Bloody Salesmen

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Kate and I are both in out early twenties. We work together in the corporation as sort of general secretaries/dogsbodies, meaning that we just do what we’re told and get stuck with all the crap work that no-one else wants. We’re told it’s to give us a good grounding across the whole business and it will pay in the long run.

It’s sure paying pretty poorly in the short term. I’m always short at the end of the week. So is Kate for that matter. By the time payday is due to roll around we’re both bring sandwiches to work to save having to buy lunch.

It also means that we tend to stay in our little office come the lunch break so that we don’t get suckered into buying something we don’t need but really, really want. I’m sure you know the sort of thing I mean.

We shared the same little office off in the corner of the lower ground floor. Actually, not so little. The reason we have it is because it’s in an inconvenient place and for some reason the buildings air conditioning doesn’t seem to reach that office.

Anyway, Kate and I were relaxing in our office one Friday afternoon. We’d had our sandwiches at our desks and were now just veg’ing out for the rest of the lunch break. It’s not as though any of the work on our desks was urgent. As a matter of fact we weren’t even sitting at our desks; more like sitting on them as we nattered.

So while we were sitting, chatting, these two sales guys wandered into our office. We’d seen these guys around a couple of times and they were always mildly flirtatious. All the sales people are. I don’t think they can help it. One of the odd jobs that we get is we have to do spot checks on the salesmen’s petty expense claims. It’s not that they’re trying to rort the system. It’s just that they can be rather creative when claiming expenses.

So these two guys wander in and we slid off out desks and promptly pointed out that we were not really there. It was lunchtime and we’d gone down the street. Come back later.

They just laughed at us and said they were just dropping of their expense claims forms. They’d been tapped for a spot check and told to give us the forms. I just took them and tossed them into Kate’s in basket. (After all, if she’d taken them, she’d ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar have tossed them into my in basket.)

Naturally I thought that would be the end of it, the two guys would turn and go about their business, but like I said, the sales guys just can’t help flirting, even if they’re not trying to entice a customer. For that matter, neither Kate or I are what you’d call gargoyles. We were both quite attractive young women. So these two bozos couldn’t help themselves. They started flirting with us.

Now I had no objection to a little harmless flirtation, and I’m quite sure Kate didn’t mind either. Both the bozos were nice looking and really quite charming. I mean, if you’re going to be a successful sales person you need a certain amount of charisma, and these two were a couple of the company’s best.

They flirted with us and we flirted right back. It was fun and it was harmless. Just when I realised how close to me one of them was standing I’m not sure, but suddenly it appeared to me that I was leaning back against the desk while he was sort of leaning towards me, smiling and laughing. And he was just that little too close, if you know what I mean. He had somehow managed to be standing between my parted thighs and his groin was sort of bumping up against me.

A side glance at Kate showed that she was in exactly the same sort of predicament. I have to give it to these guys, they were smooth. I was actually breathing slightly hard and feeling hot and bothered and I put my hands on Charlie’s chest (I think his name was Charlie) to push him away a little.

This didn’t work out quite the way I intended because, when I did that, Charlie slid his hands around me and held my bottom. I was wearing a fairly short skirt and tights. So was Kate, for that matter. When I said Charlie put his hands around me and held my bottom I don’t mean that his hands were on my skirt. Somehow or other that had ridden up slightly and Charlie’s hands were on my tights, cupping my bottom cheeks.

I flicked a glance at Kate at the same time she looked over at me and her beau was playing at the same sort of antics. We both giggled, which was probably a serious mistake. Charlie ankara götü büyük escortlar seemed to take it as encouragement, hooked his thumbs over my tights and pulled them and my panties down to my knees.

Really! Just like that without so much as a do-you-mind? And I damned well did mind. He had no right. Kate squeaked at about the same moment and I just knew if I looked I’d see her panties around her knees. I had to look, of course. Wouldn’t you? And I was right.

I was opening my mouth to protest this unseemly assault when Charlie’s hand closed over my pussy and squeezed. My protest was lost in my squeak of shock, and the next thing I knew he was taking me.

I mean, he really was. He’d unzipped and was pressing his erection into me as though it was perfectly natural. I suppose in a way it was, but it wasn’t the sort of thing that was supposed to happen at work, in your office, and in front of a workmate.

I looked at Kate expecting to see a horrified look on her face, and there was one there all right. But it wasn’t for my predicament. She was looking down, watching her new friend getting a damn sight more friendly than she’d expected.

People just don’t so that sort of thing. I mean, if you’re going to have sex it’s generally be agreement, and not in public. These two maniacs didn’t seem to care. They were both pushing home just as quickly as they could. I was too stunned to protest at first and then it was too late to protest as I had a cock firmly placed inside me. Kate was pretty obviously in the same situation. I couldn’t help wondering if these guys had planned this in advance.

As you can guess, they didn’t hang about to see if we were going to protest their invasion. Well Charlie didn’t. I can’t really speak for Kate and her mate but from the squeaks and squeals coming from her I could guess.

Charley was humping into me hard. His hands were clutching my bottom again, and each time he drove into me his hands would jerk me towards him. I didn’t really need the help, as my hot bod had started reacting to his cock even as it started its initial tour of discovery.

I was sort of staring at him in shock as he kept thrusting into me, my hips automatically ankara çıtır escortlar pushing forward to meet him, and he was looking at me with this quizzical look, as if to say isn’t this fun.

Well, yes. It was fun. It was totally unexpected but the sense of having some illicit sex in the office and seeing Kate getting ravished at the same time was incredibly arousing. Charley banged into me and I banged right back at him. Charley and I were both silent, concentrating on our clashing bodies. Kate more than made up for our silence, squeaking and squealing and gasping and squealing some more. (She didn’t seem to be protesting the assault, but I couldn’t talk. I wasn’t exactly saying ‘oh, stop, kind sir. You must not do this.’)

Ha. Like Charlie would have stopped without a gun to his head. He was banging away in fine style and I was riding him to the heights. He wasn’t hurrying to complete the job, but he wasn’t mucking around either. He just kept driving into me, seeming to go faster and faster and I could feel my excitement rising with every thrust.

I damn near bit my tongue when I climaxed. Like, do you really think I was going to scream YES in the middle of the office? That’ll be the day. Charlie, damn him, didn’t withdraw but absolutely sprayed me when he came. No biggie, because I was on the pill, but it was definitely bad manners. (For that matter, jumping me in the office like that could also be classed as bad manners, so what could I expect?)

After that the boys just kissed the pair of us and toddled on their way, leaving me and Kate sagging against our desks. After a while we tidied ourselves up and returned to work, not discussing the matter.

The killer was that from that time on I never knew if I should go out to lunch to be safe or to stay in my office and hopefully be sorry if they came back.

The second killer was that I was out for lunch one day and when I came back I saw Charlie and his friend leaving the building. When I reached our office Kate was sitting behind her desk with a big smirk on her face. I just knew what had happened.

“They were here and you let that guy do it again, didn’t you,” I accused her.

Kate just blushed and wouldn’t look at me, but her smirk seemed to grow bigger.

“Both of them?” I whispered. “Oh, you slut. You did both of them, didn’t you?”

“What could I do?” Kate said. “You weren’t here and Charlie said I’d just have to fill in for you. Next time I’ll arrange to be out of the office and you can see if you can hold them off.”

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