Choosing a king size bed

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Choosing a king size bed
After moving to Savannah, my sweet Ana asked me we needed some new furniture for our new house.
She wanted to purchase a comfortable new bed and she said she would fuck my brains out as soon as we could lay there…

The same day we went to the mall and Ana stopped at a furniture store for a big King size bed and a couch.
I went to the hardware store picking up paint when she called me, saying she had found the right bed.

She hurried me to come and see it; because the store would close in fifteen minutes.
Then I entered the store just as some of the employees were leaving. I finally saw my lovely wife.

I noticed that her white blouse was unbuttoned more than usual…

As I entered a little show room, I saw Anita sitting on a couch and a sales representative was sitting in the middle of the bed directly across from my wife.

She was an attractive lady in her late thirties called Sarah.

I reached out to shake her hand. She was wearing a medium length blue skirt with a tight sweater and classy looking fishnet stockings.
I enjoyed the nice view of her sexy long legs…

She offered me a glass of wine. Then I noticed the bottle that they were drinking from was almost empty. I asked Sarah if it was normal to have wine on hand at the store canlı bahis şirketleri and she just laughed.

She was the owner’ wife.

Sarah explained that Ana had told her about our needs for purchase a couch and a bed. All the while I noticed the sexy lady was crossing and then uncrossing her long toned legs.

Then she offered to show us some bedroom sets.
She then took us and showed a nearby set that my wife liked.
Ana asked her to lie on that bed; which she did.
Then Sarah sat down next to my wife.

Ana had had some lesbian experiences before we met; even after getting married. Then Sarah patted my wife’s arm and asked her how she liked it. My wife looked at her and said that she loved it…

Then Sarah moved closer and kissed Ana’s red lips.
My wife responded at first by slightly moving away; but then she moved closer and returned the kiss.

As they broke the kiss, Sarah pulled off her sweater to reveal a nice pair of round firm boobs, under a very sheer bra. My wife made her to remove it and Ana started kissing and licking Sarah’s nipples.

Then Sara took off her skirt to reveal thigh high stockings and the fact that she was not wearing underwear.
She had a nice soft trimmed pussy. Ana stripped naked also.

My wife was wearing a thong süperbahis with lace and promptly tossed it on the sets nights stand. She had shaven her labia recently…

Soon Sarah’s tongue was sliding through Ana’s body.
My wife’s flat stomach was the next stop where Sarah spent some time licking and kissing around her navel.
Then she continued going down and she kissed Ana’s pussy lips.

It took less than five minutes of this until my wife hit the roof with a very loud moan. I could see she was now very much into an intense orgasm. When Sarah came back up and started kissing Ana, I could see her juices flow from her glistening labia…

They straddled each other with their pussies touching. They began a humping motion. Both girls were pleased by the sensual motion.

After several orgasms by Sarah and one more for Ana, my sexy wife got on her knees and begged me to fuck her from behind while she ate Sarah’s pussy.

It was just about all I needed to hear. I pulled out my hard cock and stuck it right into to her very moist pussy. It slid in with no hesitation as she was soaked. Sarah pulled my wife’s head against her cunt as I fucked her. Both girls were really having a great time.

I was watching Sarah’s tits bounce while she was guiding süperbahis güvenilir mi my wife’s head to please her pussy. As I started to shoot my load into Ana, I just pulled out and shot cum all over her back and ass.Then Ana turned her head over and sucked my dick to get every last drop.

I fell on the bed and reached over to rub my wife’s pussy gently.

Ana began doing the same to Sarah. After a short time they both came screaming loud with a strong orgasm again.

By now I had another erection and Sarah said it was her turn…

She gave me a fantastic blowjob and after a short while I felt I needed to fuck this sensual woman…
Then Sarah lay down and spread her legs. I just shoved my hard dick in her warm sweet pussy in no time.

My wife was watching at first but finally she decided to join in. She straddled Sarah’s face and made her eat her wet cunt.
I then felt the girl’s pussy muscles grab hold of my dick and she had another shuttering orgasm. This was all I needed, my cock starting shooting like it was the first time ever. I tried to pull out to have Sarah finish sucking my dick, but she begged me almost crying to leave it in.

As I pulled out, she took my limp cock into her mouth and sucked it.

We got dressed and we all started to walk to the door.

Ana and I finally decided to purchase a huge nice King size bed…

Sarah said she needed to call her husband. Before leaving, she told Ana that she might stop by our house to see how the bed looked.

Then I though I could hardly wait to show her something more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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