doesn’t it bother you, with what they are saying about us?”

I said, “no not really. I could give a shit less what other people think. Shit, I was even thinking about making up some stuff to tell people.”

“Oh don’t do that, that will make it worse for me. Brian is already asking me questions about us. It’s really sad when, you have to explain your relationships to your boss. I am just getting sick of the bull shit, that’s all.”

“Well I don’t know what to tell you. I just ignore people, and let them say what they are going to say. There is nothing you can do, about making the rumors stop.”

“I know, I know I guess I’ll talk to you on Monday then. Have a good weekend.”

Jeff gave me a hug and told me to drive safely. Which is odd, Jeff has never hugged me. I just blew it off and went home. I took my shower and got on my computer. I did my usual, I checked my mail, and saw who was online to talk to. I saw that Jeff was online so I instant messaged him.

I said, “hey what are you doing?”

Jeff said, “not much, just bored and pissed off. Why what are you doing?”

“Checking my mail, and seeing who is on here to chat with.”

“Listen, I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to piss you off.”

“Oh you didn’t piss me off. I just didn’t know all of that shit bothered you that much.”

“I just don’t know what to do. Everyone there is really pissing me off.”

“Like I said, just ignore them. If they know how much it bothers you, then they will keep talking.”

“Well I’m going to get off here and go to bed. I guess I will see you on Monday.”

“See ya, Later “



Jeff is a really good friend to me. I just wanted to help him, get over what people were saying about us. Then I had an idea. I would flirt with Jeff more, then maybe I could make his fantasy come true. After all Jeff is a good-looking man. He is about 5 foot 10 with great big blue eyes. Jeff isn’t exactly skinny and he is not fat. With his dark brown hair and dark skin, he looks good. I don’t think I’m that great looking. I’m about, 5 foot two with long light brown hair, that reaches to the bottom of my back. I’m a little heavier, than someone my size. My just one of the guy’s attitude, are what most men like. That and my 36D chest. The big tits and the really long hair, men like to pull on both of them. Either way, as long as I get off, I really don’t care what they pull on.

It’s Monday morning, and I’m ready to see just how far Jeff really wants to go. I wore my v-neck green shirt, with a pair of overalls. Every time I ware that shirt, people don’t talk to me, they talk to my tits. Most of the day Jeff talked to my tits and smiled a little more. He never even made a comment about my tits all day. I was starting to think I wasn’t doing my job. So all week, I wore things that made my tits look big. Jeff never once made a comment. I was starting to wonder, if Jeff even liked tits.

On Friday morning, Jeff finally said, “what the hell is wrong with you?”

I said, “what do you mean, what’s wrong with me?” “All week, you have had your tits hanging out. What don’t they get enough sunlight?”

“No they are just fine. I ran out of laundry soap and didn’t have time to go to the store to get some. So I had to ware shit like this. Is that a problem?”

“I didn’t say it was a problem, I was just wondering that’s all. With you wearing shit like that, makes me think what your tits look like.”

“Really, maybe if you ask nicely I might let you see them.”

“I don’t ask. I take. So if I wanted to see your tits, I would just rip your shirt off.”

“First of all, you don’t have the balls to do it. Second, you don’t want to risk being fired if you were caught. All and all you are a big pussy.”

Jeff got a weird look in his eye. He raised one of his eyebrows, and he put his hand on the front of my shirt and yanked it down hard. My big tits fell out of the shirt. Jeff said, “now those are some nice tits. As for the balls part, oh your going to see mine soon enough.”

Jeff kaçak iddaa unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down. He picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and sat me on his desk. Jeff sat in his chair, and put his face in my pussy. Jeff opened my pussy lips, and sucked on my clit. He was taking the time to suck and lick each of my hot wet pussy folds. Jeff slowly put his finger in my cunt and fingered me to an orgasm. When he was done with my pussy, he wiped my pussy juices from his face. Jeff stood and grabbed both of my tits, squeezing them. He took my puffy pink nipple in his mouth and sucked on my nipple until it was hard. Jeff sucked and chewed on my hard nipple. While he was playing with my tits, he was smacking and fingering my pussy.

Jeff lifted me off of his desk, and said, “get on your knees.”

I did as he said, as he pulled out his massive cock. I swear his cock had to have been at least a good 9 inches long, and 3 inches thick. As soon as I saw his cock, I just wanted to suck on it. His cock was hypnotizing. I opened my mouth as far as I could. Jeff smacked his cock on my tongue, and my face.

He said, “I want you to suck this cock, and you are going to swallow what I give you to swallow. You got that you fucking bitch!”

I wanted to get that hot hunk of cock meat in my mouth, as fast as I could. I slowly licked the whole length of his shaft. I softly sucked and licked his balls. I just wanted to hear him moan so bad. I just loved looking at his cock. I sucked on the head of his cock as hard as I could. I wanted to taste his hot cum, when he shot it down my throat. The harder is sucked on that hot cock, the more cock meat I took in my mouth. I wanted all of his cock in my mouth. I sucked slow and hard, then I would take a little more in my mouth. I had all but 3 inches in my mouth, when I started to suck from the big swollen head of his cock. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to make him, want me to suck his dick. The more is teased his cock, the harder he tried to push my head down, onto his fat cock. I sucked on his cock harder. I would only take so much in my mouth, and then back off. I kept on teasing him like that for a good ten minutes. In one big, long, hard suck, I took all 9 inches into my mouth. That’s when I heard Jeff say, “oh shit! That’s how you suck a cock.”

I was determined to taste his hot spunk. Jeff started to fuck my face, like he was fucking my pussy. I just grabbed a hold of his hips, and let him fuck my face. The harder he pushed his cock into my mouth, the harder I sucked.

I heard Jeff say, “oh fuck! Here it is, you bitch. You better swallow it all.”

Jeff shot his hot creamy load into the back of my throat. I almost gaged on his cum. Some even ran down my chin, but I wiped it up and licked my fingers clean. Jeff picked me back up and sat me on his desk. He pulled my ass to the edge of his desk, and pushed my body down. Jeff grabbed one of my legs and put it on top of his shoulder. He rubbed his cock on my wet pussy. Jeff started to smack his cock off of my pussy. The more he smacked his big cock on my pussy, the wetter I got. He wanted my pussy dripping wet, so he could slide his cock in and fuck the shit out of me. With each smack, I let out a moan. I think Jeff was having fun playing with my pussy. The next thing I knew, he slammed his hot hard cock in my pussy. Each thrust was harder than the last. I had to hang on to the edge of the desk to keep from falling off. I couldn’t help but moan. I was sure someone heard me, moan and scream from the fucking I was getting.

Jeff said, “oh you like it rough huh? I’m going to fuck you so good, you will think twice before you tease me again, with those big tits of yours.”

I said, “yeah teach me a lesson. Fuck that pussy good!”

“Oh I’m not even done with you yet. Just wait.”

He made cum so many times, I lost count. He put both of my legs on top of his shoulders and grabbed a hold of my shoulders. Jeff kept slamming into my pussy harder, and harder. I know by this point there had to be people wondering what was going on. I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming any more.

Jeff said, “oh don’t worry, nobody can hear you scream. The walls are sound proof, so scream.. as loud… as… you…. want! I want to hear you scream, then I know I’m fucking you right.”

Jeff pulled his wet cock from my pussy, and told me to stand and bend over his desk. I laid across his desk waiting for some more great fucking. I grabbed a hold kaçak bahis of the edge of the desk to brace myself. He took both of his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. Jeff sucked and licked at my swollen dripping wet pussy. He sucked on my big clit, so much I came all over his face. Jeff slowly started to lick my tight little asshole. It made me jump a little. No man has ever licked or even touched my asshole. The more he licked the more I liked it. He sucked on my asshole so much, it stuck out.

I said, “yeah, suck on that little asshole. Lick my fucking tight ass. I’m going to cum all over your face again if you keep that up.”

He said, “come on cum, I want to taste you again. You taste so good. I can stay all day eating your pussy.”

Jeff stood and slammed his cock in my pussy again. I knew by how hard he was fucking me, that I wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow. As he was fucking me to another orgasm, he slid his finger into my asshole. When he did that I had the best orgasm of my life!

Jeff said, “oh you like that don’t you. Well if you like that then you are going to like this.”

When he said that, he pulled his cock out of me and rubbed my pussy juices onto my asshole. He put the tip of his cock on my virgin asshole. I started to tense up, when he said, “relax, if you don’t, it will hurt a lot more.”

I did as he said, since so far he has fucked the hell out of me. Jeff slowly pushed the head of his fat cock into my ass. It felt like he was going to rip me apart. It burned and it hurt. I did my best to relax. Jeff slowly pushed in and out of my tight asshole. He began to go faster and faster. It was feeling better in my ass. I was enjoying, getting my ass fucked by a big fat cock!

I screamed, “mmm yeah, fuck that tight ass. Show that ass who’s boss. Fucking rip my ass open!”

He said, “that’s right, I’m the fucking boss. Nobody is… ever…. going to…fuck your ass…. as good…. as me! You… will.. remember…. this…. ass ….fuckin!”

“Fuck my ass harder! Fuck it harder! Make me scream.”

Jeff pounded my ass as hard as he could. I wanted to cum all over his dick. I was even rubbing my clit to help my orgasm along. I never wanted to stop fucking Jeff. If he could keep fucking me for two hours straight, I wanted to take him home, and fuck him all night.

Jeff was really getting into fucking my ass. I even heard him moan and scream along with me. I heard Jeff say, “say my name bitch! Say my name!”

I moaned, “that’s it fuck me like a whore! Ahhh….. JEFF! Fuck my ass good! You fuck my ass so good!”

I heard him say, “turn around!”

I turned around, and Jeff shot his hot load, all over my big tits. He smacked his cock on my cum covered tits. So I took his cock and put it between my tits. Each time I saw the head of his cock, come up between my tits, I would suck on it. I wanted to taste is cum even more now. Jeff titty fucked my big tits for a long time, before he sprayed cum all over my face.

I took what was left of my shirt and wiped my face clean. I put my pants on, and brushed my hair. Jeff got himself together, and sat in his chair. He said, “I got another shirt you can have to ware home.”

I said, “thanks, I’m glad you noticed you fucked my shirt up.”

“Hey you asked for it. Don’t go showing your tits off, and not expect something to happen.”

I put on his extra t-shirt, and tried to get myself together, as much as I could. Jeff got his papers and left the room. I felt used and abused. I was actually pissed off, at Jeff for leaving the room. I had to stand to finished what I could with his paper work. My asshole was so sore, I couldn’t sit down. It was about five o’clock when Jeff came back to his office. He sat at his desk, and looked at me.

He said, “well that was the best fuck, I have had in a long time. By the sounds of it you had fun to.”

“Why did you leave so fast?”

“I was in here fucking the shit out of you for three hours. I had to get back to work, before Brian came to look for me.”

“Oh, well, I thought you were doing a fuck me and leave me kind of thing.”

“Hell no. I want you to come over to my house later tonight. I want to fuck you some more.”

“Well that can be arranged. Since it is time to clock out, why don’t you call me later.”

“Alright, how about I call you about eight o’clock?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We walked out of work together, and Jeff walked me to my car. He gave me the longest, hardest kiss that I have ever had. Jeff kissed me right in front of everyone, that was in sight of us. He didn’t even care who saw us.

Then Jeff yelled, “yeah, were fucking, so what!”

to be continued…

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