Chocolate Heat

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Here I sat waiting … waiting …

That was hard for me, because I am not a patient person. The blindfold and restraints had been her idea. And with horny ulterior motives in mind, I had quickly agreed to play her demented little game. Had my brain been working I would have thought twice about it, but hind site is twenty-twenty.

Now, I was elaborately tied to one of the straightback dinning room chairs with arms. My arms were held firmly behind the chair with leather wrist restraints. My legs were spread and tied to each arm of the chair with my feet slightly hanging over. My pussy was open and on display like a Monet in a museum. I could hear her moving about, humming softly as she went. Then there was silence, I was all alone, and for a quick moment fear enveloped me. What if she didn’t return? How would I get free? Then I heard the far off beep of the microwave indicating something was done, and a few short moments later, the sound of her padding back into the bedroom.

She was near … I could feel her breath on my cheek. “Are you ready to begin?”, she asked in a low, tight voice filled with sexual tension. I nodded my head involuntarily.

We had not discussed what would happen after I was bound, and the suspense of the unknown caused my heart to race, and a thin layer of perspiration covered my body, as I fought to keep my breaths slow and even.

The first touch was whisper soft, and I thought I had just imagined it. When it returned, I groaned. I knew what it was, and with a shocking realization I knew what her plan was.

“Please don’t do this to me.” I begged her, as the soft fingers of the ostrich feather completed another orbit around my aching nipple, that was now hard enough to cut glass.

“Ssshhh.” She quieted my pleas with her lips. The kiss was tender and familiar and helped soothe the fear and helplessness the restraints and blindfold had caused. Then her lips were gone and once again I felt the torturous caress of the ostrich feather. She concentrated on my breast and nipples, relentlessly dragging the feather across my heated flesh, until casino oyna my body shook, as I strained to deal with raw desire that coursed through me, sending hot jolts of pleasure to my pussy …

A primitive wail tore itself from deep within me as the feather brushed against my clit. Madness … She was trying to drive me insane, that was her plan. Rational thought packed up and left as the feather continued its persecution of my clitoris. My body was a live wire, and each swipe of the feather caused it to arch. My heart hammered in my chest as my pussy throbbed and oozed wetness.

“Touch me … please.” I begged, on the verge of tears. I needed her hands…on me…and inside me.

“Sshhh Sweetheart. Its O. K.” Once again her lips were on mine comforting me. I groaned as she broke the contact I so desperately craved.

Silence. I was alone again for what seemed like an eternity. Irrationally I tested my restraints, with the false hope they would miraculously loosen allowing me to escape, but to no avail.

A warm thick liquid was now being drizzled on my breasts and nipples and down my abdomen, and on the inside of my thighs and dead center on my exposed sex. The aroma of the liquid was rich and familiar … Chocolate!! I groaned at the realization. Next, I felt the creamy substance being smeared on my lips and chin and down my neck. My tongue darted out over my lips to taste the melted, chocolate treat causing my lover snicker softly at my actions. Then her mouth was on mine devouring me along with the sweet tasty goo on my face. The chocolate was warm and her mouth was hot …as she moved down my body, her tongue tasting, cleaning, caressing and driving me wild. Once again my arousal was at a fever pitch, and she kept me there teetering on the edge, as she moved down my body with her wicked tongue.

Finally she had arrived at my drenched pussy, it throbbed like a tooth ache, and I screamed as her tongue flitted across my hyper sensitive clit. She used small soft flicks of her tongue to taste my chocolate covered pussy, now carefully avoiding my clit. I was so close to the slot oyna edge, just one or two flicks was all I needed for release, but she refused.

“Goddamit …you’re driving me insane!!!

Just FUCK ME!!

NOW!! please!! I was screaming, my whole body shook with raw desire, as I struggled in my restraints, wishing my hands were free guide my lovers mouth to the spot that begged for its attention.

“SSsshhh…I will take care of you, just be patient sweetheart.”

“I can’t, I need you to help me…please.” I was again on the verge of tears.

Her warm presence disappeared from between my legs. I heard the sound of something being dragged across the carpet. Then she was beside me, removing my blindfold. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the soft light in the room. When my vision cleared I was greeted by the site of her sitting in a chair opposite me. It was almost like a mirror reflection, she was nude, same chair, same pose, except she was not tied to her chair.

My eyes swept over her beautiful breasts, with small rose colored nipples,flat stomach, small patch of reddish brown hair barley concealing the coral pink lips of her pussy. Legs, impossibly long and slender. A small groan rose from within me as my eyes wandered back to her face and found green eyes that stared back at me. Her long fingers were idly caressing a nipple as the other moved in small circles caressing her thigh, slowly moving upwards towards her glistening pussy.

“Mmmmm …it feels sooo good” she said, her eyes now closed. “I am imagining it’s you caressing my breasts and touching my body.” She began to stoke her nipple in earnest, pulling and rolling it between her thumb and forefinger, as her other hand slipped between her legs. When she found her clit she squeezed it, causing her hips to buck involuntarily. I could see her wetness, making her sex look slick and shinny like a freshly glazed doughnut. I had an overwhelming desire to devour her like a tasty treat.

Her eyes fluttered open, and her face became a mask of pleasure as she slipped two fingers into her wetness.

“Mmm, canlı casino siteleri I’m soo wet, can you feel it?”

I was transfixed on this sight, intently watching as she slowly pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy, bucking her hips in time to meet each thrust. I was torn between watching as she expertly finger fucked herself, and watching her face as it contorted with each wave of pleasure that wracked her body. Brows furrowed, mouth slightly open, panting, then closed, jaws tensed in concentration. Her hand was now savagely molesting her nipples as she plunged her fingers deep in her wetness. Her body now glistened with a thin layer of perspiration. I could tell she was close to cumming. I wanted to touch her so bad, it hurt. I wanted to be there between her legs using my mouth, tongue and fingers to satisfy her, and be there at the very moment her orgasm hit, and feel its tremors coursing through her body.

“Mmmmm, are you watching?? Your fingers are driving me crazy. I am so close …here.

I…oohhh FUCK…I’m cumming!! Her eyes were transfixed on me the whole time, making sure I didn’t miss one detail.

Her back arched up off the chair, as her fingers continued to stroke the last flames of her orgasm died out. With a contented sigh she lowered herself to the chair, and shot me a wicked grin. My mouth was hanging open, as my brain still tried to comprehend what had just happened.

“That was fucking hot.” I panted. Her skin was glowing and her damp bangs were plastered to her forehead, she was truly a vision of loveliness as she strolled over to my chair, caressed my lips and gently slid her still glistening fingers in my mouth.

I closed my eyes and savored her exotic flavor. “It’s time,” she said, as she lowered herself to her knees. Her hot mouth covered my sex. One, two,three flicks of her tongue on my clit and I was falling from a plateau so high I though I would never reach the ground.

I was sure I would pass out, but she instinctively knew when to release my clit, then she slid two finger into my depths, and wrenched three more orgasms from me before I passed out.

When I awoke some moments later, I found that I was free again, my wrist restraints and the rope that bound me to the chair were just wicked memories.

…until the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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