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We’d run into each other a few times before and now he was behind the counter at the antique store where I was hoping to buy a silvery bracelet for myself. I had passed my freshman history test and wanted to celebrate. Other boys in my dorm had asked me to celebrate with them but I never liked how they looked at me.

I’m 5’4″, 108, Asian, 34-25-35, with shoulder length smooth dark brown hair. Because of my petite size, a lot of boys tend to feel protective of me, but except for a first kiss in high school, I’ve never been with anyone to feel protected yet.

This guy seemed different. He was in his upper 40’s, I’m guessing, salt & pepper hair, about 6’3″ and looked like he worked out often underneath his t-shirt and jeans. “Can I help you?” “Umm, hi. I’d like to see this cuff bracelet, please.” He passed it to me and I was scraping it across my skin trying to get it on. He shook his head. “No, no! Don’t do it that way. Here” He took the back of my hand and turned my palm sideways to fit the bracelet on easily. I froze.

I didn’t expect his sudden movements and I was stunned by how warm his hand felt against mine. He noticed my attempt to jerk my hand away and held on tighter. “See, all better now” he said, lowering his voice and leaning in to calm me down. My heart started racing and he noticed my quick breath. “Wow, you’re kind of skittish, aren’t you?” I tried to laugh it off even though it wasn’t helping. I blurted, “I just went through final week and I haven’t been getting enough sleep. That’s probably why.”

He smiled and paused, and casino şirketleri said, “c’mon, let’s get you comfortable.” For some reason I was just getting more and more nervous but I didn’t know why. I just held on to his hand and followed.

Before I knew it, he was sitting on the couch with me on his lap. He kept rubbing my back and smiling kindly while holding my hand. “Is that more comfortable?” “Yes” I said quietly. He let go of my hand and used one finger to draw a line up and down my leg. He kept rubbing my back in slow circles, which was having a hypnotic effect on me so I was getting more relaxed. His whole hand was slowly moving up my leg now, playing with my kneecap and skimming up the front of my thigh. He paused very briefly at the red flirty hem of my miniskirt and drew soft circles on my panties. “Does that still feel nice?” He was making me feel so warm and nervous and the same time, I could only manage an “umm-hmm” and nodded sleepily.

He smiled and laid me back on the couch and ran one hand up my thigh to caress my ass, my panties were now bunched up and I could feel the couch on my bare skin. His other hand was running down the side of my breast down to my hips. As I glanced at him through my low-lidded eyes, he looked at me with a smiling and a teasing, sexy glint and said, “now, let’s make you really comfortable”.

I yelped as he pulled my panties down my legs and off in one smooth movement, my shoes falling to the floor and my skirt falling up enough to show of my trimmed pussy. He saw how I woke up suddenly, casino firmaları looking fearful and trying to sit up. He was caressing my thighs again, so softly, and said, “Shhh, I’m not going to hurt you. This will feel good. I promise.”

He gently pushed me back on the couch and lay down facing me and brought my knee up over his hip. “See?” As I snuggled my face into his chest, his hand ran over my ass, back and forth, moving closer and closer to where I was getting increasingly wet. I was starting to squirm and was feeling embarrassed. I giggled a little, but took a quick breath in when he wiggled a couple fingers against my clit. “Ooh!”

He started to slide a finger into me and stopped abruptly. He held me back for a second, looked at me and said, “Is this your first time?” I turned red and nodded. “Is that ok?” He looked at me incredulously and chuckled, “yes, I think I can work with that.”

He readjusted us so he was kneeling on the floor between my legs. I had heard of this position before but it didn’t make any sense to me. I couldn’t understand the appeal. Suddenly, I understood. As he ran his tongue up my pussy I was immediately in heaven. “Oh my God!?” I gasped. He laughed, pulled my legs closer to him and leaned in to continue. His tongue was making circles, deeper and deeper. I thought I would die and then he shook his tongue against my clit and I screamed loudly before I could help myself, “AAAAAAhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhmyyyygoooooodddd! Ohhhhmyyyygoooooodddd!

He must’ve used that moment to work a finger into my pussy because güvenilir casino he was moving it in and out now, simultaneously calming me down and working me up again. I’d never in my life cum like that before, not even touching myself in bed. He had two fingers in there now. I kept moving my hips around, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I looked at him questioningly and he burst out laughing, “we’ll get there, we’ll get there! Don’t worry.”

Now he was moving his fingers in and out of me, and resting his thumb on my clit. I was breathing in scattered gasps now. He’d taken his pants off and as he leaned over me he looked huge. His cock was straight, hard, and even though I was a virgin, I wanted his cock inside me. Right. NOW.

He put the tip of his cock against the opening and started to push. It was the tightest, fullest feeling I’d ever had. He pulled out a little and went a little deeper, groaning, “sooootttiiiiigghht!!”

He held my knees up to my chest and started pounding into me, watching his cock disappear into my pussy over and over again, my hands over my head gripping the side of the couch tightly and my head thrown back and mouth open, cumming and moaning, “Ohhhhmyyyygoooooodddd!! Ohhhhmyyyygoooooodddd!! III’mmmcumminggaagaainn! Goooddd, Yeeessss!!”

He slowed down a bit and leaned over me. He put his hand under my ass, pulling it closer to him as he plunged his cock into me one more time, “uuuuggghhhhh! Ohmygod! Sooogood!”

I was buzzing everywhere, my throat was sore, my pussy was sore and I’d never felt so incredible in my entire life. I burst out laughing, “No wonder people like having sex so much!” He looked at me with a sexy grin and said, “well, you know what they say about practicing…” I have a feeling I’ll be practicing with him quite a bit in the next few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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