Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 07

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Brian is stunned in silence. He looks back at his plot briefly, then back to her, “What?”

“This is where we were headed originally. We’re standing in the Northern part of the lot,” Christie tells him, but she can see a sickening feeling come over him as he looks back to the ground again.

“Wha… What about my thing here?” he says getting pale in the face.

She kneels down with him, “Brian, after everything you’ve been through, after everything WE’VE been through together, do you really think I’d take this away from you? You know better than that.” She rests her hand on his cheek, “we waited years to make you a part of our life, and we will make this a part of it too.” Looking down at his plot, “We’re going to build the house around it.”

Brian’s jaw hangs open.

Christie looks back to him and smirks sweetly as she closes it with her fingers, followed with a soft kiss.

“Are you for real?”

She nods ‘yes’, maintaining her precious smile, and kisses him again.

His lips try to convey his gratitude, but he’s ultimately unable to say ‘thank you’ as his eyes well up with tears of their own. All he can do is pull her into a hug. He looks up to see Cindy sobbing to herself, on the verge of what most consider an ugly cry. The two can see the happiness in each other’s eyes, and not long after visually acknowledging each other, she comes to join them in a group hug.

It feels like an eternity passes before they are able to collect themselves enough to release their hug.

Brian is able to handle himself much better compared to how he did this morning, mostly due to accepting how much the ladies actually support him. Rather than focus on pulling himself together, he wipes away their tears for them. The residual tears make the lady’s eyes twinkle briefly, and seeing that in turn helps him recover the rest of the way.

“Guess I don’t have to worry about not visiting as much now do I,” Brian says looking down at his plot again, trying to lighten the mood.

The girls both chuckle softly through what’s left of their tears. Brian gets back to his feet first and gives them both a hand up, kissing each of them on the cheek before giving another hug.

After a deep breath followed by a sigh of relief, he releases them a takes a look around at the field behind him. “This place is going to be epic, I can feel it.”

“Well I hope so,” Christie replies, “the floor plan is fifteen thousand square feet, give or take a few curves.”

“Fifteen thousand?! Holy shit! That’s like a small mansion!”

“It’ll be spacious for sure, but it’ll also be two and a half stories total going down the hillside here.”


“Yep, and we’re going to walk on you in every part of it too,” Christie says taking hold of his arm and patting his stomach.

Brian smiles, “I’m counting on it.”

“Shall we head off to celebrate then?”


“Some place for a late lunch.”

“I thought you suggested that I not eat too much right now?”

“Well yeah. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat at all though. You can have samples of whatever we get.”

“Hmm, alright. Lead the way then.”

Brian waves at his cat’s plot as the group returns to the car. The ladies both sit up front so that Brian can check the status of his stuff in the back. He plugs in his phone to let it charge, and sifts through a few pieces of paperwork. Christie catches a glimpse of some of the things he’s looking at, and see’s something familiar.

Taking it out of the stack, it’s the flyer from the movie theater that she gave him with her number on it the first day they met. “Aww, sweetie! You actually kept this?”

“Yeah. I liked your reason for why you put your number on it. It made you special to me.”

“AAaawwww!!” She reaches back to caress his cheek with her hand, “would you be ok with framing this when the house is done?”

“I would be honored~” he replies, kissing her hand.

Christie hangs onto it for the remainder of the trip to the restaurant, taking a trip down memory lane by reading the tidbits inside, merely adding to what she had already recalled with him yesterday when they offered him a place to stay. She hands it back once they arrive at their destination so that it’s not misplaced.

Brian gets the door, letting the ladies enter the restaurant first, and they are almost given a heart attack by the sudden greeting.

“Hi! Welcome to… CHRISTIE?!! AAHHH, OH MY GAWD!!” Kacie drops her professional persona instantly upon seeing her friend!

“Kacie!!” Christie squeals matching her excitement and jumping about as they hug each other.

The aesthetic of the restaurant has a dark theme, and customers coming in through the door tend to have a near blinding halo around them as they enter. As a result, Kacie doesn’t recognize Cindy until she’s well inside the door.

Continuing to bounce around, “AHH HAha! My lovely!” Kacie beams as she runs to hug Cindy next! “Oh my gosh! How have you two been?! How was your trip?!!”

“It was amazing! anadolu yakası escort Everything went great!” Christie replies.

Kacie can’t contain her excitement and continues bouncing about as she returns to grab menus. “Just the two of you today?!”

“Three actually,” Brian chimes in.

Kacie doesn’t recognize him right away because of his thinner physique. When it finally clicks for her, she looks at him like she’s legitimately seeing a ghost, dropping the menus she has in her hands, and covers the lower half her face in shock.

“I remember that look,” he teases, “just like day one.”

She shoots stunned glances between Christie and Cindy before starting to approach him slowly. “Where the hell have you been? Do you have any idea how worried sick you’ve made them? How worried you’ve made me?” she says in a quiet tone, reaching out for a hug.

“I’ve missed you too,” he says leaning over and burying his face in her shoulder.

She can feel more rigidness from him than she’s used to while in their grasp. “Why are you so thin?”

“Long story,” he says releasing her and picking up the menus from the floor and handing them to her. “Shall we?”

Due to her work environment, she pulls herself together quickly, and proceeds to escort them through the dining room, shooting glances back in glee at her friends, eventually arriving at a booth in a quieter part of the establishment.

Christie and Cindy take a seat on one side, and Brian sits on the other.

“So what brings you all here, other than to see yours truly,” Kacie smiles boosting her own adorable ego.

“Well we were kinda hungry,” Cindy teases.

Christie giggles quietly, “We’re celebrating, darling. We got approved for our home loan.”

Kacie’s face lights up as she starts bouncing around again ecstatically! “Oh my- Ah! That is so awesome!” barely able to keep her voice down. “Congrats you two!” leaning into Cindy who is sitting closest to her. It almost seems like she forgot she was at work, as she suddenly stands up straight, “I’ll be back with some waters and an extra menu for him.”

“He’s on a diet hun, so we’re fine with two,” Christie replies on Brian’s behalf.

“Oh. Well, alright,” she says slightly confused by his physique already, “I’ll be back shortly then. So great to see all of you again!” she smiles again before leaving with a spring in her giddy-up.

“She is so adorable,” Cindy says, “I love those curls in her hair!”

“Oh I know!” Christie replies before covering both their faces with her menu, whispering something to her lady.

Brian knows something’s up when he hears them giggle; however, Christie hides whatever they’re up to well when she quickly changes the subject to pointing out meals to him. Cindy keeps her focus on her own menu, but Brian catches her smiling to herself randomly – then sees Christie smile a few seconds later, seemingly at nothing.

He’s just about to ask what’s going on, but Kacie’s return beats him to the punch by shifting the focus to the water glasses she’s brought for the group. Christie sits up a little straighter from her menu sharing position as Kacie lists off the lunch specials and different kinds of beverages worthy of celebrations. The ladies get locked up in chat as Brian idles quietly.

Sensing that he’s onto them, Christie smiles back at him briefly before looking down at her menu again. Cindy and Kacie keep their conversation going when Brian feels a foot graze the inside of his left leg. He tries his best to act casual by leaning forward and resting his mouth against his fists. It doesn’t bother him that Kacie is standing right there with them, it’s the other guests within eye-shot of the table that have him on edge.

Kacie gives them more time to decide on what they’d like before heading off and checking on other patrons.

“Some things never change, eh?” Brian says calling Christie out in code.

She simply smiles mischievously without making eye contact.

He looks over at Cindy and barely catches a smirk before being covered up by her menu again. She leans back in a semi-relaxed slouch and props a foot up next to his right leg to prevent herself from sliding any further. The hot pink polish on her tanned foot is super obvious to anyone looking in their direction, but because of the dim lighting and the dark theme of the place, Christie’s wondering foot is much harder to spot since she still has her dark nylons on from earlier along with the black form-fitting jeans she changed into before they left the house, and they blend in with the black pants he has on.

Her foot makes it up to his thigh and rubs around innocently for a little bit until Brian decides to take matters into his own hands and massage it for her. Christie looks up at him this time, barely nibbling her lower lip as she knows full well why he’s slowing her down. He subtly smirks back at her now that he’s fully aware of the game she’s trying to play, and based on experience he knows keeping her foot ankara anal escort at bay is as much a tease for her as she’s attempting to be to him.

Kacie announces her presence before she makes it all the way back to the table, “Are my lovelies ready to order?”

“I think they are,” Brian proactively replies on their behalf, thinking it may slow Christie down more. He couldn’t be more wrong though.

As the ladies make their order, the softness of Christie’s foot slips right through his grip, resulting in her toes being shoved against his manhood as she’s handing Kacie back the menu, causing him to jump ever so slightly, which Kacie barely catches out of the corner of her eye.

“Will there be anything else I can get for you?”

“Ice,” Brian croaks.

Kacie notices Christie’s sly smile, and since she’s no stranger to how they act, she slides his water glass towards him in response. “Anything else?”

Christie giggles sweetly, “We’re fine sweetie. Thank you.”

“Sounds good. I’ll go get that started for ya,” she says in her professional tone, but then with her tablet over her mouth she whispers “Play nice,” smiling as she heads off again.

The ladies share a devilish grin between each other before turning their attention back to him.

“You heard the lady. Play nice,” Christie seductively whispers as she scrunches her toes against him, making his eyes cross. “Still need that ice?” she teases with Cindy laughing quietly along.

He takes a deep breath, and then exhales, grinning back “it wouldn’t have been for me.”

Christie cocks an eyebrow from being taken by surprise, “Oh really?”

Brian reciprocates with a scheming undertone, adjusting himself under her foot so that her sole presses his member flat against him while he caresses the top her foot and her calf. “Two can play your little game,” he whispers back to her in the same seductive tone, and then looks to Cindy, “and anyone’s welcome to join.”

He actually gets Christie to blush pretty good, so much so in fact that she leans into Cindy to cover her face. Keeping his gaze upon Cindy, he reaches over and rubs the top of her thinly laced shoe that she has on his seat, keeping the pretty smile on her face.

The three sit quietly among each other, keeping themselves entertained to say the least but trying their best to maintain straight faces as they play. Christie can feel through her sole that she’s achieving her goal from rubbing on him, and eventually brings her other foot up to join. With both feet now off the floor, the only thing preventing her from sliding out of her seat is him.

Making her rounds, Kacie stops by the table, standing at the edge of it to maintain her professional demeanor. “I’m back! So where’s your house that you got your loan for? We have to catch up again!”

“Oh it’ll be a while before we can visit in the new place since it hasn’t been built yet,” Christie says, “but we can definitely still visit at the apartment!”

“What? Why isn’t it made yet?”

“It’s a custom floor plan sweetie.”

“Custom huh?” Kacie looks at Brian and jokes “are you going to make him a part of the floor?”

The girls get a good laugh out of that, and even Brian smiles along. “You have no idea how spot on you are,” Christie says.

“Well he should be for making us all worried sick!” Kacie teases, clearly not aware of his situation. “You going to tell me where you’ve been and why you never returned any calls?”

Christie speaks up, trying to get him off the hook, “Sweetie, I wouldn’t-“

“No,” Brian cuts her off, “it’s fine.”

Kacie looks to the ladies with concern, then back at him, “What?”

“I’ve been homeless for the past year and a half.”

“WHAT?!” taking a seat next to him, “Why didn’t you come to me? I would’ve been happy to help you!”

Brian sighs as he looks to Christie and Cindy, and then back at Kacie, “I didn’t want to be burden on you.”

“Brian, that’s silly! You could never be a burden to me! You know that!”

“You’ve always been a sweet heart, and I thank you for that, but you just have to trust that I had your best interests in mind.”

“But look at you hun! You’re so thin! If you had come to me, you wouldn’t be like this!”

“Yeah… well, I guess I’m not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed,” Brian says recalling how many clues he missed from the ladies over the years, “so I suppose I got what I deserved. Don’t feel bad though, this one’s on me.”

“It didn’t have to be though.”

“Well I’m here now, and I’ll be ok. I promise.”

“You better be! I’ll ring your neck if you worry me like that again,” she teases again with a light hug. “So where are you staying these days?”

“Actually, with them now.”

“Oh?” Kacie says looking to the girls. “Well that’s neat! Now you don’t have to worry about losing track of him huh?”

Christie chuckles, “Nope.”

“Well, I need to go check on some other tables, and your order, so I’ll be back!” says the pint sized ankara anal yapan escort hostess as she gets back up and heads off yet again.

Once Kacie is out of sight, Christie checks on Brian “Are you ok hun?”

He clears his throat, “Yeah… why wouldn’t I be?”

“I know that’s a rough subject for you, so I just wanted to be sure.”

Brian looks off in the direction Kacie left in, and then down to his lap.

“Hey,” Christie says wiggling her feet against him, “cheer up! You made it past all of that, and now we are here to celebrate!”

“It’s a celebration for your loan approval though.”

“Oh come on! Give yourself some credit; you’re helping us build the house, so this is a celebration for all of us!”

“You know we won’t hesitate to press some happiness into you,” chimes in Cindy with her foot grazing the outside of his leg, “so you best be gettin’ on that band wagon.”

Returning eye contact with her, “You two won’t walk on me together with the way I am now, so what’s the rush?”

“I didn’t say anything about walking on you dear,” pulling her shoe off her foot from the floor and sliding it between his legs along with Christie’s.

Looking back at his lap and seeing a third foot contrasting sharply against his pants, “well, jokes on you two. You already milked him this morning.”

“Is that a challenge?” Christie purrs.

“Sure…why not. What have I got to lose?”

“The feeling in your legs again if you’re not careful,” she giggles.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to carry me out of here, so the victory is already mine.”

“Awwww, how cute is that Cindy? He thinks he’s won this round~”

Brian is baffled by Christie’s response. “Care to enlighten me on how I’m wrong?”

“Mmmm, let’s just say you’ll find out the hard way,” Christie playfully suggests with her top foot helping emphasize ‘hard’ by sliding against his member and squeezing the head with her toes. Watching Brian’s posture stiffen up, Christie rests her chin on her fist, smiling in victory.

“Good luck keeping a straight face babe,” Cindy adds in support.

With three sets of toes rubbing and wiggling about against his entire manhood, Brian indeed has his work cut out for him, especially now that Kacie has returned with lunch! The ladies have no problem whatsoever with acting normal as their meals are presented to them.

Since Brian knows Kacie has somewhat taken their side by how she responded to getting him ice, he has to get a bit more creative on how he plays their game. He takes a drink of his water, which has small ice cubes in it, and with the glass still covering his lips, he lets a couple cubes slip out of his mouth and onto the ladies feet, and since they are stacked on top of each other, the angle in which he drops the cubes hits every foot at about the same time.

Christie inhales deeply, but plays it off like she’s enjoying the aroma of her food, while Cindy shoots him a look of doom followed quickly by a jab of her toes to his nuts, causing him to chirp like a squeak toy and spit his water back into his glass – making Christie suppress hysterical laughter.

Kacie sees the look of a guy with a bruised nut in Brian’s expression, and along with Christie’s naughty grin and an innocent smile returning to Cindy’s face, it doesn’t take her long to figure out what’s going on. Leaning down at head level with the group, “I thought I told you all to play nice,” she says in a whisper.

“We are,” Cindy replies, “he’s not.”

Kacie watches as Brian slowly curls over, banging his forehead on the table followed by the light jingle of the table utensils rattling. Leaning to his side, she sees Cindy’s foot resting on his seat, as well as Brian’s arm hiding his lap. She looks back to the ladies, “you two have a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like this here,” standing back up straight, “but as long as I don’t have to clean up a…um…mess,” leaning towards Cindy, “then I guess I didn’t really see anything,” winking at her and kissing her on the cheek.

Cindy’s eyes light up as she starts nibbling her lip within her smile.

Kacie smiles back, “Have fun, and enjoy your meal~” as she walks off again.

Cindy keeps the little lady in her sights until she rounds the corner, and then turns back to Christie, “Ok, that was kinda hot. Not gonna lie,” waving her hand in her face.

“I’d say she earned herself a nice tip, don’t you think?” Christie says snuggling back into her.

“Mm, I do indeed! How about you Mister?” Cindy asks of her comically crippled guy.

“What,” he replies with his face still against the table.

Wiggling her toes against him, “You think our hostess deserves a nice tip for the day?”

He lets out a short, high pitched groan from the tenderness of his dangly bits. “Sure…whatever you say.”

“Awwww,” Christie says through more soft laughter, “looks like you tapped him a little hard my love.”

“Well, he should know better than to drop ice on our feet,” Cindy says massaging her foot both forward against his nuts with her toes and up against her ladies heels.

“Sweetie?” Christie says tapping Brian on the shoulder, “You still want to play our game?”

“Well…having both your feet on me, you can’t really say I’m losing here.”

The ladies smile at each other as they realize he does in fact have a point.

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