Bi-curiously Experimenting

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The events that unfold in this article have not occurred in my life. I don’t know if they ever will.

Am I bi-sexual? This is a question I have long wondered. I have had some serious fantasies and even more vivid dreams from time to time about having various forms of sex with other men. Sometimes the dreams occur after having read and self- pleasured myself some of the Gay Male stories in .com. But not always. This is a tale of how I could eventually find myself in a situation to find out.

Feel free to let me know whether or not you like it or not. I would also welcome any constructive comments.**

As a freelance audio visual technician in the San Antonio area, I sometimes get to travel for various audio visual companies to out-of-town conventions. I have been to many places. Nashville, Dallas, San Diego, etc. This involves a trip to Minneapolis, MN. I have already been there a few times, but this trip will be the first for this particular AV company.

If you, dear reader, are unsure as to what I do for a living, let me explain it in the simplest terms I know how. If you have ever been to a convention, seminar, or expo you may have noticed the audio visual equipment in the room. The screen, projectors, sound, lights, etc. All that and more guys like me set-up, operate, and tear-out at the end of the event. We also set-up computers and networks and printers in common areas for temporary email centers or workspaces.

As I said earlier, this involved a trip to Minneapolis. The av company was relatively new in the business and this was one of their first big accounts. They hired several free-lancers from all over the country to come in as well as quite a few local labor to fill out what we needed. We had events occurring at the convention center as well as at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency right off of Nicollet Mall. My job was to coordinate all of the breakout rooms at our hotel. It was kind of a complex job as we went from 20-35 rooms every day for about 7 days. Not as complex as some I have had, but it had its twists and turns.

After getting in from the airport they wanted us to all meet up in one of the hotel meeting rooms before we checked in as some of us would be staying at another hotel nearby and they wanted to brief us on what was expected of us. It took a couple of hours to go thru all of that, but finally we were done. As I started for the door I got called back by the owner of the AV company.

When I got there he began apologizing to me immediately saying that there was a mix-up in the hotel room bookings and I had to share a room with someone. That’s when I noticed the guy standing slightly back and to the left of him. He was introduced as Lee. He looked like a pretty standup kind of guy. He had a decent build with hair similar to mine except his was that kind that always seemed to look good no matter what. Yall know what I am talking about. The kind that you wished you had. I just had one question for him, “Do you smoke?”

He replied, “Nope. Gave it up long ago.”

I looked at the owner and said, “No problem.”

He looked pretty relieved. I knew where he was coming from. Most AV techs hate having to share rooms. We tend to bitch and moan when we have to do it. I’m pretty easy going tho. Inside I was bitching and moaning, but on the outside I just took it in stride as one of the various potential hazards that come up occasionally. My best hope was that the event had better planning put into it and that it went well. I like for my part of any event to be as professional as possible. And one thing that can cause an event to crash and burn is crappy, old or out-dated, or even broken AV equipment. My thought was that if they messed up something as simple as getting us our own rooms, then what else are they going to mess up. We’ll see.

Lee and I headed to the front desk to check-in. Making small talk along the way. I did inform him that I snore very loudly. He replied back that he used to snore so now he was used to the sound. Lol, we’ll see how he feels near the end of the event. He may be ready to kill me by then.

After getting our stuff up to the room and unpacked (I believe in putting my stuff in the drawers if I am going to be there more than 3 days) it was time for dinner. We went to this place nearby that he knew about that served some pretty decent burgers at a decent price.

As we walked back we got to know each other better. Like me he too was married and had kids. I had more kids than he did. He had been in the AV business a few years less than I but he definitely seemed to be on top of his game. He was a very nice guy.

After we got back we flipped for whoever got to use the shower first and he won. I decided to check my email and just surf while he was in there. I talked to my wife for a little while where I did a quick bitch and moan session about the situation.

He was still in when I decided to surf over to my favorite sex story site (yes canlı bahis şirketleri fans, I do mean .com). I read a few stories. I like a variety of things. One thing I have noticed is that the older I get the more I seem to be willing to read more risqué stuff such as the Loving Couple, Nonconsensual and even the Gay Male stories. Today there seemed to be more Gay Male stuff than anything else. I have found that occasionally these things go in cycles like this.

So, I read some of the stories that had descriptions that appealed to me more than others. I wasn’t at all into the namby pamby flamboyantly gay stuff. I was more into first timers’ stories. I also liked to see Loving Couple stories where, to add a little spice, they added a partner and it turned into a surprise bi session for the guy.

Just after I got thru reading a particularly vivid story that really got me hot and bothered to the point of rubbing my hardon thru my jeans I heard the shower go off. So, I reluctantly got ready to go take my shower. I had to practically will my hardon away.

About that time Lee opened the door and emerged. He was nude. I was standing there kind of shocked. I didn’t know where I should look so my eyes kind of went everywhere. He kind of stopped as he noticed how I was acting.

“Whoops,” he said, “I guess I forgot to mention that I sleep nude.”

“Uhmm, yeah, you did forget.”

He said, “If it’s going to bother you too much I will put some clothes on.”

“Uhmm, nahhh…that’s alright. It’s not a big deal. I sleep in my briefs myself,” I replied. As I picked up my stuff I happened to glance in the mirror and there IT was. His cock. Just dangling there out in the open. Just hanging there it looked like it was about 4 inches long or so. While mine tends to enlarge to about 7 1/2 inches or so while hard it also tends to be Kind of small. Like about 2 or 3 inches in it’s limp state. Being uncircumcised doesn’t help either. His was fascinating. I must have been there for about 30 or more seconds just looking when I happened to look up and there he was just kind of looking at me while I looked at his cock. Dayum, I was sooo busted. Crap.

I headed to the bathroom vaguely hearing him mention something about email. My mind really wasn’t on what he was saying. It was locked on the image I had of his cock and the fact that I got busted checking it out. If I thought anything at all about him checking his email it would have been from him using his own laptop. I had no idea he was about to use mine. I had no idea that he would manage to get to my laptop before the screensaver kicked in at 10 minutes. And I had no idea that he would immediately see my firefox browser open to .com. I certainly didn’t know that after he busted me checking him out, his curiosity was up and he hit the forward button to see the last story I read which was about a married guys first time to have sex with another guy. A really hot story. He told me later. But, I had no idea what chain of events all that would start because of all that. Normally I close that stuff out and erase my history just in case. Must have been a sub-conscious thing to not do it this particular time.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and just looking at myself in the mirror. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I had been cold busted checking out another mans package. I could only hope that he didn’t spread that info around. I got my stuff and put it in the shower area. Because it was a last minute thing, the AV company had gotten us a pretty nice suite. That meant that the bathroom was an executive class with a HUGE bathtub and shower area. Each had a little shelf for sometime to sit down if they needed to.

I got in and got all wet. Did I mention that I was still in shock and that I was turning red from head to toe? Finally I just sighed and began to get shampooed and soaped up. I got the dove all over my face so it would get cleansed. I used my loufa and my shower gel. I made sure to get my asshole as clean as possible. I always do. It’s a habit to get my finger soapy and stick it as deep as I can while simultaneously rubbing it all around trying to get it as clean as possible. Got my legs and feet all soaped up. Rinse off time. I got most of the soap off of my body and then I pulled the shower head off the clamp and turned it to one single high-powered stream and gave myself a basic enema and rinsed all of the soap out of my ass. I have never understood just why doing that feels soooo good. My horniness came back and I found myself thinking of Lee’s cock again. Only this time other thoughts went thru my head. Thoughts of being on my knees sucking him off. Feeling his manhood as he fills my mouth with his hardness. Even thoughts of being able to fit it all in until his balls are resting on my chin and my nose is buried in his soft pubic hair.

Then I reluctantly took the shower head and converting it to the softest spray possible. I turned that on my balls and canlı kaçak iddaa just about sank down with pure pleasure. The soft water felt like many fingers lightly rubbing all of over my shaft and balls. In seconds my cock was hard and I stroked it a few times. Then I reluctantly put it down. I had been in the shower for quite some time I thought and I didn’t want Lee to think I am in the bathroom whacking off right after I just got caught checking him out like that. I got out, taking my time to dry off in order to give my hardon a chance to go away. After it did, I put my briefs on. I can feel my cock and balls do that tingle thing like they do. I comb my hair real quick, take a quick breath and I am ready to go ahead and go ahead and open the door.

As I open it I notice that Lee has taken the bed facing the door. He’s covered from the waist down, sitting there bare-chested and watching TV. MY breath becomes harder to take as I realize that damn but he looks sexy. My own thought processes conspire against me. I watch as it seems to me like he checks out my package deliberately. Going from my eyes, down my body to my package and back again a couple of times. He kind of smiled a bit as he tells me he has decided on a few movies. I don’t even look at the TV as I pass it. I put my stuff away, kind of self-coconscious about myself. My hardon hadn’t gone away totally. So, I had a nice somewhat embarrassing bulge going on. I finally slid beneath the sheets. It was then I noticed that he had chosen what appeared to be one of the better Spectravision soft porn flicks. In the AV world we call it Spanktervision. By better I mean it appeared as though the quality of the flick had some thought put into it.

While we watch I happen to look in the mirror and realize that if I angle it just right I can see him and his sheet covered bulge. And it is getting bigger as I watch. The tent under his covers is rising. I returned my attention to the screen just in time to see the beginning of a new segment that involved to men and one woman. As the situation unfolds I also get harder and harder. I hear a moan from his side of the room and I look over. He is stroking himself under the covers and the sheets are beginning to slide down his body as his hand makes slow up and down motions. He looks over and says, “Sorry, this is turning me on so much. I hope you don’t mind.”

Once again it’s stutterer to the rescue, “Uhmmm ahhh no…that’s ok. Do what you gotta do.” I am thinking man, this is so weird. But at the same time I am so hot and horny and turned on it is unbelievable. My cock is rock hard and to be quite honest it feeling quite trapped in my briefs. Finally I reach under the covers and slide them down and begin to slowly stroke myself while watching the action on the screen and occasionally looking into the mirror at Lee stroking his hardon.

I was amazed when one of the guys slid down the writhing bodies and instead of going down on the woman he starts sucking the cock of the other guy. I look over at Lee and once again he smiled and said, “I hope you don’t mind. Uhmm, I’m bi-sexual and rarely get the chance to see anything like this where I am from.”

This time I don’t even bother to reply. I just shrug my shoulders, nod and continue stroking. I look over in the mirror and stop stroking in shock as I realize I can see Lee’s hard cock. The sheets had finally slid off of him and he was revealed in all of his hard glory. His cock looks a little bigger than mine. Maybe 8 or 8 1/2 inches or so. About the same circumference around. He is circumcised and his balls look pretty large. Like they are very cum-filled. Watching him I resume stroking myself and kind of licking my lips a little bit…my breath coming out harsher and harsher. I let my gaze wander up his chest and notice that he has shifted and is now watching me as I watch him. Busted again. He kind of smiles and stop stroking and instead holds his cock up for me to admire. The he quietly says the words that would become life changing, “Would to like to touch it?”

With a dry mouth I kind of just nod. I feel like I am no longer in control of myself, like I am watching myself from the side as I get up and move over to his bed. I slowly and carefully get on the bed. My hand reaches out and the next thing I know I am feeling the heat and soft velvetiness of his very rigid cock. I very carefully rub it up and down. Reaching down to caress his balls. Then I reach back and lightly stroke his cock up and down. He moans and shifts a bit getting closer to me. His and reaches over and begins rubbing my nipples. I can’t believe I am doing all this. I lick my lips some more thinking of how his cock would feel and taste in my mouth.

As if he can read my mind he says in a low tone, “If you want to suck it you can.” While normally my smartass mouth would say something like, “Why are you talking to me like I am one of your bitches?” Instead I just kind of look at him and at it. I make a decision that I am canlı kaçak bahis going to continue with this encounter but on my terms. I look up at him and say, “Look Lee, I have never done anything like this before. I have thought about it though. So, with that thought in mind we do this my way.”

He looked me in the eye and replied, “Ok, whatever you say. I haven’t had a chance to have any kind of sex in over two weeks. So I have lots of cum stored up. Be careful.”

I tell him, “No one can ever know of this.” He just nods his reassurance. “For now I don’t feel like kissing you or anything like that, I hope you don’t mind.” He just raised an eyebrow as if to say, you’ll suck my cock but not kiss me…ooookkkkkk.

I slide my body up his letting the smoothness work out between us. I begin by kissing him in the hollow of his neck. And then using my tongue I follow his jaw line around and when I get to the other side I begin nibbling and sucking on his clavicle.

He immediately began to respond by moaning and rubbing his body against mine even more. His hands come up and he started to feel me up and down rubbing me in all the right spots. One of my legs is in between his and our cocks rub together in their own very sensual dance. I can’t tell yall just how good it feels to rub cocks together like that. But to me it was freakin awesome.

I begin to make my way down his body, being sure to stop off at his nipples and using my tongue and teeth on them and making him writhe under me. There is a soft spot right under a person’s breast where they are more sensitive if it is done right. Pretty soon I am heading south for the big moment. The moment of truth. But first I continue to tease him by getting close to his hard cock without actually touching it. I just figure that this is what I like being done to me so why not do it to him like that too. I bet he is at least similar to me in that regard. My lips and tongue and face all come very close until finally he is going nuts. I let my lips lock on the sweet spot right on the inside of his thigh near his cock. I go to the other thigh and begin a light to moderate suck all the while swishing my tongue back and forth. He tenses as if he is being electrocuted.

My big moment is now at hand. No more putting it off. It is now or never for me. Make or break time. I slide the tip of my tongue slowly up his cock starting at the base until I get to the top where I swirl my tongue around and around the head all the while thinking I am doing it…I am licking a cock and feels and tastes soooooo good. Then I slowly slide my lips around the head and sink my head down on it filling my mouth with its hard velvetiness. My God, what a turn on. The very tabooness of what I am doing and the fact that it tastes so damn good. My mouth begins filling not just with cock, but also liquid that is not my saliva so it must be pre-cum. It tastes ok. Nothing special, but just the fact that I am drinking his pre-cum is hot.

His moans get deeper and deeper. But I don’t want him cumming too soon so I get off of his cock and lick my way down it. Finally I reach the area between his balls and his ass and he is shaking with pure pleasure. Then I move my mouth down to his ass hole where I begin using my tongue on it lightly and getting harder and harder until I penetrate his ass with my tongue. I am doing a lot of things that before now were only fantasies. I am finding that the reality is far better than the fantasy ever could be. I rim him as deep as possible making sure to get as much saliva in and on him as possible. It is a natural thing to do to slowly slide my finger deep into his ass. He thrusts down on my finger so I slide one more in him. I can tell he loves it.

I move my mouth back up to his cock where I get serious about sucking it. It doesn’t take long before his body begins to buck and arch and he tries to tell me he is cumming in case I want him to shoot somewhere else. I just keep going because I want to see what it feels like to have his cum jet into my mouth and what it tastes like. This is where all my fantasies of the last several years have led me to. I am not going to miss this because of squeamishness.

His body stops, tenses up, his cock expands and become even more hard in my mouth. His mouth opens and this guttural sound comes out as explodes his hot cum into my mouth. I had the tip just resting on the tip of my tongue as I begin to swallow it.

I ain’t gonna lie and say I caught it all. At one point his cock got loose and squirted all over my lips and chin before I got it back in my mouth. The taste was….well, it was different but not bad. Definitely not bad. I wanted more. Lots more. And I wanted more cock too. I was addicted. Already.

Finally he stopped and his whole body relaxed deep into the sheets. He just lay there as if stunned limp as a wet noodle. I looked down and noticed that there was a little left over cum starting to drip out of the end of his cock. I leaned over and gently licked it off. As my tongue touched it his whole body jerked and he let out a low moan. So, I gently put his cock in my mouth and just put a slow suck to it drawing out what was left without affecting the tenderness of the head of his cock.

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