Caught with my pants down

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Caught with my pants down
This is entirely fictional and the images obtained from the internet.

I just love the summer. With the warmer weather, the girls in the office could always be relied on to drift further and further away from the usual conservative dress code. Trouser suits give way to skirts of increasingly shortening length and blouses open to reveal more cleavage than would ordinarily be considered appropriate for the office.
I spent the morning going backwards and forwards through the busy offices, noting the long tanned legs and plunging necklines in the typing pool.

It seemed that every time I passed a copier or the drinking fountains, there would be a an office junior strategically placed to tempt me, bent so that from behind their skirts rose up and tightened to accentuate their heavenly asses, and from the front, their breasts were practically on show.

It was no wonder that by lunchtime I could take no more.

My cock had been stiff in my pants all day and I just had to relieve some of the pressure.

My assistant was off for the day and I had my office to myself.

Making sure my office door was firmly closed, I opened up XHamster on my phone and searched the galleries for girls who resembled the ones in the typing pool. It didn’t take long for me to find some nice secretary galleries, sexy girls who bore a passing resemblance to the girls who had gotten me so worked up.

Lunchtimes in the office are always quiet so I pulled down my trousers and pants and took my hard cock in hand, slowly stroking it as I looked at picture after picture of hot, sexy secretaries.

I was in a world of my own and must have been slowly pulling on my cock for a solid ten minutes when Mrs McGlone from the finance department pushed into the office without so much as knocking.

“Mike, I have the projections that you sent across for the next quarter and…”

She stood there, rooted to the spot. However her sentence was supposed to end forgotten at the sight of me sat there with my phone in one hand and my pre cum leaking cock in the other.

Nobody would come into my office without first knocking and being told to enter, but as with most rules, there is an exception.

Mrs McGlone did not believe in waiting on anyone, nor in asking for permission to enter an office.

While the initial shock stopped her in her stride, the paralysis was short lived. She closed the door behind her and turned the thumb bolt locking the door, something güvenilir bahis şirketleri that I wish I’d had the presence of mind to do. The door secured, she sat in my assistant’s chair and looked me up and down, a cool appraising look on her face.

I still had my cock in my hand but at least I had stopped slowly wanking at the surprise at her entry.

“Well, I pay no attention to the usual office gossip, but it seems the girls are right. You are an out and out pervert aren’t you?”

I stammered ineffectually, unable to articulate myself.

“I’ve often overheard the girls saying that they can feel you undressing them with your eyes although they don’t seem to mind. They are quite right aren’t they. Storing up mental images so you can gratify yourself in here.”

A playful smile touched the corners of her mouth. Even though I knew that a complaint to the HR department could be the end of my career, I could help looking her up and down as she sat there in the chair.

Unlike the girls in the typing pool, Mrs McGlone was dressed for business, a white rollneck top covered by a black cardigan, a black skirt and tights with a diamond pattern. Perfectly conservative officewear.

She crossed her legs and slid a little lower in her seat, her skirt riding up her legs and in spite of myself, I couldn’t help looking. I could now see right up her skirt, and I could swear she had on no panties.

Her smile widened.

“Don’t you think you’re in enough trouble already, this is an office not a seedy porn theatre”.
This time I managed to croak out a few words of apology and was by now frantically trying to get my pants backup and hide my still throbbing cock.

“There could be a way out of this for you…”

I looked up desperately. I had been in this job for just over two years, having been lucky enough to be recruited straight from university. I dreaded the thought of explaining the end of my fledgling career to family and friends.
“Please Mrs McGlone, how can I make this right? What can I do?”

She rose to her feet and to my astonishment puller per tights down a little. She then sat back down, this time her legs spread.

“Well pervert, Mr McGlone hasn’t been up to par for a while now. Come over here”.

I approached her hesitantly. She could end my career.

While quite a bit older than me, and austere in her manner, there was no doubt that Mrs McGlone was an attractive woman and the sight of her pussy spurred me on.

“On canlı casino siteleri your knees in front of me. Now.”

I dropped to me knees as ordered. I could just make out the unmistakeable aroma of a moist and aroused pussy.

“Well, pull my tights down further, you’re going to need better access for what I have in mind for you Mike”.

I did as I was told, enjoying the feel of her nylons and taking in more and more of the sight of her pussy as it revealed itself to me.

“I think you can start to demonstrate your remorse by putting that mouth of yours to good use. Let’s see if you can do more with it than try to sweet talk the slutty young idiots in the typing pool”.

I was almost as surprised by the change in her normal, prissy language as I was by her actions. She reached forward, grabbing a handful of my hair and forced my face into her awaiting honey pot.

I wasted no time in getting to work. I realised I needed to impress her to keep myself out of trouble. I alternated between sucking at her labia and teasing her clit with my tongue, slavering my saliva over her gash as I tongued her. Her pussy quickly responded, and she pulled my face into her all the more forcefully.

“Eat me you worthless bastard, eat my cunt”.

I worked my hand up to her pussy and eased first one and then two fingers into her as I shifted my mouth to focus entirely on her pulsing clit. The pressure of me pulling onto my head intensified. It was almost like an attempt at c***dbirth in reverse, her trying to force my head up her vagina.

My hand was beginning to drip with her juices, her now sopping pussy gripping and pulsing around my fingers as my mouth worked frantically on her engorged and throbbing clit.

By now the obscenities were flowing from her in a steady stream, “taste my cunt juices, eat me, make me cum you little shit”.

Without warning she shuddered and clamped her legs tightly around my head as an orgasm shook through her. She stifled the screams that it was clear that she wanted to let out.

As the pressure of her legs clamping my head started to ease she let out a low moan, and almost whispered “that cock had better still be hard, you’ve got more to do before I’m finished with you”.

She released me from her grip and leaned to her side on the chair, her fingers going to her pussy and ass. “Good, nice and wet”

With that she stood up and ordered me to my feet.

Mrs McGlone pulled out my cock with ease, casino şirketleri my earlier efforts to cover myself had clearly been woefully inadequate.
She knelt in front of me, my throbbing cock just inches from her mouth.

“Mrs McGlone…” I began, preparing for the feel of her warm mouth on my cock.

Clearly she knew what I was thinking, cutting me off saying “I’m not having this thing in my mouth you miserable worm so forget any ideas you may have of that happening. I just wanted to properly inspect it before putting you to work.
With that she kneeled on the chair, her ass and wet cunt in the air.

“Well, your cock is out and ready, I assume you don’t need an instruction manual for what comes next.”
She was quite right. I didn’t.

Her wet cunt was much tighter than I imagined it may be, squeezing my cock as I eased into her. I started off slowly, building the tempo slowly, my hard cock coated in her juices sliding in and out.

She was quick to let me know what she wanted.

“Hard, Mike. Jam that fucking thing in me hard. Pretend I’m one of those doe eyed sluts you were lusting after”.

With that I picked up the pace, our bodies coming together with a loud report on each in stroke.

“That’s it, fuck that cunt, pound it for all your worth”.

I continued to fuck her as hard as I could, the feel of her pussy and her repeated moaning of “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” driving me on.

I had been horny all morning and knew I couldn’t last long.

Her tight, wet pussy sent pulses of painful ecstasy through me and thankfully her rapidly pulsing cunt told me she too was getting close.

I reached around to her clit as I continued with short hard thrusts, rubbing on it as I fucked her. She moaned with pure pleasure as another orgasmic wave washed over her.

“Yyyeessssss, fill me, fill me up”.

There was no holding back now, with only a couple more thrusts, my orgasm was on me. I spurted time and time again, filling her with my hot cum.

As I pulled my spent cock from her gaping used cunt, I could see some of my seed seeping from her.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she pulled her tights back up. Her face was a little flushed and her hair perhaps not quite as well groomed as when she entered the room but otherwise showing little sign of what had transpired.
I was hastening to get myself sorted, with her still giving me the half smile she had on her face when she first caught me.

“Well Mike, you may be a pervert but you do have your uses. I don’t see any need to report your behaviour to the HR department this time, but there may be some additional duties that you may have to perform for the finance department from time to time.”

She smiled a little more widely before turning and heading for the door.

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