Carny Ch. 05

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A movie and popcorn found the three of us piled together on the floor in front of the big screen TV. I tossed the pillows down while Lance took care of the popcorn and brought Lacey a cold beer. I lay down and Lacey settled herself against me and we watched a couple of comedies, laughing our asses off. It was good to see her laugh so freely; I had the impression that while her smile came easily, laughter did not. I found myself drawn to the beauty of her animated face and caught myself watching her as much as the movie. Finally, it was getting late and Lance’s snore announced to us that he’d already fallen asleep.

“I’ll take him up to bed. Will you be okay?”


I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss, watching her eyes slowly open when I pulled away. “Be right back.”

I easily lifted my brother and took him up to bed, leaving him in his clothes and tucking him in. When I returned to Lacey, she had rearranged the pillows so that she was propped up and opened her arms to me. “Come here. I’ve been waiting all night for this.”

I pulled my shirt off abidinpaşa escort and dropped to my knees, crawling into her arms and taking her mouth with a passionate kiss. Her large breasts brushed against my chest and I lowered a hand to cup one, letting my mouth follow and I licked her fat nipple through the silky material of the nightgown. She gasped and shivered, the hard bud rising and filling my mouth. I sucked it hard and she arched against me, pushing my head into her flesh.

“Let’s take this upstairs.” She nodded in response to my whisper and I left her for a quick minute, making sure that the doors were locked and turning off the lights. I bent and gathered her in my arms, our licks locking as I stood and navigated the stairs, heading for the master bedroom. We both sank into the soft comforter on the bed, our tongues still softly moving together as I settled my weight against her.

I started to rise, afraid that I was too heavy but she whispered, “No,” and pulled me back down. Our gentle kisses grew hungry and I reached down adana escort and unzipped my pants, letting my cock spring free from the confines of my jeans, precum dribbling onto the coverlet. She noticed what I had done and promptly released my mouth, then pushed me onto my back. I had forgotten how strong she was and she quickly moved on top of me, her hot mouth scalding my neck. My nipples hardened when she gave me a playful bite and my prick answered, flexing as precum now continuously pumped from the thick head.

Lacey moved down my body, her mouth blazing a trail down to my nipples, pausing to lick then rub the edges of her teeth against the nubs, then continued down to my quivering stomach. Her tongue traced the lines of my six-pack, outlining the muscles, then snaked through my trimmed pubes, past my rod and over my balls. I thought I was going to explode when she sucked one of my nuts into her hot mouth and her tongue rubbed all over it. I gasped and my asshole clenched as she moved over to the other one, giving it the same loving attention before moving up adıyaman escort to my stalk and sucking the pooling precum down.

I kept my eyes closed, breathlessly awaiting the feel of her mouth on my straining cock but another sensation met me. Bumpy, slightly rough flesh caressed the hot skin of my prick and I opened my eyes, looking down at a scene that would remain emblazoned in my mind forever. Her hand was wrapped around the base of my weeping pole and she was rubbing my cock against her stump.

“Jesus.” I whispered, unable to catch my breath as I watched one of my fondest fantasies come true. Silvery, sticky trails of precum encircled her scarred flesh, the fat head stroking the blunted ends of her legs while her hand held me tight, keeping me from exploding. I trembled in her fist, sweat breaking out across my body as she stroked me close to the edge. When she gently banged my cock against her ruined leg, the sensation was so exquisite that I came, whimpering as the most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced ripped through me.

I collapsed into the pillows and lay there gasping as she wiped me clean with the nightgown she’d been wearing and pulled herself up and into my arms. “Best to get the first one out of the way.” She murmured, her lips hovering over mine. “We have miles to go before we sleep.”

I smiled and pulled her down.

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