Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 11

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Beatrice Dawson is the name. I’m a tall, curvy and dark-skinned, beautiful Black woman in her mid-forties living in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a professor of African-American Literature at Spelman College. These days, life is cool. I recently left my husband Dwight after I caught him cheating on me with a skinny white woman half his age. Twenty years of marriage down the frigging drain. And the sad thing is that I never saw it coming. Seriously. I’m not one of those sexless, arrogant shrews modern men dread being married to. I’m smart, sexy, have my own money and I support my man. I also love sex, and believe in bedroom variety. As long as both partners in the marriage consent to it, of course. Do I sound like the kind of Black woman any Black man in his right mind would ditch?

I have wondered this time and again. What did my husband Dwight’s hussy Mandy have that I didn’t? She wasn’t even pretty. A short, skinny blonde chick who worked as a clerk at the local grocery store. She was pure trash. Average looks, zero education and no money. What did he see in her? I thought our sex life was awesome. I’m very open to the idea of threesomes with my husband and some of our lady friends. I didn’t mind sharing my husband with another woman for one night, as long as I knew the woman in question. Our house was a full swinger household. Yeah, we had some truly rocking parties. It’s not like I’m one of those females who don’t take care of their men’s sexual needs yet act all surprised when he cheats on them with some other woman. I’m the kind of wife you dream about.

I am the ideal wife for the Black male professional. Why? Let me count the many reasons. I support my man, I’m not a nagging machine and I love sex. I’m serious. I absolutely love sex. Doggy style. Dick sucking. Pussy licking. Anal sex. Threesomes. Strap-on dildo usage. Even some light bondage. I did it all. All to please my man. So why did Dwight do me like this? I thought we had something special. I guess I’ll canlı bahis never know. I made him pay, though. I got my revenge the legal way. I kept the house, the car and our two sons, Zachary and Gregory, who will soon be attending Morehouse College. My ex-husband Dwight kept the bills and his mistress. I’m told they lived for a while in a shanty little apartment somewhere outside of town. It’s exactly what they deserve. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

I now embrace the next chapter of my life. The world is mine. I have my own house, my own car and a fantastic career. Life is good. I don’t need Dwight or anyone else to make me feel complete. I’ve got my life, my health, and my career. I’ve got the love of my two wonderful sons. I don’t need some stinking man to break my heart into a trillion pieces all over again. I’ll never understand why so many Black men leave beautiful, educated, sexy, supportive and well-to-do Black women for some of the ugliest white women. The sad thing is they’re not leaving their Black wife or girlfriend for a pretty white woman. They never do it. They leave a fine sister for the ugliest and palest broad they can find. Why? Maybe it’s a guy thing. Maybe I’m not meant to understand. Recently, Dwight came to me saying he made a mistake. I will never forgive him. He had it all, and chose to throw it away. It’s his mistake, not mine. I’ve moved on.

Sometimes, you find love in the last places you’d expect. Without even looking for it, it falls on your lap. Things like these don’t just happen. At least not to me. At least that’s what I believed, until a certain young woman changed my life. I found myself smitten with one of my students. Atlanta Valentine, a tall, gorgeous young Black woman I ran into in my civics class. This towering beauty named after the South’s nicest city was certainly a wonder to behold. Standing five-foot-eleven while barefoot, I consider myself to be pretty tall. Atlanta Valentine stood six-foot-three, and she was a big, beautiful young bahis siteleri woman. She weighed around two hundred and forty pounds but she looked good with it. Like one of them WNBA heavyweights.

Atlanta Valentine was an athletic powerhouse. In high school, she played football and basketball. She was also a varsity wrestler on the male team for a time. The most heavily recruited female athlete in the Old South Athletic Conference, she bypassed schools like Georgia Tech and Savannah State to enroll at Spelman College on an academic scholarship. She’s quite a sensation on the Spelman College campus. The leader of the newly formed women’s rugby club at the school. I never thought it would happen to me but I found myself attracted to one of my students. And you know what? She liked me too. My big beautiful sweetie liked me too.

Before I knew it, I was breaking my own rules by crossing the line professors must not cross. I had sex with one of my college students. One night, Atlanta invited me to her dormitory for some fun. And we did have a lot of fun. Atlanta Valentine was a very wild and kinky young woman. She undressed me, laid me down on her bed and went to work on me. Spreading my legs, she went to town on my pussy. The big sexy young Black woman began licking my pussy and nibbling my clit like there was no tomorrow. I moaned in pleasure as this sexy young woman worked her magic on me. For such a young woman, she was highly skilled in the fine art of oral sex. Atlanta Valentine licked my pussy with the skill and tempo of a veteran dyke. Where in hell did she learn how to do that? She rocked my world, and promised me this was the first of many nights to come.

After that memorable evening, Atlanta Valentine and I became secret lovers. And our sex was awesome. I fell in love with her. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I even let her dominate me in bed. Atlanta loved bossing me around. She had a serious Jones for sexy mature Black women. She would make me kneel before bahis şirketleri her and lick her pussy. Atlanta was a big Black woman in more ways than one. She had big lips, big tits, big hips, a huge butt and a big pussy. The most wide-set vagina I’ve ever seen. I loved fingering and licking it. Atlanta screamed when I inserted my fingers, and eventually my whole fist up her pussy. I loved fisting her. I’ve never heard a woman scream so loud. Especially a big and tall, strong young Black woman like Atlanta Valentine.

She was so much fun to play with. Atlanta would bend me over her knees and spank me. I loved getting my big ass spanked. Usually I’m dominant with my female lovers but I liked submitting to Atlanta. Especially since she was a sexy butch chick. She loved to finger my asshole while licking my pussy. And it drove me absolutely nuts. I liked having things up my butt. And Atlanta knew it. She loved inserting everything from bananas to fingers and dildos up my asshole. And I absolutely loved it. So when she brought her strap-on dildo to fuck me one day, I was all for it. I got on all fours, face down and ass up, and spread my cheeks for my woman. Atlanta positioned herself behind me, and pressed her dildo against my asshole. With a swift thrust, she sank it in. I squealed as my dominant mistress began fucking me in the ass with her dildo. Atlanta gripped my hips with those strong hands of hers and thrust the dildo deep into my asshole. I screamed. I moaned. I whined. I begged. She fucked me mercilessly. I cried. I howled. I screamed and begged for mercy. She relentlessly slammed the dildo into my asshole. And I absolutely loved it. In the end, I didn’t want it to end.

My Atlanta and I are very happy together. I don’t care about our age difference. Or the fact that I’m her professor and she’s my college student. We’re happy together and that’s all that matters. Two grown women can do anything they damn well feel like. Especially in a city like Atlanta. A city that loves the Black woman more than any other. Whether she’s a model, a politician, an artist, a college student or an entertainer. That’s just how we roll. I found my one true love, and I’m happy. Nothing else matters.

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