Chica bang banged

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Chica bang banged
by Williacj

One night I went over my Latina friend Teri’s house. we had a few coronas and two shots of tequila after eating dinner. as we were sitting in the living room I told her I had to buy some new shoes and I told her I wear a size 12,it’s hard to find shoes in my size when I go shoe shopping.

Teri asked me if its true that all black guys who have big feet have big dicks and I told her that’s just a myth. She says she doesn’t believe me and wants to see for herself. I hesitated at first but I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my briefs and showed her. She had never seen a black man’s dick before and asked me if she could touch it, she stroked me to an erection and played with my balls for a while.”oh you have nice dick.” she says 

”time to suck the dick.“she said she started giving me head, she put her feet on my dick massaging canlı bahis şirketleri my balls with her pretty toes.”ever had toes on your dick?” she asks me. It felt so good I didn’t even answer.she took her foot off my dick and lay back on the bed.”gimme dick bebe” she demanded. I climbed on top of her kissing her neck and ears and she started tonguing me until I lifted her thigh and pressed my stiff prick into her.

”I’ve been waitin’ so long to fuck you.” I said to her. Teri clutched me tightly as I began workin myself inside her. I wrapped my arms around Teri’s thigh and drove my pole into her.Teri’s pussy is putting me to the test I’m on top of her kissing her sucking her tits and just workin my dick deep in her.

“You like it mamacita?tell me how you want it” i asked her. she grabbed my butt cheeks and i started slowly pumping canlı casino siteleri my thick pole in and out.”your toes curled up means you’re gettin’ it good” i muttered looking behind me.”mmmmmm yes yes oooh fuck papi damelo por favor ooh shit!” she exclaimed. i’m plunging away at that sticky Mexican pussy. i was having my way with her on that bed. urchhhhh urchhhh ka-urrkk went the bed as i drove my dick into her.

Teri closed her eyes and ran her fingers across my shoulders. “aye chica si give me that dick papito!” she demanded. 
Her wish was my command, I drove myself into her making sure I probed every square inch of that pussy she wrapped her arms around me and held on to me tightly.”take that dick chica” i whispered”right there Teri you aint goin nowhere” she just lay there just getting the shit fucked out of her.”oohhhh ooh papi” kaçak casino she moaned.don’t stop por favor please” 

Stop is one word I don’t want to even think about right now especially when I’m fucking Teri doggy style. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back on my dick”uhhh terisa!” I grunted. she put her head down.”oooh I feel it, all of that dick ooh mi amor fuck that shit papi-” she mumbled. her plump light skinned ass slapped against my legs as I’m dickin her from behind. the sound of that culo smackin against my legs sent me over the edge and I pulled my dick out of her pussy.

”Teri i’m bustin all over that ass” I exclaimed. I stroked my cock and spurted off 3 thick spurts of cum all over the red chili pepper tattoo on her ass cheek.“umphhhhh” I groaned trying to catch my breath.”now you know how big my dick is chica” i whispered in her ear.”mmmmm papi” she gasped”mi encanta, estoy consado” I smacked her on the ass and kissed her on the neck before getting out of bed and putting on my clothes. teri lay there on the bed for a few minutes, I must have worn her out, I hope she calls me again soon.

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