CFNM Spanking by Roommate Pt. 03

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It was a chilly December night, but the apartment was a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius thanks to the wonders of modern climate control. The smell of warm, freshly baked bread wafted through the apartment. The television was on, tuned in to CNN. The anchor was talking about some debate, but his voice was drowned out the high-pitched moans slowly increasing in volume.

“Yes…yes…YES!YES!YES!” moaned Alyssa.

Mark dutifully licked Alyssa out as he had done many previous nights. It was a position he had much experience with. Him kneeling on the floor, stark naked with his erect cock pointing up. Alyssa usually sat on the couch, spreading her legs so her lick-bitch had ample access to her clit.

Mark was had an unobstructed view of nothing but pussy as he continued to service Alyssa. Even here, Alyssa kept her white t-shirt on while hiding Mark under her pink cotton skirt.

Finally feeling satisfied she pushed him back with a hard shove. Mark tumbled backwards landing on his back, knees bent. His leaky cock was pointing straight up humiliatingly giving away how pent up and excited pussy worship made him.

“Haha awwww…is your little willy feeling neglected?” Alyssa teased.

“Pleasssse let me cummmm.” a frustrated Mark groaned.

Mark’s cock twitched as he laid in his uncomfortable yet highly indicative position.

“Alright but only because you did a pretty good job tonight being my lick boy.”

Alyssa moved her foot down towards Marks manhood and skillfully teased his red cockhead to the brink of ejaculation but keeping him there for over 5 minutes. Mark squirmed and twitched as endured her touch.

“Please mistress, finish me…” Mark groaned.

“Hey! Ill finish playing with my cock toy when I say I’m done playing with my cock toy.” Alyssa said as she removed her foot from Mark’s penis.

Mark groaned as he lewdly thrust his cock up by raising his hips searching for the pleasure that had been taken away.

“Now be quiet or you’re going to bed with your stiffy still hard.”

Alyssa continued skilfully dominating Mark with her feet while she flipped through shows on her telly. Mark could only groan and stare at her perfect tits trapped beneath her white cotton t-shirt. He kept trying to thrust up to gain enough stimulation to let out his warm bubbling spunk.

But Alyssa was too skilled at reading him, she knew exactly when to slow down and when to speed, driving him to edge of madness but still keeping him on the edge.

“Okay Mark, my feet are getting tired, so I hope you have a nice big warm load saved up for me.” informed Alyssa as she sped up her stroking and established a firmer grip on his cock.

Mark quickly succumbed to her feet and his cock began shooting out his warm spunk. He groaned and moaned as he was finally relieved of his pent-up lust. He slowly laid back on the floor breathing heavily but slowly, his cock cover in his sticky submission juice.

Alyssa went back to watching TV. She flipped through a few channels but eventually landed on WWE. It was a rerun of some episode from the late 2000s. A scantily clad women could be seen circling a ring against her opponent. Her opponent was a 6ft tall statue of pure muscle. They both tried to feint each other out and coax the first strike out of their opponent.

“Huh.” Mark quietly puffed.

“What?” enquired Alyssa.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Do you have any comments?” said Alyssa growing angry at what Mark might be implying.

“I mean…if we’re being honest, she wouldn’t stand a chance if this were real wrestling.” explained Mark.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” responded Alyssa angry at her suspicions being confirmed.

“I mean it’s just a matter of biology” replied Mark unaware he was in dangerous territory.

“So what? Do you think you’re stronger than me just because you are a guy?”

“I mean yeah obviously I am PHysically stronger” replied Mark continuing towards the danger zone.

“You and me, one on one, you’d stomp me?” asked Alyssa hiding the disdain in her voice.

“I mean…”

Alyssa remained silent for a bit as she quietly contemplated her next move. Her face never giving away the gears turning behind the scenes.

“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning for our match.” said Alyssa as she left the room.

Just as she was about to shut her room door, Mark heard her yell.

“Oh and to make things more interesting…loser gets fucked”

Mark sat there confused as to what just happened. Eventually he went to bed not knowing what to expect when the sun rose. But still a little excited for the match tomorrow. No matter which way it went.

Mark awoke the next morning and entered the living room casino şirketleri unprepared for the sight before him.

“Ready to rumble Tiger?” a smirking Alyssa taunted. A large blue rubber mat occupied the living room floor. Alyssa had chosen to wear her black Lululemon cropped leggings and a maroon lycra Jane Court sports bra. She stood with her hands on her hips making sure her tits were prominently featured.

Mark stood opened mouthed, confused and very quickly, aroused. His choice to wear nothing but shorts to bed last night had come back to bite him as he very sprouted a boner. He tried to keep control lest he start leaking but the idea of wrestling and pinning his sexy roommate while she was dressed like that made it very…hard.

“Uhmm uh mmm w-w-wha…*gulp* ready for what?” Mark answered knowing exactly what she was referring to.

“You know exactly what! You and me, one on one., mixed wrestling.” explained Alyssa.

“But how will we know who wins? There is no referee?” interjected Mark.

“Trust me. You’ll know who owns your little cock once we finish.” explained Alyssa. Mark gulped at the implication, but his cock also twitched in submissive arousal.

“Okay go on. Other side of the mat. We’re going 3 rounds”

“We start on the count of 3”


Mark got in position, but his eyes were transfixed to her breasts bulging against her maroon sports bra.



Alyssa hadn’t bothered counting to 3 and rushed Mark slamming him to the floor. Mark was dazed as he fell down. Alyssa’s strong arms kept him pinned to the ground.

Mark tried to get up, but Alyssa pushed down hard into his chest. Mark twisted and turned tiring himself. Alyssa strong arm muscles flexed as she chose where to keep pressure and increase her force, keeping Mark down.

As he reached the point of exhaustion, he tried a new desperate tactic and thrust with his hips. He bucked harder and harder until finally Alyssa lost her grip and tumbled off him. She was tired as well and lay splayed out on as she caught her breath.

Mark slowly rose to his feet and moved back into a crude defensive stance, taking advantage of the temporary respite. Alyssa breathing slowed as she caught her breath. She rose to her feet. She smirked at Mark but there was a new fire under those blue eyes.

They began circling each other feinting to try and find an opening. Alyssa was fully aware of where Mark was focused on and used that to her full advantage. Mark was still reeling from how strong his roommate was. He obviously knew she worked out but feeling her strong, taut arm muscles pinning his male body on the ground completely shattered the foundation of his views on male strength.

“What’s wrong bitch boy? C’mon! Show me what a big Strong Man you are.” Alyssa said in a mocking tone.

“Okay so you’ve got some moves, I’ll give you that. But once you can’t hope to beat me in a straight strength challenge.” Mark said.

“Hmm where is all this cockiness coming from. Gonna have to take you across my lap and bust out the paddle after you are done surrendering to me”

Mark lurched forward with surprising speed and grabbed Alyssa by her arms. Alyssa struggled in his grasp as Mark continued to apply pressure and bring her to the mat. He managed to pin her to the ground and subdue both her arms. There was a brief moment where both roommates stopped struggling and stared at each other.

Mark felt Alyssa start to squirm underneath him. Her hips slowly gyrated as in a way he assumed was her trying to find a weak point. The slow, sensuous movements however were intended by Alyssa to have Mark exactly where she wanted him.

“Mark! Are you erect!?”

The taut feeling of the lycra on his penis had awoken his cock. Mark had started to space out and lost focus. He was too busy enjoying Alyssa’s hips manipulating his cock. Not realizing the massive tent his erection was presenting in his shorts.

“No wait it’s not like-”

Alyssa quickly shoved him off her and had him sprawled on the floor with his ass in the air. His head hit the ground with a thud leaving him dazed. Taking advantage of the distraction she managed to rise to her feet.

“You naughty boy! Here I am trying to have a fair and clean fight and your spending it trying to get your rocks off with me pinned!”.

“Enough. Stand up and drop your shorts!”

“What…why? I swear it won’t happen again, just give me some time to calm down.” Mark tried desperately to hide his shameful boner.

“No more hiding your shame. I’m not going to ask again. Drop ’em this instance!” Alyssa sternly ordered.

Mark was embarrassed. Her stern scolding had done nothing to relieve the pressure in his casino firmaları balls and if anything had simply made him more erect. He slowly dropped his shorts, his hard dick springing back up and it was revealed to all.

“Oh my! You really are excited. Awww, does the idea of my hot, lithe bottom pressing against your little rocket get you horny” Alyssa taunted.

Mark tried to control himself and show no weakness, but his erect manhood twitched and leaked the truth in pre-cum. He hated the way she controlled his cock. His bruised male ego desperately wanted to put her in her place.

“Hey! the fight isn’t over yet. How about we get this thing back on track and I show you who has the little dick!” an angry frustrated Mark replied. It was a weird way to talk smack, but he was angry and aroused.

“My my…look who has his spunk back! Guess I’m gonna have to milk that out of you as well” Alyssa mocked.

Mark charged straight at Alyssa like a mad bull seeing the color red. His boner, while softer than before, waved in front of him. Alyssa simply side stepped him with a twirl, bumping him to side with a tight, firm bum, sending him sprawling to the floor in complete embarrassment. He quickly rose to his feet, stumbling around as he tried to establish a firm footing.

“Ooof. That sure looked like it hurt!”

Alyssa, never one to waste an opening, jumped right at him. She managed to wrap her legs around him and brought him right back down to the ground. Before Mark was aware of his new situation, she began squeezing him tight with her well-toned legs. Mark let out a groan as he felt the pressure on his ribs.

“Did you really think this match was ever going to end differently.” Alyssa continued squeezing as Mark struggled to turn his body towards her. He weakly and helplessly flailed his arms around trying to catch something. “Hahaha, okay this is just pathetic. Why don’t you just give in?”

“It’s…not…over…” the words struggled out of Marks mouth as Alyssa continued to squeeze his torso with her powerful thighs.

Alyssa realized she still needed to break him. She reached across him and found his cock slowly softening yet still firm and swollen. Mark eyes widened as he became aware of her touch. Instead of stroking his cock, she went straight for his swelling balls. Mark sighed with relief as Alyssa eased up on squeezing her legs, but he quickly groaned as she began massaging his exposed testicles.

While there was no pain the sensitive nature of his testicles and the fact that she had him literally by the balls shook Mark with fear.

“Please…” Mark softly whispered.

“What’s up champ?” Alyssa mocked.

Mark was absolutely terrified, but he was also starting to enjoy the slow massage of his balls. He quickly found himself very erect. Alyssa took notice and pressed even harder making Mark groan louder but also moan with pleasure as his penis grew even more rigid.


“I’m sorry you have to speak up?”

Mark knew it was futile, she had dominated him completely and put him in his place. His cock throbbed in raw anticipation of his impending surrender. More than anything though, he was mind shatteringly horny and desperate to reach orgasm. Rolling around the floor with Alyssa in her tight athletic clothes was too much.

Alyssa maintained her hold of his precious balls and continued to massage them in the palm of her hands.

“I surrender”

“That’s a good boy.”

Alyssa jiggled his exposed testicles to really drive home how defeated he was. Mark wanted to crawl into a hole. It was a shameful defeat and the scene on the floor left no doubt that he had severely overestimated his wrestling capabilities. He was naked on the floor in contrast to a dressed, but still stunning, Alyssa wrapping her lycra encased legs around him with his raw, swollen testicles in her palms. Worst of all was how horny this all made him, sprouting a 7-inch defeat boner that was now waving in the air as Alyssa manipulated his nutsack.

Alyssa released him and stood up, leaving Mark sprawled on the floor but relieved his balls were free at last. Before he could catch his breath, Alyssa was dragging him by his hair towards the large apartment window forcing him to crawl.

He quickly found himself pulled up into a kneeling position with his hands secured behind his back. From his position, he could gaze across the city but because of how big the window was, the city gazed right back.

His turgid cock pressed against the cool window glass. He was so focused on his defeat boner he hadn’t noticed Alyssa leave to her room or when she returned a few minutes later. So distracted by the complete humiliation he had endured was Mark, that he didn’t güvenilir casino even register how long she had been away.

Mark heard her clear her throat and turned his head around. Alyssa had returned but wrapped around her tight, slender waist was a thick, bright pink strapon dildo. She walked towards him, slowly, letting the strapon bounce with each step.

Mark’s cock immediately spewed a load coating the window.

“Haha…more of an extreme reaction than I was hoping for, but I’ll take it.” Alyssa chuckled.

Mark blushed shamefully as his wilting cock and the sticky evidence on the clear glass window revealed his deepest desires. Alyssa had talked about pegging before but he had no idea she had bought a strapon already. Mark gulped as he gazed at his mistress.

“Not quite what you expected when you thought I was going to fuck you huh?” Alyssa mocked.

His cock began to stir from its recent slumber as he slowly began to understand the humiliation of this defeat.

Alyssa slowly squirted a thick load of lube over her already shiny strapon and began rubbing it in.

“Look at you, I just kicked your ass and completely mopped the floor with you. Oh what? You thought that little thing between your legs meant you were just automatically going to be able to beat in the ring?”

“I can’t believe after all of that you not only maintained your erection but spewed a fat load all over the window.”

“Hellllloooo…earth to Mark? Did I break your mind when I almost broke your balls?”

“Look just promise you’ll go easy…” Mark pleaded.

“Oh quit your whining, we both know you’re excited.”

Alyssa slowly guided a broken Mark towards her bedroom. Mark was forced to rely on her for balance as his hand were still bound behind his back. As they made their way through the apartment, Alyssa’s dildo left a trail of lube.

Mark did nothing, accepting his fate. She reached down and flicked his bobbing cock, that was now back to a full erection, causing Mark to involuntarily moan before quickly going quiet.

“Aww is my little boy toy excited to get his guts stuffed?”

“Fuck off! Just get this over with” Mark replied continuing to deny his increasing submission.

Taking a moment, Alyssa rubbed her hands down Mark’s taut back muscles admiring how they flexed in anticipation. She flipped him on the bed with his legs splayed at the edge, legs spread.

“I’m sorry but I can’t resist.”

A smirking Alyssa began spanking Mark’s bare ass while he yelped.

“Are you having fun back there?” an annoyed Mark asked.

“Yes. I. Am!” Alyssa replied smacking his reddened bum to emphasize her words.

“Not how I imagined the first time I’d try this thing out. Expected more candles. But after that match I want nothing more than you are screaming my name as I dominate you with Penelope over here”

Alyssa wiggled the pink strapon, apparently named “Penelope”.

Mark squealed as Alyssa spread the cool lubricant all around his asshole. He yelped louder when she went a little deeper.

“Quit your whining this is to help you!” said Alyssa as she smacked his bum.

“You know you only won because you cheated. If we had setup some ground rul…OHhHHHHhhhh”

Alyssa ignored Mark as she plunged the strapon deep into him. His entire body went completely rigid as every muscle fibre flexed to the foreign intruder. Alyssa slowly bent over him, her bra almost touching his back.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

Mark was still tense. Alyssa took a slow but firm grip of his throbbing dick and slowly began to stroke it while whispering into his ear.

“Shhh, just relax. Trust me.”

Mark moaned as he slowly allowed Alyssa to tap his prostate. Mark was overcome with pleasure he couldn’t imagine. And just as quickly as he was filled, he was empty once again as Alyssa withdrew her strapon.

“Give in to the pleasure Mark. Let me take control” Alyssa whispered.

Marked moaned her name as she ploughed back into him. For the next 8 minutes Alyssa completely dominated Mark as she drove her pink glistening strapon deep into him, over and over. Marks cock rubbed against Alyssa’s silk bedsheet until he couldn’t take it anymore.

His eyes rolled back, and his manhood dumped a fat white load on her bed as she continued to pump into him. Her taut arms on his shoulder, as she braced herself.

“Oh fuck, I didn’t even touch it!” Alyssa exclaimed.

She slowed her thrusts, eventually pulling out completely. Mark collapsed in a panting heap on her bed. His cock going splat into his pool of cum that she had fucked out of him.

“Hey…never forget. Who’s my bitch?”

Alyssa walked to the side of the bed bringing Mark face to face with her strapon.

“I am…” Mark grunted, still delirious.

“Good Boy.”

“I’m going to get some orange juice. You want some juice? Nevermind…I’ve decided you want some juice”

Alyssa walks out of the room.

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