Bob and Becky Ch. 08

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This is Chapter 8 of this story. The other stories, in order, are:

1. Seeing my Sister

2. Bob sees his sister’s body

3. Bob Discusses things with his sister

4. Bob and Becky get comfortable again

5. Becky likes to watch

6. Bob and Becky watch each other

7. Bob and Becky, Ch. 7

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Eventually we decided we were tired, and we went to bed. I thought I would sleep instantly, but the events of the evening were swirling through my head. My sister watched me whack off, then she had jacked me in my own bed and I had cum on her face, then she gave me a nice slow handjob in the shower. I thought back and remembered how it felt to have her naked body pressed against my back, her hand around my shaft in the warmness of the shower. Amazingly, though I had already cum three times that night, I was getting hard again.

About 45 minutes after we went to bed I heard my parents arrive home. They came in the front door. “That’s odd,” I thought. Usually they would come in the garage door. This could only mean that they drank tonight, and took a taxi home. I snickered as I imagined driving my father to their car in the morning: I would be able to lay it on pretty thick. “Now father, drinking to excess is not the way to party….” I could imagine the hilarity now.

My parents went straight to their bedroom. I could hear them rummaging around, but suddenly I heard my father groan. There was no mistaking that groan! There was a noise, like they had actually leapt onto their bed, and I could hear someone breathing pretty hard. I knew I should do something, put on headphones, anything to block it out, but I was intrigued. Very slowly and quietly I got out of bed and put on my track pants. Silently I opened my bedroom door and crept into the dark hallway.

My parents, in their hurry to get into bed, had left their door part way open. The lights in their room were on, and I could clearly see them on the bed. My jaw dropped. My mother was on top of my father, sucking his cock while he ate her. On the list of things I never expected to see, my parents in a “69” would have been pretty high. They were clearly both enjoying it. I was amazed at how far my mother was swallowing my father. He wasn’t huge, probably about the same size as me, but she was taking the whole thing in with each stroke. I wished they were facing the other way, so I could see what my father was doing to my mother.

I felt more than heard that Becky’s door open. I looked up and saw her coming into the hall. In the dim light that was thrown from my parents room I could see that she was naked. She quietly stole over to me and looked at mom and dad, then whispered, almost inaudibly, into my ear, “You pervert! Watching mom and dad?” but there was a wicked grin on her face. She looked into the room and watched. We backed up as far as we could and still see — we did not want to get caught.

I marveled at how long they ate each other. I would have cum several times if someone was giving me a blow like that, I am sure. Eventually my mom threw her head back and her back arched and froze. Her eyes were closed and she breathed in deeply and held it. She was cuming, and by the sound of it, she was also a squirter. She rode my father’s face until her orgasm subsided. She rolled off my father and quietly said, “Come on, pump he hard until you cum, jerk yourself onto my tits.”

Becky and I looked at each other. This was amazing. Our parents were dirty talking while they fucked with abandon. I was very hard, and I rubbed myself a little through my track pants. Becky watched me for a moment, then turned back to my parents.

My father had one of my mothers ankles in each hand. He pulled her legs up and separated them. My mother grabbed his cock and guided it into her. He buried himself in one stroke, and paused. Mom’s head was toward us, so while we couldn’t see her pussy exactly, we could see dad’s cock as it slid in and out of mom. This was very exciting! Dad got faster and faster. He was practically ramming mom, and they were both loving it. She panted, “Oh, oh, oh, oh” with each thrust, not loud, just little grunts, it was pretty clear she was getting close to cuming again. Dad kept hammering away and at one point he pushed mom’s legs up toward her head and closer together. This must have made her pussy feel tighter because his head fell back with his mouth open. Mom grunted a bit louder and held still, causing dad to pick up his pace — he was really going at it, his thrusts were very fast and obviously quite hard, as mom was bouncing with each thrust.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out, and I saw something I’ve never casino şirketleri seen before: mom’s pussy squirted. I don’t mean some fluid oozed out, I mean she squirted a LOT of liquid hard enough that it made it all the way up to my fathers neck. His whole chest was damp with mom’s ejaculation! I looked at Becky, her mouth was open, she stared in disbelief.

Dad wasted no time, he wanted to cum himself, so he plunged back in, spreading mom’s legs, still held by the ankles, further apart. He only seemed to thrust a couple dozen times, and he released mom’s ankles and pulled out of her. Amazingly, as dad started stroking his cock mom came again, with just as much fluid. She seemed to aim, as her fluids covered dad’s cock and the hand with which he was stroking himself.

This did it for dad — his cum erupted out of his cock and hit mom in the face. The second jet landed on her neck, and the third and fourth (and fifth!!) covered her tits and belly. I’ve never seen so much cum in my life. My parent’s bodies were both covered with each other’s and their own cum. My dad seemed to fall back, and he laid on his back. My mother rolled forward and started sucking his cock, though it was now growing soft. She cleaned it off completely, and continued sucking it, completely swallowing the semi-soft cock of my father. I looked at Becky, she was still staring at my parents. I noticed her nakedness again, and wished I could do something right then and there. But I knew that spelled disaster. She must have noticed I was looking at her, because she suddenly looked at me and motioned for me to look at our parents again.

When I looked back I saw my mother letting my father’s cock out of her mouth — it was fully erect again. She pushed him gently until he got out of the bed and stood next to it. She got onto her hands and knees and backed toward him. From our vantage point we could see her pussy, which was very wet and shaved completely bald. We saw dad put his hands around her small waist and enter her in one thrust. We watched them for a while as they fucked like dogs. It was very hot, though I had seen people fucking this way on online porn, it was different really watching it. I could hear how wet my mother was, and I could hear them slapping together with each thrust. They were both panting hard, and I felt Becky’s hot breath in my ear.

“Go to bed, they won’t last long like this and then they’ll pass out and sleep. It will be obvious we are here if they shut off their light.” She said to me. I looked at her imploringly, but she just gave me a little kiss on the cheek and went into her bedroom, silently shutting the door.

I went back to my room, incredibly frustrated and horny. I stripped off my pants and climbed back into bed as quietly as I could. I could still hear my parents fucking, and I grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking. I didn’t realize just how turned on I was, but almost as soon as I started, I was ready to cum. I slowed my hand and held off my orgasm as long as I could. When I felt myself start to cum I all but stopped my stroking. This extended my euphoric state as my orgasm began but I did not yet start to erupt.

I shot many ropes of thick white cum into the air. They landed and collected on my chest. I continued to stroke myself slightly until I felt my penis softening. I laid there for quite a while, feeling the cool air on my penis and chest, not minding the feeling of being covered with my own cum. I began to think about what I had seen in my parent’s bedroom. I though specifically of my mother ejaculating, and wondered what that felt like against dad’s chest. I realized that Becky had ejaculated while I was eating her, but it had been no where near as much liquid, nor had she ejaculated with such force. I wondered if properly stimulated, if she could cum like that. For that matter, maybe Sheryl could do that too. I decided I was going to look it up online the next day.

I finally got up and cleaned my cum off with a t-shirt that was in the wash anyway. I wondered if anyone else did my laundry if they would notice. I thought about my parent’s bed, and how badly it needed washing at this point. She’ll probably do laundry first thing in the morning.

The next day was Monday. “Great,” I thought, “a new work week.” Though really I had nothing to complain about, there were only a few weeks left in the summer, then my working days would be over for a school year.

I was a bit tired from being awake so late the previous evening, but as I showered I remembered everything I had seen the previous night. I had masturbated with my sister, she’d given me a handjob and I’d eaten her, we’d showered together, and we had watched my parents fucking like wild animals. Quite an casino firmaları event filled evening.

By the time I made it downstairs everyone had left for work. There was a note from my mother, asking me to move the load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. It was their sheets and a few odds and ends. “Big surprise,” I thought. I thought back to the previous night, and wondered at my parents. They obviously had an active sex life, and they obviously enjoyed each other. I was glad for them, but also intrigued. “What else did they do on a regular basis,” I wondered aloud. I had a few hours until I had to go to work, and I decided I was going to have a snoop in their room.

First I looked in their bedside tables. There wasn’t much interesting there, just some different forms of lube. I couldn’t imagine my mother ever needed lube, after seeing her last night. Though I was aware she likely didn’t always cum like that. I decided to keep looking. I looked through my father’s underwear drawer, nothing there. I looked in my mother’s underwear drawer and was startled. There were amazingly small and sheer panties. There were boy-shorts, and every kind of underwear you can imagine. But nothing else interesting.

I noticed there were no bras in the drawer. I started opening other drawers, and found her bras in the lowest drawer on the dresser. It was a little hard to open, it stuck and made noise as I forced it open.

Inside there were a lot of different shapes and colours of bras. Some were obviously utilitarian, some were very obviously sexy. Pushing them aside I heard something scrape against the bottom of the drawer. Looking under the bras I was surprised again by my parents. It appeared there was a dildo in her drawer.

I looked carefully at her bras, hoping I could re-create their locations so she wouldn’t notice if I looked more carefully in the drawer. I pulled a bunch of bras out and was surprised several times anew, as I found quite a few “marital aids.” There was a small silver one attached to a battery pack that made it vibrate. It was too small to be a dildo, it must be just to stimulate the clit. There was one that was just about life size — this one was quite something. It was about the same size as my own erection (which was starting to grow). There was one that was smooth and blue and about life-size also. It vibrated too, really quite violently. There was one that was a bit bigger and had a clit stimulator. Then there was one that was enormous. It seemed impossible that it would ever fit into any woman. It must have been 14 inches long, and nearly as big across as a beer can. It was heavy, too. As I hefted it in my hand, judging the weight, I imagined it getting slowly worked into a pussy, maybe one like my mom’s. I imagined my mom cuming all over it first, making it slick. I was getting pretty hard and I released my cock from the confines of my pants.

Then there were a couple items I couldn’t quite identify. They were cone shaped, then they came in sharply, then there was a base. They were not very long, and their girth was not as great even as the blue vibrator. I looked at one of these closely while I absent mindedly pulled on my cock. Then it hit me — these were for your butt! I had read about these, but had never seen a picture of one. I wondered about these, were they for mom or dad? There were two, maybe they both used them? The thought of a couple having sex while they both had anal dildos in was exciting. I recognized that the shape would allow them to stay in your anus without holding them.

I grabbed the life-like dildo and held it along side my cock. It was similar in size and shape. I wrapped my hands around it, using one to hold it steady and one to stroke it. “So this is what it is like to give me a hand job.” I joked with myself. Then I had a dirty thought. I opened my mouth and put the dildo’s head into my mouth. It wasn’t hard to get the whole head in, and I bobbed on it a little bit, feeling terribly dirty and perverse. I tried to put a little more of it into me, and felt the resistance of my throat. I pushed a bit harder, my eyes watered, but I tried harder. I tried to relax my throat, but got no where. I pulled it out, gasping.

“I have no idea how women do it.” I said aloud. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My cock was sticking out of my pants and I had the dildo in my hand. I put it in my mouth again and looked in the mirror. It was a strange sight, that looked back out at me. I was sucking a dick, or at least a realistic version of one. I sat back down amidst the toys and looked at them all again.

I put them all back except for the slightly smaller anal dildo and rearranged mom’s bras on top. When I was satisfied that they güvenilir casino looked as they had before I started I shut the drawer. It groaned shut and I stood up and went to the bedside table and pulled out the different sex-lubes. I selected the one that said it was ultra lube and put the rest back. I decided the best place to try this was the shower, and I undressed for my second shower that day. I was still erect, and the anticipation was making me ooze pre-cum. Once the shower was warm I shut off the water and laid on my back. I stroked myself a few times, then grabbed the anal dildo and the lube. First I lubed a finger and worked that into my anus — that feeling of filling my butt was quite nice. I hadn’t done it since I first tried it a few weeks earlier.

I put lube all over my cock and all over my butt hole and the surrounding area. Then I coated the dildo very well. I tentatively put the tip to my hole and pushed a bit. It was a lot larger than my finger, and there was resistance right away. I pushed harder and felt a little pain, but also exhilaration — I was lying on my back and pushing a dildo into my ass. My cock beat steadily with my heart and I stroked it a few times. I kept pushing and kept pushing. The pain increased, and I backed off. After repeating this process four or five times I got to a point where I was sure I could take no more. And then I slipped past the largest part of the dildo, and it sank the rest of the way into me and stayed there.

I felt full — it is hard to describe. My cock felt impossibly hard and I touched it, but did not stroke it as I was afraid I would explode too quickly. I felt incredible. I straightened my legs and gasped over and over as I encountered the new sensations of my body in different positions with a dildo in my anus. I arched my back, moved my hips side to side, and pulled my knees up to my chest over and over. This last was magical. I could not believe the sensations I was feeling in my penis, even though I wasn’t touching it. I grabbed my knees and pulled them up to my chest, then straightened my legs out, then repeated this, quite quickly. I was in heaven. My body was responding, and even though I was not stroking myself I knew I was going to cum. As it grew nearer and nearer, I grabbed my knees and pulled them particularly high and held them against myself. That pushed me over the edge and I began to cum.

In that position when I came, and I did so with serious force, I ejaculated right into my own face. I shut my eyes and felt my cum hitting my forehead over and over. I felt it drip down my face, over my eyes, and across my lips. I have no idea how long I held that pose, but eventually I needed to straighten out. As I did I, the sensations in my anus seemed enhanced, like my orgasm made every part of me more sensitive. I noticed that my cock was still hard, though I had just cum. I couldn’t open my eyes as there was still cum in them. I laid there for a while, then decided that I wanted to taste my cum. Sheryl said it wasn’t bad. I stuck just the smallest part of my tongue through my lips and tasted my own fluid. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something I was going to consume on a regular basis. However, I was surprised at how nice it had been to cum on my own face. It added something.

Blind and groping, and with a dildo in my ass, I stood up carefully in the shower. I started the water and washed my face off and looked down. There stood my cock, as hard as it ever had been. I grabbed it again and thought, “why not, let’s have another.” As I stroked, I reached around and jiggled the dildo in my ass and thought I was going to jump through the ceiling. It felt wonderful. I gently pushed the dildo in rhythm with my strokes and gloried in the ensuing pleasure. Very quickly I was ready to cum again, and I did so with amazing force, considering how often I had cum already that day.

When I was finished my penis deflated to about half mast. I decided it was enough, and I squatted a little and worked the dildo out of my butt. Coming out felt even better than going in, and I was fully erect by the time it was out. I put the dido aside, but grabbed the lube and lubed both my right and left hands. With my right I jacked my cock with abandon and with my left I fingered my ass. I worked hard and fast, and very quickly had my third orgasm. I was amazed, and wondered if this was the kind of thing I would be able to share with Sheryl. I had no idea if she was into it or not.

I finished up with my shower, and washed the dildo very thoroughly. When I was done in the bathroom I put the anal dildo back very carefully in the drawer. I sniffed it to make sure it was clean, it was. When I was done I went downstairs to get some breakfast and get ready to go to work. As I sat at the table and recounted the events of the past few days I realized that I had cum more in the last day than in the previous week. I needed to make sure I didn’t have too many days like this or I’d wear myself out!

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