Cousin Ariana’s Eighteenth

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Heyy, My first story guys, not meant to be amazing obv. but please vote and comment thanks 🙂


We stumbled in through the hotel door to the ridiculously expensive marble suite, tipsy and giggling. Poppy threw her shoes to the floor making the clatter echo off the walls. She had drunk far too much and was laughing loud enough to wake the whole floor up and started to unzip my pants and smooth her hand over my crotch, but hey, it was Vegas after all.

She looked even more stunning than usual: she really was a Californian girl through and through, her sandy blonde hair, which normally had a tousled beach look had been put up into a sleek bun at the beginning of the evening but as the hours stretched on, from gambling and drinking, strands had fallen out and hung around her heart shaped face, her breasts were just protruding out of the sexy strapless black dress that was hugging her gorgeous athletic frame.

“Ssh” I laughed, also way too drunk, but I grabbed her face and kissed her soft warm mouth, and with her tongue searching mine, her hand slid into my boxers and found my throbbing cock, she stopped kissing and slid down my chest to my waist and started to gently rub my erecting shaft. Her touch was feather light and I closed my eyes and threw my head back and moaned to the ceiling. We were celebrating poppy’s twenty first birthday by visiting Vegas during our college break, we had been planning it for ages as I had just turned twenty two I really wanted to treat her.

We had checked into the Caesar Hotel at twelve, looked around had a meal and then got dressed up and hit all the bars and casino’s around the area. Then here we were, six hours later, after our celebration of poppy who could now legally drink, we consumed three bottles of champagne and a number of cocktails and shots and winning up to three hundred bucks at poker, totally wasted and extremely horny.

Poppy glided her tongue up and down my now fully erect cock, she felt so good and when she slid her mouth over the head and sucked, I thought I was going to explode right then. Her velvety mouth bobbed up and down on me and her hand moved slowly up her thigh until it disappeared under the black number. As she played with herself she started to moan out in pleasure as I pushed my hips out to her mouth, then she suddenly stopped and lifted up my hard on to suck my balls, her tongue swirling gently against them, I felt like they were going to blow as my tip leaked clear pre-cum onto her fingers when she was massaging my swollen cock head.

Moaning with pure desire, I picked her up at her waist, not waiting to go over to the bed yet, I pressed her into a corner and she immediately wrapped her beautiful long legs around my waist, I lifted up her black dress until it was around her navel, she grabbed the hair at the back of my head and forced me into a mouth watering kiss. With her free hand she reached up to her hair and pulled out the pins which caused her sleek wavy hair too fall to her shoulders making her look more irresistible than ever, our lips then met, the tips of our tongues met, before plunging into each others mouths, where they danced across each other as their lips crushed together, I rubbed my thumb over her swollen wet clit, her pussy was drenched and as I slid two fingers into her warm milky cavern, she gasped but smiled in pleasure as I pumped my two fingers in and out.

Now she had her head thrown back in pleasure and I kissed her neck and shoulders, grabbing onto her sexy ass cheek which I was also holding her against the wall with. I then lifted my two fingers up to my face, they were dripping with her oils and I brought them to my mouth and licked the sweet mixture off them then replacing them again into her beautiful pussy, when I took them out again and raised them to my lips, poppy took my hand and directed my fingers to her mouth, she slowly licked and sucked her own juices off my fingers and then forcefully pulled me back into another deep kiss.

With a sudden urge of longing, I grasped my pulsing shaft and put it straight into her pussy. It always felt wonderful when it went straight in, her silky walls constricted around mine, she squealed in delight and opened her legs a little more, allowing easier access and rested her bahis firmaları arms around my neck, still kissing me, her tongue circling mine as I imitated her, my hands however, found their way up her body and undid her zip at the back of the sexy strapless dress and pulled it down over her ample breasts. I grabbed one gently and kneaded it in my palm. I then pulled out of her slowly and then pushed back into her. She cried out and started to kiss my neck and then nibbled my earlobe which really turned me on, I pounded in and out of her grunting as I did so.

Suddenly she started to buck and closed her eyes as she moaned loudly through her adrenaline, her first orgasm broke sending more of her juices running down my pounding cock.

It was so good, fucking her, her succulent breasts bounced as I pummelled her into the small corner, then, could feel myself building up and quickly pulled out of her. She moaned again, annoyed this time.

“What are you doing?” she panted as i placed her down and started to take off my pants and shoes, realising that I was undressing, she unbuttoned and took off my shirt then threw it to the floor. I stood up and was about to pick her up and resume fucking when she backed away from me smiling devilishly, she slowly slid off the black dress past her pussy and down her legs down till it reached the floor. I stood still were I was and started to stroke my cock gain watching her every move, admiring her sexy, swollen snatch and the little strip of hair above it.

Not taking her eyes off mine she walked seductively backwards to the bed, her hand reaching down to her dripping puss until she led down on the bed sideways, revealing her body and making it even more sexier.

“Nathan, I’m waiting” she giggled sexily, I positively ran to the bed and kissed her soft pink lips, I then bent down and pulled her sweet cunt to my mouth and plunged my tongue deep inside her milky hole, she tasted so good and her moans seemed to vibrate off the walls. She pushed the back of my head so that I was deep inside of her, feasting on her sweet pussy as I licked her hot flesh, until she rode to climax, Humping violently against my mouth.

“Tongue my pussy, Tongue my pussy!” she moaned loudly, Feeling her muscles tighten around my tongue, I knew I had to be inside her. I then pulled my tongue out of her forcefully then quickly moved back up over her until my cock was resting against her entrance.

Poppy moaned again in dismay as my tongue left her, but smiled sexily as she felt my cock pressing against her.

” uh, I need you so much” I growled at her and whilst moaning and giggling, she wrapped her legs once again around my waist and held me tightly as she kissed me.

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me good and hard” she whispered in pure lust as she looked into my eyes. Even more turned on now, I pushed my hips into hers, watching my nine inch cock disappear into her gorgeous mound. She grunted at the sudden invasion and tightened her legs around my waist as I pulled back only to penetrate her once more.

i wasn’t gentle or tender, I was fast and ruthless in fucking her luscious pussy. I was horny and I knew this was how she loved it: a good, hard, fuck and I needed her bad. “Oh fuck honey, you’re pussy is so god damn tight.” I half shouted and pounded her hard and heard her squeal in delight.

The next few minutes turned the room into a hot, sexy pit, full of moans and pants and grunts, and I practically howled when I thrust wildly into her, her pussy milking me and it felt so god damn good.

“come on, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder, come on baby, come on!” Poppy gasped, breathlessly as she switched position onto all fours, with me now holding onto her trim waist and her round ass cheeks swallowing my dick from view, I pressed my head against her back , pulling her forcefully into my throbbing cock as I slammed into her hot snatch again and again, grunting in pleasure.

“Omigod, Omigod, Omigod!” She whimpered, holding onto the bedpost, her tits swaying with each thrust, “Omigod! Omigod I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!”

She then screamed as her body convulsed under me.

I felt her body tighten as I grunted even more and thrusted harder into her sweet little pussy, pounding her walls, I felt my own orgasm rising kaçak iddaa fast and knew I was about to cum inside her at any moment. When the time came, my balls slapped against her pussy lips and I slammed her body tightly against mine as she came again and my balls erupted as I was buried to the hilt inside her.

“Baby, I’m cumming…” I grunted, now in pure ecstasy as I emptied my ball sack into her longing frame. Poppy screamed as she went over the edge once more. She loved the feeling of me emptying myself inside her.

As her screams and my panting subsided, we lay beside each other on the bed wet, naked and exhausted and instantly fell to sleep.

I come from quite a rich family, for example, my parents own a beach house in the Hampton’s and while in Yale I got a phone call from my mother who told me that we were having a huge family reunion for my cousins eighteenth and the party would be at an amazing hotel in New York with my whole family coming in from all over but also most of my cousins friends. I wasn’t really that psyched about the reunion but I couldn’t wait till the party, I loved getting wasted, and then getting fucked.

I knew why my mother wanted to make it into a reunion too. She was dying for everyone to meet poppy. She was the perfect girlfriend in my mothers eyes: an old family friends daughter, also in an ivy league and also a legacy. But my mother and poppy were waiting for me to propose after I finished at Yale, I knew they were, but I so wasn’t ready for that, and when it comes to marriage and kids, I’m not so sure I wanted all that but when it came to families like mine and poppy’s, it was basically unforgivable and unheard of.

“Well, your cousin has good taste for an eighteen year old, I’ll give her that” said poppy. We had just walked down park avenue to the wrought iron gate to the full blown mansion nestled in the middle of swank boutiques and beautiful restaurants.

From the outside it certainly looked like a hotel but it was a huge mansion that was big enough to be divided into eight or ten units but it was only one amazing unit.

We were now on the inside looking around the marble lobby while a butler took our coats and ushered us up some steps to an absolutely amazing ball room but not one that I had ever seen before. It was draped from ceiling to floor with navy, dark green, dark blue, orange and purple velvet and chiffon. Ropes of sparkling mirrors dangled everywhere, catching the strobe lights, sending prisms over the masked guests. Every one was dressed exquisitely and all the women, even behind the masks looked deliciously fuckable.

There were male & female waiters, circling Hlf dressed around the room offering an assortment of cocktails to good looking jocks and stunning teenage girls, all showing off in front of the guys.

After meeting a number of family members and showing off poppy, I walked into the crowd for a look around, in other words an exit so I could have a cigarette. I was in desperate for one after being asked at least ten times when was I gonna pop the question to poppy.

As I was walking around the circular room in search of an exit, a hand reached out and pulled me behind the velvet drapes into a secret alcove.

“looking for something?” A seducing voice whispered into my ear. I spun around

And saw the most beautiful, most stunning specimen of women I have ever seen. This woman was truly sensational, the red satin dress clung to her every curve, it was long and covered her feet but covered hardly a thing at the top. She had an amazing bust, double D’s at least. They spilled over the dress completing the perfect picture her olive skin was flawless and shimmered with powder and her gorgeous, silky brown hair tumbled over her shoulders and her face was obscured by a jewelled and feathered mask.

“thought you’d come looking for the birthday girl?” the girl said smiling mischievously, her eyes twinkling.

“Ariana?” I asked unsurely, trying and failing to stop staring at her tits.

“got it in one” she smirked and lowered the mask. She had gorgeous sparkling green eyes that she looked at me under her long black lashes. ” I thought id have to come and find you” she laughed ” but here you are”

“uh, hey Ari, I haven’t seen you in, in a while. kaçak bahis Oh and uh, happy birthday” what was wrong with me? I have always been a put together guy, this sexy woman was making me nervous and stutter. Oh god. Did I just call my little cousin sexy?

“thanks,” she said, still smiling her killer smile which showed all her straight white teeth. ” Yupp, eighteen. And legal!” she laughed at my shocked expression and walked towards me. She took my hand and led me further into the deserted alcove.

Still shocked, I stumbled behind her as I followed, until she came to a dead end.

“What’s the matter” I asked confused at where she took me.

“Nothing, I just want to show you something. I didn’t look like this the last time you saw me nath” and with that, she reached behind her back ad undid the zip and watched the satin dress glide off her curves to the floor.

Stunned, I look at her body, it was amazing, I felt my jaw drop as I drank her in. she definitely didn’t look like that the last time. She backed away to the stone wall and raised her arms above her head as she stroked her hair and closed her eyes and gasped as the cold stone touched her skin.

I had always had a thing for Ariana, we had always got on well, the only family who never argued. I was fourteen when I met her, she was my uncles daughter, who lived in Canada, so I never really saw them. She was never really like a cousin just like an old friend, and seeing her now, she felt like the one.

“I want you Nathan, I need you” she smiled as her hand slid over her voluptuous curves over her stomach down to her sweet shaven cunt and started to rub her wetness. I made to walk over and help her but I jolted to my senses. I was about to help my cousin. My own flesh and blood, what had got into me?

“Ari… what are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing that Ari” I mumbled looking down at my feet and was about to pick up her dress and cover her with it when she giggled

“come on, no one will know… it’ll be like a birthday present”

She said the magic words. I leapt forward and kissed her full red lips her tongue swirled against mine as we duelled. I didn’t realise I was so horny until she bent down suddenly and pulled my cock out of my black trousers and immediately started to suck. Shit I thought she knows how to suck a dick.

I had to put my hand against the wall to keep myself up. She was sucking me dry.

“I’m guessing this isn’t your first cock” I tried to joke, “I’ve fucked eleven guys, what does that tell you?” she grinned naughtily up at me and resumed sucking my cock.

For some reason I felt a pang of jealousy at this but shrugged it off as a huge moan came over me. In a word, she was spectacular. She licked and sucked and moaned and was turning me on so much I was about to cum. I bent down and kissed her lips then raised her up. She grinned at me triumphantly and turned to face the grey stone wall. I caressed her ass cheeks and she sighed as she raised her arms and put them on the wall for support.

“Well? Are you gonna fuck me?” she winked at me over her shoulder, I laughed and walked up behind her and put my arms around her slim waist and moved them towards her amazing bust. I grabbed her breast and caressed and kneaded it, soft but hard and she gasped lovingly and threw her head back onto my shoulder.

I grabbed my thickening cock and placed the tip just between the sweet lips of her pussy and slowly pushed it in, gliding between her walls which felt heavenly as ahe gasped again in pleasure, her eyes now closed.

“Oh yeah” She moaned sexily, her head still thrown back on my shoulder and her eyes closed, I was slow at first, dragging my pulsing cock in and out of her velvety hole, but then I I felt her tightening and her moans became louder and breathless as she began to cum, I was even more turned on and hearing her breathless, I started to vigorously pump in and out of her.

“Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, Oh my fuck, yea!!” she yelled, as I grunted, I felt her cum twice as I held and squeezed her amazing tits in my palms as I rode her from the back, I felt myself begin to rise, my hot cum fill up my balls and with Ariana still yelling in pleasure and the sound of her wonderful full ass cheeks slpping against my balls, I came, I felt my cum shoot up inside her and her own cum sliding down my shaft.

Breathless, I rested my head against my back as we caught her breath.

“Well that was fun she smiled, cant wait till next year.” She laughed.

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