Beth’s Family Ch. 01

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Jack and Beth had just had a fantastic session. They had been fucking for over two and a half hours, and Beth had had multiple orgasms. She looked beautiful as they finished their wine. They had met eighteen months earlier on a dating site. Jack would be fifty later this year. Beth was seventy-four but looked in her early sixties. Initially, they had flirted online then moved to Skype for online sex on cam. Beth was a wealthy woman; her father had been a builder and an astute businessman. When he died, he had left Beth and her sister Jo an impressive property portfolio. They had a lot of houses that they rented out. Jo was an accountant and looked after the running of the business. Jo was younger than Beth, she was sixty-five, she had never married and was born with a disabled leg, and she walked with a limp. Beth had told Jack that she was very religious and went to the church every day.

Over the last eighteen months, Jack had gotten to know Beth well. Beth was divorced and had a son and a daughter. The son lived a four-hour drive from Beth. Tina, the daughter, lived twenty minutes from Beth and the saw each other regularly. Tina had a son, and the father lived with her. He had ME, and Tina was the breadwinner of the family. She was a director of a huge company. Jack had seen many pictures of Beth, Jo and Tina. They all looked so alike. Tina had darker hair where Beth and Jo were both blinds. Their figures were similar. They were all very big breastfed. Beth had very sensitive nipples and could cum when they were sucked.

Beth lived just under an hour from Jack. She had a gorgeous farmhouse where she had converted the barns into double bedroom apartments. Inside the farmhouse, she had another five flats. When Jack visited her he had an apartment in the farmhouse and Beth would visit him there. He was usually there twice a week for one night, but this week he was there for a two-night stay as he had a lot of business to do locally. Peter, Beth’s cuckold boyfriend, shared an apartment with Beth, but he didn’t share her bed. Peter did a lot of little jobs around the property, but Jack thought he was a waste of space.

Beth loved Jack’s cock. She was obsessed with it. It was long and fat, and Jack knew how to give pleasure with it. Jack had to meet a customer so had left Beth after their session. They would eat in a nearby Italian restaurant this evening and then back to Jack’s apartment. Beth never stayed overnight in the apartment with Jack. She would come back at five or six in the morning for another session. She loved to be fucked and then Peter would lick her cunt for her. In this respect, she treated him like a dog, but he was her cum slut. He loved eating cunt.

Jack had a successful business afternoon then met Beth in his apartment for a glass of wine. Jo came with her as she had several pieces she wanted to sell from one of the properties. Jo was very organised and showed casino şirketleri Jack many pictures of the Antiques; Jack dealt in Antiques, they arranged that Jo would come tomorrow morning and take Jack to the property to see the antiques for himself. Jo would come at seven-forty-five after morning mass. Over their wine, Beth said, “I think one of the priests must be fucking her but when you look at the priests they are all in their eighties, and I am sure that they can’t get it up anymore.”

Beth was looking stunning; she was wearing an outfit that highlighted her voluptuous figure. They walked to the restaurant; it wasn’t that busy they had their usual table so Jack could finger Beth’s cunt under the table. Beth never wore panties when she wore a skirt. They chatted easily then Beth’s phone beeped, she had a message from Tina which read, “Mum, can you please look after Tom tonight and tomorrow as Bill has to go to the hospital early tomorrow for his checkup. He has known for four weeks about this, and he tells me the night before. I am sorry to give you such short notice. If you can take Tom to school in the morning, then Bill will pick him up from school. I have his bag packed. If you can let me know soon as it’s now getting past his bedtime. Love Tina.”

Beth replied, “No problem darling, I am out for a meal with Jack this now but will be home soon. We are in the Ristorante if you want to bring him here. If not take him to my place and put him to his bed and ask Peter to keep his eye on him until I get home. Love Mum.”

Tina answered, “Thanks a million mum. I will take him there now. I will put him to bed then can I come to Jack’s apartment as I would love a quick word with you and I need a glass of wine?”

Beth replied, “Of course, If you want you can stay the night and sleep in the same bed as Tom. I know how you are having a hard time, but Bill should be more considerate, he is just loafing around all day. Jack has plenty of wine in his fridge. See you soon, love mum.”

She said to Jack, “Poor Tina is having problems with that asshole of a partner. Tom is now twelve; Bill hasn’t worked now for ten years. I don’t know what motivates him. Letting Tina know the night before that he can’t take his son to school the next day puts a lot of pressure on Tina. I think she wants a night away tonight. We can have some wine with her then she will go to her bed.”

The got back to the farmhouse and Tina’s Mercedes was there. They went into Jack’s apartment. He got fresh glasses and a glass for Tina. For the next twenty minutes they kissed and touched, Beth was very wet, and Jack had lubed Beth’s ass, and she loved as she loved to be ass fucked. Tina arrived, and she looked stressed out. Jack poured her a glass of wine. They sat on the bed which Beth had made up. The same bed where Beth had had multiple orgasms four hours before, the room had a pleasant smell of sex casino firmaları in the room. Jack asked, “Tina if you want to have a private chat with your mum then I will go for a walk?”

Tina replied, “Thanks, but please stay, I am happy to be having a night away from the unnecessary stress that I have live with at home. The father of my son is an asshole. Thank god Tom is good, but he is aware of the stress. Mum, we have got to make that cunt realise what he is doing, sorry I take that back, cunt is a useful thing. We have got to make that piece of shit realise what he is doing. He is useless to me. Once in the last ten years, I have had sex with him. He was in and out, and that was it. I work hard and then come home to this shit.”

Beth said, “Darling, I will help you in every way that I can. I think that you should sit back and have a look at your life. Be more dominant with him. It’s your house; you are not married to him, he has a responsibility regarding Tom. Start to plan your life without him; he is no more than baggage to you. You and Tom can stay here as long as you like. You must get out of this.”

Jack said, “Tina, you are an intelligent, attractive woman. I would suggest that you start to change your appearance. Your mum and your aunt Jo have wonderful blond hair; you’re dark. They both look wonderful with that colouring. You all have the same facial bone structure and the same voluptuous bodies, your mum, is the only one that uses this to her advantage.”

Tina replied, “You are so right. I will change my hair colour tomorrow. Jack, I love how you think, now I know why mum is so happy with you. Aunt Jo has a dildo of a crucifix, I can’t understand why she is like this. She is like mum a brilliant woman, I am sorry for her disability, but she needs to get a life like mum. I have the best mum in the world. Thanks, Jack for looking after her, she has glowed for the last eighteen months.”

They talked for another twenty minutes then Tina left. She kissed Jack on the cheek, but he felt her pussy grinding against his leg as she did it. He then gave Beth fantastic fucking. He was on every hole, and her pussy was dripping when she left. She came back the next morning at five; he had her in both holes before Jo arrived. Beth was glowing when Jack went. She had to take Tom to school.

Jo arrived then Jack followed Jo to the property which she was redecorating. They came and went to the apartment. Jo had a pronounced but was still agile. She was very business-like and showed Jack all the pieces that she wanted to sell. All the furniture was Art Deco and was in good condition. There was the lounge furniture and the bedroom furniture. Jack asked, “Jo, I am interested in buying all of the furniture but may I ask why you are selling it as it’s all in good condition?”

Jo replied, “A lesbian couple was living here for years. Then the woman who had brought güvenilir casino the furniture into the apartment died, and her partner was not interested in it and has now moved in with another woman up north. So I have inherited it. I want to modernise the apartment, and that’s why I am selling. I don’t want a lot of money for the pieces, but I would like them taken away as soon as possible as I need to get my painter in to redecorate.”

Jack offered her a fair price, and she accepted. Jack then phoned his store and Kenny would come in the van now and Jack would help him load the furniture. Jo suggested going to her apartment for a coffee as they waited for the van to come. They sat in the kitchen and Jo made the coffee. Jack then gave her the money for the furniture. Jack also gave her his business card and said, “If you are doing any other renovations and want to sell things, then please let me know. I am pleased with the bedroom furniture; I may buy a new mattress for it and use it myself.”

Jo replied, “It’s a big bed two meters square, I believe that it is French, the lady who died mother was French, and I believe that she bought it new. It was the style of the roaring twenties and thirties. I am glad that you have bought it as I think that you appreciate it. I must visit your store as I have some properties in your area. I have a question, I have often wondered how you met Beth, will you tell me?”

Jack said, “It was on a dating site eighteen months, we both enjoy the same things, and now we see each other a couple of times a week.”

Jo replied, “Oh, which site was that?”

Jack said, “Mature dating, I enjoy being with older women.”

Jo replied, “Beth was very grumpy before she met you, you seem to get on well with her. What’s your profile name and do you still use the site?”

Jack said, “Big boy, I am still on it but don’t use it much. Are you on any sites?”

She replied, “I am religious in many ways, but I can be very sinful with the right person. I have my disability which apart from my limp doesn’t inhibit me in any way. I would like to get to know you better with the proviso that what we get up too is strictly between you and I. Will you give me your word on that?”

Jack said, “Of course, I am very discreet.”

She smiled then said, “I will be in touch.”

Kenny arrived, and they loaded the van. Jack had a customer to see so he shook Jo’s hand, she sexually squeezed his hand. He left and went to his customer. He got back to the apartment just after four. He checked his email; he had a friend request on Facebook from Tina. He had a message from on Mature Dating which read, “How big are you? I love it deep in every hole. Please give me access to your private pictures. J.”

He went online and gave her permission to and asked her for access to her pictures. She had no pictures on her profile, but there were over twenty in her private portfolio. Her profile read, “Mature religious woman seeking an open-minded, experienced male who must be over twenty-five.”

Jack was wondering where this would lead him; he was physically attracted to all three of them. His mind was now in overdrive.

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