Breeder Choice Ch. 02

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Kevin and I where getting together on a regular basis; sometimes during the week, but mostly on weekends. In fact we where getting together this weekend.

When I arrived at his place this Saturday he opened the door standing there naked and ushered me in. On the TV was a porno of two men. One man was bent over a table while the other was doing him from behind warring leather chaps. We kissed deeply with him pushing his tongue deep in me and letting me suck on as it traced the inside of my mouth. His uncut cock was already hard as I slipping out of my clothes. I reached down and felt how hard he was, and he was already dripping pre-cum. I rubbed his pre-cum across his silky cockhead. We where caressing each others naked bodies standing up. I could feel his cock up against my belly, while mine was getting hard too. He reached down and felt my ball ringed hairless balls easing his hand up to my now erect cock. We went over to the couch where he had already gotten me a beer, and we where about to sample some of his good smoke, and enjoy some of the movie.

While watching and playing with each other he asked me, “Have you ever had a threesome or wanted to?”

I answered, “No, but have wanted to try it.”

“Well I hope you don’t mind, but I invited a friend of mine over later to join us.”

“What is he like?”

“His name is Jack, and he likes to do things like in this movie. He likes to get down to business right away as he is always horny. He is 60 yrs old, about 6’4″, tanned, with nipple rings like mine, and a large cock. Porno quality.”

My eyes lit up and I smiled saying, “Does he like to fuck too?”

“Yes he does, and for a long time. You’ll see. By the way I was wondering if you would like to act out fantasies.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Before answering me he said, “Lets smoke a little more and I will show you.” We did and watched the movie as the two guys got it on for long time with the big guy with the chaps on just fucking the guy in the ass really hard, and the guy kept screaming out for more.

Kevin got up and asked me to follow him. I did through the house to another bedroom. As we walked it was dimly lit with candles and a padded massage table in the middle of the room with leg and wrist clamps on it. Along one wall was an assortment of dildos and but plugs in various sizes. He explained to me that Jack like to fuck men who where either in a sling or tied up on a table bent over so they had limited movement. My heart was racing and I was getting a little scarred, but I trusted Kevin. I indicated to Kevin I would do this only if they would stop if I got panicky, scarred, or told them to stop. He said he would they would absolutely stop if that happened.

Kevin led me over to the table and I bent over and I laid face down on it. Kevin proceeded to cuff my writs with the leather straps, and did the same to my legs spreading them so I looked like and upside down V. He got behind me and I could feel his hard cock resting on the small of my back asking me if I was comfortable. I answered back yes. He eased back casino şirketleri and started to poke his tongue in my rosebud, and I moaned out how good that felt. He went lower and sucked on my taut balls licking them with his tongue; while continuing to finger fuck my rosebud. I was high, horny, and thought I am going to enjoy this no matter what. Little did I know about the pleasurable surprises in store for me that night?

Kevin got out the Abolene cream, and started to massage my opening teasing me with his fingers while gradually slipping one then two and finally three. My ass was starting to feel really good. He let me know he was going to get me really lubed up as Kevin just like slip into a man without much foreplay. He started to ease up in me a medium size but plug, and soon it was all the way in. I felt it was really stretching me out, but once my sphincter slipped over the widest part to narrowest part, and I started to relax I was starting to feel really good. The plug massaging my prostrate making me oozes pre-cum which Kevin licked off my cock head. Once he saw I was getting use to that plug he got an even larger one and showed it to me. I was really unsure as I had never had anything in me that this big (estimated about 5″ in diameter). Kevin coated it up really good while he slipped the first one out of me. My ass opening relaxed for a moment as I missed that full feeling. One he lubed up the 2ond one and placed the tip at my opening my opening tightened up, and then relaxed as he eased in the head slowly. I could feel with each slow movement my opening being spread open wider and wider. Because he was taking his time I was getting use to it when he said, “Hold on I have it almost up in you.” With a sudden push I felt my opening spread wide and it hurt a little, and then plop it was all the way in. I was at attention as this plug really had me opened up, and stretched. My rosebud was pulsating getting use to the size. Kevin massaged my ass cheeks getting me use to it. My cock was hard and dripping. I felt so full and was actually starting to enjoy it.

It was then that Kevin and I heard the door bell ring. He said, “That must be Jack. I’ll be right back.” He left me there spread out on the table with a; but plug in my ass so what else could I do but enjoy myself and relax.

It seemed like a long time before I heard the two of them come into the room. I heard Jack’s voice first say, “Nice ass!”, as he ran his big hand across it. Then suddenly I felt a hard slap across it and screamed out, and my sphincter tightened around the large but plug wanting to push it out, but it wouldn’t go. I heard Jack say, “This is going to be good.”

I had no idea what he looked yet, but soon found him standing in front of the table. He was everything Kevin said. Tall, older (looked 60ish), shaved bald head, tanned, muscular, and a large uncut cock dangling between his legs with large hairless leather encased balls, with just a small area of pubic hair around the base of his cock,. His nipple rings added sexiness to him that I hadn’t experienced with another man casino firmaları before. I could see his flared out cock head beneath his foreskin, and I couldn’t wait to suck on his cock or feel him in me. He looked down on me and said, “You like what you see?” I nodded.

Kevin was standing in front of him and dropped to his knees and took half his cock in his mouth. I watched with anticipated delight as Kevin suck on him making him harder by rolling his tongue underneath the foreskin tasting Jack, and making him harder while moaning out sounds of sucking pleasure. Jack pulled on Kevin’s head then grabbed his head and thrust more of his cock deep in his mouth. Kevin pulled the foreskin back and I saw a huge flared hard cock head. Jack’s cock looked mean and horny. His cock was veiney and thick and one could feel the hardness without touching. Jack looked over at me and said, “Now I want you to suck it cocksucker.” He turned and eased himself up on the table and my mouth opened and he thrust half of it in. With my hands tied I couldn’t touch it all I could do was suck on it. He pulled the foreskin forward as my tongue went underneath and slurped his pre-cum, and then he pulled it back and oh what a feeling to have been sucking a large suckable cockhead in my mouth. I savored it.

He was ready and turned to Kevin. Kevin went around behind me and pulled out the but plug. What a relief to have that out of me. My ass had never been stretched for so long by something so big. Jack kept thrusting into my mouth and I was making his cock so wet and rigid while drooling all over it. He pulled out, and off the table and walked over behind me.

Jack stepped up behind me, and said. “I hear you like to fuck big cock. Well bitch you are going to get fucked. Fucked good and hard and long the way I like to fuck a tight ass like your.” He inserted his large middle finger in me, and it slipped in easily. I closed my eyes and moaned out, “Oh that feels good.” He eased his finger out of me, and I could feel him step back. Jack gripped his cock and pulled back the foreskin and placed his fat oversized cock warm head just at my opening. I could feel my rosebud twitching with anticipation. He pushed just slightly against my rosebud saying, “Ass kiss my cock motherfucker, and let it know how much you want it in you. Come on ass kiss it motherfucker.” He slapped me hard on each ass cheek, and my rosebud twitched with delight at feeling his hot moist cock head at my opening.

I could feel Jack’s big hands grip my hips as he eased forward and slipped his large flared cockhead into me. I screamed out, “Oh fuck that hurts.” Jack left it there and wiggled it around in me letting me get use to it and said, “Relax, and let Kevin give you a whiff of poppers.”

Kevin came forward with a bottle of poppers and had me take a couple of hits. Within a few seconds my head was feeling light and my body relaxed. It was then that Jack eased more of himself into me bareback. I could feel every inch of large, veiney, thick round cock as he kept penetrating me deeply, and stretching good. My rosebud would güvenilir casino tighten and that sent a thrill throughout my body. He was more than half way in and penetrating me deeply with each thrust. I was moan out saying, “Oh yeah! Fuck me my cunt ass. I want you in me all the way now.”

With that he thrust himself all the way in me, and I felt the shock of feeling really filled up by a man who knew how to fuck another man well. Jack would do little thrusts then pull all most all the way out then slid all the way back in deep pushing in just a little deeper. “Squeeze my cock motherfucker. I want to feel your bitch ass hold me in tightly.” Jack growled out loud. “Scream bitch how much it feels good.”

“Jack! Fuck me hard and deep. Come on cocksucker; fuck my bitch ass mother fucking cunt ass deep. I want to feel you dump a load.” I was really lost in lustful heat with each forceful plunge of his fleshy meaty cock penetrating me.

Jack wasted no time. He would pull it all the way out till my ass shut tight, and then plunge it back in. I was gripping the table in helpless delight with each plunge into my wet slippery ass. “Your ass is tight and good motherfucker, and I am going to give it to you good.” Kevin came over and held my cheeks apart even more, and Jack plunged in deeper gripping my hips. Oh god I thought this is pure pleasure feeling him deep fuck me like this, and then pull all the way out then slam back into me. I was now humping his cock as much as I could being tied down, and he loved my thrusting back onto his hard throbbing cock.

I had never been fuck for so long by a man who truly enjoyed fucking another man with his big cock. He was screaming out all kind of obscenities as he humped my ass, feel his balls slapping against mine while his pubic hair ground into, and tickled my rosebud. Oh that is a nice sensation. Jack’s cock was swelling in size with each thrust, and he moaned out, “I am going to cum in your bitch, tight, fucking cunt ass motherfucker.”

I screamed out, “Go ahead motherfucker. Do me Jack, Cum in me cocksucker. Come on now fuck me deep, and cum all you want. Bareback fuck me Jack”

He did with final deep thrusts I felt his cock swell enormously, and his cock head burst forth with hot steamy cum. He growled out, “I am going to cum in your motherfucker ass so deep and hard.” He would pull half way out then plunge deep in me bringing forth another load. My sore tired ass gave one final hard squeeze to his cock as he dumped his final load and fell forward on me. I could feel his cock twitching deep in me. Jack’s cock wasn’t loosing its hardness, but was slowly sliding out of me. As it plopped out of me a slow stream of cum followed dripping down my legs. Kevin licked it off. My ass felt empty, relaxed, but good like it had finally been really fucked by a man who knew how to fuck another man.

After catching our breath and relaxing for a moment Kevin came over and untied me. We all went into the living room smoked some more, and had a beer. Jack kept commenting on good his cock finally felt, and it was still semi hard. I knew all it would have taken would be for me to put my mouth around it and I am sure he would have been hard again.

I had no idea that Jack and I would be getting together again. I would be all for it if it was anything like tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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