Celebration of Age Difference

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Anal Masturbation

I’ll discount my experience with an 18-year old when I was 16. My first sexual relationships with older women came two years later. The partners for my teenage intimacy were 57 and 63. The following year I embarked on a fruitful meeting of bodies with a 71-year-old widow.

Elizabeth was tall, slim and intelligent. She had been widowed for over three years when I met her. The first time she and I had sex came a year after the last time she had enjoyed any sort of physical release with a partner.

A mutual friend of Ann and Mary, the 57 and 63-year-olds with whom I had been intimate, Elizabeth invited me round to her flat. The invitation, unusually, came via a hand-written letter. Other than mentioning the likelihood of a meal, the missive gave no direct hint of what might follow though the paper on which it had been written bore a hint of expensive perfume.

Running the scented letter under my nose led to my having a hard-on.

I knew that if Elizabeth was willing, she and I were going to fuck.

Ann had handed me Elizabeth’s letter after ringing me and asking me to call. She told me very little other than to say her friend could do with some company and needed someone to do a spot of heavy lifting.

A proposed date for me to call was a Friday, five days after receiving the invitation. Provisionally it was for six in the evening. Elizabeth included her telephone number as well as the address of her flat She would assume that, unless I contacted her, the meeting would go ahead.

I decided to drop Elizabeth a short note straight away. I wrote that I was very much looking forward to calling to see her, adding that I especially enjoyed the company of older women.

Her flat was on the third and uppermost floor of small block of one bedroom apartments. Each occupant had their own mailbox on the ground floor, situated just inside the main entrance. I dropped a hand-written note in Elizabeth’s mailbox late on Thursday evening. I confirmed I would would be accepting her invitation and was looking forward to spending time with her.

When I arrived outside the block of flats at quarter to six on the following day, I was semi erect in anticipation of what I hoped might materialise. When I knocked on the door, my erection grew stronger.

Elizabeth, barefoot, was wearing a dark blue blouse and a dark green ankle-length skirt. I could smell the same perfume she had had used on her letter. She flashed a warm smile. I chose to give her a quick peck on the cheek and, in doing so, became intoxicated by the expensive aroma. My cock was harder than it it ever been.

“Do come in.” she said.

“I’m pleased you came.”

She ushered me inside, through a small hallway into a living room and pointed to a three-seater leather settee.

“Would you like to sit down?”

I sat in the centre of the settee.

Elizabeth joined me, to my right and very close.

“Thank maltepe escort you for your note. There was no need.”

“You’re welcome.” I replied.

Elizabeth lowered her voice and spoke close to my ear.

“Would you care to tell me why you enjoy the company of older women?”

Before I had the chance to think of a reply, Elizabeth whispered in my ear.

“I think I can guess.”

As she spoke she ran the tips of her fingers slowly and gently up and down the length of my cock. Her movements were deft and tender and I shut my eyes momentarily, almost overwhelmed in sexual bliss. When I reopened them, Elizabeth was staring into them.

“Shall we go into the bedroom?” asked Elizabeth.

Without waiting for a reply, she rose, gripped my hand and pulled me to my feet. She brushed her fingers each side of my neck before placing her arms around my waist and pulling us close together.

“You’re very aroused.” she said.

Then pushing herself into me she added:

“So am I. Very aroused.”

I could feel a prominent mound as she thrust her lower body into mine. Her movement was rapid, intense and described a small circle just above the base of my penis. Her actions were clearly giving her immediate satisfaction and that was a huge additional turn-on for me.

One of my arms was around Elizabeth’s upper body. The other (my left) was caressing her ass. I moved my left hand slowly and tentatively to her belly and downwards, the buckle of her belt digging into my forearm.

When I touched her underneath her panties, Elizabeth immediately let out a moan of approval. When I ran two fingers either side of her slit, she groaned and told me how much she liked my attention.

Her groans of pleasure grew increasingly loud and her breathing noticeably deeper and more rapid.

“Do you mind if I talk dirty?” I asked.

Elizabeth did not answer. I repeated the question.

“Yes.” she hissed.


I paused before speaking, thinking carefully about what to say but Elizabeth beat me to it.

“Finger me. Finger my cunt. Push two fingers inside and finger fuck me. Finger fuck my cunt. Make me come.”

Spoken with urgency, her words were guttural, as if she had become possessed by a wild animal. Her breathing was fast and deeper, punctuated by grunts and moans. Four letter sexual words came thick and fast. I sensed Elizabeth was close to orgasm when she grabbed my wrist and ushered me to her bedroom. The lighting was dim and the floral bedding looked tasteful and expensive.

Elizabeth backed towards the edge of the bed. I carefully unbuttoned her blouse, moving down from the top to the bottom button before loosening the buttons on the sleeves. She was braless and had small, pert beasts with prominent dark brown nipples. Immediately after I had exposed her top half, Elizabeth unbuckled her belt and pushed her skirt and panties to the floor.

I escort maltepe had planned on going down on her but my need for sexual relief was pressing. I quickly kicked my shoes and socks off and removed my trousers.. Without further ado, I pushed Elizabeth onto the bed. Placing one foot on the bed and keeping the other on the floor I pushed my cock into her, thrusting it slowly all the way in.

I had a very strong urge to ram my cock in and out as fiercely as a possibly could, but mindful of the fact I was fucking a woman who was over 70, I exercised self-restraint and maintained a slow and gentle rhythm.

Elizabeth was making little attempt to conceal noises of pleasure. The low light could not hide her colour. Her face and upper torso had turned crimson red. Both her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her mouth was slightly open.

“I’m going to come.” said Elizabeth.

“So am I.” I retorted.

I felt myself on the brink of release and the first spurt of ejaculate erupted inside of her as I was pushing the tip of my cock up. I continued to spunk off inside her while entering deeper inside. When I was fully inside, my spasms continued. Elizabeth screamed.

I was still half hard when I pulled out and moved off Elizabeth who rose to her feet before climbing into bed underneath the sheet. I took my shirt off and joined her.

We lay side by side and while Elizabeth stroked my hair I sucked gently on each of her nipples.

Half an hour later, we fucked again. This time, Elizabeth straddled me, riding with a gentle rhythm.

Afterwards we spoke. Elizabeth told me how she would masturbate most days, often more than once. She alternated her self pleasure between fingering herself and humping either a pillow or a cushion.

That prompted me to tell her about Charlotte, the girl next door. Charlotte was the same age as me and, despite being academically very gifted, had left school when she was 16. Her parents worked in an accountancy firm but her father was sent to prison for two years after being found guilty of embezzlement. Her mother had worked for the same company but was dismissed after the court case. Charlotte chose to work as a clerical assistant for a firm of solicitors, a job which helped alleviate the financial pressures that she and her mother faced.

Charlotte was, too, an aficionado of pillow humping and I had spent many an enjoyable time watching her grind away while sunbathing. I would often place a newspaper underneath me while staring at her activity through my bedroom window. The newspaper would, in turn, become covered in spunk.

Elizabeth was both interested and a little excited when I told her about Charlotte and urged me to to make contact with her. She told me I could invite her round to the flat any time.

My libido was flowing nicely and I decided I would hit on Charlotte. She always arrived home at roughly the same time maltepe escort bayan on weekdays. I would aim to meet her then, hopefully on Monday.

It had already been decided I would spend the night with Elizabeth. I had provisionally told my parents I was visiting a friend and may sleep over after a few drinks.

In the early hours of the morning I woke feeling horny. I placed my hand between Elizabeth’s thighs. She was half awake and pushed my hand away, muttering something about feeling a little bit sore.

“You can use your hand.” I told her.

“Would you like me to go down on you?” she responded.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and felt no resistance as she moved down and took the tip of my cock in her mouth.

It was only the second blow job I had ever had but it soon became apparent that Elizabeth was well practiced.

The movements all the length of my shaft were smooth and sensual and the way she sucked my knob was exquisite. She teased and took me to the brink several times, squeezing the base of my cock to help delay ejaculation. When my climax eventually arrived, I felt my whole body tremble and shake with excitement.

Sleep came easily and quickly and when I woke I discovered I was alone in bed. Elizabeth had left the bedroom door open and I could hear her moving around in the flat. Minutes later, clad in her dressing gown and carrying a tray, she came into the room. Barefoot, her walk displayed a certain elegance. There was a pronounced heel and toe movement which in turn helped emphasise long slim feet and manicured nails.

The contents of the tray were simple. There was a mug of tea, a small bowl of sugar, a couple of pieces of toast and a jar of marmalade.

“I hope you like your tea strong.” said Elizabeth.

“If there’s anything else you might like, just ask.”

Half jokingly, I replied:

“Perhaps I could eat you.”

While I enjoyed my breakfast in silence, Elizabeth sat on the side of the bed, carefully running a hairbrush through her straight white hair.

When I had finished the last drop of tea, Elizabeth took the tray and placed it on the floor. Without hesitation or any sort of advance notice, she threw her robe open, pushed me on my back and straddled my face.

I was no expert in the art of cunnilingus but it mattered not – I was given first hand (and first class) instructions and soon learned how to locate and stimulate a clitoris.

I proved a quick enough learner to bring my teacher to two orgasms. Her third climax came soon after when I fucked her doggie style.

Our relationship continued for several months but our meetings, which were roughly one or two a week, never matched the intensity of our first encounter.

I took Elizabeth up on her offer of inviting Charlotte round. I fucked Charlotte many times in Elizabeth’s flat, usually in the bedroom with the door closed and Elizabeth listening outside.

I did suggest a threesome with Charlotte and Elizabeth but, sadly, that never materialised.

A year later I discovered that Charlotte was up for a threesome and she and I had many enjoyable experiences of such delights.

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