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I was only twenty three when my identity was stolen. They used it to buy illegal things. I got charged for it. I had no way to prove that I wasn’t the one buying all this shit that they said that I did. I don’t even fully no what I “bought”, because of security issues. The judge was a hard-ass dyke with no mercy. I didn’t have a chance. I was charged with the intent to sell and buy illegal foreign goods, and I got 4-6 years in jail, with parole possible halfway through.

Anyone who knew me, knew that I wouldn’t do anything like this, and was the least likely do ever be in jail. I was drove from the city jail to the women’s State of Florida Penitentiary. We were given powder blue, crotch binding jumpsuits. My blonde hair is undone, and dirty.

Before I got here I was a dance instructor, for a Tampa Bay dance studio. During college I used to be a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Bucs. As you could guess, I had a great body, and a tan too! My weekly schedule included, dancing everyday, tanning everyday, and dating everyday. I used to go to the nude beach to get a full body tan, and once in awhile pickup a guy. My legs, arms, and abs are lean and muscled, but not too muscled. My tits were pert and stayed up without much aid from a bra. I had a pure dancer ass, and kept it virginal. I just think that sticking anything up there is kind of icky.

The bus drove up to the gate of prison, and we were unloaded, guards with shotguns in hands. We walked through the path with gated sides, as the bulky, trailer trash girls hollered and shouted at us. The prison inside was as gray as the clouded, rainy sky. I took the staircase at the end up and was pushed into the cell. They were 12X10 with a bunk bed, toilet, and a couple of boxes filled with shit. It was dark and I could tell that I already had a roommate on the top bunk.

I walked to the bottom bunk, laid down in a ball and cried. I cried myself to sleep the first night.

The lights went on, and guards came in at seven. The gates opened up and I saw my roommate come down for the first time. She was pretty, much prettier than one could imagine being in jail. She had curly auburn hair past her shoulders. Her eyes matched her hair color, and her build was average. She was thin, but not too thin. If she had told me she was a dancer I would have believed her. “I heard you crying last night, but believe me it gets easier every night – I’m Tammy.”

I just nodded my head and looked at the wall. She was nice. It would be terrible here I knew, but she could be a bright spot in here. “Alright, I’m Sarah.” “So what are we doing here know?”

“Shower time,” she said. Oh shit now I am going to have to be naked with a bunch of jail house lesbians. This was quite possibly more scary than going into my cell for the first time. I was sure that these girls would rip me apart mentally and physically, because of what I looked like. My thoughts were soon realized when we walked into the room. We had to strip completely of our clothes and drop them off at the desk to be washed. We were naked and had to walk upright in a line through the shower. I had to walk to the end of the shower to find a shower head canlı bahis that was untaken. I cried all the way down, because all the big girls were shouting obscenities and me. Some girls grabbed my ass and poked my pussy as I walked down to the end. My friend Tammy walked down to the end with me and showered next to me. She knew how bad it was for me, probably because it had happened to her to. We were getting wet when she reached across me and grabbed some shampoo. On the way back from squeezing some into her hands she gently grazed my breasts with her arm. I tried to think nothing of it. I looked to my left to see a rather rougher inmate. This girl was probably in her late 30’s and was muscular, she was six foot and weighed a little under 200 pounds. She caught my eyes and gave me a mean look, so I looked forward. I felt her reach over and grab my ass really tightly, then stick a finger in it. She told me to be quiet or she’d hurt me. She pulled out seconds later when a guard walked past. I left and moved over so Tammy was to my left with the wall to my right. ” It’s Ok, they’ll leave you alone real soon.” That wasn’t too reassuring. I was almost done washing off, when I stole a glance at Tammy again. She had her head up in the air in ecstasy, and was frantically rubbing her pussy, I couldn’t tell because of the shower but she must have been flowing juices, because when she finished up she was leaning against the wall.

We got back to our rooms, and we laid on our beds. “I saw you masturbating in the shower.”

I got no response for a couple of seconds. “Yea, well it’s sometimes hard in your room, because your moans might make too much noise at night, and who wants to lay all night in a pool of cum.” She made a good point. We ended that conversation at that, and I went to sleep. I woke up probably a few hours later. I opened my eyes and Tammy was sitting on the floor facing my with her eyes closed , and her pants around her knees. It was daytime and everyone in the other rooms were talking so I guess she thought she could get away with it now. I closed my eyes a little so if she were to look at me she would think that I was still sleeping. I only one time experimented in college with a girl and it wasn’t the greatest thing ever just good, but my pussy was wet now, probably because I wouldn’t be with a guy for a long time. Sure enough she did look at me, and kept her eyes on me. Her other hand was keeping her upright while her right hand was going between her pussy and her mouth. She had thick brown pubic hair around her pussy, and the aroma filled the little cell. I snuck my hand into under my blanket, and put a finger in my vagina. I moaned a little bit and fidgeted, but I don’t think that she noticed. I slightly opened my eyes back up and saw her taking her shirt off. Her tits were huge, and firm, likely d-cups. Her nipples were a dark shade of brown, and big, big and pointy. She laid on her back and slid her pants completely off and kicked them into the corner. Her right hand still was fingering her pussy, her left had was squeezing her tits, then shot down and was cupping her ass. She took them it off of her ass, and spread her pussy lips open with it, bahis siteleri she did it enough so that she could push her entire hand into her pussy. I couldn’t believe that she was fisting herself. She pumped, and I mean really pumped her fist in and out, until a quick scream let out and a puddle was formed underneath her. I closed my eyes completely so she wouldn’t know what I saw. My blanket covered my nude body from the waste down, thank God.

For twenty minutes I fingered myself, but didn’t come too close to orgasm. Without warning my blanket was ripped off me. I was too caught up to move my hand or anything. ” Ha, I knew that you were masturbating under there.” “I’m guessing that you saw me too, I usually get pretty into it.”

“Well yea, I just saw you, and you were getting away with it, and watching you I must say was getting my very hot,” I said.

“Well thank you for that comment, and we do it all the time in here.” “Sometimes we don’t masturbate alone either, in case you wanted to know.” I did want to know that too. I thought about that all day everywhere I went.

It was getting late at night after the lights were out, and I was still thinking about it. I figured I would try something that I wouldn’t normally do, but considering the circumstances, why not. I snuck out of bed and climbed up the ladder and laid next to Tammy, she was sleeping very deeply. I stared at her for a moment then brushed my nose against her neck and hair. I rubbed my cheek against hers, then softly laid my lips upon hers. I pulled back and pecked her again and again. This time I left my lips on her and poked my tongue out onto her lips. She finally woke up looked at me and smiled. Tammy grazed her hand through the back of my hair, kissed my passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. We were grabbing each others heads rather violently and strong. Our breathes were heavier than a storm’s wind.

She stopped kissing me, and sucked on my neck, and upper breasts. She sucked through my moans for over five minutes until I had at least five or six dark hickeys on me. My pussy was dripping wet, and visible wetness was seen through my clothes. I took control of her and laid her down on the bed with me laying over me. I pulled her pants off, and smelled, ever so deeply her vaginal region. She giggled. I for the first time really dove my head into a girl’s pussy, I took in the smell, and rubbed my head in her juices. She was soaking but I dried her off pretty well. I thought about how she’s probably done this many times before. I used both of my hands on her now in correlation with my face. Three of my fingers on my right hand were probing the bottom of her vagina and my tongue licked her clit at the same time. My left hand rubbed it’s way down to her ass. I had never played with my ass or a boyfriends ass before, and certainly not a girl’s. I used one finger at first not knowing what it would be like, it was very tight and warm. It wasn’t the cleanest or most normal of things to do, but we were in jail and nothing is. I knew she had gotten something in her ass before so I but two more fingers deep inside. The whole fingers were probing and feeling around bahis şirketleri the deep crevasses of her butt hole. She was panting with ecstasy, since my ass trek. I took my face off of her pussy and grabbed her by the hips and physically flipped her over. I spread her ass cheeks with my two hands, and then licked up and down her crack. I could smell it muskiness, but it wasn’t strong at all. I was so horny right now that I didn’t care at all. I flicked her little rosebud ass hole with my tongue, and fingered it with my indexes of both hands. “I can’t take it anymore”, she screamed. She rolled her body back over and fingered herself with my assistance to a powerful orgasm, that soaked the bed around her. She dug her fingers into the back of my head and threw it into her. I licked her dry, and more. I collapsed my body onto her heaving breasts, taking one of her nipples into my mouth.

We fell asleep that away, on that night. I was awoke by her shaking me. “Wake up is in one hour, but let’s have fun first!” I moped up, and she directed me to a sitting position, with my back to the wall. It was cold on the ground, and a little moist from the small drain underneath me. “Take off your clothes.” It finally hit me what last night was. So I took of my clothes and replaced my solemn face, with a smirk. She pulled her pants down and faced her pussy at me. “Jail is a place for kinky shit too, honey.” What on earth was she talking about? Her aimed pussy let out a flow of piss, onto my face. “O, you like that don’t you new girl?” After the shock and taste factors, I started too! She pulled it back after only like five seconds.

“I’m gonna take my clothes off!”, I said.

“Yea, good idea.” So I undressed very quickly, but they were already damp. She got a little bit closer to me, asked if I was ready, then shot into my waiting mouth. I drank what little hit my mouth down. She covered my tits, and my pussy with it, until she was all done.

“OK, now do me.” She didn’t need to tell me twice. I switched places with her, but before I sat her down, I had her lick all the piss off of my tits. My nipples were pointing straight out at least three quarters of an inch. After that, my piss, first slowly peeked out, then became a jet. I pissed about half my load, then she told me to stop. She took my hands and laid me on top of her. Our bodies were completely on top of each other. Our cunt mounds were rubbing up against each other. I started to piss into her pussy, which caused her to scream, a quick, but very loud sound.

We got dressed a couple of minutes later so we wouldn’t tire our selves out for the rest of the day, that and also because wake up was in a couple of minutes. We just laid in our beds until the bell went off and the cell gates opened. When ours opened up a middle aged woman along with two guards walked into the room and sat me down on the bed. She introduced herself as the warden and went into a long talk about how my lawyer had been working on a case for a while and proved my innocence. They all left after what seemed to be a long conversation just leaving me and my roommate in the cell together. I was so happy, but a little part of me was sad that I was going to her. “Don’t worry honey.” That was easy for her to say, she was just going to get a new roommate. “My parole is up in a month.” A smile grew to my face, because today was an awesome day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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