College Life #7

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The four of us laid there on the ground for a while, trying to catch our breath. The fire started to die out, so we dumped a bucket of water on it and went inside the cabin and went to bed. Walking inside, Rob said, “Man, I am going to sleep good tonight. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow too so if any of you fuckers get the bright idea to wake me up before ten, there will be hell to pay.”

“Yes sir,” Kristen said to him.

There were two rooms and a bathroom upstairs. Jenny and I waited for Rob and Kristen to go upstairs, first. “I’ll be right there,” I told Jenny. “I’m just going to lock the doors.”

“Why? It’s not like anyone is going to come in. You said there is no one around for miles right?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why I do that. Just a habit I guess.” I walked to the front door, locked it, and started to walk upstairs.

“Can you get me a cup of water Bri? I’m kinda thirsty,” Jenny asked me.

“Yeah, sure.” I turned around, went to the kitchen, got the water and went upstairs. When I walked past Rob and Kristen’s room, the door was open about six inches. I slowly walked by and saw them standing by the bed, kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. I looked in at Jenny and motioned for her to come here.

“What?” She whispered as she stood up off the bed and walked toward me.

“Look,” I nodded to the other room. “I guess they haven’t had enough yet, huh?”

“Guess not. Come on, I’m really tired. That’s hot and all but I really just want to go to bed.”

I turned and walked to our room and closed the door behind me. Jenny started to undress as I walked up to her. By the time I got to her, she was standing there naked, just looking at me. “What?” I asked her as I started to take my shirt off.

“Nothing, I just like showing my body off to you. Is that OK with you? I mean, you like my body don’t you?”

“Of course I do. You’re perfect. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. I guess I just needed the reassurance.” She leaned her head toward me and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her as we kissed and pressed our naked bodies together. “Come on, let’s get some sleep.” Jenny climbed into bed on the near side, making me climb over her to get to the other side. As I climbed over her, my non-erect penis brushed against her flat stomach. “Hmmmm,” she said.

“What? Really? Jenny you know I can’t resist having you, but I really want to get some sleep.”

“OK,” she said, semi-reluctantly, and turned onto her side. I moved in behind her in the spooning position, wrapping my arm around her. She grabbed my hand and pulled my arm tighter around her. I moved in closer to her naked body with mine, positioning my cock between her ass cheeks and we fell asleep.

I opened my eyes to see that it was light out, but I didn’t have my watch so I couldn’t tell what time it was. Jenny must have felt my subtle movements because she groaned and moved her butt closer to me. As she did this, she pressed my morning wood into her ass. “Well, I see someone is casino şirketleri awake and happy to see me.”

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.”

“Nothin’ to be sorry about.” She smiled at me and I leaned down to kiss her. “But there seems to be this problem.” Jenny reached down, grabbed my hard-on and stuck it down between her legs. I felt her warmth and her pussy was moist on the top of my shaft. I moved my hand up her stomach to her breast. Her hand let go of my dick and she reached it up around my neck, pulling my head closer to hers. She placed my mouth on the base of her neck. I softly kissed her neck as I started to hump my hardening cock against her pussy. Jenny started to let out soft moans as I lightly pinched and pulled on her nipples. While one hand stayed on the back of my head, holding it where she wanted it, her other hand reached down between her legs. As I humped her, I could feel her fingers on her clit, rubbing it. I removed my hand from her breast and placed it on her left inner thigh. I pulled her leg up, spreading her legs apart. She knew what I was doing because shortly after I spread her legs apart, she rolled her hips back, and, on the next hump, pushed the head of my erection into her wet pussy. I slid down on the bed to get a better entrance angle into her slit. She put her left foot behind her right knee giving me free access to her crotch. Her hand was still on her clit, rubbing it as I entered her fully. “Oh my God Brian,” she moaned as I pushed farther into her. I slid all the way out, letting my cock lay on her leg. She grabbed me again, and inserted me into her. “Don’t stop Bri. It feels so good. I love the feeling of you inside me.”

I pulled out again, but this time as she reached for my cock, I pulled back and grabbed it myself. I rubbed the head against her wet pussy, taking the juices from it and covering the tip of my dick. I moved my cock higher up and rested it at the entrance of her ass. “Can I?”

“Yeah, but go slow.” I brought my hand up, licked my fingers so they were nice and wet, brought my hand back to her ass hole, and inserted one finger into her. “Oohh!” she moaned again. I moved my finger around in her ass, trying to loosen it up a little. “OK, do it. Stick your dick in me.”

I pulled my finger out, rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy again to get it wet, and positioned myself at the entrance of her ass again. I started to push, “Damn that’s tight. Is it OK?”

“Yeah, it’s really tight, you just gotta keep pushing. It’ll go.” I pushed a little harder and I felt Jenny relax her ass a bit. The head of my cock started to go in. I put it half way in and pulled it back out. I did this a couple more times, then I felt that “pop” of my head entering her ass. “OK, hold on.” Her ass was so tight I thought the head of my prick was going to fall off. “I just need to relax. OK, push it in me. Fuck my ass Brian.”

I pushed into her ass again, slowly. She brought her hand up to her mouth, licked her fingers so they were wet, then brought her hand back to my shaft and rubbed her spit around my hard-on. This lubed my dick up nicely, Jenny relaxed, and I inserted casino firmaları my cock all the way into her. She started to scream so she covered her head with the pillow, trying not to wake up Rob and Kristen. I kept slowly pumping in and out of her ass as I reached my hand around and started to rub her clit. Jenny started to moan more and louder into the pillow. She reached her hand down to my ass, grabbed it digging her nails into me and pulled me far into her ass. The more I fucked her ass, the more she moaned and the louder she got.

Jenny was trying so hard to be quiet with her head in the pillow; she didn’t notice Kristen standing in the doorway. I made eye contact with Kristen. She was wide-eyed, staring at my cock in Jenny’s ass. I asked, “Do you like that?”

Not knowing I was asking Kristen, Jenny said, “Oh fuck yeah. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me harder Brian.”

Kristen nodded her head. Her hands moved around her body. One hand going up to her tits and the other hand went down to her crotch. The rooms were positioned so you could see the doorway to the other room from each bed, but that was all you could see. I heard Rob get up. He walked over behind Kristen and started to “help” her with her hands. They were both naked so they must have slept naked too. Rob started humping Kristen from behind. I looked back to Jenny as I kept fucking her ass. She still had her head buried in the pillow, yelling and screaming out of ecstasy into it. I moved my hand back to her chest and pinched her nipples again.

I looked back at Rob and Kristen. Rob grabbed Kristen, turned her sideways in the doorway, and bent her over at the waist. He grabbed his cock, and guided it toward her pussy. I could see the pleasure on her face as he entered him. Kristen still had her eyes fixed on my cock going in and out of her friend’s ass, but was overcome with pleasure from Rob’s cock inside her. I leaned back down to kiss Jenny’s neck again and as I did this, she picked her head up and saw Rob and Kristen fucking in the doorway. “Oh my. Look what you’ve started,” Jenny said, between moans.

“Yeah, I guess WE did start something huh?” I reached back down to her wet pussy, rubbed her clit a little and inserted my finger into her wet slit as I pushed my cock as far as I could into her ass.

“Oh my God!” Jenny yelled. “I’m glad I don’t have to be quiet anymore because HOLY SHIT that feels great Brian!” I felt Jenny tighten up her ass around my cock. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed her clit again. Then I pulled my dick out of her ass and stuck it into her pussy. It slid in with ease, her juices surrounding my shaft. I pushed into her hard and fast. I didn’t think she was expecting that because she jolted up and screamed again. I reached around, grabbed her right leg and rolled onto my back so she was sitting up on me facing Rob and Kristen. We moved back on the bed so I was leaning on the head board and Jenny was riding my cock reverse-cowgirl style. She brought her hands up and grabbed her tits as I grabbed her hips. I was moving her back and forth. I looked over her shoulder at Rob and Kristen. They were really going at güvenilir casino it in the doorway. Rob had a hold of Kristen’s hips and was thrusting hard into her pussy from behind. He moved one hand up to her chest and grabbed a hold of her tits. Kristen still had both hands on the door frame to support herself against Rob fucking her.

“Put it back in my ass,” Jenny told me. I pulled her up so my cock slid out of her pussy. She grabbed my cock, and sat back on my dick taking my whole length into her now relaxed ass hole. One of her hands went back down to her crotch and started playing with her pussy again. My hands stayed on her hips, rocking her back and forth, up and down on my hard-on. I could feel my balls start to tighten up now. I looked back at Rob and Kristen. They had turned so they were facing directly toward us. Kristen had one hand on either side of the door frame and Rob was still fucking her from behind. He was going harder now, causing Kristen to lurch forward with each pump of his cock. She would let out little screams each time Rob thrust his shaft into her.

My focus turned back to Jenny. She was now bouncing up and down on my shaft. When she came down, she did it so hard and fast that the entire length of my cock went into her and her ass slapped against me. She was moaning even louder. “My God Brian, that feels so good. I think I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Fuck my ass!” I pushed up as she came down, her ass tightened around me as I felt my balls fill up. I heard Kristen start yelling the same thing as Rob was moaning louder as well. Kristen let out a loud scream of pleasure, grabbed the door frame and froze as Rob pumped his load into her.

Jenny and I were watching, and shortly after, I squeezed Jenny’s hips, pushed hard into her and let my wad blow in her ass. She tightened up her ass around my exploding cock, screamed and then held her breath. Jenny was shaking almost violently on top of me. She leaned back, turned her face toward mine and kissed me. “Oh my God Brian. That was amazing. I’ve never had anal sex before, but after that orgasm, I think you are going to have to do that to me again.”

“Babe, I’m exhausted. Can we wait a while?” I asked her.

“Yeah, let’s eat some breakfast and then we’ll fuck again. Geez that felt good!” Jenny pushed herself up off of my cock, and got off the bed. I looked up at Kristen and Rob. They were still standing there, Rob’s dick in Kristen, kissing each other and rubbing each other’s body. Jenny walked up to them, trying to get out of the door, grabbed Kristen’s breast, “Excuse me you two. I’m gonna go make some breakfast. If you want to come eat, you gotta pull yourself out of her cunt Rob.”

“Yeah, we’ll be down in a minute.” Not pulling himself out, they walked back to their room and laid on the bed in the spooning position. Jenny motioned for me to come see what they were doing. I got up out of the bed and walked over beside her. I looked into their room and sure enough, they were going at it again.

I leaned over and whispered in Jenny’s ear, “I thought you were going to go make breakfast?”

“I was, but I can’t pass this up. Can you believe that? Those two just got done fucking and they’re already going at it again. Damn!” Jenny grabbed my hand and interlaced her fingers in mine.

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