Chelsea’s Time to Shine

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Molly, a short woman with long dark hair. Her young face quite heavy with make-up, with brown eyes and a fair build, as well as curvy athletic legs. She wore a dark flowing shirt and winter leggings.

Her thick black leggings were filled with a rare and powerful Component, a warm mushy bolognese, laced with what looked like spaghetti.

It’s origin was completely unknown, but it was well known for being far stronger than any other Component of the time, being highly infectious and able to form long and incredibly strong tendrils with its spaghetti.

Making some very eager to get a hold of it, if they could overpower Molly that is, needing to act much faster than she would to avoid her power attacks.

Molly was in the stockroom of a shoe shop, going about her normal human job sorting through all the unboxed shoes, then shelving them ready for tomorrow.

Chelsea, average height with long brown hair and the girl next door sort of body, but fairly skinny over all. She wore a white laced top and a T-shirt underneath, with a pair of pale blue jeans. She had shining Blue eyes and often used her wide cheerful smile.

She’s had her shaving foam Component for many years now, as much as it was creamy and smooth on her skin, she craved more power, wanting a Component far larger to fill her jeans.

Thankfully Molly had fallen right into her hands, having only joined the shop a few months ago. Allowing her ample time to get as close to her as possible, in the hopes of learning how to overpower her.

Chelsea was out front on the shop floor, she waited patiently as the last customer in the shop browsed through a vast selection of shoes.

She took a deep breath as the last customer glanced over. Chelsea gave them a warm smile, hoping they would leave soon. She thought to herself “Come on! I don’t have much time… Molly finishes soon.” Briefly sliding her phone from her pocket to check the time.

Some minutes later, the last customer headed for the door, Chelsea followed behind with the keys in her hand. As soon as the customer had left, she closed the doors, locking them quickly and turning back to face the stockroom “Right… keep it together. Here we go.” She thought to herself.

She strode across the shop floor and approached the stockroom door, being as quiet as possible as she entered “Molly, could you come give me a hand quick?” she asked, moving further in to hide behind a row of the tall shelving units as she waited for Molly.

“Yeah sure” replied Plainly, flicking her long dark hair aside as she finished putting the last unboxed shoe away, then climbed down from a ladder to go and find Chelsea. As she passed through several rows of shelves, she could sense something wasn’t right.

As Molly neared where she hid, Chelsea focused her power and sprang put from behind the shelves and swung her hand up and out in front of her, an unseen force propelled Molly back against the wall. Molly slammed into the wall causing the surface to crack, dropping to the floor like a ragdoll.

Unsure if she had already won, Chelsea waited to see if Molly moved, before long she did. Chelsea held out her hand, crushing one of the shelves above Molly and bringing it down upon her head.

Molly covered her face as she noticed the shelves coming down on her, after a moment she pulled herself upright and quickly launched all the debris around her at Chelsea.

Chelsea dove out of the way, her legs took quite a beating as the debris rushed past her, ripping her clothes and cutting into her skin. Molly scrambled back to her feet “Bold move Chels! Just the mistake I’ve been waiting for!”She hissed, brushing the dust of her clothes and picking splinters from her skin. Molly scanned the room with her mind, sensing Chelsea’s presence nearby. Her rare bolognese Component gave her astounding regenerative abilities, allowing all her cuts and bruises to heal rapidly.

“I’d give up now if I were you! I’ll get you either way.” snapped Molly. Chelsea remained silent and out of sight, darting between more shelves she let off a discharge of energy at Molly, it narrowly missed her as she ducked out of its path. Upon getting casino şirketleri back to her feet she tracked the energy blast’s origin and threw a huge pulse of air in that direction, catching Chelsea off guard and throwing her to the floor as the shelves around her came down.

Molly built up a charge of force lightning in her hand quickly and unleashed it upon Chelsea whilst she lay on the floor, Chelsea began to scream as the force lightning enveloped her, it sent massive painful charge of electrical energy through every part of her body. She twitched and spasmed on the floor, helpless to resist until she managed to flick her wrist towards Molly, sending a few flares of Molly’s own force lightning back at her, hitting her in the shoulder causing her to break her focus. This allowed Chelsea to quickly scramble to her feet and dive behind one of the broken shelves.

Molly cursed as she fell to the floor in pain. Chelsea knew she didn’t have enough power to win against Molly in a one on one battle, but she still had a plan. Why wait to collect more power when you can simply use their own powers against them.

“I’ve been waiting for you to do something stupid like this Chelsea, now I have every excuse to kill you!” yelled Molly angrily, picking herself up again and waiting for Chelsea to make a move.

Chelsea didn’t respond, she dashed out from behind the broken shelf and into Molly’s firing line. Molly instantly thrust her hand out sending a huge stream of force lightning towards Chelsea.

Chelsea was almost overwhelmed by it but she stood strong and caught the force lightning in her hands, she diverted the force lightning straight back at Molly. Molly had no time to react and was hit with the full force of her own lightning almost killing her, she was sent flying back into the wall.

Molly lay completely unconscious on the floor; the force lightning had slightly scared her face and hands. Chelsea had also been physically injured by the power of force lightning, scaring the side of her face and a lot of her lower body until she could take Molly’s powers.

Chelsea was a complete mess, her hair knotted and wild, her clothes torn and blood stained. She could feel her back bleeding still, her white top ruined with blood.

She leaned forward for a few moments, breathing heavily as she tried her best to handle the pain, her face was mostly numb from the lightning attacks, but everything else hurt, especially her back. Chelsea focused her powers again, this time she pulled all the debris out of her back, suppressing a scream as she did.

Once finished, she stood back up and slowly made her way towards Molly, she kneeled down next to her and looked at her shapely body for a few moments.

“So cocky… And yet still so weak, the entire world could have been yours, but instead here you are wasting your time. Soon all that Spaghetti will be mine.” She giggled, pulling a bracelet from her pocket and sliding it onto Molly’s wrist before activating her own, teleporting the both of them off to Chelsea’s hideout.


A long while later, Molly awoke in a well-lit room, she was laying on her back bound tightly to a table by her wrists and ankles. Now that she was awake her wounds slowly began to heal. Molly tried to look around at the room, but she was tightly pinned down to the table making it very hard to move.

Chelsea was still wounded and scared from the fight, her wounds healed very slowly, it would be some time before the bleeding stopped. She observed Molly from a distance,

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing??” barked Molly, pulling at the restraints.

“Taking from you all the power you’re wasting… And then putting it to good use.” said Chelsea, looking over at the console, her fingers danced over the controls, readying her machine for the transfer process.

Chelsea approached Molly with several tubes, each one linked to a large pump contraption at the side of the room. She began inserting them into the top of Molly’s leggings, feeding them in all the way so they could slurp up as much of Molly’s Bolognese as possible.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare!” Snapped Molly, she casino firmaları felt Chelsea sliding the tubes into her leggings, her spaghetti quickly reacted, trying to defend itself as it wrapped around the tubes tightly, trying to block them up or push them out.

Chelsea laughed “Oh Molly, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this… You’re so powerful, and yet its all so wasted, you could be ruling the universe by now, you could have all that spaghetti in the trousers of every living being, but no…” said Chelsea as she slowly circled round Molly.

“Ha! Trying to assume power over a planet isn’t easy you know… I’m just buying my time, then suddenly you’ll all be serving me!” laughed Molly, giving Chelsea a disgusted glare.

As Chelsea back away, Molly started to worry “She’s really going to do this… She can’t, she’ll kill me!” She thought to herself, becoming more and more uneasy.

“I know, and unlike you, I’d already have control by now, but sadly I don’t have you kind of power, until today… You see, I’m going to turn the tables, soon all your bolognese will be mine.” said Chelsea confidently, grabbing another set of tubes also attached to the contraption. She slid them inside her jeans and knickers, standing next to the console as she made her final preparations.

Molly took a deep breath, realizing that Chelsea had no intention of backing down “Wait, Chelsea, please… don’t do this… I beg you don’t, please! If you let me go, I’ll give you enough foam to fill your jeans permanently, more power than you can ever want, I promise you!” begged Molly desperately.

Chelsea laughed, switching on her contraption and starting the pumps. Molly strained as she felt the bolognese inside her leggings starting to be sucked out “Nah, it’s too late to plead with me Molls…” said Chelsea, taking a deep sigh as she waited for Molly’s bolognese to reach her.

“Please, no! Don’t do this!” said Molly thrashing as the restraints. Chelsea watched as Molly’s leggings rippled slightly, seeing the tubes coming out of them start to fill as it made its way over to her.

Suddenly Chelsea gasped, feeling the juices of Molly’s bolognese start to leak from the tubes into her jeans. Shortly after a thick mixture of bolognese and spaghetti burst from the tubes and into her knickers.

Chelsea cooed as the Spaghetti started to fill her knickers. She wriggled slightly as she felt the warm moist bolognese filling up her jeans rapidly, the spaghetti wrapped around her legs and thighs as it entered her trousers. The bolognese already starting to bond to her, allowing Chelsea to remove Molly’s control and influence over it.

Chelsea’s arse and legs began to expand, her hips and thighs filling out as she stood their moaning blissfully, digging her hands into her hair as she felt her lower body grow.

With the bolognese filling her up so fast she could only just maintain herself, feeling the thick slimy spaghetti strands oozing through her jeans, round her legs and thighs as it took hold of her.

Her arse gradually started to become huge, just like Molly’s was, the material of her jeans stretching and becoming tort and smooth.

Chelsea now let out even bigger moans of orgasmic pleasure, holding her arms out to her sides and looking up at the sealing, allowing the pleasure to take over and consume her. She could feel her control over the Bolognese getting stronger, so much power and energy flowed through her body, nothing compared to that of what her Foam had.

By now, her old Foam component had mixed with the bolognese and its juices, causing it to be consumed and turned into more warm bolognese to shroud her slimy spaghetti.

“Oh Molly! Thank you! It’s so warm and mushy… N-nng, yes!” Chelsea cried orgasmicly. The pumps worked away, wheezing and huffing loudly as they continued sucking the bolognese and it’s spaghetti from Molly’s sagging leggings.

Molly groaned uncomfortably, unable to do anything to fight back or resist the transfer, soon it would be too late for her to reverse the process, as once Chelsea had enough of her Spaghetti and was bonded to it, she would lose all control of it. Molly güvenilir casino wriggled and thrashed, it was impossible for her to focus whatever was left of her power.

Molly’s leggings became loose and empty, so much bolognese had been taken from her that her trousers now looked baggy on her, she didn’t have the same inciting figure she had with the Bolognese, looking much more skinny and frail.

Instead Chelsea now stood before her, with a full and thick lower body, her jeans looking tight and smooth as the bolognese filled her out, making her look more round and curved, adding to her already sexy appearance. The material of her jeans stretched to accommodate the vast amount of warm, moist bolognese squeezed inside.

She felt so comfortable and relaxed as the warm and moist feeling had now spread to every single part of her legs and arse, up and round her thighs and hips as well.

Molly began to lose consciousness, the pain was so overwhelming she could no longer cope, suddenly she stopped screaming and went limp. The transfer process then sped up greatly now that Molly was no longer resisting it.

The spaghetti had now left Molly’s leggings and settled inside Chelsea’s straining jeans, it’s long slimy strands wrapped around her legs and thighs comfortably, going all the way down to her ankles as it took up its new home.

Chelsea gasped and wailed loudly, her body trembling as reached an intense climax. She dropped to her knees and keeled over onto the floor, coming for several seconds, gushing into the warm bolognese trapped inside her jeans.

Her jeans still continued to stretch as the last of the bolognese forced its way into her bulging trousers. Her arse had become huge, bigger than ever before. With killer thighs and broad, strong hips to match.

So much energy flowed through her body, her powers were now greater than they had ever been with her foam. Chelsea continued to gasp and moan as she lay on the floor, still coming into her bolognese filled knickers as the tubes slurped up the last few drops of Molly’s rare component.

After a few more blissful minutes, Chelsea looked back to view her newly stuffed arse, filled with warm moist bolognese and slimy spaghetti. She bit her lips seductively, laying on the floor for a while, enjoying the intense and overwhelming power and energy flowing through her entire body. Eventually she tried to climb to her feet slowly, she gasped again as the feeling of so much packed inside her jeans felt so incredible, she groped her arse tightly, squeezing her thick thighs firmly.

Everything was held in perfectly, her arse was large, tight and beautifully plump. Chelsea walked over to a mirror and checked herself out, groping her arse again and running her hand down her wonderfully shapely legs, all packed full of warm and mushy bolognese.

“O-oh, this is just perfect, I love the shape, the size! So beautiful! N-nng, fuck!” giggled Chelsea. She turned to face Molly, gazing blissfully at her helpless archenemy.

Chelsea glanced back at the console quickly, flicking her wrist towards it, the controls responded and soon shut down all the pumps, which quickly went quiet and still. Chelsea pulled the tubes out of her trousers, needing to use some force to do so as her jeans were much tighter than before. Leaving the pipes to hang as she gathered herself, giving a deeply satisfied sigh.

Molly suddenly gasped, whimpering as she saw Chelsea in front of her, she could sense with what little power she has that Chelsea had succeeded in stealing the Bolognese and spaghetti component from her. Molly knew she couldn’t do a single thing to fight back, her powers were gone, her energy burnt out.

“Suits me far better than you, wouldn’t you agree??” giggled Chelsea playfully. Molly didn’t say a word, she lay strapped to the table.

“Nothing to say?? Don’t you want to pledge your undying loyalty to me… Or have I already damaged you too much??” said Chelsea, tired of Molly’s silent and pathetic submission, she stepped closer. Grabbing hold of Molly’s throat tightly

A field of white light rushed towards Chelsea, being rapidly absorbed into her body, taking the last of Molly’s power. Chelsea was now the new host of the Bolognese spaghetti component.

Now it was time to enjoy her new figure, being more hourglass shaped than she was before. The world would soon be at her fingertips.

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