Burgundy Lips Ch. 02

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Author’s preamble:

After a long time, I return to the story related in Burgundy Lips. The story tells of consensual heterosexual sex between a youth and an elderly widow, and contains an element of fetish.

I urge you to read the original story to get the full context of this chapter but a brief synopsis is that a young man is seduced by an elderly spinster and an even more aged widow. It ends with our ‘hero’, Kurt, leaving Jutta, the spinster’s, apartment to accompany the widow Elizabeth to her apartment across the passage.


As soon as the apartment door closed behind us, Elizabeth pulled me close and kissed me hungrily, sexily. I could taste her burgundy lipstick as she worked her mouth on mine, her tongue almost demanding entry into my mouth. I relinquished and her tongue was very soon thrusting between my lips as if she was fucking my mouth with it.

After a few minutes of this, she pulled back, breathing heavily as she shed her house coat, once more revealing her massive bosom and acres-wide cleavage which was heaving before my eyes in time with each breath she took. Without realising it, I was licking my lips at the sight.

“Bedroom,” said Elizabeth in a tone which seemed almost an order. Spinning round, she grabbed my hand and almost dragged me through to a light and airy room which was dominated by a king-size bed with a thick, soft flowery duvet. Reaching behind herself, Elizabeth loosened the hooks on her corselet and shrugged out of it, releasing that magnificent bosom which sagged to her ample tummy. My eyes were instantly attracted to the huge, saucer sized, dark brown aureoles and matching large dark pink nipples which stood out about 2 cm from her tits. This time I consciously licked my lips at the thought of suckling those proud nipples.

Smiling, she bent down to remove her panties to reveal a snatch of greying reddish pubic hair with fleshy lips which glistened in the light streaming through the window. I was frozen like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, mesmerised by the sight before me. Elizabeth crossed the small distance between us and hurriedly removed my clothing until we were both standing facing each other, naked and each hungrily surveying the body before us.

Reaching down to her house coat, she once again retrieved the cylinder of her burgundy lipstick and repaired the damage of her aggressive kissing.

“May I do your lips too, Kurt?” Her strange request completely shocked me. Me wearing lipstick? What the hell?

Quickly she explained, “I used to do this with my husband, he found that he liked it, but it really turns me on to see lipstick marks around my nipples after they have been suckled. It will be just between us. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to turn you into a TV or anything.”

She said nothing more, just allowing me to think about this strange request. My mind turned back to when I was a young boy and my sisters were playing with our mother’s makeup. They included me in their game and had me wearing lipstick and other paints and powders. That was just a harmless game kids will play but Elizabeth was asking me to wear lipstick now. It couldn’t hurt to humour her, I thought, so I shrugged my shoulders in acquiescence. She told me to purse my lips as she applied thick layers and, with her eyes twinkling, she showed me how I looked in her little hand mirror.

‘Strange,’ was my thought on seeing my image. Weird, even, the way she had given me such a thick coating of the burgundy cosmetic. Well, as she told me, it would wash off and I was impatient to get those lips on her tits.

Without a word, she indicated we should get onto the bed and I was quick to follow her. She grabbed my head and held it to the soft flesh of her breast, encouraging me to leave my mark there, which I did before she moved my head to the other tit and had me repeat my action. When she released my head, we both looked down at the kiss marks now adorning her breasts. Smiling, she said, “Now you’ve marked me, I’m yours. Suck my tits, Kurt, suck them hard. Mark my nipples and make them yours too.”

Well, that’s what I had been lusting for since she first showed me her breasts so I took the hard nipple into my mouth and sucked it all the way in, grazing it with my teeth as I pulled it in, making my partner gasp. I had both hands full of the same breast I was suckling, moulding and squeezing it as I drew the nipple deeper into my mouth and flicked my tongue over the hard nub.

I pulled back and saw the lipstick marks around the nipple. Yes, casino şirketleri somehow they looked sexy so I went to the other breast and gave that the same treatment. The mark was not quite as clear, being somewhat blurred but Elizabeth seemed happy with my efforts. She put me on my back and swooped down to my throbbing, rock hard, erection and pursed her lips around it, sucking at the head. She stopped briefly and showed me the ring of lipstick she had made around my tool, smiled then bent her head back to her task and seemed almost to devour me in her fervour.

Well, I was a young man in his prime and aroused by the bizarre situation in which I found myself so it was not long before I was warning her that I was about to come. With my tool buried deep into her throat, she fondled my balls and milked me dry as I pumped my seed, swallowing every spurt as I emptied myself into her warm mouth.

Propping herself up, she smiled at me. There was a trickle of white cream leaking out the corner of her mouth and I was mesmerised as her tongue snaked out and licked it up.

She insisted that she should repair our lipstick and then asked me to kiss her pussy. Now, I’ve not had a lot of experience with girls but I have read about this on the porn sites I had surfed so I shuffled myself down her body and the fleshy expanse of her tummy before finding myself staring in wonder at her pussy. There was a spicy, musky scent down there as I breathed in her natural perfume. Pushing my head forward to the succulent lips, I kissed them, determined to mark that private place with my lipstick. I tasted her pussy and found it delicious, different from anything I had tasted before. I lifted my head to survey my work, pleased that I had, indeed made my mark before going back down and sucking those lips into my mouth tasting more of her juices.

Elizabeth groaned and encouraged me to explore everywhere. I used my fingers to penetrate her hole, making her squirm and push her hips up towards my fingers. I had read about a woman’s clitoris and had a good idea where it was located so I moved my lips to the top of her crack and found a hard nub there. I licked at it and heard Elizabeth moaning for more, more, harder. Thus encouraged, I latched my lips around the button, even nibbling at it which made her squeal and writhe under me. Suddenly her whole body lurched; she pulled my head into her pussy as she called out my name loudly and flooded my mouth and face with juices.

I got worried when she seemed to collapse back, eyes closed and her whole body limp. She was panting heavily and dripping with perspiration. I thought she was maybe having a heart attack or something, being an old woman. But when I asked if she was all right, she opened her eyes and, through a big smile, she assured me that everything was wonderful. She had me kiss her, not passionately but ‘sweet and gentle’, as she said.

After some minutes of this, her kisses started becoming more fervent, as if she was getting hungry for more. Breaking off briefly, she whispered, “Fuck me, Kurt. I want your cock in my pussy, I’m so ready for you. Fuck me now.”

I was a little surprised to hear the crude words she was saying but I kissed her burgundy lips with my own, now more eagerly, as I pushed forward with my prick which had grown hard again. I felt it nudge into her softness down there as she reached between us to guide me into the warm, moist love passage. Once I felt it inside, I rammed it all the way in, making my lover grunt although she continued to encourage me, asking for more.

I pulled my tool almost out of her pussy before plunging back in to the hilt, and kept doing that as she moaned over and over again with each thrust.

Soon her hips were rising to meet me as my prick punched in. She was grunting and moaning as I felt myself getting close to coming. I told her and she said, “Yes, Kurt, fill me with your cream. I want it all inside me. Oh, fuck me harder, harder.”

My testicles tightened up and I felt my sperm rising, I was calling out her name and she was calling mine until I felt my spurts leaving me. She may have felt it too as she opened her mouth and squealed, her body shuddering as, with each stroke, I pumped more into her belly until I was done. We both collapsed in exhaustion, me on top of her, cushioned by the lovely soft pillows of her breasts and tummy but she clung on and held me there until my tool softened and eventually fell out, dangling between her legs as her pussy leaked its contents all over my flaccid tool and soaked casino firmaları down to the bed. Eventually I rolled off her body and lay there, just slowly fondling the wonder of her breasts marked, as they were, with my burgundy lips. Elizabeth continually murmured her thanks to me for making her feel like a young woman again.

We stayed like this for maybe fifteen minutes, our bodies bathed in perspiration in the heat of the afternoon and our hands caressing each other as we recovered our strength. Eventually she turned towards me, her arm across my chest as she kissed me. “Would you like to take a shower with me and wash this sweat away?” she asked.

Well, my whole body was sticky with sweat and her juices all around my face, so I was happy to join her as she heaved her body off the bed and headed to the bathroom. My lover turned the stream of water to cool as she pulled me under it. It felt good as the perspiration sluiced away. She handed me the soap and encouraged me to wash her. Her ample body was soon slick with suds and I found myself enjoying the feel of her slippery flesh as I carefully washed away the lipstick marks I had implanted on her earlier.

“I’m washing away all that lipstick,” I told her with a giggle.

“I have plenty more if you like marking me,” she replied, a smile creasing her face.

“Well, maybe …” and, strangely, I found myself quite looking forward to renewing the marks. But right now I was enjoying giving her breasts a thorough fondling as my hands roamed over those massive globes. Her nipples grew again as my fingers squeezed them and she encouraged me to keep pinching the hard nubs and I was happy to get her breathing heavily and moaning with my rough treatment.

She opened her legs and urged me to pay her lower body some attention. I slid my hands over the bulge of her tummy, probing her navel with a finger tip which made her shiver. I massaged the soap into her groin area, not neglecting the cleavage between her buttocks and over her bum hole. I continued by washing away my lipstick kiss before soaping her pussy to wash away the juices which had dribbled copiously out and onto her thighs. Again she shivered as my slick fingers slid readily into her gaping cunt.

At first just one, then a second and a third finger were probing inside her. I knelt down, the better to continue this operation. I got a little yelp from her as all my fingers penetrated her gash, but soon she moaned in encouragement and spread her legs to allow me fuller access. With my other thumb manipulating her clitoris, my four fingers were frigging her pussy and she was soon gasping as a new orgasm braced her whole shuddering body.

When she calmed down again, I continued washing her, now moving on to her fleshy thighs and down to her lower legs and feet which she lifted, one at a time, for me do her soles. Feeling playful, I tickled her foot and held on firmly as she tried to pull it away but I tickled until she was almost helpless with laughter. Standing up again, I grabbed the shower head and rinsed all the suds away, signalling my finish by giving her buttocks a sharp slap which sounded like the crack of a gunshot in the confines of the shower cubicle. Then it was time for her to wash me down.

Her hands were soft and gentle over my face as she carefully washed away the lipstick and leant in to kiss me tenderly for a few seconds. She spent a long time on my upper body and her hands felt nice on my chest, especially when she concentrated on my nipples, squeezing them as much as I had recently squeezed hers. That sent a thrill which went all the way down to my testicles.

Elizabeth gave my anal regions a thorough cleansing and surprised me by telling me to spread my legs and hold my ankles. A moment later I was even more surprised to feel her kissing my tight hole, trying to push her tongue inside me. It felt weird, but nice weird if you know what I mean. Anyway, with her tongue poking at my back passage and her hand playing in the slippery suds at my front I was getting close ejaculating again. I felt a little lonely when she pulled her face away but, without delay, I felt a soapy finger slide all the way up me and curve towards the front. I later learned that she had rubbed my prostate gland which made me come as I had never felt it before.

She rinsed me clean of the soap and we towelled dry. Then she insisted in patting powder all over me and I had to do the same for her. Returning to the bedroom, she sat me down and renewed my lipstick, then her own. This old woman was güvenilir casino full of surprises: she even used her lipstick first on her own nipples, then on mine. “You’ll have to do the next thing, Kurt. I want you to put lipstick on my pussy lips.” The afternoon was already completely out of anything I had ever fantasised about so why not?

I knelt before her as she lay on the bed and spread her legs. We had only finished showering not too long ago and already her pussy was leaking. Because it was so wet and slippery, I had problems getting a decent coat on her lips but I did my best.

She twisted and turned to get herself onto the bed properly then waved me on beside her. She directed my head to her breasts so, on cue, I kissed the middle of the swell of her breast and pressed my lips in to leave my burgundy mark. I copied the kiss on her other breast but this time I sucked hard for about ten seconds. Finding my mark back on the first breast I put my lips over the original kiss mark and again sucked. Back and forth I went from tit to tit three times, sucking hard. Elizabeth smiled back at me when I looked her in the face. “So, you’ve really marked me?” She giggled, “That won’t wash off for a week or two. You’re a naughty boy.”

In the blink of an eye I found myself belly down and receiving two sharp slaps to each of my bum cheeks. Not enough really to hurt but my bum was stinging all the same. Just as quickly I was flipped over again on to my back and Elizabeth immediately put her burgundy mark right around my deflated prick. She kept sucking the wilted flesh into her mouth and, before too long, it swelled into life again, encouraged as it was by a finger playing around my anus.

As soon as it reached full measure, she turned onto her knees with her bum raised. “Do me from the back, Kurt,” she begged. “Fuck me doggy fashion, long and slow.” She reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips so I guided my prick into the gaping gash and pushed until my belly was pressed against the generous cushion of her buttocks. By now my prick was feeling a little over-used, my testicles ached and I realised that it would take a long time before I would feel that familiar tingling so I just kept sliding in and out of her warm, moist pussy.

Elizabeth seemed to be enjoying the experience: she lay there, supported on her knees and elbows, just gently moaning and mewling like a contented cat. Every few minutes her body would quiver and she would call my name, invoke god and his son or just call. “yesyesyesyes…” Eventually my aching nuts delivered their final load deep into her body, my prick shrinking almost immediately and I rolled away from her, totally wiped out. She turned and cuddled me in her comfortable body and I drifted off to sleep.

Some time later I woke, feeling surrounded by soft flesh; I briefly wondered where I was as I became conscious of a heavy arm drooped across my body and playing with my totally quiescent tool, then my marathon session with Elizabeth.

As soon as I moved, she turned me round to face her and kissed me. She thanked me so much for fucking her so thoroughly and making her feel like a young woman again. We lay side by side, she was still holding my lifeless prick and I casually played with her massive tits, but neither her nor my caresses were demanding, just comfortable.

“Kurt,” she said, “Jutta would love to have you in her bed, to experience the pleasure you have given me. Would you do that? Not today, I think I have drained you dry, but maybe tomorrow?”

Truth be known, I too had enjoyed fucking Elizabeth’s ever-so-generous body and had learned some new and exciting things so I thought that fucking another older woman would be just as good so I replied, “Yes, I could go see Jutta tomorrow.”

“Lovely. I’m sure you will both have fun. You get dressed now, Kurt. When you’ve gone, I will phone our friend and tell her to expect you tomorrow. What time will I tell her? Shall we make it 10:00 o’clock?” I agreed to be there at that time. It did not take me long to get dressed. Elizabeth wrapped her loose housecoat around her body and escorted me to the door. Holding me close, she kissed me and again thanked me before opening the door for me to leave.

Feeling enervated by the heat and humidity of the air, and exhausted by the afternoon with my new-found lover, I made my way downstairs to my family’s apartment. On the stairs, I passed Frau Schmidt, a divorced woman about 40 years old with two teenage daughters. I smiled and nodded a greeting to her as we passed but she looked at my face and smiled as if she had seen something funny. It was then that I realised, to my horror, that my lips were still coated in burgundy lipstick. Hiding my face behind my hand, I rushed to the safety of home.

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