Yorum yok COLLEEN DECIDES TO GO BIG (Part 1)

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[I wrote this as a tribute to a friend, who trusted me to tell her story. It is a little long, but there is so much to tell.]

The school bell finally rang, and my third-grade students filed out for the weekend. “Bye, Ms. Colleen. Have a nice weekend,” they said. I smiled, because I knew my weekend would be a lot of things, but “nice” wasn’t one.
I’m Colleen, a 44 year-old married schoolteacher, and most people know me as a churchgoing mother of two teenagers. About two months ago, though, I decided that I needed more sex in my life. A lot more. And not with my husband. Something happened somewhere to unleash my inner slut; and she was now my BFF. So far, I had managed to get “picked up” at bars by three different men. I sucked and fucked each one, the first two in their cars and the third in his apartment. Then, last week, I was watching TV and someone said the key to life is to “Go Big or Go Home.” I immediately decided to do just that with my new life.

As the last little munchkin left the classroom, I rechecked my purse for the flyer advertising “Amateur MILF Nite” at a strip club near where I grew up. It was a contest open to women over 40 with a $500 prize for “Wildest MILF.” A Facebook search showed that the club was a popular place for a lot of guys I knew in high school, including several I had sex with back then. I hadn’t seen most of them in over 10 years, but the thought they might be there burned in my mind. You see, a weird part of this journey is that I love the risk that someone will find out that my whole wife-mother-churchgoing schoolteacher life has a dark side. While the thought worries me a little, it turns me on a whole lot more. I’m not sure why, but being exposed as a total slut is the most erotic thing I can imagine.

The contest started at 9 pm, but I was packed (knowing I wasn’t coming home that night) and drove the 50 miles to my old hometown by 7:30. I poured myself three homemade screwdrivers sitting in the parking lot. The drinks loosened me up, and I almost posted online that people should come to the club. But that was too wild even for me. I checked in and was shown to the dressing room. By 9:00, there were 10 amateurs signed up, and we nervously eyed each other. Most of the women seemed to be there with a husband or guy friend in the audience. There were two women with amazing bodies, and while I’m in good shape, I knew I’d have to be the “Wildest” to have a chance. The rules were that each woman would dance two songs, three minutes each, and then circulate for table dances or “private room” dances. The manager explained what we could keep from our tips and private room charges, and then he said, “Ladies, the law says no guy can penetrate a dancer in any way. Just so you know.” My schoolteacher ears picked up that he didn’t say not to do it, just that the law said it was i*****l.

Names were picked out of a hat and I was dancing last. I figured that was good because the guys would have more to drink. The first dancer was a little nervous, but she loosened up during the second song. From where I was standing backstage, it looked like she came near the end of her song laying on the edge of the stage with her legs spread wide and guys putting bills in her garter. It also seemed a few guys played with her pussy as they were giving her money. She was shaking, but grinning, when she came backstage before heading out to the floor.

When the fourth contestant was on stage, I saw a group of five guys come in and my stomach immediately filled with butterflies. I recognized two of them. One was Mike, the star quarterback at our high school. We had sex about eight times in school and he was the first guy to fuck my ass. The other was Darren, who was a sexy black guy who was good enough to play football in college. I had fantasized about fucking Darren a lot, but back then black and white k**s mostly casino siteleri stayed separate, except for sports. When I saw Darren, my first thought was “Times have changed. It’s never too late.” I didn’t know the other three guys. I wanted to make sure that Mike and Darren didn’t hook up with any of the other girls. So, I sent Mike a message online:

ME: Hey Mike, it’s Colleen F****. What are you doing at a strip club?
MIKE: Colleen? How do you know where I am?
ME: I can see you. I’m backstage. If you can believe it, I’m dancer #10
MIKE: Really? That’s amazing? Is your husband here?
ME: No. He’s away on business. Just innocent, little me. All alone.
MIKE. Innocent? Since when, haha. I’m glad we decided to come.
ME: Me too. Don’t disappear before I’m on.
MIKE: No chance. BTW, Darren says hey.
ME: Tell him he’s as hot as ever.
MIKE: I will.

The dancer before me put on a great show, even pouring a guy’s beer all over her tits and letting it run down to her pussy. The guys went wild. As she finished up, I messaged Mike again.

ME: Mike, buy a bottle of champagne. Bring it up to the stage at the end of my dance. I’ll pay you back.
MIKE: No problem babe. We got it covered.

When I hit the stage I figured I had no time to get comfortable. My top was off in 15 seconds, and I was nude, on all fours, and spreading my pussy and ass for the crowd by the end of the first song. The guys were cheering like crazy. It felt like an amazing dream. As I stood up before the second song started, I said to myself “Go big or go home, Colleen.” I immediately started to play with my wet pussy and licked my fingers clean for the guys. On all fours, I crawled along the edge of the stage, encouraging guys to give me money. As each guy came up, I leaned close and said things like “put whatever you want wherever you want baby.” Men filled my garter with cash and most of them rubbed my cunt or slipped a finger inside.

Near the end of the stage, I reached Mike and Darren’s group. Mike handed me the champagne bottle. I took a big gulp, poured some over my tits and then got on all fours with my ass toward the crowd. As my song came to an end, I shook up the champagne, held the bottle near my pussy, and let the champagne spray into and all over my pussy and ass. As the song ended, I put the bottle on the stage and sat back so the neck of the bottle disappeared in my wet hole. The crowd was crazy and my body was electric as I came in front of the large crowd. I vaguely heard the announcer onstage saying “I think we have a winner!” He helped me to my feet as the audience cheered and threw more cash at me.

After a few minutes, the manager escorted me backstage to his office. I was still trembling from the thrill of what just happened, and I was nude and covered in sweat and champagne. The manager said, “Wow. That was great. Thanks for showing up.”

“Thanks for letting me dance,” I said.

I was crazy with lust, so I started to fondle his cock through his pants. He smiled and then his eyes rolled back in his head. I slid to my knees, fumbling with his belt and zipper before hungrily taking his cock in my mouth. He was rock hard and in less than two minutes he exploded in my mouth until I pulled off, so his last two spurts of cum landed on my tits. I loved the feeling of having a stranger’s cum oozing on my boobs as I went to the restroom to clean up before heading out to the floor for private dances. When I came through the curtain wearing a baby doll and heels, the crowd cheered and whistled and made all kinds of sexy comments. I just smiled and started to work the room. Men at the first two tables invited me to the private back room, but I said I was “reserved.” I did lap dances, though, felt at least five hard cocks, and let two guys secretly finger me. I got lots of comments about wearing a wedding ring, which made me feel even sluttier. The third table was Mike, Darren, and tipobet their friends. When I got there, Mike gave me a big hug, pulling my naked body close to him, even kissing me on my face.

“It’s great to see you Colleen. Wow, you were fucking amazing,” Mike said.

“Thanks Mike, it’s good to see you too. I’m so happy you guys were here,” I said.

“Totally our pleasure,” Darren said, standing next to Mike.

I smiled and reached out to hug Darren. His strong arms wrapped around me and I could feel his hard cock against my midsection. Darren whispered in my ear, “Damn Colleen, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You are fucking smokin’ girl.”

“Thanks Babe,” I whispered. “From what I feel, you did like it,“ I said smiling.

“My dick might never get soft again baby,” Darren joked.

it was so hot to hear him talk like that. “Mmmm, that sounds like a challenge you gorgeous man,” I teased. “So, who are your cute friends?”

The other guys were Eric, Nate, and Steve. The guys were there for the beginning of Steve’s bachelor party weekend. I danced three songs for them, giving lap dances, shoving my tits in all their faces, and letting each feel my pussy. They all had nice hard cocks, but Darren was huge. I knew I was on to something in high school.

I asked the guys, “Did Mike tell you how he took advantage of innocent high school girls?”

Mike laughed. “Yeah right. Colleen is the first girl that blew me before the movie on our first date. You were a little minx Colleen, and you know it.”

“Little ol’ me?” I said teasingly.

“And guys, I will tell you this,” Mike said. “You are looking at the tightest ass in the world. I think I came in about 30 seconds after I got my cock in her ass.”

“More like 15 seconds high school boy,” I teased and the guys hooted.

Mike then said the guys wanted a private room visit. Since the house rules were two guys maximum per girl in the private room, we agreed on three visits: Mike and Eric; then Darren and Nate, and finally the bachelor, Steve. As we started toward the private rooms, Mike asked, “Did you see Mr. McCann, our history teacher?”

“No, what do you mean? I asked.

“Over by the small bar, gray polo shirt,” Mike said, nodding.

I looked where Mike said and saw my high school History teacher Mr. McCann was sitting at a table with two other guys. We made eye contact and he smiled and nodded his head. I smiled back and gave him a little wave. My knees got a little weak thinking that I was stark naked in a club in front of Mike and Darren, but also my old teacher Mr. McCann.

The private room was two songs, five minutes. The guys sat in stuffed chairs and I started dancing, feeling my own tits, and running my hands between my legs. I climbed on Mike’s lap and ground into his cock. I kissed his face and eventually his mouth. He sucked my tits and his hands cupped my ass. I reached over to the next chair and fondled Eric. After about two minutes, I moved over to Eric’s lap. I pressed my pussy on his cock and my right hand pulled undid Mike’s belt and pants, moving my hand to his bare cock. I stroked it and ran my thumb over the head, smearing his pre-cum. As Eric sucked my tits, I could see Mike’s cock sliding through my hand. I wanted to fuck Mike right then and there but knew I had to wait. As the second song ended, I slid off Eric and leaned down to suck Mike’s dick for a few seconds.

“Mmmm….I forgot how nice your cock tastes,” I said to Mike. “I think I need more of that later.”

“Oh fuck, Colleen, this is so hot” Mike moaned.

The little light turned red so, Mike and Eric left and Darren and Nate sat in the chairs. I started to play with myself before the music started. Eventually, I knelt in front of Nate and put my mouth over his cock through his pants, simulating a blow job. Nate grabbed a fistful of hair as my right hand reached over to rub Darren’s cock through his pants. Still sucking Nate through perabet his pants, I fiddled with Darren’s pants until he undid his belt and zipper. My hand rubbed him through his boxers. His cock was bigger than anything I had ever touched. Still on my knees I ran my left hand up Eric’s stomach and chest and straightened up so he could play with my tits.

When the first song ended, I switched to Darren’s chair. I fondled Eric and went back to the “fake” blowjob, this time on Darren. Because we had undone his pants, I was sucking Darren through just his underwear. But I wanted more. I worked his huge dick out of his boxers and, against all the rules, I took Darren’s monster into my mouth.

“Yeah baby, that’s it,” Darren said confidently. “Suck my dick girl.” I moaned and wished I could finish him off right then and there. But the red light came on, and I told the guys to get dressed.

“We’ll pick this up later, babe,” I said to Darren.

“It’s a date girl.” Darren said.

Steve, the groom-to-be, was next. When he sat down, I danced for a bit and then knelt between his legs to mouth him through his pants. I was still buzzing from my taste of Darren’s huge dick. Steve had a nice-sized cock which sealed the deal for me. I brought a finger to my lips to let him know to be quiet as I unbuckled his pants. His underwear was wet with pre-cum, which I seductively licked as he watched. I looked up at Steve and whispered, “Bachelor special,” and I pulled his briefs down to free his cock. I stroked him slowly and my tongue licked his pee hole, which was leaking jism.

I took Steve in my mouth. He moaned a little but mostly was able to keep quiet. I took him deep and my hand played with his balls. I could feel that Steve was getting close, so I slipped a finger down to touch his ass. He tensed and grunted; then I felt the first jet of cum in my mouth. I slipped his cock halfway out so that I could manage the rest of his load. My mind raced and my pussy tingled as I swallowed my second strange load of sperm of the night.

I put away Steve’s cock and fixed his pants. I looked up at him, smiled, and said “That’s our little secret Mr. Bachelor.”
Steve’s hand rubbed the side of my face tenderly. “You are fucking hot, Colleen.”

My time was done. I got dressed, went backstage and changed into a short summer dress and a lace thong that left little to the imagination, and I headed back to Mike’s table.

“Hey, Colleen, are you continuing this bachelor party with us,” Mike asked, knowing the answer.

“Well, am I invited?” I asked with a smirk.

Five simultaneous invitations followed. “Yes.” “For sure.” “Fucking aye, you are.” So, we made a plan to drive to the hotel where the guys were staying.

As we got ready to leave, I said to Mike, “Can you guys wait a few minutes?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Mike asked.

“I need to do one more private dance,” I said and walked over toward Mr. McCann. We exchanged pleasantries and I invited him to the private room. “My treat, Mr. McCann” I whispered.

When we got to the private area, I immediately began kissing Mr. McCann’s neck and rubbing his cock. For a guy well into his 60s, he was nice and hard. I sat him in the chair, knelt in front of him, and undid his belt and pants. He seemed surprised because he knew this was against the rules, but he was also turned on. I took my old teacher in my mouth and sucked his cock like the whore I always wanted to be. He grabbed my hair and pushed me down on his cock, moaning as my nose touched his pubic hair and his cock filled my throat. I began bobbing up and down, encouraging Mr. McCann to fuck my mouth. He did, and soon he grunted and I felt his warm cum shooting in my mouth. I swallowed like a hungry slut and got every delicious drop. His cock softened quickly, so I rearranged his pants just as the red light came on.

I stood in front of Mr. McCann, pulled my dress down to show him my tits and teased, “I hope this makes me the teacher’s pet.” I leaned in and kissed his forehead. “It was great seeing you Mr. McCann.” I said and walked back out into the club. It was hard to believe that this amazing weekend had just started.

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