Big Sister Summer Ch. 02

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“Hey Kyle, is it true you can tell how big a guy’s dick is by how loud he pees?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Well yeah, think about it; guys pee out of their dickholes and so it stands to reason that the bigger the cock, the bigger the dick hole, and so the louder the sound of them pissing would be, right?

Kyle took a moment to take a sip of her coffee and stretch her arms out before she spoke. She was sitting at the kitchen table, still wearing her morning bathrobe, and looking contemplative. “Michaela, dear sister, it’s still a bit early for me. Where do you even come up with these things?”

“Well, I mean, Jean-Luc always pees very loudly and I can tell you that he does indeed have a big dick,” Mickey said, stretching by the front door in her morning jogging clothes. She then turned her head to look over at Jean-Luc, giving him a friendly wink and mischievous smile. “Ain’t that right, little bro?” Jean-Luc, who was sitting on the main living room couch, saw Kyle turn to face him. Her large gray eyes bespoke of both amusement and curiosity as she waited for his response.

“Well, Jean-Luc? C’est vrai?” Kyle asked. Jean-Luc gulped, as images of his fuck session with Mickey replayed in his mind. Her moans of pleasure, her face contorted in ecstasy. What it felt like to be inside her.

“Uh, sure,” he said softly, his voice empty of any of his normal cockiness. He saw Kyle go to say something, but then both of their attentions were drawn back to Mickey, who was now standing straight and huffing with a small but visible flame of frustration.

“What the shit?” she asked Jean-Luc.


“Dude, you give me the best pounding of my life and then when I go to compliment you, all you can say is “sure?”

“But, I mean, well, what do you want me to say?”

“I want you to take some actual pride in yourself, not just always hiding behind a veil of shit-talking,” Mickey said while crossing her arms. “I want you to say, “thank you Mickey, I do indeed have a big cock, and I appreciate you telling me so. Also, let me know when you’re down for round two” Mickey said, giving an impression of Jean-Luc’s voice.

“Round two?” Jean-Luc asked with a slight gasp. Mickey suddenly looked hurt before giving a beleaguered huff; as great as the sex had been with her, Jean-Luc had had a few days to crawl back to the realms of sanity. And now that he was there, he saw fit to stay there for as long as he could, before things got even crazier.

“Fuck you dude,” Mickey said, grabbing her water bottle and going to walk out the front door. But before she could get too far, Kyle hopped from her chair and walked to where Mickey stood, halting her before she could leave.

“Michaela,” Kyle said.


“Be nice to Jean-Luc; he wasn’t there when we had our talks and this is still new to him, and thus he is quite shy. Give him some time and he will come to you, with both love and eagerness.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mickey said while rolling her eyes.

“Also, Michaela, you will go job hunting today.”

“Kyle,” Mickey said lowly while narrowing her eyes at her older sister. But whatever aggression was in her posture quickly melted, as Kyle gently lifted her sister’s chin up to face her. And despite her tough posture, Mickey seemed rather powerless as she stared up at the taller girl. And as a glare of sunlight suddenly came into the le Coq house, Kyle stood fully illumined, her full beauty making her seem unearthly, her long chestnut-red hair flaring like a waterfall of fire. From his spot, Jean-Luc sat stunned as he stared at his eldest sister, jaw agape.

“Michaela, you are more talented, beautiful and clever than you realize. I understand if you don’t always feel that way, but it is true. I also understand your apprehension of the future. But trust yourself; you have already overcome many challenges, some of which I will never fully know about. Finding a job is no exception; you can do it.” Kyle then placed a sweet kiss upon Mickey’s brow.

“Okay,” Mickey said, pulling away, just as the sunlight that had entered the room began to leave, almost as suddenly as it had appeared. But before fully taking off, Mickey turned back to Jean-Luc. “You’re still going to help me train for that race” she yelled at him, a cheer having returned to her face, before she closed the door and jogged away.

Kyle sighed before she went back to her table to finish her coffee. Jean-Luc was quiet, but out of the corner of her eye, he was taking more time to admire his eldest sister. She was so gorgeous that he suddenly found it hard to believe she hadn’t been found by a talent scout yet, let alone been hired by a local business. Of course he had always known that, but it just seemed different now; more than it had ever been beforehand, it was clear that Kyle was an adult, with her own hopes and future ahead of her. Just knowing that strangely made her even more attractive to Jean-Luc.

And Jean-Luc, in as clear a thought as he had had for a few days now, told himself that he would casino şirketleri totally bang her.

He blinked to himself, surprised at his own inner brashness.

And there, that distant echo of an energy in his loins…

“What are you thinking about?” Kyle asked him. He came out of his inexplicable meditation, cheeks turning red, feeling like he had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She was giving him that same expression she had given him earlier.

“Nothing,” he replied curtly.

Now it was Kyle’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Are you working today?” she asked him.

“Hmm?” Jean-Luc looked down at himself and saw that he was indeed dressed in his work attire; a set of clothes he didn’t mind getting dirty. “Oh, yes, I almost forgot. In fact, I should probably get going.”

“Oh, okay,” Kyle spoke softly but happily. “If you wait a moment, I’ll go get dressed and walk you to work.”

“Oh, Kyle, you don’t have to do that.”

“Please, I insist, I’ll be real fast” she said, quickly finishing her cup of coffee before she headed upstairs to her room. True to her word, Kyle came back down wearing a nice summer dress, just as Jean-Luc had just been getting ready to head out.

The walk to Jean-Luc’s work was dusty and, with the exception of nearby cars, mostly quiet. While Kyle’s demeanor was pleasant, neither of them spoke. But Jean-Luc could tell, that echo he had felt for Kyle was still lingering. In the heat and dust of the walk to work, he felt himself only becoming more and more anxious. He gulped, hoping his nerves would be calmed. He spared a few quick glances at Kyle; a flurry of light breezes was making her long hair dance in the wind, and when she saw him staring at her, she sweetly smiled at him again.

The Sweetest Sin Cafe was close to where the le Coqs lived, and on foot, one of the paths you could take involved crossing the nearby bike path. Jean-Luc looked at his phone; they were making good time, quite a few minutes ahead of when he needed to be through the front door. He looked ahead and then behind him, and saw that no one was coming.

“Kyle,” he said, stopping where they stood. He then reached for her hand; Kyle herself was mildly surprised as she wondered what her little brother was going to do next.

Then, slightly stepping on his toes, he stood up and kissed Kyle. She was slightly taken aback, but she regained her senses and returned the kiss. At first, it was a quick, light peck. Then they went in for another, and it was more aggressive. Then, as the wind swirled around them, rustling their hair, they went in for their third kiss, and it was a lovely but intense Frenching. It didn’t last long, but it had gusto; it was exploratory, a tasting, tongues swirling a dainty but physical dance. All the while, they were holding each others hands, and their wind cooled skin was smattered with goosebumps.

It was hot.

It was a connection.

In fact, it was a downright spark.

With his right hand, Jean-Luc, grabbed Kyle’s big, full left breast. She gasped a happy sigh, and with that single grasp, he could feel it’s heft in his hand. Her jug felt nice and great in his hand, as he gave it a few gentle, firm squeezes.

“Jean-Luc,” Kyle said, reaching up and gently pulling his hand from her chest. The kiss had ended and they were both coming down from the passionate high they had stumbled into. “That was very nice, but you still must go to work.”

“Um, yes,” he said, fixing himself in appearance. Though he and Kyle still gave each other friendly smiles.

When they walked into the cafe, they were greeted with Neck standing at the coffee bar. He had a mime standing in front of him, and he looked positively exasperated. “Please sir, could you just tell me what you want? Are you wanting an espresso? A mocha? A black and white mocha?” The mime continued to make it’s motions.

Jean-Luc and Kyle just laughed.

Neck looked at them and flipped Jean-Luc off, though he gave Kyle a very friendly wave. From behind the coffee bar, a gray haired head poked up.

“Why, I’d recognize that lovely laugh anywhere,” came a creaky voice. An old lady, also wearing the outfit of someone who works at The Sweetest Sin, stepped up to Jean-Luc and Kyle.

“Hi Gran,” Kyle said kindly to the older lady.

“Miss Bonheur,” Jean-Luc said with a warm smile on his face. “Neck, why didn’t you tell me your Grandma was working the morning shift?”

“You didn’t ask,” Neck said with a shrug while returning his attention to the mime. Jean-Luc would’ve slapped Neck on a normal day for such a stupid response, but he was just happy to see the woman he affectionately called Gran. Despite her grandson being just a bit of an epic fail, Gran was about as nice an old lady as you could get in Bonville. And to Neck’s credit, he had been able to convince Philbert to let his grandma work, despite her older age and occasional clumsiness. As Neck explained to Jean-Luc in private, Gran had been fighting serious depression casino firmaları in the trailer park before she had gotten this job. He just hoped Gran’s place here in the cafe wasn’t as tenuous as Neck occasionally made it out to be.

“How are you, Kyle?” Gran asked. “You’re as beautiful as ever.”

“Oh, I’m doing good, just thought it would be a good day to walk my brother to work. Just like the last time we met,” Kyle said while giving Gran a big hug.

“Oh what a dear you are. And what perfect timing,” Gran said, pulling away from Kyle to look at Jean-Luc. “I heard you were having some stomach issues, son?”

“Oh. Actually that was a bit over two weeks ago, but yeah, I was hit by some bad muffins.”

“Well, it turns out I heard about that, and I made the perfect remedy for you should it happen again,” Gran said, as she quickly ducked back behind the coffee counter. She came back holding a decent sized loaf of glittering bread in a plastic bag. “I made some of my famous gingerbread, perfect for an upset tummy.” She passed it to Jean-Luc, and even through the plastic wrap, he could smell the sweet and spicy flavors, sharp enough to cut even a katana in two.

“Gran, this smells wonderful!” Jean-Luc said, also going and giving Gran a big hug. He then passed the loaf to Kyle. “I guess, bring this with you as you head back.”

“Of course.”

“Hey!” came an extremely angry voice from the back office. “What the fuck is going on? Get the fuck back to work!” Philbert roared.

The group at the front of the restaurant sighed as the good mood was suddenly cut short; even the mime sighed and shrugged.

“I’ll see you later bro!” Kyle said. “Thank you Gran, you’re the best. Feel free to teach me your recipe sometime.”

The rest of Jean-Luc’s shift went by speedily. Even the high number of customers and McGillycuddy’s screaming couldn’t bring him down, as he replayed the kiss he shared with Kyle over and over again. It had been the best kiss of his life. And while that still scared him a bit, he couldn’t deny the raw happiness it had brought him.

It had been an extra long day, and Jean-Luc got home much later than he normally did. When he entered inside, he found Mickey, still in nice dress clothes, asleep on the couch. A blanket that Jean-Luc could tell was one of Kyle’s had been put over her; she looked extremely peaceful and comfortable.

“You must’ve had a busy day,” Jean-Luc whispered to his sleeping sister. He knelt down and placed a gentle kiss upon her brow. Mickey just continued to gently snore.

Jean-Luc went over to the fridge. A note was placed on the adjacent countertop, with a message written in Kyle’s hand writing. It read:

Pasta in the fridge, I hope you like it! Sorry, I was a bit tired today, I went to bed early. But the pasta should still be a little warm. Love you!

Jean-Luc was immensely happy, though the pasta ended up needing to be microwaved a bit (typical Kyle). Still, it was delicious, and after dinner he cleaned up with a quick shower. He went upstairs and was headed to his room when he caught Kyle in the hallway. She looked sleepy, but still alert in her splendid purple sleeping gown.

“Oh,” she said with a smile. “Bon soir, Jean-Luc.”

“Bon soir,” Jean-Luc replied.

“How was your day?”

“Oh, it was long but it went by fast. I thought you went to bed.”

“Yep, just coming back from the bathroom one more time.”

“Oh, of course.”

The moment suddenly became tense. At least for Jean-Luc, he was still remembering the kiss he had shared with her earlier. And at that moment, he was trying to read Kyle’s body language as well as feeling the mood in the air. He was unsure.

“Are you going to bed, Jean-Luc?”


“Well alright then. Sleep well,” she spoke before she curtly stepped back to her room. She didn’t even bother trying to get a kiss on the cheek from him, as she had recently requested. Jean-Luc relaxed his shoulders a bit, thinking that was probably for the best. He was about to fully enter his room when he heard a cough coming from Kyle. He turned back to look at her; she was standing in her doorway, holding it open. A slice of moonlight cut through the hall window, and she looked as beautiful as she ever had. She gave him a smile, that unlike her normal smiles, was ever so slightly crooked. It had a different feel, and as moonlight shone around her, she gave him a look that could only be described as hungry. Wanting.

“I’m leaving my door open tonight,” she said, her sweetly scratchy voice tinged with a certain and uncommon huskiness. “It might get a bit hot tonight.”

“Of course,” Jean-Luc said, watching as Kyle quietly disappeared into the shadows of her room.

Jean-Luc threw himself onto his bed, but he was far from relaxed. Tossing the blankets he kept on his bed to the floor, he felt like he was going insane. Laying down in the dark, he was slowly becoming more and more drenched in sweat, as intense, sensual thoughts of Kyle raced in his mind. güvenilir casino And goodness was he hard-the hardest he had been in some time. He felt his heavy dick breaking up from the rim of his boxers, resting against his belly. And as he looked at it in the long shadows of his room, he felt like King Arthur, ready to pull Excalibur from the stone and claim his birthright.

He had no idea what to do. Should he risk it? Should he indeed try to enter into Kyle’s lair? Yes he had had that incredible moment with Mickey, but was it true that both of his sisters had agreed to such an insane deal? Was Kyle really down? They hadn’t really spoken about it since.

Jean-Luc suddenly felt himself getting up. And walking down the hall. And stepping to Kyle’s open door. And as he stood there in the frame of her door in nothing but his golfball boxers, his big meat threatening to escape, he couldn’t fully remember making this decision. To be here on this otherwise innocuous night. But here he was, ready for whatever might come next.

“Kyle?” he whispered into the door. No response.

“Kyle?” he whispered a bit more loudly.

“Jean-Luc, is that you?” came his sister’s voice.

“Yes. Can I come in?”

“Oh yes, of course, dear brother.”

Jean-Luc entered; Kyle’s room was bright and colorful, full of beautiful art and pictures of old camping trips they had taken when younger, but he barely noticed any of that. All he could do was look ahead at Kyle’s queen sized bed. She wasn’t quite fully sitting up, but she was staring at him with an open, warm expression, her thin blanket wrapped around the top of her chest.

“Hey,” he whispered meekly.

“Did you come to sleep in my bed with me?”


“Ah, just like old times!” she said happily, patting the side of her bed. “Here, come in.”

“Thanks,” he said, scooching into bed beside Kyle. Her bed was soft and smelled of lavender. Shifting next to her, she put an extra pillow out for him.

“Here, this one is very comfortable,” she said. And as he lay his head, he found that she was absolutely correct; her pillow was way more comfortable than the one he slept with in his own shitty bed.

“Thank you,” Jean-Luc replied.

“Mhmm,” Kyle hummed, fixing her hair so that it wouldn’t all be in his face. “Now, sleep well,” she said.

“Yeah, you too,” he said. And to his surprise, they lay like that for a few minutes, just laying and relaxing. If this was all that would happen for tonight, then he could accept that, even if both of them were slowly moving closer together.


And even closer.

“You still awake?” Kyle whispered to him, her back turned towards Jean-Luc.


“Here, wrap your arms around me.”

“Oh, okay,” he said, reaching his arms around his big sister. And as he did so, he suddenly felt the touch of her pale, bare skin, and the form of her big tits.

“Kyle, are you naked?” Jean-Luc lightly gasped.

“Yes,” she replied. “I wear my night gown whenever I walk to the bathroom, but I always sleep naked. Is that alright?”

“Yeah,” he said, his dick never flinching in it’s eagerness. “That’s totally fine.”

“Yay,” she said with a chuckle. She then pushed her fat ass against her brother’s crotch.

“Oh,” Jean-Luc said, as he felt his cock sliding between her cheeks. His cock felt comfortable between them, like it belonged there.

“Oh my,” Kyle chuckled, as they began to find a good pace between themselves, rubbing between each other. “Hey little bro, can you reach your hand down between my legs and tell me what you feel?”

“Sure,” he said. And as he reached down, Jean-Luc found that he didn’t have to reach far to find that his sister was absolutely soaked down there. “Oh shit! Kyle, you’re so wet.”

“I know, I’m like the fucking Amazon. I’m like the Amazon, and it’s all for you, because you finally decided to man up and come into my room.”

“Kyle,” he said, and he saw Kyle turn to face him, gray eyes filled to the brim with a hot, melting lust.

They kissed. Hard. Not unlike earlier, where one could argue that the passion was ever so slightly tempered by a cooling breeze. No, this was a full, primal Frenching, one that echoed of visions of ancestors chanting by fires made in deep, mountain caves. Of fury. Of pure lust.

Inbetween the Frenching, Kyle quickly reached out and threw her sheet aside, revealing her long, naked, gorgeous body to the hot night air. For his part, Jean-Luc reached down and yanked his boxers to his feet. He then shoved his cock between her thighs and started thrusting between them.

“Oh fuck,” he said, his cock quickly becoming more lacquered in the river pouring out from Kyle’s heat. Gripping her hips, he gave a good thigh fucking.

“Oh Jean-Luc, please put your cock in me,” Kyle gasped out as their skin became more and more beaded in sweat.

“Are you sure?” Jean-Luc managed to ask in a few quickly fading moments of sanity. “It’s so wrong.”

“Sil vous plait!” Kyle simultaneously begged and panted out. “Michaela was right, your cock is so big, bigger than any other man I’ve been with. And I can’t think of anyone who deserves my pussy more than you. Only you can satisfy me! So sil vous plait, mon frere. Sil vous plait!”

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