Bound Pt. 01

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“I just can’t believe it.” Lana sighed, slumping on the table, cradling her drink. “I mean, both of our relationships ending on exactly the same day, craziness!”

“I know,” I replied, half smiling about the odd timing of it all.

Lana had been dating this nerdy programmer for a few months now. He was someone who if he had just stayed a geeky, sci-fi obsessed, social awkward guy his whole life, would probably gotten along with Lana for much longer. Unfortunately, the tech industry in this town has the ability to shower these types with more money than they know what to do with, and eventually it goes to their heads. Jason slowly became self-obsessed and eventually Lana was no longer good enough for him. He broke up with her once he found someone “hipper”, as he put it.

Lana had been heartbroken before. Just last year when she was 21 I slowly helped her recover from the man who she had finally lot her virginity to. And today, just like last year, I was shocked that men could turn away from a girl like Lana.

At 5’9″, she stood above her last boyfriends. She had long legs, long blonde hair that now reached her low back, creamy white skin, round breasts that perfectly fit her figure.

Lana’s downside was that she never had the confidence to show off her body in any way. Her clothes were usually a bit baggy, although cute in that indie sorta way. She carried herself with a slightly defeated slouch, which did not attract the sort of men that would have treated her right.

“How did it end with Erik?” Lana asked.

“Well,” I slowly replied, spinning the plastic straw in my gin and tonic “I had a hunch he was cheating on me, so I called him and he flew off the rails. Called me an insecure bitch and that was that.”

“Was it true? How could he cheat on you, you’re beautiful?”

Lana’s complement made me feel wonderful. Admittedly, I try hard to stay fit and attractive. I’m slightly shorter than Lana with dark olive skin and jet black hair, genetic gifts from my Indonesian-American parents.

“Thanks Lana… Ya know, even if it wasn’t true it would have ended then and there. I can’t stand being called a bitch, especially by someone I’m sleeping with.”

“Wow,” Lana replied, sounding proud “You have guts Maggie. I don’t know if I could stand up to a guy like that, even if I had solid evidence.”

“Don’t say that Lana” I said, not wanting to enforce her defeated mindset. “You will bounce back, we both will. We just need a little time to regroup, and maybe shop for a little wardrobe that’s a little more modern, that shows the boys what their missing when you walk buy them.”

Lana blushed at the compliment. “Thanks, I don’t know. I think right now I need another drink to start with.” Lana faked a smile and flagged down the server to get another round.

“Really though Maggie, I think something is wrong with me.”

“Nothing is wrong with you, Lan” I assured her, knowing where her train of thought was headed. “You just need to be confident in who you are, what you want, and to hell with everyone else.”

“Maybe your right,” Lana nodded. “I.. I just doubt myself all the time. It’s hard for me to find purpose, even when I’m in a relationship.”

“Your purpose should not be a relationship with some jackass. You just need to trust in yourself, find things that give you joy and let that be your purpose.”

The server placed two fresh G&Ts on our table as we continued out conversation.

“Lana, listen, if you are truly feeling like you can’t do this by yourself, maybe you need to talk with a counselor again.”

“Ya, I think you might be right Maggie. This is just crushing, and I don’t want to bring you down every time we hangout.”

“You never bring me down Lan, you are my best friend and I just want you to be happy.”

“Thanks,” Lana smiled a genuine, glowing smile at me. “I got the number for a new therapist a few weeks ago, I might try it. Sounded a bit different from others I had been to. The first sessions sound like they are almost a retreat, of sorts.”

“A retreat?” I asked, glad for her change of mood.

“Yes,” Lana said, her mood improving as she shared with me. “It sounds like it takes most of the weekend, at least for the first month or so.”

“Where would you stay?”

“Not sure, I haven’t really looked into all the details because I thought I might improve, but after today the thought of getting away and getting a little personal help at the same time sounds really good.”

“You know what, you’re right Lan, that sounds perfect. You should do more research and let me know. If you are headed away for a weekend let me know.”

“Of course I’ll keep you posted. Not sure if I will go through with it, kinda depends on price, but I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks,” I said. The server came and dropped off the check. “I got this.” I said, grabbing the bill and leaving the appropriate cash on the table. Lana and I finished our drinks, stood up and gave each other a long hug. “You are doing great, I love you Lan”

“Love bedava bahis you too, Maggie. I’ve gotta catch the bus, but I’ll see you soon, unless this retreat works out.”

“Perfect” I said. Lana crossed the street to the bus stop and I walked towards my apartment.

A few days later I got a text from Lana

Hey Maggie-Looked into the retreat. It’s all one-on-one work with a guide. Sounds like it is just on the other side of town. I won’t be able to use my phone.

Great Lana, let me know how it goes!

A week later, I hadn’t heard from Lana and I started to get nervous.

How was the retreat?

No response. So I waited a day and texted again.

Hey Lana, it’s been a little while, hope everything went well.

Nothing. I started to get a little nervous, but by then it was Friday and if Lana was going to a second week of treatment then I would have to wait until Monday to hear anything, so I put it out of my mind and enjoyed my weekend.

On Monday evening I tried again.

Lana, hope you’re OK. We should grab drinks and talk.

Later that night, I finally received a reply.

Hey Maggie, everything’s fine! Let’s meet at Neo’s tomorrow afternoon, 4ish.

Great Lana, can’t wait to hear about your sessions.

Getting her text was a relief. I didn’t realize it until she replied that I had been a little nervous all week while Lana had been gone. But that’s what happens when you care about your friends, I guess.

The following day I sat down at our usually seat outside on Neo’s patio and wait for Lana.

When she finally arrived, my jaw nearly fell through the table.

As Lana walked through the bar area towards the patio she seemed to glide. She still wore the slightly baggy clothes I had come to expect, but she had accented her shirt with beautiful scarf. Her boots, new I presumed, ran the length of her lower legs, stopping just short of her knees meeting the plaid skirt. Gorgeous gold chain earrings hung almost to her shoulders. Her blonde hair radiated as she slid up the small stairs towards our table. Her posture was confident, purposeful. She was immaculate.

“Damn!” I said as Lana took her seat. “What happened to you, girl? You look… you look… well HOT!” I said excitedly, still blown away that this was the same dorky girl I had known for years.

“Thank you,” Lana said, slightly nodding her head politely.

This too caught me off guard, Lana being prim and proper, what the hell?!

“So obviously something changed.” I asked excitedly.

“Well… I guess I have finally started to connect with true self.” Lana replied, her voice slightly aloof.

“Come on Lana, spill it- what was this retreat all about?”

Lana did not answer, but instead shifted the conversation

“This gin and tonic is superb today, I wonder if they used different gin?”

I tried to gather as much information as I could from my friend, but her responses were vague and did not shed light on Lana’s obvious change of personality.

She kept switching topics to the weather, my job, her job, the changes on the happy hour menu. Lana just wasn’t being open about the last two weeks.

Lana did tell me that the retreat was really just private, uninterrupted sessions with a councilor. She didn’t tell me where these private sessions were held nor did she tell me the name of the councilor. Lana also did not elaborate at all on the counseling methodology or any of the focus areas of these private sessions with this mysterious councilor. The all thing I got from Lana was that she was finally starting to connect with herself and find some inner purpose.

“Well, Lana, I think that is great. You look amazing and you are obviously happy. What ever your sessions are doing, it works.”

“Thanks Maggie,” Lana shot me a beautiful, caring look. “I’ll share more when I can, it’s just right now everything is… well… everything is just so personal right now. I hope you understand.”

“Of course,” I couldn’t help but smile back, even though I was slightly frustrate at her lack of openness with me. “Now, does the new Lana want to pick up the check.” I giggled as I asked the question. Lana giggled too, but only briefly. The old Lana would have laughed loudly and probably snorted, but today Lana was so collected, so in control.

We parted ways, promising to keep in touch throughout the week. I went home and tried to digest the reality of my best friend.

Lana was changing, and in many ways I was happy and excited for her. But she had never been so reserved with me before, it didn’t quite settle with me. I tried to push it out of my mind, trusting that she just needed time and she would share when she was ready.

Another week went by and I didn’t hear from her. The next week she responded to a text, but couldn’t meet up because she was exhausted. She did tell me that having all her weekend time spent in private sessions was starting to make her tried during the workweek.

For the next month or so Lana and I bedava bonus only conversed through a broken texts. I was always trying to find a time to meet so I could learn about what she was going through, and Lana was always busy, or tired.

Then, about 2 months after Lana’s originally weekend retreat I got a text from Lana.

Hey Maggie, sorry for being such a flake. I’d love to catch up- maybe Friday night at Masa?

I was excited, but a little confused. For one, Friday’s were typically when Lana would leave for the week for her private counseling sessions. Also, the suggestion to meet up at Masa was odd coming from Lana.

Masa was a wonderful restaurant during the day, but when the sun went down it transformed into a pretty flashy club. I’d been a few times before with other friend, but it was hard to imagine quiet, shy Lana wanting to go to a club. Lana really was changing.

Great Lana, can’t wait to see you. Let’s meet outside Masa at 9

9 it is Maggie, seeya there

Maggie met me outside the club right on time. Her outfit had drastically changed. She wore the same long boots as she did at Neo’s but with a much shorter red skirt. Her blouse showed off her curves, but not in a trampy sort of way. She looked mature and confident.

“Wow Lana! So good to see you! I never would have thought that you would pick a place like this to hang out.”

Lana shrugged “Well, sometimes you have to try new things,” We laughed and gave each other a hug. It was sooo good to see her.

We entered the club and ordered drinks. We were lucky enough to find a small standing table to place our drinks down and start talking.

“So, spill the beans. Where is all this coming from?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lana replied trying to be serious before laughing at her self. “I guess I have just found purpose again in life.”

“That is wonderful Lana, really it is. I am so happy for you. What was the break thought?”

“Lots of time with my counselor, she really helped. Taught me a lot about myself.” Lana said with all sincerity.

“Like what?” I said, wanting to dive deeper.

“Well, we worked a lot with being honest. Honest to myself, honest with her, honest with everyone. Also figuring things out… like I strive on structure and don’t do well with unstructured time.”

“It seems like you have made some great progress,” I said, having to raise my voice over the club music and the noise of the crowd.

“I want to hear more Lana, I just gotta go pee. Don’t let anyone steel our table.”

I navigated my way through the groups of people waiting for drinks and to the restroom. As I sat in the stall I started to think of what Lana had said. She seemed great, but I was still resisting something. I guess it is hard to see people change, even when you were encouraging them to change. Small ironies of life.

I returned to the table and Lana struck up a conversation about her work. I finished my drink and ordered another. We talked about my work, the fact that we were still both single.

After about half an hour I started to feel very strange. I started mumbling my words, and having to use the table to hold myself up.

“Maggie, are you all right?” Lana asked across the table.

“Oh yeah,” I said, swaying side to side. “Just a cheap date I guess.”

Not soon after I finally realized something and this was not the ordinary effects of plain alcohol. But what? I said something to Lana about leaving, but not sure if it made any sense. The noise of the crowd and lights from ceiling became overwhelming. I tried to walk towards the exit, and Lana caught me saying something about getting me home. She guided me outside, the fresh was jarring to my senses. The world was spinning out of control as Lana guided me into a taxi.

Consciousness returned to me slowly. At first I felt chilled, goosebumps creeping up my entire body. My shoulders and wrists ached.

I soon realized that I was upright; my body was being help up by my arms. As my mind returned to my body and I realized my predicament, fear gripped me.

My arms were spread wide, up and over my head. My legs were spread out the same. I was completely naked. Well… not completely. Each wrist and ankle had a large, leather cuff attached to it and each seemed to be locked onto the two pillars I found myself spread between. The only other thing on my body was a stiff collar, presumably black leather as well.

I slowly centered my feet on the floor and engaged my thigh muscles, taking most of the tremendous pull off of my shoulders and wrists. I wouldn’t say it was comfortable, but it gave me some relief.

“Hello?!? Is anyone there?” I spoke to room, hoping for a response, but terrified by who might respond.

There was no response.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light of room where I found myself captive.

That’s when I saw Lana. She was kneeling a few feet in front of me, her cream white body exposed for all to see. The only thing to adorn deneme bonusu her naked flesh was black collar, identical to the one around my neck.

Her posture was incredible- spine perfectly straight, arms either tied, or simply resting behind her. Her naked ass resting on her bare feet. Blonde hair pulled back, leaving her breasts exposed and her small, pink nipples erect.

For a moment, my situation escaped me. I simple thought of how amazing submissive Lana looked presented like a prize in front of me. My nipples, like hers were already at full attention, but for a brief minute I could feel my pussy slowly getting wet. But then fear, and reality came back to me.

The expression she wore on her face was not fear like I wore I mine. Instead, it was somewhere between satisfaction and longing. This was an expression I noticed on her a few weeks ago after she started her special sessions with her new therapist. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

“Lana, are.. are you ok?” I looked down at her. She looked at me and with a slightly smile simply nodded her head yes.

“What is going on Lana, what is happening to us? Who brought us here?” I had so many questions.

Lana did not respond. Instead she just continued to kneel in front of my, taking in the to site of my frightening, naked body as I hung helplessly.

I then heard the sound of footsteps from up above. This confirmed my suspicion that I was in a basement. I strained my head to the right and noticed a small stairway. I heard a door creek open, and then shut and lock. Then came the sound of high heels methodically taking one step at a time.

I strained my neck to the right to see a figure appear from the stairwell.

The woman was short, with fiery red hair blazing down her shoulders. She was wearing high-heeled leather boots that went up past her knees. Black panties, and a black corset that stopped right below her small breasts, leaving them exposed, but very supportive.

She walked next to Lana and slowly starting petting the top of Lana’s head like a pet lab that just obeyed its master.

“Well my Slave, you did a very fine job making our guest feel at home”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Lana replied. Her eyes glancing briefly up at the dominatrix for any sign of further approval.

“What, Lana? You did this? What the hell is going on?” Rage replaced fear as I yelled at the two women.

“Now, now, if you are going to yell at your host you will soon lose the privilege of your voice.”

“What hell are you talking about.” I demanded. “What ever sick game you are planning with Lana, I don’t want anything to do with…” I never got to finish my sentence as my capture lashed out with a riding crop and struck me on the cheek. With the sting of pain, the fear immediately returned. I breathed heavy, but did not utter another word.

“Good, you are beginning to understand your place.” The red haired vixen boomed.

She took a step towards me so her body was almost touching mine. I tried to shrink away, but my restraints made it futile. She grabbed my cheeks and forced me to look her in the eyes. I was trembling.

“Now, typically I like to break in my slaves alone, but your little friend there has presented me with a unique opportunity. As you can tell, she is already submitted herself fully to me, and she has experienced all the benefits of what being my slave means. Isn’t that right, Slave.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lana replied, still remaining perfectly still in her beautiful posture.

“So… you’re friend will model for you what it means to be my slave, and you will learn from her, is that clear?” The dominatrix asked me sternly.

I was beyond words and could not respond. Smack. A slap landed on my other cheek, startling me and waking me up to the fact that she was deadly serious about her question.

“Is.. that… clear my new Slut?”

“Yes” I stammered.

Smack. This time her hand landed with right between my legs, stinging my exposed pussy.

“You will refer to me as ‘Mistress’, are we clear Slut” She yelled, her lips almost touch my ear.

“Yes, Mistress” I replied, not quite realizing the words that I was uttering.

“Very good, my new Slut. You will be a quick learner.” She slowly stepped back until she was once again standing next to Lana.

“Now, if you are going to serve me, you will have to learn to do exactly what I say. I want you to watch, as my little Slave demonstrates the proper way to serve.” The woman turned to Lana “Slave!” she commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” Lana replied eagerly.

“Slave- remain kneeling but come to attention, legs spread wide.”

“Of course, Mistress.” Lana said

I watched, bewildered as Lana slowly engaged her core, and keeping a perfectly straight spine, assumed the position that left her shins on the floor, but her things and the rest of her naked body erect. She spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy, which, by the looks of it was shaved perfectly smooth. I also saw now that she too was wearing cuffs on each ankle.

“Wonderful. Now use your left hand to rub your clit.”

Lana’s left hand came around the front of her body, revealing the cuff she wore on her wrist. Slowly her fingers traveled between her legs and started to massage her swollen clit.

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